Sync Salesforce CRM to Android, iPhone, and More

Sync with SalesforceI have big news for users looking for a way to take their data with them on the go. CompanionLink Professional now offers two-way sync between Salesforce CRM and Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, webOS, and Windows Phone devices. Contacts, calendars, and tasks are all supported.

While we’re excited to offer this great feature across all our supported devices, this is especially good news for Android users. Salesforce does not currently provide a sync solution for Android. This limits mobile productivity for a growing population of the smartphone market. With CompanionLink Professional, Android users can be mobile with their Salesforce data in a matter of minutes.

In addition to supporting Salesforce sync, CompanionLink Professional also supports sync with multiple devices (think phone and tablet) and real-time sync between two databases (think Salesforce and Outlook).

CompanionLink Professional is available via or the Salesforce AppExchange. Visit these links for more information, Salesforce user reviews, and a 14-day free trial.

CompanionLink announces Outlook sync for Windows Phone 7

Sync with Windows Phone 7CompanionLink is happy to announce sync support for Windows Phone 7 devices like the Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, HTC HD7, LG Quantum, and Dell Venue Pro.

CompanionLink syncs Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks to any Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account. Google provides wireless contact and calendar sync to Windows Phone 7 through the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. In addition to Microsoft Outlook, CompanionLink supports sync with Outlook Business Contact Manager, Sage ACT!, Palm Desktop, Novell GroupWise, and Time & Chaos.

CompanionLink’s sync solutions for Windows Phone 7 start at $39.95. More information and a 14-day free trial can be found at

Windows Phone 7 and Outlook

As the Windows Phone 7 US release date creeps closer (and UK fans begin to get their hands on the new devices), more info is coming to light regarding how Windows Phone 7 will sync with Outlook. Windows Phone 7 is a radical shift from the business-oriented Windows Mobile 6.5, and has clearly adopted a more consumer-friendly style (courtesy of Zune). While the user-interface enhancements are sure to please most users, Microsoft’s core mobile competency has always been tight integration with its Office suite, including Microsoft Outlook.

Windows Phone 7 includes support for Exchange Active Sync, allowing large companies with an Exchange server to easily adopt the new platform. However, what options exist for standalone Outlook users who do not have access to an Exchange server?

In the past, Microsoft has allowed its Windows Mobile devices to sync direct with the PC over a USB cable using Windows Mobile Device Center. In a puzzling move, Microsoft has announced that standalone Outlook users must use the Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector to sync their contacts and calendar with Windows Live Hotmail. Hotmail offers Exchange Active Sync support to push contacts, calendar and email to Windows Phone 7. While this solution may work for some, there will be many passionate Outlook users who do not want their data “in the cloud” because of security and privacy concerns.

Why didn’t Microsoft update Windows Mobile Device Center to include support for Windows Phone 7? It’s hard to believe that Microsoft made this decision on purpose, especially since their largest competitor – the Apple iPhone – provides direct Outlook sync through iTunes.

Reports  have been coming in (see Sascha Segan’s PCMag review and Walt Mossberg’s WSJ piece) that Windows Phone 7 does sync with Google/Gmail, as Google also provides contacts and calendar sync through Exchange ActiveSync. This means that CompanionLink will tentatively support Windows Phone 7 from day 1 with our Google sync solutions, extending support for WP7 sync to users of ACT!, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, GroupWise and other PC software. Many users are already expressing their frustration at the lack of a direct Outlook to Windows Phone 7 sync solution, and CompanionLink will continue to evaluate alternate sync methods as more information becomes available.

How to Sync Windows Phone 7 with Outlook

Initial impressions on sync support for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7, expected to release next month, is the next major smartphone platform from Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 is a complete operating system re-design, borrowing more from their Zune media players than their existing Windows Mobile 6.5 platform. The big question that we have here at CompanionLink is how Windows Phone 7 will sync with the PC.

A recent post from details the current situation for Outlook sync with Windows Phone 7. Unlike the previous Windows Mobile 6.5 platform, Windows Phone 7 will not use Windows Mobile Device Center/Active Sync for direct PC-to-phone sync. Windows Phone 7 will use the Zune PC software to sync media, but for Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks, an Exchange server is required. While this presents no problem to large organizations with dedicated Exchange servers, standalone Outlook users are left out in the cold.

Both Gmail and Hotmail now offer free Exchange Active Sync support for most popular smartphone platforms. Thus, Windows Phone 7 should be compatible with both these services to sync contacts and calendar via Exchange (since Windows Phone 7 has not yet been released, this is educated speculation).

CompanionLink offers a solution that will sync Outlook contacts and calendar with any Gmail, Google, or Google Apps account. Once the data is synced with Google, supported smartphones can easily be configured to sync wirelessly with that Google account using the Exchange protocol. If Windows Phone 7 can sync with Google, as indicated by initial impressions, then CompanionLink will be able to offer support for Windows Phone 7 upon launch.

An official announcement regarding CompanionLink’s support for Windows Phone 7 will be released soon pending our testing of the platform. Look for announcements on our homepage at