How to sync the DROID Pro with Outlook

Sync the DROID Pro with Outlook

The DROID Pro, released today on Verizon, is a business-oriented Android device that is targeted squarely at the BlackBerry market. The DROID Pro features a physical keyboard tacked on to a portrait-oriented candybar form factor. The DROID Pro also features universal GSM and UMTS bands for global roaming. For a device that clearly caters to the business crowd, it lacks some crucial functionality –  there is no easy way to sync the DROID Pro with Outlook.

That’s where CompanionLink comes in. Like many Android phones, the DROID Pro will automatically sync with a Google account, and Google does provide a free calendar sync tool for Outlook. But what about contacts, tasks and notes? CompanionLink offers three ways to fully sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with the DROID Pro:

Direct USB Sync provides a fast and secure method to sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with the DROID Pro. This method ensures maximum data security because it does not use a cloud-based service to store or exchange data.

Local Wi-Fi Sync allows synchronizing Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes to DROID Pro using a home or office Wi-Fi network. The PC and DROID Pro are connected to the same network, through which CompanionLink synchronizes data. This method offers a secure wireless sync with no monthly fees.

CL Secure Hosted Sync is a wireless subscription service ($9.95/month) that provides secure and automatic sync of all data types to the phone.  Data will sync automatically anywhere the DROID Pro has a wireless data connection.

CompanionLink’s sync software for DROID Pro works in tandem with an Android app called DejaOffice. DejaOffice is a robust suite of contacts, calendar, tasks and notes apps that support Outlook features such as color-coded categories, sort by company name, and task priorities. CompanionLink and DejaOffice provide a tightly integrated solution for managing Outlook data on the DROID Pro.

CompanionLink’s sync solutions for DROID Pro start at $39.95. More information and a 14-day free trial can be found at

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  1. In that case, I would suggest waiting to hear back from support regarding the issue. You are in line to be contacted, and I apologize for the delay (we had some issues with the phones this week and, as a result, are a bit backed up). Hopefully we’ll have it all straightened out for you soon!

  2. David, thanks for your very quick reply, much appreciated.  I checked both Deja and Companionlink versions.  I was up to date on Deja (1.12.3) but I was on build 5002 for CL, so I downloaded and installed build 5004.  Unfortunately, that does not solve the problem, as I still am unable to sync with USB cable with phone set to charge only.   So for now I am sticking with WiFi sync which does work just fine.    I still would like a fix for the USB cable sync problem since I travel with my laptop and would like to sync with USB when I am on the road away from my home WiFi network

  3. Charlie,

    I’ve taken a look at your ticket and support is continuing to work on the above issue. In the meantime, have you verified that you are on the latest builds of CompanionLink (5004) and DejaOffice (1.12.3)? we have recently updated both and an update may help resolve your issue.

    If you are up to date and still experiencing the issue above, rest assured, on of our techs will be in contact again soon.

  4. I have the same problem.  I run Windows XP on my PC, and have a Droid Pro.  I use Time & Chaos on my PC as my contact/calendar manager, and Deja Office on my Droid Pro.  I was always able to sync using the USB cable until a few weeks ago when Verizon pushed the new Android ver. 2.3.3 (gingerbread) operating system to my Droid Pro.  Now when I connect the USB cable in charge only mode, I get a balloon at the bottom of my PC that says “Found New Hardware MTP Device”.  Along with this notice I get an extremely annoying ping every couple of seconds, sounds like submarine sonar pinging.  My Droid Pro  will not sync at all now with USB, so I have had to go to Plan B, which is to use my home WIFI network to sync.  This does work OK, but I really would like to be able to also sync with a USB cable.  I have filed trouble tickets and had quite a bit of email exchanges with Companionlink support (case # 216776) but am no closer to a solution than I was when this first started.  I have searched the internet for solutions, including Motorola’s websites and Verizon.   Motorola was totally useless, said I needed to update my Windows XP operating system which is not true, I religiously update whenever updates are issued.  Verizon said that I should not be using USB charge only, that I should use mass storage.  That doesn’t work either.

    So at this point nobody seems to have a solution.

