How to Create Marketing Videos Without a Production Team

Having an in-house team of skilled videographers, editors, and sound engineers is ideal, but not always feasible. 

The good news is that it doesn’t always take a village to produce great-quality marketing videos. Sometimes, all it takes is one person with foundational skills and resources who knows how to multi-task and adapt to last-minute complications. 

While it’s never easy to do, it’s more possible now than ever before for one person to plan, produce, and edit corporate videos on their own. And that’s something that brands and small businesses are realizing. 

With today’s technology, there are minimal barriers to entry for video production. This means that brands can work with smaller teams and individual creators without sacrificing video quality or overextending their marketing budget.

It’s even possible for one person to accomplish what once required a full production team if need be.

However, just because it can be done doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

In this guide, I’ll share six best practices for producing polished marketing videos on your own. Given some time and continual learning, you’ll become a one-person production powerhouse. 

1. Start with a doable video concept

Every project requires detailed planning to ensure success. Scripts, storyboards, pre-production checklists, and shot lists transform your ideas into something tangible. 

Without these pre-production documents, the production loses structure. This means that you could waste time that you don’t have figuring out last-minute what shots you need, where to stage the lighting, and how the video will come together. 

The first step that you should always take as a one-person production team is to ask yourself if a video concept is actually doable. 

Is the entire video hinging on a piece of expensive gear you don’t have (i.e., a dolly track, drone, etc.)? Does your concept require you to film in three locations, but you only have the time and budget to film in one location?

Before you start filming — or even writing the script, planning the shot list, etc. — you have to really consider whether you have the budget, expertise, and time to turn the video concept into a reality. 

If you do, by all means, go for it. But if you don’t, you’ll just need to workshop a few other ideas that are more feasible. 

2. Cultivate the right message and tone

A successful marketing video is one with a defined message and tone. To get this right, you’ll probably need to write and rewrite your script and then run it by the brand you’re working with.

Storyboards are an asset at this stage in pre-production, especially since they help you and your client visualize how the video will come together long before you pick up a camera. 

(Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a modern-day Picasso to create a good storyboard. You just need to make sure that the images work together to reinforce the overall message.)

By showing your script and storyboard to the brand, you’re able to eliminate any confusion or mixed messages sooner than later. This will help to make sure that everyone is in agreement with your production and the brand messaging is spot on.

The last thing you want is to produce a marketing video that the brand doesn’t like.

3. Make better use of the gear you already have

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to produce quality results. 

Oftentimes your phone with the right additional equipment is enough to get good footage — especially if you’re producing marketing videos for social media. 

But we won’t beat around the bush: microphones are essential, and so is good lighting. 

You could film a marketing video on a Sony A7iii or another high-quality camera, but the overall effect will fall flat if the audio and lighting quality is poor.

That’s why it’s a good idea to research different types of audio gear and invest in equipment like a prosumer-tier lav mic that is A.) visibly discrete, B.) affordable, and C.) easily transportable.   

And in terms of lighting, a three-point lighting setup (i.e., a key light, fill light, and backlight) will help you eliminate shadows and unflattering glares while creating a really pleasing visual effect on the subject in the frame.  

Using this trio will dramatically increase the quality of your shots, and the good news is that you can also improvise. 

For example, if you only have a backlight and fill light, you could use the natural light coming in through a window as your key light.  

To see three-point lighting in action, check out the video below by ThinkMedia:  

4. Create content that people want to engage with

There’s a reason why brands use marketing videos to increase engagement, drive traffic, and get more customers — it works.  Sr Mailing writes that pages with a video receive over 4 minutes of average time spent. 

During production and then post-production, it’s important to use multiple angles, b-roll, and still images in your marketing videos. And that’s because these different elements break up the visual narrative, which keeps viewers engaged longer.

Keep in mind that the attention span for 45% of viewers wavers one minute into watching a video, making them more likely to stop watching altogether. 

By constantly breaking up the action on-screen, the audience doesn’t know what to expect next. So not only are you able to capture viewers’ attention, you’re able to retain their interest while delivering the message. 

5. Streamline your post-production workflow 

Once you have all of the footage you need to edit a professional-looking video, the trick is to find video editing resources that make your job easier. 

There are a lot of competing products to choose from, ranging from software-specific to cross-platform. When you opt for the latter, you’re able to scale without worrying about compatibility.

