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Configuring Time & Chaos

Note: Time & Chaos version 10 and Intellect version 10 require CompanionLink 7.


Configuring Chaos Intellect

To configure your PIM in your CompanionLink Setup Select Time&Chaos Settings:


Open CompanionLink Setup and click the Settings button


Select Time & Chaos in the drop down menu on the "From" (left) side of the screen, then click the settings button underneath it. Once you have selected Time&Chaos Settings you will be able to navigate through the Database, Filters and Applications tabs:



1. In this field please specify the file path of your database.



1. If you wish to sync all content without a filter applied please select this settings.

2. If you wish to sync only specific groups please select this option and select the groups you wish to sync.

3. This allows you to specify which group/category new contacts from the PDA will be added to.



1. This option prompts whether or not the Contacts are set to sync. If the box is unchecked Contacts are not set to sync. This option is also available for Events and Tasks.

2. This options prompts which direction information will travel. If you select your PDA to Time&Chaos the information will transfer from your PDA to Time&Chaos, but Time&Chaos information will not sync to the PDA. If you select Time&Chaos to your PDA the information will transfer from Time&Chaos to your PDA, but information from the PDA will not be synced to Time&Chaos. The option to Sync Both Ways will allow the information from your Time&Chaos to be sent to your PDA, and information from your PDA will be sent to Time&Chaos. These options are also available for Events and Tasks.

3. This option prompts on the next sync for the information on your PDA to be cleared, and the information from Time&Chaos will then be synced to the phone. This option is also available for Events and Tasks.

  • Note: This option can only be used from Time&Chaos to your PDA. Please be aware CompanionLink will not perform a purge on your database.

4. This option allows you to choose the Primary Database. This means if you select Time&Chaos as your primary, if you delete content on your PDA the content would remain in Time&Chaos.

Field Mapping for Apple native contacts

Sometimes you may have more than one phone field with the same or similar names in Chaos Intellect such as "Business" and "Business 2." To ensure that these numbers properly sync to the Apple native Contacts app, the following procedure should be performed.

Step 2

Using the example of a "Business" phone and a "Business 2" phone from above:

1. Open CompanionLink and go to Settings > Advanced > Field Mapping

2. Select "Phone Fields" From the first drop down menu

3. The "Work" field should automatically have "Business" selected. In order to get "Business 2" to properly map to the appropriate field on the Apple device, click the drop down for "Work Phone 2" and select "Business 2."

Step 3

4. Repeat this process for any other similar fields, such as "Home" and "Home 2" if applicable.

Please note:

In the native Apple Contacts the phone numbers will not be labeled as "Work 1" or "Work 2." Both will be labeled as simply "Work," but they should still display in the correct order.

If creating a contact with multiple work or home numbers from the Apple native Contacts:

The first work number you enter will sync back to "Business" in Chaos Intellect and the second work number you enter will sync to "Business 2" in Chaos Intellect. The Apple Contacts app will not label the numbers as work 1 or work 2. Each business number will be labeled simply "work" in Apple Contacts.

1. Create a new contact in the Apple Contacts app

2. Add the first work number

3. Add the second work number

4. Open DejaOffice. The newly created contact should now appear in DejaContacts.

5. Perform a sync between your Apple Device and Chaos Intellect using CompanionLink

Your new contact will appear in Chaos Intellect as described above.

Finishing your Configuration

Once you have navigated through each of the tabs simply select OK to save your settings.