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Configuring Outlook for Mac

Configure Basic Settings in Outlook For Mac Sync

  1. Select the Device you want to sync with
  2. Select the Sync Method
  3. Select the Contact Manager you want to sync with on your Mac (Apple Apps, Outloook 2011, or Outlook 2015)


Configure Advanced Settings in Outlook For Mac Sync


  1. Select the Data Types you want to sync (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, etc)
  2. Select the direction you want the data to sync
  3. Select the deletion preferences for your data



  1. Enable "Sync Attendees" if you want attendee data to sync with your calendar records
  2. Enter the date range for the number of past days to sync


Auto Synchronization

  1. Enable the Auto Sync option
  2. Select between a continuous auto sync or a timed auto sync


Outlook Folders

  1. Select the folders you want to sync for each data type