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most recommended platforms since you can go from phone to desktop and back again thanks to its Creative Cloud. This makes it easier to edit video wherever you are.  

Also, this app automates the right aspect ratio and video quality for any social media platform. And you can record live audio and mix in voice-overs, sound bites, and music tracks.

6. Invest in affordable (and easy-to-license) music

Marketing videos without background music are like pancakes without syrup, dry and uninteresting. 

Prerecorded royalty-free music tracks are a key ingredient for today’s marketing videos. Your audience expects to hear good and tone-appropriate background music — it’s as simple as that.

Music is also essential for effective brand marketing. It creates and reinforces an emotional bond between the brand and the audience. (Steve Olenski goes into greater detail about this in an article for Forbes.)

But, as you already know, just because music is important doesn’t mean it’s easy to find or license. 

As ideal as it might be, you can’t just hear a song on Spotify and add it to your video editing timeline right then and there. Copyright law exists so that the copyright owners of that song have a say in how the music is used.

If you don’t get permission to use copyrighted music, you’ll end up in major legal trouble when your marketing video is shared publicly. 

To avoid DMCA notices and Content ID claims altogether, you can find and license music from Soundstripe — and save yourself a lot of time in the process.

It takes less than five minutes on average to filter through our music library and find the quality tracks to underscore your message. 

Not to mention, you’re able to do all of this without putting yourself or a brand in legal jeopardy.

It’s a Wrap

Shooting, editing, and incorporating pre-recorded tracks to create polished marketing videos no longer requires a full production team. With some foundational knowledge, you can produce quality marketing videos that are engaging and results-driven. 

Dave Staples is a freelance copywriter for Soundstripe, a company that helps businesses learn how to add music to a video by providing resources like royalty free sports music.

How to Start a YouTube Channel – From A to Z

So, you want to start a YouTube channel? Perhaps more accurately, you want to start a successful YouTube channel that will not only serve many subscribers but ALSO earn you a decent living?

The desire to become a ‘YouTuber’ has increased a great deal in recent years. No doubt the average viewer sees an individual making a success of presenting via this social media channel and believes they too can make a similar splash.

The reality is that only a tiny fraction of those who have YouTube channels make a significant sum of money, with the vast majority running channels for fun or in the vague hope of one day ‘making it.’ If you are wondering about how to start a YouTube channel only to make money, then you may be biting off more than you can chew.

Your motivation to succeed is critical. The audience on YouTube is very savvy, and they can spot someone who is desperate to succeed without having the relevant talent to make that success a reality.

Recent statistics suggest that as few as 0.25 of YouTube channels make money. That’s one in 400. Clearly, this isn’t the greatest percentage, and such a statistic should scare the life out of anyone hoping to strike it rich.

However, if these numbers do not daunt you, then there are a few tips you can take on board that could help you battle those statistics and come out on top.

Know Your Market

Whatever niche your YouTube channel covers, it should be one that you have the necessary experience and knowledge of. The audience on YouTube, overall, can spot a fake a mile off. They are also likely to see through an individual who is winging it. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to stick to what you know.

If you are looking to corner the market in a particular department, then consider the possible angles for your channel. Keep things simple. If you just want to run a channel where you discuss specific topics that interest you, that’s entirely valid. However, for the sake of clarity, try to narrow down the appeal and direction of your channel.

Perhaps the most crucial question to ask yourself before starting the process is ‘What is my YouTube channel about?’. If this is a question you can answer simply, then you are on the right road. If it’s not, then you may have to re-think your objectives.

If your channel revolves around reviewing recent movie releases, then make that the ‘niche.’ If it’s a podcast where you explore historical events, then similarly make that the source of your inspiration. Try to boil down the intention of your channel to a simple and understandable one. That way, your audience knows what to expect.


If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, you should develop a plan of action. This should include a schedule of content delivery as well as a budget to cover all relevant costs, from the production of your videos as well as appropriate advertising you may well need to pay for.

Be ready to produce content even when you may not be feeling it. If you have a weekly release schedule, then you’ll have to stick to it. Slacking off and altering your content production procedure will not help you to retain an engaged audience.

Do not Expect Instant Success

The biggest obstacle for most individuals seeking to make a name for themselves on YouTube comes in the form of expectations. There is a sense that success will come easily and instantly. Sadly, neither of these assertions are true.

