How To: Sync Galaxy S5 with Microsoft Outlook

Turn the Samsung Galaxy S5 into an extension of your office by installing the DejaOffice app (free) and integrating with Outlook. Choose our cloud push sync for an automatic approach to updating data. Or, use our USB or Wi-Fi options to sync between Galaxy S5 and Outlook contacts, calendar, notes, tasks, categories, and journal entries.  This is a cost-effective and secure alternative to hosting data in Microsoft or Google’s cloud.

Why you need a Kies alternative

Many people try to configure Samsung Kies to sync with Galaxy S5.  Users have recently reported missing sync options, missing data, and general connectivity trouble when trying to synchronize. You can read about these problems here, here, and here. You can also read about one editor’s experience using Kies.

If you value your Outlook data, sanity, or just need a solution that works out of the box with the new Galaxy phone, try CompanionLink. It’s been downloaded more than 1.2 million times and is the #1 independent PC suite for Android sync with Outlook.

Your options for S5 Outlook sync

CompanionLink’s configuration lets you choose which Outlook data to sync. Toggle Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Journal. Advanced data such as Categories will also sync so you have the same data sets and view options on your Galaxy as you do in Outlook. Choose from two-way sync or limit it to just one-way transfer. You can even select the sync direction (Outlook > S5, or S5 > Outlook).

If you have multiple Outlook PST files and folders, you can select which to sync. Let’s say you have an iPad and use iCloud to keep it synchronized with Outlook. Your Outlook client will have your default Outlook Contacts/Calendar folder (PST file) as well as a separate iCloud Contacts/Calendar folder (PST file). The iCloud folder is installed by default when you install the iCloud software from Apple. It’s important that you are able to choose the right Outlook folders to sync with Galaxy S5 so you do not accidentally mix data (such as personal data with business data).

You can choose which specific Outlook Categories to sync with S5. Many professionals store leads and clients in the same Outlook Contacts file under different categories. Or, they store Personal and Business data under two categories. It’s important to use a PC sync suite with the flexibility to select which Categories to synchronize with your Galaxy S5.

You can pick how you want to synchronize. CompanionLink allows sync to Galaxy S5 over USB, WiFi, DejaCloud, and using a Gmail account. Each sync method has its merits; click here for a complete discussion on this. No other Android Outlook app offers this breadth of sync options to fit the needs for security and convenience.

Someone to call in case you need help

CompanionLink extends free phone support and email support to Galaxy S5 owners. Visit this page for help if you need to speak with us.

CompanionLink also has step-by-step guides to configure each type of synchronization:

You can also purchase a $49 RunStart package that schedules time with a CompanionLink technician who will log into your PC and set up the synchronization. This guarantees a correctly configured Galaxy S5 to PC sync and the peace of mind knowing your Outlook database isn’t being accidentally corrupted.

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31 thoughts on “How To: Sync Galaxy S5 with Microsoft Outlook

  1. Are you using CompanionLink to sync? If you are synchronized through DejaCloud then you would not see this issue.

    If you are using CompanionLink then call our technical support for assistance.

    If you are describing an Exchange Activesync issue, that product is maintained by Microsoft and we don’t know much about it.

  2. I have a user with a Samsung Galaxy S5 synched to his Outlook 365 account. There are no other mobile devices synching to the account besides his desktop. His secretary has access to his shared calendar. She is getting duplicate calendar entries in the shared calendar. Would removing the Outlook account from the phone and reestablishing the sync fix this issue or is there another troubleshooting method I may be overlooking? Thanks!

  3. Dave, this will work fine. Synchronizing this way will ensure both outlooks have one dataset. You can use any sync method, USB, Wi-Fi or DejaCloud. However, DejaCloud is best because it will keep both the Outlook versions in-sync independent of the phone. That way, when you turn on the home computer, it will instantly have the updated calendar from your work PC.

    You just need one license to CompanionLink for Outlook here. It is $49.95. One license may be used on up to three computers, work, home and laptop. For a $10 discount use the affinity code “BLOG” on our order page.

