Valuable Key Repair Locksmith

Tyrion Locksmith is the most valuable key repair company in Astoria, NY. You can call them anytime to get your key repair. They have a team of experts that are ready 24/7 to help you in this regard. Tyrion has several different kinds of security locks from which you can install and make your place safer than before. These locks play an active role in protecting yourself from intruders and trespassers. They have a huge range of locks such as Pad Locks, Deadbolts, knob locks, cam locks, Wall-mounted locks, etc. These locks are used for making your place more secure than before.

Padlocks are the only locks that are not permanently attached to the door or any such thing. These come in different sizes and you can freely take them with you from one place to another place.

The best thing about these locks is that they can’t get hacked. The other person can only break it by applying a lot of pressure resulting in completely damaging the door as well. Tyrion has rekeyable and non-rekeyable padlocks.

Professionalism is Guaranteed

Tyrion team always listens to the problem of customers and then gives suggestions about what will be better for them for their security. The team is well trained and they hear to the problem first and then they give their ideas.

Professionalism is very important for Tyrion. This is the thing that is going to make a strong bridge between Tyrion Locksmith Astoria with the customers.

Extraordinary Services for Key Repair

They use the best tools and high-tech gadgets for the installation of every kind of lock at your place. They have Smart locks that can read the fingerprints of the persons to give them access to the specific room. In this way, only a selected number of users will be allowed to enter the specific area and others will be prohibited from entering the room.

Tyrion has card-readable locks as well by Tyrion Locksmith. Only the person having the card will be allowed to enter the room. These kinds of locks are specially installed in banks where there are cash boxes or where the cashiers are sitting. While these are more commonly installed in the factories where they have stored some most important documents.

Key Repair for Cars

At Tyrion Locksmith, they have the machinery and digital understanding to restore or refurbish maximum push-button automobile keys available in the marketplace today. If you feel any kind of issue regarding your car keys and feel that it is creating an issue while starting. All you have to do is to call Tyrion and one of their representatives will be at your place to repair your car keys. It often happens that the keys of the car get lost somewhere. They have 24/7 service available to repair key to the vehicle. Call Tyrion to get a free quote now!

Key Repair for Commercial Vaults

We know how difficult it is when we forget about the keys of vaults. Our valuable goods including cash and gold etc get stuck into it. Tyrion can’t even break those vaults since they are made up of high-quality materials. Tyrion can make keys for you in such a situation and get a free quote now for their such service at Tyrion Locksmith. Contact them now and a representative will guide you about the whole process of key repair. Tyrion can install a number of high-quality locks for your vaults in Astoria, NY.

Tyrion Locksmith

Astoria, NY 11106

Phone: 347-474-1181

Key Repair – No More Useless Keys

Having to replace locks and keys whenever your key is damaged can be expensive. Your lock will not yield to the command of your keys, even if it’s minor damage that happens to the key. Instead of going through the stress and expenses of changing your locks or getting a new key, repair it. Key repair is the solution to a lot of broken or bent keys. You need an experienced keysmith to help you with repairing your keys. Don’t search far for an experienced keysmith; Sima’s Locksmith has the best. They offer all types of key services, key repair, key replacement, creating keys, and more. You can contact Sima’s to get the best key service. They are available online and on-site and are situated in Brooklyn, NY. For online bookings, you can visit our website, give us a call or contact us via email and other online platforms. Say no to tagging keys useless because of damages. Get a key repair expert and repair them.Key

Key Replacement – New Keys For Old Locks

Key replacement is different from key repair. With key repair, you still have the keys with you, but they are damaged. It may be broken, bent, or some parts chopped off, but you still have them. For a key replacement, you don’t have the key with you; it’s missing. To get your keys replaced, you will need to get to a locksmith or keysmith. You will have to provide some necessary information about the key before you can get a key replacement. Key replacement saves the money of getting new locks and keys. If you aren’t in Brooklyn, NY, or you can’t get to us on-site, you can give us a phone call. To save you the stress of calling, visit Sima’s website and see the full details of our services. If you then need any questions after viewing the website, send them an email or call. It’s time to get a key replacement for that abandoned door.