It can, and will, take a long time to firstly build a sustainable audience and secondly to keep up the level of content needed to entertain them effectively. If you want your audience to increase organically, then you can expect it to take time before you have a large enough following for you to make a reasonable income from your efforts.

Produce High-Quality, Engaging Content

On top of all of this, you also need to produce content that is professional in both its delivery and its creation. This means that you should use top-quality equipment to film your content or to edit it. Content that looks amateurish will not go down well, especially given that the relevant tools exist that can help you produce great videos at a fraction of the price that it used to.

If the style of your videos is deliberately rough and ready, then YouTube viewers may accept that, but only if this is part of the overall ethos of your channel. In other words, the delivery of your content should match the tone and style you are trying to convey.

Correctly Use Metadata and Titles to Drive Viewers to Your Videos.

In order to better engage with your audience and the YouTube audience as a whole, you should correctly use the metadata and title functionality. Do some basic keyword research before entering this essential information, as it can drastically affect the reach your videos will get on the platform.

Check YouTube tutorials, and there are thousands of them before you tackle this aspect of the video uploading interface. It can really be the difference between a video that gets a few hundred views and one that might go viral.

Have Fun with It

To be perfectly honest, your involvement with a YouTube channel should never be solely about views and revenue. Clearly, these are vital factors, but above all else, you should be starting a YouTube channel because the subject matter is something you personally have a genuine interest in. The journey needs not to be grounded chiefly in financial gain.

How to Make Effective Employee Training Videos

Many companies waste a lot of money and resources on training. For example, if a new employee comes on the scene, a current employee will have to teach them all they need to know. Not only will this put extra strain on the other employee, but it will also prevent them from fulfilling the job that they were supposed to do.

Training videos reduce the costs of training to almost nothing. Indeed, you may have to make an initial investment for the equipment and the creation of the video – but after that, you’re all set. This article will tell you everything there is to know on how to create an employee training video.

What Is a Training Video?

A training video is a kind of video that has an educational goal. Its purpose is to teach a skill or knowledge to anyone wanting to learn. Simply put, training videos are there to teach someone how to do something.

Training videos could be for employees coming on board, software education, compliance training, and many more. They can be corporate or non-corporate, depending on whom the target of the video is. Training videos can spare several resources because rather than using a person’s time, you are getting the information that you need from a video.

Why Choose Video for Training?

On average, videos are much more engaging and compelling as compared to texts. You can access them anytime and anywhere, and you don’t have to wait for your peers to come over and teach you anything. They reduce costs and effort, something that will help not only the employer – but the employee as well.

Types of Training Videos

There are several types of training videos to choose from, all of which will depend on your audience, your goal, your resources – and sometimes, just your personal preferences. Here are some of the training videos that you may utilize for your business:

1. Instructor-Led Training Videos

As the name suggests, these training videos have an instructor at their core. It’s like in-person training – only instead of talking to a live person, you see them digitally on the screen.

With instructor-led training, the instructor will show up on the screen and explain the topic to an audience online. These training videos are also referred to as “talking head videos,” because basically, the only thing you can see is the head and bust of the speaker.

These training videos are mostly recommended for beginners and intermediate individuals that are still in the learning process. It’s perfect for delivering the information in an engaging way, as it makes the audience feel like they are talking to someone right in front of them.

2. Screen-Capture Videos

For skills that are slightly more technical, such as a program tutorial or a demo, seeing that person’s face on the screen will not help you much. What you need to see is how to use that program in particular. And this is where screen-capture videos with a voice-over come in handy.

These videos will tell the employee exactly what they need to do from start to finish. It’s a “show and tell” kind of video for people that learn more from seeing than listening.

3. How-To Videos

For processes that require a step-by-step approach, how-to videos are generally the most recommended type. Also referred to as demonstration videos, these training videos will take you step-by-step through a process that you wish to learn.

Various topics may be approached in these training videos. For example, if your company needs its employees to write in an APA format, then a “How to write in APA format” training video might be exactly what you need.

4. Animated Videos

These training videos make use of visuals that are fully animated. They are a great option for explaining data, ideas, and complex processes. It makes explaining much easier when everything is made in the form of animation. Also, these types of videos are much more engaging.

5. Interactive Videos

For many people, interactive videos represent the most efficient way to train someone. These videos work on a scenario basis, where the viewers will see a small clip and be given a path choice. They are less restrictive, and they are also highly motivating.