  4. 2010 at my work computer and Outlook 2010 at my home computer if I sync each one with my galaxy S5 will it transfer my calendar so I have them all on my galaxy and on each other also

  5. Many Galaxy Devices don’t ship with a Tasks app. Depending on the Android OS version, some are able to sync Outlook/Exchange Tasks to a section in the Calendar app on the device. You can check to see if your Tasks are there.

    If you want a full tasks app with priorities, categories, recurring tasks, and alerts like in Outlook, try our DejaOffice app.

  6. New to Samsung Galaxy, where do I find the tasks that are synced via the exchange?

  7. Thanks, I will try the three months to see how this goes. I switched from an old iPhone 4 and may have made a mistake, So far I find the Samsung phone makes simple things over complicated and has ads everywhere.

  8. No, DejaOffice is a free app. The subscription you mentioned in your first post is the only one you need. Or, purchase the one-time license so you don’t need a subscription.

  9. Thanks for the rapid reply. Does this require a subscription to DejaOffice? I am retired and have no work concerns I just want to access my 2007 Outlook calendar on both my home computer an S5 phone and have them sync both ways, My home intentet provider is Comcast/Xfinity. This needs to work between Canada and he U.S. on occassion. I have access to emails etc from Xfinity Connect app.

  10. The WiFi sync option only works when your phone and PC are on the same WiFi network. Invariably, this means you must be near the PC. If you are looking for anywhere-sync, use our DejaCloud option. It’s included in your subscription.

  11. I am interested in a trial. I plan to order the $17.00 three month before committing. My understanding is that I only need WiFi. Can I sync from anywhere or must I be near my home computer which will be off when traveling

  12. When I add an appoinment to my outlook calendar from my Samsung s5, the appoinment shows up on my phone calendar, but not my calendar on my pc. Anyone know why?

  13. Leslie – our software doesn’t handle email currently. We handle Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes. If your emails are arriving without pictures, I recommend speaking to your email service provider or telcom carrier.

  14. I have a samsung galaxy s5 and am forwarding some message to my work desk email which runs microsoft outlook 2010. I am receiving the emails but no pics and the mails are basically just hyperlinks. How do I view the email as it was when on my phone?

  15. Yes, absolutely. If your second calendar is a subfolder under your main calendar, just toggle the Sync Subfolders setting on in the Outlook Folders tab in CompanionLink. If your second calendar is a separate Outlook Calendar, you will need CompanionLink Professional, which has a feature called Category Manager to sync multiple Calendars.

  16. Hi guys,
    I have folders in my MS Outlook with different groups of contacts. I would like to sync only one group. But I was not able to find how to do it? Everything is being synced to my S5. I can set my S5 to show only contacts based on one category (set in MS Outlook), but if I search contacts in S5 everything is being searched :((. Also, I use this phone in my VW Passat via Blootooth and here it shows all contacts which is really annoying – I need there only relevant contacts and not all of them – when driving I don’t really have too much time to browse all contacts :((

    If you have any suggestion, please advice!

  17. Yes, CompanionLink lets you choose.

    1) If you have multiple Calendars, you will need CompanionLink Professional. It has a feature called Category Manager that allows you to set up the calendars you wish to sync.

    2) If, instead, you have one Calendar with multiple categories, and you wish to select specific categories to sync, then you need our product called CompanionLink for Outlook. It lets you choose which categories from the one calendar you wish to sync.

  18. I have many calanders in outlook but I don’t want them all to sync with my Galaxy S5. Can I choose which calanders to sync?

  19. So I would need to use your app instead of the contacts app that comes with the s5?

  20. Can I choose any fields from Outlook contacts to sync, such as spouse name or children’s name, or am I limited to the fields that can be chosen on the S5?

  21. Also, does the sync retains the categories for contacts, calendar, notes and tasks both ways (meaning showing the right category on s5) and vice versa when a new contact (with category) is entered on S5 and synced back

  22. Is there a restriction on how many contacts can be synced from outlook? I have over 8000 contacts on Outlook and have to be synced with the new S5…