Configuring Infusionsoft

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UPDATE: Infusionsoft Users will now need to log in using their Infusionsoft ID. Typically, this will be the email address associated with their account. Please visit Infusionsoft online to make sure that your new ID is activated.

Configuring Infusionsoft


To configure your PIM in your CompanionLink Setup Select Infusionsoft Settings:

Infusion Settings

  1. In this field you will input your Infusionsoft User Name.
  2. In this field you will input the Password associated with your Infusionsoft account.
  3. In this field you will input your Infusionsoft URL.
  4. The filter option allows you to sync specific contact records to the device.


  1. Data Types to Sync - This option allows you to select which data types to synchronize. (i.e. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks)
  2. Sync Directions - This option allows you to set the sync direction. (i.e. Infusionsoft to Device; Device to Infusionsoft; Sync both ways)
  3. Wipe Options - This option will wipe/delete all the Device data first, then reload the Device using Infusionsoft Data.
  4. Deletion Preferences - This option allows you to choose a Primary Database for deletions.
  • If you select Infusionsoft as your primary database, if you delete content on your device the content would remain in Infusionsoft.
  • If you select the Device as the Primary Database, if you delete content on your Infusionsoft the content would remain in the Device.
  • If you select Records Deleted in Either will be synchronized, content deleted in either Infusionsoft or the Device will be deleted on the other side.

Note - By default this option is set as "Infusionsoft is primary..." which will prevent the sync from deleting any items deleted on the device in Infusionsoft. This is usually recommended, to protect the PC database from deletions. New and/or modified records will still synchronize. You can change the settings to synchronize deleted records in both directions if desired.

Note - Always use caution with any wipe option. We always recommend you have a copy of your data backed up.

Finishing your Configuration

Once you have navigated through each of the tabs simply select OK to save your settings.