Free Email and Telephone Technical Support Policy

Our Online guides cover common issues. But if you need it, we can help you by email and phone

Our US-based staff are professionals with homes and families. As a US-based business, we provide benefits to our staff. The amount of time and effort we can offer you will correspond to amount of your product purchase.

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Free Email Support:

Email Support for any product is free. Email us at Please include the name of the product you need help with, the sync method, and the phone OS (Android or iPhone). Be sure to include your contact phone number if we need to call you.

Paid Support

Paying for support is a great option if you need hands-on assistance from a technician.

  • RST: RunStart is one-time paid support for a given problem, installation or data migration.

  • PSP: Premium Support covers up to five tickets over one year. After the first year, you can extend premium support at a substantial discount.

Free Tech Support from CompanionLink

Changes in 2023

As our world changes, CompanionLink changes with it. Emails are very efficient for us, and we have been able to answer 100% of our emails every weekday for the past five years.

Telephone calls are not efficient primarily because we spend the first few minutes covering very basic information; name, email, product, problem. We need to know which help guide you have tried and what step you got stuck on.

We try to answer most voice-messages by email, so if you give us enough information, you will have an answer within an hour, rather than a call back a day or two later.

If you already have paid for Premium Support, submit a QuickTicket or call 1-503-243-3400 for service.

Telephone Tech Support

Our hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Pacific Time on weekdays. Our phone number is (503)243-3400

Data loss: If you have any data loss, we can often recover the data - even if our product is not involved. Please call us for priority service.

Duplicates: If you experience duplicate contacts from a sync using our products, please call us for priority service.

Program Bugs: If you are seeing a program bug and are using the current version of our software, you can call us to confirm this. Our QA team will work with you to resolve the bug.

New PC: We have a great guide that covers how to set up a new PC or reinstall on a newly formatted hard disk. Just click here.

New Phone: This guide covers four different ways to move your data. Just click here.

Wi-Fi Sync: We have an extensive troubleshooting guide for you. If you purchased CompanionLink recently, we can help you. But if your purchase was two or more years ago, we will not provide telephone tech support to debug your Wi-Fi network. For a trouble-free connection, use DejaCloud sync.

USB Sync: If you cannot connect, the cable or connector may be bad, so try a different cable or connector. Here is a troubleshooting guide for you.

Bluetooth Sync: We will provide telephone support for Bluetooth sync if you have an active subscription or purchased a product from us in the last two years.

DejaCloud Sync: We will provide telephone support for DejaCloud sync provided you have an active subscription or a product purchase in the last two years. If you have a free DejaCloud account and need telephone tech support, the lowest price option is to purchase DejaCloud Level 1 for $49.95, and then we will provide 2-years of telephone support to you.

Thank you for taking the time to understand our Free Tech Support Policy.

"You have the best support team in the business! I'll always recommend your products."

Gary Z

"Thank you Companionlink Support! The first solution worked. I've got to say, you people are the best software support I've ever encountered: Quick, detailed, and accurate."

John S

"Your engineering and technical support staff is OUTSTANDING! They got me up and running with minimal effort and a good understanding of my problems."

Michael R

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