CompanionLink supports two-way sync with Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

Early word from our R&D team is that CompanionLink will fully support Outlook 2013 Preview in our next software update. This means people can sync Outlook 2013 People (formerly known as Contacts), Calendar, Tasks, and Notes with the latest Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and webOS devices.  You can also sync Office 2013 with Google, Gmail, and Windows Live accounts.

We’re excited about Microsoft’s initiatives to merge the cloud with desktop platforms. CompanionLink is looking into ways to sync directly with Office 365.  Please bookmark this blog post and we’ll update it as we learn more. There is lots more to come.

DejaOffice 2.2 [new feature] – Tabbed interface for contact details, notes and histories

Our new tabbed interface gives you a quick way to see all interaction you’ve had with someone.

Find and tap on a Contact. You will see a summary about their vitals (name, company, email, phone), followed by three tabs – Details, Notes and History.

Tap on Details to get information about all the secondary contact fields.  Things like Fax, Birthdate, Email Address 3, etc.

Tap on Notes to read all Contact Notes you’ve entered for that person.

Tap on History to see all memos, text messages, pictures, and phone calls you have linked to that person.  In a future update, DejaOffice will also log calls (both placed and received). Think of the History tab as a ledger of all your interaction with that person.

Business features of Palm OS on your Android

The Verge recently did an excellent write-up on StyleTap’s app that emulates Palm OS on Android devices.  CompanionLink pays much reverence to Palm OS because we got our start with that platform.  However, we’re a strong fan of adopting the new Android OS instead of fighting it.

Bringing business features from Palm OS to Android

Palm OS had simple and functional capabilities for business contact management, calendar scheduling, task management, and note-taking.  We have developed a PalmOS-like business PIM/CRM app for Android.  It’s called DejaOffice and is currently available for free on the Google Play store.  The existence of DejaOffice is rooted in transforming Android devices into business CRM tools that mirror the simplicity and functional themes of Palm OS.  As topping on the cake, we wish to also take advantage of the powerful features of today’s smartphones (GPS, location awareness, etc.).

More info on DejaOffice available at

DejaOffice 2.2 [new feature] – Account management

DejaOffice 2.2 configures as an Account on your phone.  This means you do not need to sync DejaOffice with the existing Contacts accounts to get things like Caller ID to work.  It just works!

This is a big deal for people who previously had problems with the perception of duplicate data.  The problem really stems from synchronizing DejaContacts to the built-in Contacts app on the device. When you did this, there were two sets of records (one in DejaContacts and one in the built-in Contacts app).  You would get the impression that this was one set of data, duplicated.

With our new account management feature, you don’t need to sync to the built-in Contacts app.  This eliminates the perception of duplicate data and cleanly keeps DejaOffice data in it’s own account on the phone.


DejaOffice 2.2 will be launching towards the end of Summer 2012. To try a Beta version of the app, visit and click the red button.

DejaOffice 2.2 arrives with amazing new mobile CRM features

We’re getting close to a public launch of the next version of DejaOffice for Android devices.  There are a ton of new features, visual enhancements, security measures, and mobile CRM functions built into this version.  In the next few days leading up to the public launch, we will highlight one feature at a time.

  • New tabbed interface for notes, history, and details related to a contact
  • New app icons and navigation that complements Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
  • Record-level swipe actions for quick actions
  • Encrypt and password-lock of the entire DejaOffice database
  • New DejaJournal app to track every interaction with a contact
  • Linkage of Calendar, Tasks, Memos, and Journal to Contacts
  • Contact photos in the contact list view (see photos as you scroll!)
  • Contextual search that is specific to the DejaOffice app you are in
  • DejaOffice installs as an Account on your phone (this eliminates the perception of duplicates)
  • Free/Busy/Out-of-Office status now synchronizes to DejaCalendar

How to sync Android with Mac Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, and Outlook for Mac 2011

I’m a Mac. I’m also an Android. I’ve had limited options to keep my personal data in sync.

That changes today.

CompanionLink for Mac is available to the general public today.  It keeps Mac’s native apps in sync with any Android device.  It also supports two-way sync with Outlook for Mac 2011.  Starting at just $14.95, the product offers the easiest way to keep Mac and Android in sync.  It’s backed by free phone support and a full money-back guarantee.

Early adopters also have the focused attention of the CompanionLink R&D department, who is keen to propel our Mac initiative to the next level. They eagerly await your feedback.

Steps to sync Android with Mac

  1. Buy CompanionLink for Mac.
  2. Choose your Sync Method.  DejaConnect USB is our wired protocol that syncs data over a USB cable. Local Wi-Fi is our over-the-air protocol that uses your home/office wireless router to sync data.
  3. Install the free DejaOffice app on your Android. You can get it from the Google Play store, Amazon Appstore, NOOK app store, or direct from our website
  4. Launching DejaOffice for the first time will launch a setup wizard. Configure it to match your Sync Method in Step 1.
  5. Click the Sync button in CompanionLink!

DejaOffice on NOOK is off to a great start with 5-star reviews

We launched DejaOffice for NOOK Color and NOOK Tablet in late April. We’re off to a great start with a 5-star average for reviews. Some of the comments have been very supportive for our cause.

“Best PIM”

“I love being able to color code my activitites and tasks. It is nice to have tasks, memos, contacts and calendar all in the same program!”

“Best Suite for Nook”
“Wish i would’ve found this a long time ago. Works perfectly”

Why we can’t sync Windows Phone 7 via USB (Yet)

Edit note:  CompanionLink can now synchronize with USB and Windows Phones.

If you’re here, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for Outlook USB sync with Windows Phone 7. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t provide this feature. Windows Phone 7While CompanionLink does offer wireless sync options for Windows Phone 7, limitations with the Windows Phone SDK technology prevent us from offering direct USB sync. We want to offer it, but we can’t.

CompanionLink has a long history of offering direct sync with all major smartphone platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Palm webOS, and the previous Microsoft Windows Mobile platform. When Windows Phone 7 was announced, we jumped to be the first to offer PIM synchronization for the platform.

Unfortunately, we discovered there is no way to interface with the device using USB protocol. Also, we lack the necessary app permissions to write contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to the device. Double-whammy; our hands are tied in two ways. Unfortunately, this means that CompanionLink, as well as any other third-party developers, won’t be able to offer direct sync to the Windows Phone platform until the tools are provided.

We’ve asked Microsoft about this issue, but have not yet received a reply. It’s possible Microsoft may open more options for developers in the future. We eagerly await that day!

CompanionLink now supports sync with SugarCRM

SugarCRM is an open-source CRM package that has quickly been rising in popularity due to its flexibility, availability, and community support. The company recently celebrated a year of tremendous growth – they claim that they are now the fastest-growing CRM solution available.

CompanionLink has had a long history of synchronizing with a wide range of popular CRM platforms, and we are pleased to announce that we now support sync with SugarCRM. CompanionLink can sync SugarCRM contacts, calendars, and tasks direct with Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and more. We can also sync SugarCRM with Google, or with other PC-based contact managers like Microsoft Outlook.

CompanionLink supports SugarCRM Professional, Corporate, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Community editions. For more information, and to download a free trial, visit