Resource-wise, they might take the highest budget. On the other hand, they are also very efficient, as they test the knowledge of the person watching them. If possible, these interactive training videos should be used as much as possible when it comes to training new employees.

6. Videos Created by Employees

We learn the best from our peers, which is why employee-created videos are usually the best options to go for. After all, it’s not the employer that usually knows best; it’s the employee that has already been doing this for a while.

Plus, by creating these videos, the employee will get a better understanding of their tasks and the right ways to put their skills into practice. The employees will offer their tips and tricks so that the newcomers will know exactly how to do their job.

Steps to Create a Training Video

There are five steps to keep in mind when creating a training video, and they go as follows:

1. Set Objectives and Goals

The first thing that you will have to do is to understand your goal. What outcome are you planning to achieve by creating this video? Understand your goal, know your audience and then define what the learning objective should be.

2. Plan the Video

You already have a big idea in mind – now it’s time to move onto planning. Build the staff, decide on the video type that you plan on using, prepare the equipment, and create a project plan. Set up the atmosphere for your team. Get to know your SMEs and make a video knowing that your SMEs are most likely busy.

3. Design and Script

The planning is done, now you need to move onto the designing part. Write a script for what you are planning to add to the video. Sketch out the ideas and try to figure out how to make them more entertaining. Decide on the tone; can you add jokes and other stuff, or does it have to be more on the serious side? Plan everything out nicely.

4. Record and Edit

This is where the action starts. Take your tools and start recording. Whether you want to create an instructor-led webinar or you want to set up an interactive workshop, use the tools that are most convenient to you. You may film yourself, record the screen and your voice, and then edit them in the way that you see fit.

5. Share the Video

Your video training piece is done. Now, all that is left for you to do is to share it. LMS platforms are good for smaller companies, but for larger ones, you may use other tools as well. Vimeo and YouTube are the most popular options in that regard.

Requirements for a Good Start

To start on a good note, you’ll need certain pieces of equipment. Here is what you need to put on your checklist. 

· Equipment

First things first, you will need a webcam, a computer, and a good microphone. When it comes to microphones, you might want to go for a lavalier microphone, as you clip that one onto your clothes. This way, you can make sure that the audio quality is high.  

· Software

To have a good start when it comes to video creation, you might also want to be very careful about using the right creation and editing software. There are various tools that you may use here, such as iSpring, Wistia video software, Kapwing, and FilmoraX. If you want a more accessible online video editor, you may also try Fastreel. All of these options are great when it comes to creating an online course.

Depending on the type of video that you are making, you might also want to get a screen recorder program. However, some video editing programs also have the option of recording your screen.

Examples of Effective Training Videos

There are many examples of effective training videos that you may learn from. Here are just a couple of examples:

Retail POS: After upgrading the POS of their system, many employees would once more have to learn how to be productive.This is why Retail created a 10-part video series that would teach the users how to efficiently use the new system.

Supply Chain eLearning Video: Supply Chain has more than 12,000 employees, and more people keep coming around each time. This is why they created very effective 12-course learning videos on best practices for the end-to-end supply chain.

The Bottom Line

Training videos are a great way to maximize time and productivity. This is why, as a business owner, you should ensure that you make the most use of them. Check the tips above, gather your equipment, and start filming.

Best MP4 and MP3 YouTube Converter

Download anything from YouTube in any format and quality with this MP4 converter YouTube.

Have you ever wanted to save that amazing playlist from YouTube on your computer so you can listen when you don’t have a good internet connection? Or even wanted to download the MP3 of that fantastic concert, lecture, or podcast that you can only find on YouTube? Or maybe you want to keep a backup of your favorite video clips or your own YouTube channel videos?

Don’t worry. We got you covered. We will show you some options for converting videos from YouTube to your computer safely and present a great tool that will help you.

Safety first… always.

Among many online options, a big concern is whether what we are downloading is safe or not. For example, downloading videos using a third-party online service to get a YouTube video or Instagram image can be tricky and lead to dealing with malware and viruses that come with the file you just inserted into your computer.

A good alternative and solution for such problems are using secure software that allows you to download the file natively to your computer. For such a solution, we always recommend By Click Downloader, including mp4 converter YouTube. This software is developed for Windows PCs, which makes it optimized for the Microsoft Windows OS and PCs.

Features (for By Click Downloader)

With By Click Downloader, it’s possible to download videos from more than 40 websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so many more.