Sima’s Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY

Sima’s Locksmith, situated in Brooklyn, is a company that provides professional locksmith services. Their services cover all types of locksmith services. Locksmith service is a wide range of services. It includes creating locks, repairing locks, installation of locks, creating keys, key repair, rekeying locks, and still many more services. All these services can be done on numerous things, like doors, cars, garage doors, and safes. For over a decade, they have been offering quality locksmith services to the citizens of Brooklyn, and its environs. Sima’s quality has won their trust and assurance. They offer durable and reliable locksmith services to our customers all over the nation. Their services are not only available to Brooklyn, and its environs alone; they are distributed nationwide. When you need Sima’s services, all you need to do is contact them and come to an agreement. Service will be delivered to you, wherever you are, on the agreed terms. Be a beneficiary of their quality service also, contact Sima’s.

Get A Free Quote Now – Best Customer Service

Key repair, door lock installation, and other locksmith services have to be quoted before work begins. Quoting is stating the price of labor, materials, number of days, and number of products needed to finish a job. It is an arrangement of all the necessities. To get a free quote now, contact Sima’s. The time spent on quoting will not be charged with the work hour. This will reduce the expenses expected to be incurred in getting a locksmith service. Sima’s Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY not only offers the best locksmith service but also has the best customer service. For all your locksmith services, contact Sima’s.

Sima’s Locksmith – Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phone: 347-896-0206

What Are the Advantages Of Windows 11?

Windows 11 launched recently and Microsoft delivered some big changes to the storied operating system, including its first name change in six years. The Windows 11 update began rolling out on 5 October 2021 although it will be released in a phased approach on eligible devices.

Windows 11 comes with a tonne of new features, such as the ability to download as well as run Android apps on your Windows PC and updates to Microsoft Teams, the Start menu and the overall look of the software, which is cleaner and Mac-like in design. Keep in mind that not all of the features are available today.

Windows 11 isn’t just Windows 10 with a new collection of wallpapers. Thankfully, many other tweaks and improvements make an upgrade to the latest OS seem enticing. That said, the new OS’s wallpapers are, indeed, beautiful!

Beautiful Glass

Windows 11’s new desktop aesthetics try to mimic the look of glass. As a result, there’s a lot of transparency on many desktop elements, from windows to menus. This transparency goes hand-in-hand with related effects like a background blur, drop shadows, and rounded corners. All GPU-accelerated for a buttery-smooth user experience. It should both be more elegant and snappier than Windows 10.

Bar to Dock

Like Mac OS and many Linux Desktop Environments, Windows 11’s taskbar can turn into a dock. The icons on it can be centred, which is very helpful when using Windows 11 on a touch-enabled device. Fans of the classic taskbar will still be able to align the Start button as well as app icons to the left. Note that if you like Windows 11’s looks, and especially its centred taskbar, we’ve looked at how you can make your Windows 10 desktop look like Windows 11.

Return of the Widgets

Did you prefer widgets, the little floating informational windows in Windows Vista and 7, to the Live Tiles of Windows 10? The new widgets in Windows 11 appear in a dedicated pane, which slides in from the left of the screen. In addition, they also seem to be more geared towards presenting information instead of working as mini-apps. Still, that’s not a ground-breaking feature.

Easily Accessible Snap Layouts and Groups

Windows already supported snapping windows to the sides or corners of the screen in rudimentary arrangements. Originally “borrowed” from other OSes and advancing mobile technology, the feature was further expanded with Windows PowerToys’ FancyZones feature. Now, a new, as well as improved version in Windows 11, brings the feature to everyone, placing it in a quick menu hovering over the maximize button.

Android Apps on Windows 11

Up to Windows 10, if you wanted to run an Android app or game, you could either remote control your smartphone or run an emulator. Windows 11 will come with support for Android apps baked-in. Theoretically, you’ll be able to install almost any Android app or game, click on it, and then it will pop up on the screen, almost as with native Windows software.

How To Get More Out Of The Most Popular Games Today

The gaming industry has been booming steadily over the past few decades, with more and more people jumping on the gaming bandwagon. Whether you use a PC, mobile, or a console, there’s no denying that it’s addicting and entertaining, and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. With this boom, many people now prefer to stay indoors than do outdoor activities. We know how fun these games are, so here’s a small guide to give you an idea of how you can get the most out of popular games today.

Popular Games

Many games have been known and played across the world. They are of all genres, whether you like games related to sports, shooting, action, or mystery, these games come in all types. A few of the most famous games are as below.

