Configuring DoubleLook Enterprise for Handheld PDAs/SmartPhones

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Configuring DoubleLook Enterprise for Handheld PDAs ALWAYS Backup Your Data Before Configuring DoubleLook Enterprise.

NOTE: Microsoft Exchange is not required in order to use DoubleLook Enterprise with a handheld PDA.

Once DoubleLook Enterprise has been installed on your computer, the following instructions will help you configure it to synchronize your Contact Manager and your handheld devices.

1.Launch DoubleLook Enterprise via the shortcut the installer created on your desktop.

2. Click "Add Profile" to launch the DoubleLook configuration wizard, then click Next on the Welcome screen.

3. Select your PDA Name on the PDA Name screen, then click "Configure", if applicable.

For web service synchronization:

A. In the Connect window, enter your desired username and password to create a web account on our server. B. Click the Payment Info button, then enter your credit card information to start your free 14-day trial. C. Click OK.

For Google Calendar:

A. For Email, fill in your full email address. (Example:

B. For Password, fill in your password.

C. For Outlook, choose the Outlook folders you wish to synchronize with.

D. Click OK, then Next.

F. Select your contact manager, then click Configure.

G. Configure your contact manager settings as appropriate, then click OK, then Next, then Finish, to add your synchronization profile to the DoubleLook Enterprise user management console (UMC).

H. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each handheld device you wish to add to the UMC.

I. Click "Activate Synchronization" to begin synchronizing the selected profiles in the UMC.

To synchronize your handheld device via web service (wireless) synchronization

A. On your handheld device browser, go to

B. Follow the link for your device to download and install the appropriate version of the DejaLink device sync application.

C. Launch the DejaLink application on your device. *(See note below for device installation locations.)

D. In the DejaLink application, go to Settings, then enter the same username and password you entered in your E. DoubleLook Enterprise profile, then select OK.

F. Select the Synchronize button to begin synchronizing your handheld. G. DejaLink installation locations

H. Palm OS Device: Application Launcher -> DejaPalm

I. BlackBerry: Applications folder -> DejaLink

J. Windows Mobile: Start -> Programs -> DejaLink