How to sync the DROID Pro with Outlook

Sync the DROID Pro with Outlook

The DROID Pro, released today on Verizon, is a business-oriented Android device that is targeted squarely at the BlackBerry market. The DROID Pro features a physical keyboard tacked on to a portrait-oriented candybar form factor. The DROID Pro also features universal GSM and UMTS bands for global roaming. For a device that clearly caters to the business crowd, it lacks some crucial functionality –  there is no easy way to sync the DROID Pro with Outlook.

That’s where CompanionLink comes in. Like many Android phones, the DROID Pro will automatically sync with a Google account, and Google does provide a free calendar sync tool for Outlook. But what about contacts, tasks and notes? CompanionLink offers three ways to fully sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with the DROID Pro:

Direct USB Sync provides a fast and secure method to sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with the DROID Pro. This method ensures maximum data security because it does not use a cloud-based service to store or exchange data.

Local Wi-Fi Sync allows synchronizing Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to DROID Pro using a home or office Wi-Fi network. The PC and DROID Pro are connected to the same network, through which CompanionLink synchronizes data. This method offers a secure wireless sync with no monthly fees.

CL Secure Hosted Sync is a wireless subscription service ($9.95/month) that provides secure and automatic sync of all data types to the phone.  Data will sync automatically anywhere the DROID Pro has a wireless data connection.

CompanionLink’s sync software for DROID Pro works in tandem with an Android app called DejaOffice. DejaOffice is a robust suite of contacts, calendar, tasks and notes apps that support Outlook features such as color-coded categories, sort by company name, and task priorities. CompanionLink and DejaOffice provide a tightly integrated solution for managing Outlook data on the DROID Pro.

CompanionLink’s sync solutions for DROID Pro start at $39.95. More information and a 14-day free trial can be found at