1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a shooting game that has many different parts. It is one of the highly played games across the globe with international tournaments and coverage. The game is a first-person shooter game with many modes to play. It’s one of the most renowned games in the industry.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is a relatively new game, but it has been one of the most played games in the world. It’s basically a shooting and adventurous game where you compete with other players in a last-man-standing match.

3. Far Cry

Far Cry is by far one of the highly played games around the world. Far Cry has many parts and one of the most famous parts is Far Cry 5. Since this game has become popular, game geeks created trainers such as the one found on, so you can greatly improve your gaming experience. Far Cry 5 is a mix of shooting and strategy games which is perfect if you want to hone your observation skills.

4. GTA

Grand Theft Auto is a well-known game. GTA has had great revenue since its first part, and it also has a lot of versions and parts. It’s a virtual life game with many players all around the world.

How to Make The Most of Popular Games

Gaming is all about fun and entertainment. It provides an amazing platform for communication and the gaming community also contributes a lot. There are certain factors to keep in mind which can make your gaming experience a whole lot better.

1. Playing the Multiplayer Mode

The single-player mode is all well and good until you play the game and end it. After that, if you play it a couple of times it becomes boring and makes you lose interest in the game. Playing with other players to regain that human touch is an amazing way to enjoy the game more and will never bore you because, unlike bots, they will never do the same thing twice, so the game can be more competitive.

2. Cheat Codes

Using cheats for gaming is a very slick move only if you’re playing single-player mode. There may be some level of the game where you’re stuck and can’t seem to find any solution to pass that level so cheat codes are here for you. These codes help you pass the level by doing various functions. Some cheat codes even give unlimited health while some give vision. They’re shortcuts to winning the game but aren’t appreciated much in multiplayer mode.

3. Joining a Community

Joining a gaming community and knowing the players and teams is a great way to enjoy it more. You can join a team or a clan to participate in tournaments and get to play alongside other players as well. This gives you more experience and practice and improves your game. It’s a great way to make the most out of the game and create new friends at the same time.

4. Source of Income

Entertainment is just one aspect of gaming. Popular games nowadays are also being used for earning easy bucks. People play the game live and become Streamers to gain sponsorships and earn huge amounts of cash. If you aspire to be a paid player on any of these, this is a great way to make the most out of popular games today. An example of a highly paid Streamer is Ninja of Fortnite who is earning millions by just playing Fortnite.

Gaming has taken the world by storm. The industry and its community have huge effects on our younger population, though there really is no age limit to grabbing your phone or console and enjoying a few hours of gaming fun. The tips we’ve just given you will ensure you get as much juice as you can from the gaming experience. They’re a great source of entertainment, and today’s top games really do have everyone playing wrapped around their fingers.

Top 10 Study Apps for College Students

The burden of college life is hard. Students barely have time for anything else except studying and often get exhausted with an extensive academic load. Luckily, today, scholars have plenty of tools that can simplify their lives while making them more productive.

Using various mobile applications for a simpler life and higher productivity is a smart solution for a modern student. This way, you can have all the needed materials and tools right at your fingertips. Most importantly, the majority of helpful software and applications are free of charge or, at least, affordable. Thus, everyone can get needed help without going bankrupt.

In this article, we have compiled the most convenient and handy apps that students need to have in their toolkit. Let’s dive in!

Colorful notebooks and felt-tip pens with cellphone and laptop on cream background Free Photo

Top Apps College Students Need

If you are looking for simple ways to study easier and get more progress, some of the best solutions are right in your pocket! Today, there are plenty of applications that make learning convenient, fun, and much more effective.

What are the best tools to use? We have picked some of the best options for you.


One of the biggest challenges of a modern scholar is coping with tons of different assignments and papers. Sometimes, students just can’t handle a large academic load satisfactorily, so they start seeking help. That’s when Essay Pro comes in handy. This is an online service where scholars of all academic levels can obtain assistance from professional writers.

Here, you can order papers on all topics and subjects. Besides, the service often offers nice discounts on purchase essays, so if you ever feel like you aren’t cutting it yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help!


Most students struggle with the problem of getting out of bad on time. Young people tend to study (or party) all night long and then oversleep their classes.

