Act! v19 is Here! Click here for info about updating to v19 or staying with v18! CompanionLink pioneered Sync for ACT! 2.5 in 1996. We were "in the box" when Act! 2005 was created. We have over 1 million downloads because we offer risk-free buying!

Synchronize Act! with Phones, Tablets, Outlook, Google, and Mac.
One-time purchase.

Act! v19, v18, v17, Act! v16, Act! 6, Act! Cloud Essentials
Sync Act! contacts, activities, notes, histories, groups and more.
Act! data works with Caller ID, email, maps and other device features.

CompanionLink for Act!
For Act! v19 Premium and Act! Pro
  • Phone Sync: We feature DejaOffice CRM for Act! which gives you CRM features for your phone. All your data is local so you can add and edit contacts and activities even when offline. DejaOffice supports Android and iOS phones.
  • Outlook Sync: DoubleLook Mode means instant sync. Sync Notes and Histories with every contact. Set Outlook Category field. Sync user fields for use with Outlook mailings. We are the Experts!
  • Google Sync: Realtime sync of Contacts and Activities from Act! to Google Synchronize schedules from Act! to Google for multiple staff members.
  • For your Mac, buy CompanionLink Express and download CompanionLink for Mac on to the Mac. Use DejaCloud sync. This will populate Act! data into Outlook for Mac, or Mac iCal and Contacts.
For ACT! 2000 and ACT! 6
  • For iPhone, Android phones and tablets buy CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Professional (more features) and use USB, Wi-Fi or DejaCloud sync to DejaOffice. DejaOffice gives Act!-like features. on your phone like linked contacts and activity completion.
  • For dependable and automatic Outlook Sync buy CompanionLink Professional and set up DoubleLook Mode
  • For dependable and automatic Google Sync buy CompanionLink Express for automatic Activity and Contact sync.
For Act! Cloud Essentials
    • From PC Act! or Outlook; buy CompanionLink Express and set up direct sync to Act! Cloud Essentials. Note: Currently pictures only go from Cloud to PC and not PC to Cloud. Contacts and Agenda.
    • To Android and iPhone; set up a DejaCloud account. Then go to DejaOffice CRM Live settings, and set up a Connector to Act! Cloud Essentials. This is licensed using a DejaCloud license or by your purchase of CompanionLink Express (one year of DejaCloud service.)
    • To Mac; buy CompanionLink for Mac and set it to sync Mac to DejaCloud. Set up a DejaCloud Connector to Act! Cloud Essentials.
    • To Google; use DejaOffice CRM Live to set up a Connector to Act! Cloud Essentials, and another Connector to Google
  • For Act! Premium Cloud
    • Almost done.
    • Expected Fall 2017
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    How it works

    CompanionLink synchronizes Act! contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories, to-dos and opportunities with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad, and Windows Phone devices. You can also configure synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Google Apps, Lotus Notes, and other productivity tools your organization uses.

    Choose from two secure sync options: DejaCloud wireless sync or USB sync. Act! data is synchronized to our free DejaOffice CRM app on the mobile device, which is designed to hold your rich Act! data like Groups, Notes and Histories.

    Act! data we sync

    Supported versions of Act!

    Supported devices

    Other sync destinations

    CompanionLink Professional includes DoubleLook mode for Outlook Sync, handles multiple devices, and features the Category Manager if you want to synchronize two databases. If you don't know which to choose click here.

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    RunStart configuration service

    Schedule an appointment for a CompanionLink expert to set up your synchronization system. Our technician will securely log in to your PC and get everything working.

    RunStart costs $49. Add Runstart to my order

    Premium Support Service

    Schedule an appointment for a CompanionLink expert to set up your synchronization system. Our technician will securely log in to your PC and get everything working.

    Premium Support costs $129. Add Premium Support to my order

    Buy This And Sync Everything Easily
    By Karl M
    on Mar 23, 2018
    CompanionLink Professional
    You guys are amazing. Your product seamlessly syncs, well, just about EVERYTHING! I swear I could sync my car to my toaster to my Galaxy S6 (soon to be a S9) to a wooden pencil. I don't know how you do it, but you do. Your product leaves all others in the dust.
    terrific service
    By Todd L
    on Jan 23, 2018
    CompanionLink Professional
    thanks so much for the immediate and terrific support. it's one reason I've used your products for a decade. Thanks to Thomas.
    Fabulous tech support
    By H Beljean
    on Dec 28, 2017
    CompanionLink Professional
    What a joy to have such PATIENT and professional service. Matt was knowledgeable and so patient to help install and sync my Act to my new tablet. Companioning is the BEST!
    Tech Support Does It Again
    By Guy B
    on Mar 8, 2017
    CompanionLink Professional
    I've been using CompanionLink Professional for several years (Outlook & Android). Being in Sales and Marketing I LIVE by my contacts and calendar so when something goes KABLOOEY I am totally messed up!

    Tech Support has always come through (I'm a total non-techie) solved my problems in a very reasonable time, and they don't stop until the problem is totally resolved.

    Really good people who care about their product, reputation, and customers.

    Terrific Support
    By Richard S
    on Aug 2, 2016
    CompanionLink Professional
    Fantastic support, very knowledgeable staff, quick response and really nice on top of it all. Been with these folks for over 6 years and watched as they've evolved from a great idea to a very sophisticated and polished product. Congrats you guys!! You're doing a wonderful job.
    Great Product & Support
    By Dan M
    on Jun 28, 2016
    CompanionLink Professional
    Long time CompanionLink Pro user. Over the years this solution has always been reliable and so useful.

    I accidentally cut-off Thomas on a support call and he actually called me back. That's never happened with any product or service. He helped me negotiate change of PC, email client and multiple data sources. All with ease.

    All software companies should aspire to Companionlink's performance.
    Great Support!
    By Jay C
    on Mar 24, 2016
    CompanionLink Professional
    I have been using Companionlink and Deja Office on my Android phones for years with my non-Outlook database and it has worked great. On a few occasions when something broke on a new version or a new computer installation, the support response has been within 24 hours and relentless in getting me back up and running. The people in this company are universally amazing!
    Great job!
    By Shelley T
    on Mar 9, 2016
    CompanionLink Professional
    Wonderful product. The BEST support ever!!
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