The major pros are:

  • Download YouTube lives while they are happening or after the live is finished.
  • Convert videos to mp3 on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and others.
  • Download entire playlists on YouTube.
  • Download private videos from Facebook.
  • Download stories on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Download private videos on TikTok and Instagram.
  • Convert videos to MP3, MP4, WAV, WMV, ACC, WMA, FLV, AVI, 3GP, WEBM, MKV, and M4A.
  • Download in 4k and 8k fast.
  • Chrome extension lookalike experience where it recognizes when you copy a link from a video and popup notification for a download push.

Some of the cons are:

  • Only work on Windows Microsoft OS
  • After opening the software for the first time, the free version is only available for the next 24 hours.

Best and convenient feature, the native integration with Chrome and Firefox browsers
If you use either Chrome or Firefox browsers, just open By Click, go to the URL page you want to download the content and copy the address. As soon as you copy the link, a popup window will appear at the right bottom corner of the screen, notifying you that it detected a YouTube or Facebook link and asking if you want to download it as an MP3 or MP4 file. This seamless experience is convenient and practical. It’s native integration that only By Click Downloader presents and can cut corners when you have a high demand for download content from major websites and portals on the internet..

How to Convert YouTube videos to MP3

Download and convert YouTube content in a few steps:

  1. Download, install and open By Click Downloader.
  2. Go to your browser and access that page of the video or playlist you want to download.
  3. Copy the URL of the content page.
  1. A popup similar to the image below will show up at the corner of your screen. Click on the button for the format you want to download the content.

2. Your download will start and be added to your download list in By Click Downloader, showing the bar progress.

3. Done! Your download will be complete and available to you on your computer. Just click on the “Play” icon to start to play the content, or click on the folder icon to open the file in your folder system.


It’s easy, simple, and seamless to download content using secure software to download and convert videos from YouTube. However, this process can be laborious or dangerous without the proper tool, harming your computer with unsafe online methods and viruses. For that reason, we always recommend By Click Download as your most trustable solution to download files from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and many others.

Video Production Tools for Creating Effective Business Presentations

Video for your business is here to stay. Using video production tools is now easier than ever. Some of the newest production tools can help your team create beautiful and engaging marketing campaign videos. When video communications are done right, your communications have a powerful, lasting effect. Hearts and minds open to video technology as you touch the prospective audience for your products and services with video productions.

Whether your business uses video in its corporate communications, media, or marketing strategies, video extends your business reach.

Stand out from the competitive noise. Marketers have so many content options to choose from. Your audience is human—they’re attracted to variety. The connective potential of video offers new ways to positively distinguish your business.

Video and Improved Conversion Rates

Your video conversion rate measures how frequently your customers click or engage with links or view-throughs. It’s calculated by the number of times your customers engage with the content, divided by the total number of views.

Marketing studies show that a landing page video on your business website landing page can almost double visitor engagement. Adding videos to your email can increase click-through rates even more. Customer view-throughs are also much more likely to buy your products online, too.

Vmation simplifies the task of making compelling videos for your business. Because your business has a story to tell, we simplify the range of tasks associated with engaging and supporting your business results with video and animation content.

Video performs well in a variety of formats, including social media video content, ads, presentation videos, or storytelling videos posted online. About one-third of online users spend about one-third of their online time watching video content.

Video as Part of Your Business Marketing Strategy

Video should be part of your business marketing strategy. It’s one of the ways to improve your user engagement, making your business website or blog stand out from the crowd.

There are many types of videos to boost your business results, including:

• Social media updates. A compelling video drives greater engagement than image and text updates.

• Testimonials. Video testimonials may boost audience trust in your brand and message.

• Brand stories. Video presentations and clips should be fun. Short videos are an ideal way to share your brand stories with an audience.

Other Compelling Ways to Communicate with Video

Business Culture and Internal Communications

Video is also an ideal way to support culture and communications with your internal team. Because culture creates and binds your team identity, it’s an essential framework for your business and employee relationships.

Video helps senior leadership to best communicate with employees and staff. It celebrates the organization’s values and wins.

Video Training

Corporate video training is another effective and efficient way to communicate with your team and workforce. Video training can be used to present and educate workers about human resources, safety, compliance matters, and more.

Video training engages the audience. It’s a much more effective format for training. The video viewer retains almost 100 percent of the message. In contrast, the reader recalls just 10 percent after reading written materials. Video training allows your business to deliver engaging, cost-efficient, consistent, and scalable communications.