To get rid of this issue once and forever, use Alarmy! This is a free application available for iOS and Android devices. The app is fully customizable. For example, you can set a math problem that has to be solved to turn off the alarm. It is one of the best options a student can find!

iTunes U

If you own an iOS device, then you must download iTunes U! This is a great application that stores thousands of free lessons, learning materials, videos, audio files, lectures, and much more!

One of the most significant benefits of this app is that teachers can integrate their classrooms into iTunes U. This will give students the possibility to access all materials right from their phones.


Looking for an effective way to study for your exams? Then Brainscape is your best bet! The application uses a unique flashcard technology to make studying simple and more effective.

This tool is free, and it contains lots of pre-installed sets of flashcards for different subjects. Also, every user can create one’s cards.

Brainscape also has some extra handy features like progress tracker and collaboration mode. It is available for iOS and Android users.


Are you seeking suitable scholarships? It becomes almost effortless with the help of the free Scholly app developed for Android and iOS devices. This tool helps students find scholarships they are eligible for faster. You can track the applications sent, manage deadlines, and even access helpful resources that share tips on how to win money for college.


What is one of the biggest concerns of every college student? We bet finances are. Quite many young people don’t have any sources of income, which is why they have to grab every money-saving opportunity that comes along.

If this is something you are interested in, try Chegg – a free app that allows you to rent and buy textbooks,  get help with homework, hire a tutor, and more!

BenchPrep Companion

Getting ready for important exams and tests is always a challenging and stressful process. However, with the help of BenchPrep Companion, test preparation becomes simple, fun, and, most importantly, effective! The application is available for iOS and Android.


Knowing foreign languages always looks good on a resume, and there is no better time for learning a few than the college years.  One of the best assistants in learning a foreign language is Duolingo – a free application for iOS and Android.

This app helps users learn how to write, read, and speak other languages. The main reason why we love it is that it is very user-friendly and turns learning into a fun game.

Khan Academy

Self-learning is vital for every student, and there is no better tool for effective learning than Khan Academy. This is a free application that offers lots of tuition-free courses, lectures, study materials, and much more! Definitely a must-have app for everyone.


Our last app on this list is very handy for college students! This is a free application that allows users to access plenty of study guides right from their smartphones. With the help of CliffsNotes Study Guides, learners of all fields can discover lots of quizzes, study materials, cram plans, summaries, and more!

Friends having fun at their graduation Free Photo

Final Words

It is customary to think that the only way to reach real progress in learning is to work as hard, and as much as you can. Most people believe that such enormous efforts pay off with success. This is true to a certain extent. However, to reach real results, you should work smarter, not harder!

Therefore, if there is any chance to simplify your life and studying process – be sure not to miss this opportunity! Hopefully, this list of student apps will help each of you create your own college first aid kit!

A cheatsheet of iPhone 6 Plus features for business users

Here’s a list of iPhone 6 Plus features announced by Apple today that directly impacts or improves productivity for business users.

  • Bigger screens mean more readable content. The iPhone 6 Plus has 1920×1080 resolution to fit more lines of information. Apple offered a great side-by-side visual that shows how much more content is visible on iPhone 6 Plus compared to iPhone 6. [Image source:]
  • More battery life means fewer intra-day trips to the outlet. Traveling sales people are free to use their GPS without fear of their battery dying by mid day. The iPhone 6 Plus offers 12 hours of LTE browsing (2 more hours than iPhone 6) and 16 hours of standby (6 more hours than iPhone 6). Here’s a chart comparing battery capacity from the keynote. [Source:]
  • Wider keyboard layout with more keys means the iPhone 6 Plus will be a business user’s device of choice for an easier typing experience. (This does beg the question – does the iPhone 6 Plus cannibalize iPad mini sales?) The extra keys offered comprise of an important tap-saving group: cut and paste, highlight, undo, bold, and common punctuation; period, comma, question mark, and exclamation mark. These keys will save business users from tapping and dragging pins for copy/paste, and from long-pressing the Shift key to access punctuation and rich markup. [Image source:]
  • The iPhone 6 Plus’s dual-pane view for email, scheduling, and messaging is godsend. Email will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiary as you will never have to swipe Back to see the email list.
  • Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE hold promise for mobile warriors who journey to areas with shaky cell connectivity. Hop in a cafe or restaurant that offers Wi-Fi and you are free to make calls. Of course, TBD is whether carriers need to update their towers to support this. (If anyone has more info about this, please chime in under the Comments section for everyone to benefit.) The consumer crowd really benefits by not requiring peak-hour cellular minutes to place/receive calls. I sense mobile carriers already dusting off their business plans to make daytime minutes unlimited.
  • NFC and Apple Pay will make carrying personal and business desirable and a breeze. Business people will no longer have to use their personal card and then remember to credit their business account. The NFC ecosystem looks like an infrastructure-intense endeavor and one that will take time for the world to adopt. However, Apple has added (significantly) more water to the NFC seeds already harvesting. We know how this story ends for the famed plastic rectangle we love so dearly.
  • Repeatedly mentioned during the keynote was the phrase “optimizations for one-hand use”. It appears Apple was bent on promoting the fact that they optimized their 5.5-inch offering for one-hand use. I must see this to believe it; but it sounds great! More details about this will arrive as people get their devices on September 19.