  5. @445aa8d80ef83cd6a195b333503c35fa:disqus @5d36a7d2669988cdf683acb4848512ac:disqus We’ve seen a few users with the same issues you are seeing. I have some suggestions here that should help resolve the issue. First, if you haven’t already, ensure you’re running the latest version of DejaOffice (1.12.3) – you can get it here:

    If that hasn’t solved the issue, please visit and follow the troubleshooting tips there.

    If you are still experiencing issues at this point, let me know so that we can look into your specific setup further.

  6. I am in the same boat (no sync after upgrade,) affecting multiple users.  Tech support is not capable of dealing with the issue, and I’ve escalated it to management.  Their last bit of “support” was to point me to a non-existent trouble-shooting page.

  7. hi, goldimax here!

    did you try the “fix” that companionlink sent to all of us droidies? i can forward it to you if you send me your email address. or you can ask cl support to send you the update. here’s the rub, though. at first i could not get past step 3, which says to find clusb folder. the reason for this is that, like you, and as you know, my computer was not seeing the sd card. here’s the secret (i found out by running to the verizon store where i bought the phone): despite what they tell you, you have to go to settings, then click on applications and then on development. on the development screen you will see three entires, check the first two: usb debugging and stay awake. then try to mount the usb. your computer will then recognize it and you can then click on it as you would click on any device, and you will see the folders, including the one they tell you to delete — clusb. let me know what happens and if you want me to send u the update. or you can get it from the support team. i wrote and told them about the debugging check-off. i don’t know if they amended their directions or not. best of luck.

  8. I have the same problem as Goldimax. I have a Droid PRO and am using Windows XP Home SP3 and Outlook 2003. I have been using Companion Link Deja Office regularly since I got my Droid Pro, shortly after that phone came out.
    My last successful Sync was in October 1 (I sync only every 2 weeks or so). My Droid Pro software was recently updated (system push to me) and now I cannot sync at all. I have retried several times over 2 weeks to no avail.
    My computer does not recognize the Droid Pro any more. I cannot see the device in My Computer.
    An icon comes up in the lower left of the computer saying “Found New Hardware” and below it “MTP Device”.
    But, my computer never gets past this state – usually I see a “HW installed successfully” notification.
    I have tried both the Charge Only and the USB Mass Storage USB settings on my phone.
    This seems to be a phone driver problem, but I’m struck.
    Any advice?
    Has Goldimax’s problem been resolved?

  9. another issue since update–does anyone know why the built in music app keeps deleting my play lists after I sync with companion link?  I’m guessing this has something to do with unmounting and remounting the sd card in charge only mode–i sync with another program that requires the usb be put in usb mass storage mode to sync and this seems to have something to do with switching between the two. 

  10. There is a problem that I found out-the update causes problems if you are using any other usb data cord than the one that came with your Droid phone and has motorola logo on it–i bought a longer data cord from the verizon store, thinking since its from the store it would be kosher, it worked fine until I too got the unsolicited update!! I went through 3 tiers at Verizon and two at Motorola before we finally tried the original data usb cord and it synced fine.

  11. Yesterday I received an e-mail from your CL Support asking me to Sync Log, a device log and a copy of DejaOffice database. I assume you know about this. I did as requested, but have heard nothing back. Am I going to have to go back to syncing to my palm? Ugh.

  12. unfortunately, i have to leave my computer now, but look forward to continuing this conversation. thanks again for any help. i will check back later.

  13. thanks. the person with whom i spoke did say that the droid update had caused problems with other customers, but not the same problem as mine. thanks again.

  14. Let me look into this further for you. I’ll see if I can find any other reports of a Droid Pro update causing issues with our sync. I’ll post back here with an update.

  15. i spoke at length with someone in support department. he was very diligent and spent a lot of time with me. no complaints there. but he concluded, as i said in the comment, that my computer was not “seeing” or recognizing the sd card. i tried to do a system restore back to a date when i was able to sync (oct. 13) but it didn’t take. tried two dates. don’t know why, maybe too far in the past?

  16. Just to clarify, when you say “CL helpdesk” do you mean that you’ve contacted our Support Department, or is it something you’ve seen in our program?

  17. I am no longer able to perform a sync with my droid pro ever since motorola downloaded an (unsolicited) update onto my device. On October 13, I was able to sync, no problem. Now, not even one week later, I am struggling and unable to sync no matter what I do. The CL helpdesk says my computer cannot recognize the sd card. This is a disaster.