Configuring CompanionLink for Act! Premium Cloud

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Configuring ACT! Settings in CompanionLink


To configure your PIM in your CompanionLink Setup, select Settings under Act! Premium Cloud:



1. URL: Enter the URL for your Act! Premium Cloud. The best way to find this is to navigate to the web page where you log in to your Act! Premium Cloud. You will only need the base URL, the database name, and then add "Act.Web.API". Example:

Act! Premium Cloud log in URL:
CompanionLink Settings URL:

2. Database Name: Enter the name of your Act! Premium Cloud database. This should be the top box at the log in to the Premium Cloud.

3. Username: Enter the Username for your Act! Database.

4. Password: Enter the Password for your Act! Database.

  • Note: Sync with Act! Premium Cloud is not as robust as a direct sync with a local copy of Act!. If your Act! Premium Cloud is linked to a local Act! Database, we recommend you sync with the Local install of Act!. For the local Act! configuration guide click Here