Safety Training

Safety training is an essential but frequently overlooked market for video communications. To keep employees and workers safe, you must first engage them. Making viewers aware of safety issues is the first step to saving lives.

Safety training is especially crucial in high-risk industries. Businesses can also focus safety materials on workers in higher-risk jobs within the organization. Creating engaging and highly effective video safety training is one of the easiest ways to protect workers while saving money for your business.

Product Demonstrations

Show, don’t tell. Animation and video product demonstrations are ideal for prospective buyers and users of your business’ product and services. Developing this video content is one of the best ways to show product benefits, showcase product features and educate customers.

Best Free Online Movie Websites 2021 (Safe and Legal)

From the beginning of time, acting, plays, and movies have been the best source of entertainment for people around the world. Ever since quarantine life with the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been hooked to watching and re-watching tons of movies online. This gave a significant boost to online paid streaming websites.

But not everyone can afford the luxury of watching movies streamed on paid websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Luckily, there is always a loophole on the world wide web for almost everything. So if you have been to the ends of the internet looking for free streaming movies websites that are both safe and legal, your search is about to end here!

For those of you looking for the ultimate selection of free movies online, we’ve compiled a list of the best five free online movie streaming websites for unlimited streaming of the latest and classic blockbusters.

Not quite sure about the authenticity of the websites? Don’t worry! The websites we have listed are not only absolutely legal but are also absolutely safe to access. Malware or virus from illegal streaming websites should be the least of your worries with these sites. So, let’s start exploring them one-by-one.

1. Samsung TV Plus

With its initial release, Samsung TV Plus was only limited to the company’s own smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets. However, recently, Samsung TV Plus has expanded its portfolio, including local website access as well. Surprisingly, it’s absolutely free to use for all those living in North America and Europe.

Samsung TV Plus brings you the chance to access hundreds and thousands of movies from across the world. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or similar others, Samsung TV Plus has got it all. You can easily browse through the website’s huge movie library and pick out your favorite movie genre to binge on. The interface is extremely easy to use, housing a list of hot blockbusters to help you get started.

The best part? No extra plug-ins, payment options, or software installation. Simply type in the URL and stream your favorite movie for free.

2. Crackle

Crackle, sponsored by Sony, is another extremely popular free streaming movies site for streaming high-quality movies all day long. Since the platform offers free movies, you might have to watch a fair few advertisements. However, they are usually pretty quick and short.

Crackle has an incredibly wide selection of movies, ranging from classics like Gone With the Wind to 90s most popular erotic thrillers like Eyes Wide Shut and even contemporary horror thrillers like The Conjuring Series. We can clearly say about Crackle that you will never run out of options when you browse for movies from its extensive database.

3. PlutoTV

PlutoTV was one of the first platforms to introduce independent movies and contemporary content. Made with the intentions of helping people discover some of the best amateur content on the internet, PlutoTV’s popularity grew immensely over the past few years, assisting the platform in hosting various content genres.

At the current, you can watch anything and everything on PlutoTV, from A-List movies, top chart blockbusters, and independent movies, to broadcast network movies, foreign movies, and web series. Think of browsing on PlutoTV as a source of a free cable network, where you can watch endless movies of different genres, ratings, and languages.

4. Vudu

Vudu lets you easily browse through different genres of endless movies without any hassle at all. The interface is extremely easy to use, suggesting movies that fit your preferences based on your searches. If you want to interrupt the movie and watch it later, the movie restarts from exactly where you left off, giving you a wholesome entertainment experience.

As of today, Vudu is playing almost all the latest movies you can think of! From new chartbusters, including Black Widow, The Conjuring 3, and Oxygen to classics from the 90s like The Game, Indecent Proposal, and even Deep Impact. In short, the website offers quite a variety of movie genres. Moreover, Vudu also gives you the opportunity to get a paid account for a premium subscription, giving you the ability to stream, buy, and rent ad-free movies.

5. Popcornflix

Over the past few years, Popcornflix has witnessed immense growth in its viewership, becoming one of the leading free streaming movies websites worldwide. It not only lets you skim over some of the greatest Hollywood movie releases of all time but ensures that you can appreciate independent art and talent through C-list movies as well. The diverse portfolio of free movies at Popcornflix does not disappoint anyone.