The real story behind today’s keynote is that Apple is heeding the call for larger screens by an audience (viz. business users) that is willing to pay for features that make their workday easier. While Apple is a consumer-driven organization, larger screens directly benefit business professionals in a way that is tangible to productivity. recommends CompanionLink as the replacement for Google Calendar to Outlook Calendar integration

Googlepocalypse on August 1 was a major setback for many. tech columnist Rob Pegoraro recommended CompanionLink as the go-to replacement for the sunset Google Calendar Sync utility.

I’d look at the $50 CompanionLink (its developers have been doing Google sync tools since the days of Palm handhelds, and other software from the company can sync directly from Outlook to Android)…

CompanionLink is the most affordable 3rd-party solution when you take into account installation on multiple PCs (up to 3), free updates, and free technical support by phone and email.

Here are the top 11 reasons people have turned to CompanionLink since 2006 for Google Calendar sync:

  1. Sync contacts, calendar, tasks, and categories with one app
  2. Supports Office 365, Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000
  3. Free US-based technical support by phone and email
  4. Map Outlook Categories to multiple Google Calendars
  5. Works with Outlook folders or subfolders
  6. Supports Exchange setups with Public Folders
  7. Works with any free Gmail or Google account and Google Apps accounts
  8. Automatic sync
  9. One license allows installation on 3 PCs
  10. 90-day money-back guarantee
  11. Supporting Google Calendar sync since 2006

CompanionLink is available as an unlimited trial for 2 weeks. Purchase options include a one-time license for $39.95 after discount. Enter ALTGCS in the Affinity Code field to get the $10 discount.

Is the Fire Phone for business users?

This review focuses on business productivity with the Amazon Fire Phone.

TLDR Version: Fire Phone’s stock apps for Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks are amateurish when compared to Galaxy S5. A shadow behind every text heading that changes dynamically with phone movements will annoy business users. The 3D Dynamic Perspective feature, while cool, distracts from flat-design principles the mobile industry is pivoting to.

One clever feature on Fire Phone is snippets on the homescreen. You can see 2-3 recent emails on the homescreen. This snippet area is app-specific, so useful snippets show on the homescreen for every app. Saves a lot of time.

Fire Phone packs new software and visuals but lacks the streamlined experience business users expect from $200 phones like Samsung or HTC. Future versions of Fire Phone will, undoubtedly, arrive more polished. Hat tip to Amazon for foraying into competitive territory and establishing their unique mark based on software.

Business category missing on Amazon Appstore

While the Appstore has categories, it fails to include a category for Business. Huh? Android historians will recall early versions of Android Market (now Google Play Store) also lacked a Business category. Perhaps this will come with time.Amazon Appstore has no Business category


Stock Calendar app

Fire Phone’s stock calendar app is sleek and mirrors the Galaxy S5. The one drawback in Month view is that you cannot determine how many appointments you have for a given day without tapping on the day and entering Day view. On GS5, each appointment comes with a snippet so you know at a glance how busy your day is.

Multiple appointments are hard to see on Fire Phone Calendar Month view

Adding a Calendar Event

Both devices have common appointment fields like Start/End times, Location, and Attendees. The GS5 lets you select Timezone, which might be important to travel warriors.

Also, the Location field on GS5 has a Google Maps icon that lets you use a map to pick a location. Fire Phone’s Location field is text entry.

Fire Phone stock calendar app missing Timezone

Email snippets on your home screen

Fire Phone has a clever homescreen snippets feature that shows your latest email messages. Because Fire Phone use a carousel theme on the homescreen, they use the space below the app icon to show you snippets related to your app. The carousel for Settings, for example, will show you popular settings.

Fire Phone shows email snippets on home screen

Fire Phone’s email app borrows font-styling from iOS and is better than most stock Samsung or HTC mail apps. I was able to set up my account in seconds. ActiveSync accounts are fully supported, as this BusinessInsider article confirms.

Fire Phone's email app uses text styling similar to iOS

Homescreen slider menu

Swipe on the left edge of the homescreen on Fire Phone and a convenient slider emerges. You can access popular features of your phone right from this menu. What kills the experience is the 3D texture behind the letters. As you can see from this image, it adds a subtle layer of “blur” around the text which may drive business users nuts.

Fire Phone homescreen slider menu

Mayday is responsive, as you would hope

Fire Phone’s personal help feature works. I was able to get “Steven” online with me in less than 30 seconds. During the wait, a message reassures me that Mayday only shares my screen and not anything through my forward-facing camera.

The reaction from the business community will be interesting to monitor. On one hand Mayday is a lifesaver for professionals who need to fix something immediately. On another hand, being one-click away from someone viewing what’s on your screen may be troubling. You decide.

Fire Phone Mayday is responsive

Final thoughts

Fire Phone v1 is naive for business users. If you like the latest technology and a new spin on software gimmicks, try it out. You might enjoy their fresh approach. If you want a mature Android phone, the Galaxy S5, HTC One, or a similar Android unit earns my $200. review votes DejaOffice and CompanionLink as best Android Sync app for Outlook

We are thrilled to share a raving review about our Android Sync products. Marc Saltzman, writer for, stumbled upon CompanionLink when his frustration with other Android to Outlook sync solutions came to a peak. He found other products to sync incomplete Outlook data or have complicated setups.

Then, he found our Android Outlook app, DejaOffice.

“DejaOffice was able to accomplish what others could not: smooth, reliable and quick syncing between Android and Microsoft Outlook.”

“You don’t need a degree in computer engineering to set it up.”

Marc hits squarely on a sensitive topic for people who used legacy phones and PDAs like BlackBerry and Palm. Traditionally, Outlook sync was an afterthought for mobile users because Outlook integration was bundled with their device purchase. Palm shipped a CD with Outlook sync software. BlackBerry included their reliable Desktop Software companion with every device.

Android buyers weren’t so lucky. During Android’s toddler years, no manufacturer bundled software for Outlook integration. Samsung, for example, has since developed a tool called Kies to address the uproar by Outlook users. However, upkeep of the tool has proved difficult and fragmented as Kies updates often break Outlook integration. The reliability of these tools also vary from device to device and are inconsistent with the Outlook fields they support because every device has different pre-installed PIM apps.

The CompanionLink and DejaOffice platform for Android really shines because it works and looks the same across all Android devices and restores reliable Outlook integration that people expect to come with their device. People are free to choose the security of USB connected synchronization or the flexibility of Cloud synchronization through CompanionLink’s secure DejaCloud service, Google or other cloud services. This allows people to customize their experience to their business requirements; something that isn’t possible with solutions like Kies.

Marc’s review emotes the frustration millions of Outlook users face when they realize their $300 phone investment doesn’t integrate easily with desktop Outlook. CompanionLink agrees that reliable Outlook synchronization should come in-the-box with your phone purchase. Until then, CompanionLink has a product that millions, like Marc, can use to turn their $300 investment into a productivity tool that works with Outlook.

EDN gives CompanionLink great reviews for Outlook Google sync

Brian Dipert, writer for EDN Network, chose CompanionLink to sync Outlook with Google during an evaluation of sync tools available for this task.

I chose CompanionLink, although it was the most expensive of the three options, based on the comparative amount and percentage of positive feedback I came across regarding it in my research.

CompanionLink’s setup was straightforward, and the results have so far been rock-solid. Its settings options (including numerous sync-cadence candidates) are abundant but intuitively understandable.

CompanionLink often appears more expensive than other low-cost solutions. We feel our free phone support, ability to use one user-license on three computers (ie, work desktop, home desktop, personal laptop), and our policy to not charge you every time you change phones actually makes CompanionLink the best value on the market.