All you have to do is go to the Popcornflix website, type in the movie you are looking for, and stream the content for free! Although the endless advertisements you have to go through to reach your content might put you off a bit, still it’s worth the wait to stream content on a safe and legal website.

Wrapping Up

Watching free movies online without the constant scare of inviting unwanted malware to your beloved device is truly a privilege we shouldn’t let go of, even if it means having to sit through mundane advertisements! We can ensure that the above list of 5 free streaming movies websites are totally safe and loaded with uncountable movie choices.

So, grab your popcorn, get cozy in your best, most comfortable pajamas, and call it a day with a free streaming movie website.

Revolution of Traffic Monitoring: How Did ANPR Cameras Evolve Through Time?

Automatic Number Reading has Evolved Significantly in Recent Years

The automatic number plate reading system was introduced at the end of the 90s’. They were in fact some of the first applications of artificial intelligence in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems. The first of such camera systems could read the license plate of moving vehicles. Their computation capabilities were modest as the hardware and software at the time were basic yet expensive. Though there were cheaper options available, they were not all compatible to be used for access control.

Evolution of ANPR 

Over time as more and more development was done in this sector, both the hardware and software technologies rapidly evolved. Since then the possibility to use commercial processing systems with a normal or good quality video surveillance camera became a norm in many countries. As the cost of installing and acquiring them also reduced substantially, these cameras were used in a number of industries and fields. 

Since then these cameras have only seen a growth in demand. With good ANPR cameras, traffic monitoring has been revolutionized. These can provide access control, parking management, border control, toll payments, speed control, and law violation control. The law enforcers can currently benefit from this application as it provides a spread of geolocation technologies as well as a centralized database option. 

Vehicles can be monitored easily in the traffic through a web page as well as from mobile devices. This helps the traffic police officers to get immediate notification if there has been any violation of law by a vehicle driver like crossing the red light, exceeding the speed limit, or bigger crimes like theft of vehicles or hit and run incidents. 

How Does it Work?

The architecture of these surveillance cameras has pretty much remained the same but the software has been updated continuously. The plate recognition takes place with the help of the use of software that is being run on powerful computers. These back-end computers analyze the video streams and distribute them to the front end for monitoring. These systems are limited only due to the high bandwidth demand as well as an increase in the power needed to process the frames. This is because the frames consist of millions of pixels. The company’s that make these cameras then started to miniaturize and increase the power of the processing unit in order to find a solution. 

In some commercial properties, the ANPR is usually placed at the entrance and exit of car parks. They are used for capturing and processing the details of all the vehicles that enter or exit the building. If there is an unauthorized vehicle entering the building, then the license number of that car is identified and stored. The same goes for if anyone exceeds the speed limit on parking lots or parks their vehicle for a very long time in the parking lot and breeches the stay period. In these cases, the license plate number is recognized and the driver gets a fine via post or on this mobile. For commercial properties, these give them an ideal solution to solve the problem of everyone who is trying to use their parking lot as a free facility. These cameras can not only capture the details of all the vehicles in the daylight but also in the dark at night. 

Furthermore, when you use these cameras for your business property, then you can decrease the cost of installing a manual parking system as well as labor costs. By providing all the employees with a touch screen pay option as well as display machines, their vehicles will easily be identified by the camera and allow them to enter. As the system is fully automated you will eliminate the need for every driver to display a ticket to enter. 

Future of ANPR

As more and more industries make sure of these surveillance cameras to maintain safety and security on their property, the future of ANPR seems to be bright. There is an ever-growing demand for these as businesses and law enforcement try to maintain control over car park control and management, airport security, journey time management, transport and logistics, and traffic surveys.

While these cameras continuously upgrade the use of their technology to be able to make it more smarted, there are still some challenges that need to be overcome. These cameras have given rise to a new kind of criminal activity called car cloning. In such crimes, the number plates are copied so that when they are read by such systems, they will identify fake license plate numbers. However, with the innovation and technology galloping at the fastest pace than it ever hard, it won’t be long before these challenges are overcome as well. 

Tips for Creating and Video Editing Slow Motion Content for iPhone

Bloggers and content makers need creative options to attract the audience with stunning solutions. If you are searching for an interesting way to enrich your content, try slow motion videos. They help to highlight a specific video fragment and match slow music flawlessly. This editing feature can evoke different emotions depending on what you want to achieve: surprise, amazement, calm, sadness, etc. With slow motion, you have unlimited possibilities, but how to bring them to life? There is no need for professional equipment, and your smartphone can help you with the task of creating a slow motion video. In this article, you will learn how to make a video slow motion on an iPhone. Let’s discover more useful information for stunning results! 

Slow Motion Work Principles

Let’s consider this notion from a technical viewpoint. We know that a video consists of a sequence of photos, and their fast representation provides an image of movement. It may seem weird, but to create a slow motion video, you need to have a high-speed camera. The reason behind this contradiction is that most video cameras record about 30 frames per second. However, this speed is considered to be slow for a slow motion video, and many details will be omitted. The slow motion video provides unusual images, and viewers do not expect to see a detailed presentation of a usual video. Sometimes it may seem that the video is freezing, smoothly changing one frame to another. 

With a high-speed camera, you can benefit from over 2,000 frames per second. These numbers are impressive, and you should try them on your own. It will be possible to take a closer look at details that are usually invisible at a normal video speed. The slow motion effect will surprise the audience and give them an unforgettable viewing experience! 

How Does Slow Motion Work on Your iPhone? 

iPhone users benefit from a plethora of great features, but there are cases when its storage capacity is full, or you don’t know how to get rid of annoying advertising. The slo-mo feature on your iPhone allows you to shoot different scenes and make them more fascinating. When you shoot a slow motion video on your iPhone, you are playing back the video at a slower frame rate.  It creates the illusion of a slow video. This feature is standard and is accessible in the Camera app. It is located in the menu above the shutter button. There is also a possibility to change a slo-mo video to a normal speed. Open the Edit icon and choose a slider at the bottom of your screen that will make the video speed regular. You can change the speed of a part of your video, making it more versatile and astonishing. 

Let’s consider the iPhone X’s camera for diving into this issue. This model is one of the most popular on the market, therefore, it will be useful to explore its camera characteristics. In the article, you can read a detailed description of technical characteristics. But we want to mention that the iPhone 8 has a single 12-megapixel camera and an f/1.8 lens; the iPhone 8 Plus has two 12 megapixel cameras and an f/1.8 lens; the iPhone X has two 12 megapixel cameras and f/1.8 and f/2.4 lenses. 

Thus, you can create stunning slow motion videos with your iPhone and shoot nature, sports, actions, and more. iPhone users can benefit from a great option of taking live photos, so read the article for more details.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Slo-Mo?

You have already found out that it’s not difficult to master the basics of slow motion video shooting, and a bit of practice will help you stand out. It is essential to be creative and do your best to capture people’s attention and even surprise them. Here’s some advice to facilitate the creative process and help the results look fantastic: 

Camera Angle

You need to change the angle of your camera to get better results. You must highlight the action, so it should be placed in the frame middle. Whatever you shoot, it should look natural and impress the viewer. A dog must run towards the viewer, and a biker should be captured from the ground so that the audience experiences unseen emotions. 

The Video Sound

Adjust the sound speed to the video speed, so that a slow motion video will not look weird when accompanied by fast music. There are cases when slowed sound is so unusual that it seems robotic, thus, pay attention to these factors. 

Bright Light

It is crucial to ensure sufficient light because a higher video frame rate requires these preparations. If you neglect it, dim lighting in a slow motion video will look even darker.

Slow Motion Video Editing 

You can find an abundance of video editing software on the Internet, but how can you choose the right one and not waste time on checking dozens of them? We prepared a short guide to help you edit video flawlessly. There are many options such as changing the video speed, cropping, trimming. You can also add effects, filters, and transitions to make it more impressive. 

The video editing software will provide you with numerous features and tools. Let’s consider the most essential and learn how to use them. You can edit a video by speeding it up or slowing down, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Take into account the following must-haves, such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and color. They are all available on your smartphone, and there is no need to use any video editing software. Tap the Edit icon and see a variety of icons that will help you to change the video. Do not forget to tap Done to save edits. 

If there is a need to change the video length, you can benefit from a full range of tools to trim, straighten, and crop your video. The Edit page will enable you to move arrows to achieve the needed timeline. Trim the beginning and the end of your video, crop and cut the unnecessary parts to get a fabulous result. You can add effects to any video, and it will gain a completely different look. 


Now you know a lot of useful things on iPhone slow motion videos. You can easily create an eye-catching output and edit video properly so that it looks professional. Do not hesitate to experiment and be imaginative to achieve success.