RSAT Alternative Tool

RSAT or Regression Suite Automation Tool is the official Microsoft solution for automated testing of Microsoft ERP apps and components. Yet, it has a serious competitor which is Executive Automats designed by XPLUS. This article will help you to compare these tools and understand them better.

Installation Process

Even though the installation of RSAT is relatively simple and quick, it requires crucial additional steps. This includes granting access to the DevOps server, LCS and the ERP apps, monitoring connection between this software after updates as well as manual driver updating for RSAT.

After the installation of Executive Automats that takes only 15 minutes, this app can be used without extra actions.

Ease of Usage and Level of Automation

Both RSAT and Executive Automats are using a codeless approach but their design differs a lot.

For example, while you can access the instances of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations directly from Executive Automats and perform test recording, playing and modification, RSAT breaks the process into several steps. Its test scripts are created with a task recorder, but they are stored in LCS. In order to apply the tests to the ERP  app, they first have to be synchronized with the DevOps server which also stores test results.

The testing processes are performed individually using the logs coming from an ERP app. To create separate test versions, you will have to use Excel which is not well-adapted to inserting some crucial testing elements such as loops, try-and-catches or conditional and optional steps. With the limited codeless design of RSAT, only a part of tasks can be automated. Meeting all of the testing needs of your company requires performing some of the processes manually.

Executive Automats has its own integrated editor which allows testers to add any required logic into the scripts which can be updated automatically. This tool supports simultaneous testing processes and offers rich functionality for performance tests simulating peak loads.

Final Costs

Unlike RSAT available to the users of Microsoft ERP apps under the currently used licenses, you will need to pay for Executive Automats separately. Yet, while choosing a testing tool, it is crucial to estimate all of the costs involved into the process. With the maximum testing automation, advanced testing functionality and convenience for the users without technical background, the final costs of Executive Automats are a way smaller.

Do You Really Need an RSAT Alternative Tool?

If you are a user of Microsoft ERP apps, you can use Microsoft RSAT, however, it will automate testing processes only partially and you will still have to reach out for professional expertise. The usage of RSAT itself as well as the delays and disruptions in your ERP app caused by a poorly optimized testing strategy will generate unnecessary costs.

Such a scenario can be easily avoided by deploying Executive Automats, a fully automated tool provided by a Microsoft Gold Partner.

The Future of Mobile App Development: Trends to Know in 2022

The mobile app development industry is one of the most fast-growing industries these days. It is one of the leading spheres which offers impressive profits for developers as well. That is the reason why the mobile app market gets constant innovations. To keep up with time, every developer needs to offer the most advanced software and unique characteristics. It is impossible to succeed in the industry if you do not follow the latest trends. Besides, these trends define the future of mobile app development.

Once checking the most recent mobile app development trends, it is easy to see how they affect the main players in the industry. The latest trends define the way the industry operates at present. They even outline the way the employment process is ensured as mentioned at in detail. Besides, the numerous modern trends will define the development of mobile apps in the near future. It calls for careful research on the most recent tendencies in the mobile applications development industry.

Top Trends in Mobile App Development

If you want to stay in the top positions in the industry, you need to have a clear idea of the latest mobile app trends. Sure, trends, in most cases, are something that quickly becomes forgotten. Still, on the pick of its popularity, it can be used to gain increased profit or improved visibility for your app.

The trends constantly boost the industry’s development. Thus, it is important to learn the biggest trends and use them for your app development in the future. Following the most recent trends can be very beneficial for the final profit gained by app development companies as well.

Fast Rise of On-Demand Applications

The on-demand sector has gained a huge base of users recently. One of the reasons for such a rise is the pandemics. It caused people to switch more to online shopping and remote employment. Thus, such applications in the grocery, food and healthcare category have become extremely popular. Most modern services have already presented their effective apps that improve the company’s work and cooperation with clients.

For instance, ordering food and groceries online is extremely easy these days. Besides, it is very convenient and does not take much time. Even with the lifting of restrictions caused by Covid-19, people still gladly use online services to order food and groceries through advanced apps.

Strong Influence of Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is the future of mobile app development. It is widely used in the development of apps from such categories as Healthcare, Hotel, Museum, etc. This is one of the leading trends due to the wide use of proximity marketing and location technology. The technology is highly used in retail as well. It offers to provide instant information about sales. Therefore, the hospitality sphere gains lots of benefits from the usage of technology as well. Beacon technology brings advanced automated machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies into the app development process.

The Importance of Wearable Devices

The rise in the importance of wearable devices is not a recent phenomenon. It was popular for a few years already. People like to use their trackers, fitness bands, and smartwatches often. What is more, this tendency is still ongoing. Sure, these days, the wearable market has gone through numerous modernization processes. The latest wearable devices are more advanced and provide improved features.

This is one of the top 10 mobile app long-lasting trends. It is still expected that the increase in interest in wearable devices will be as significant in the future as it is now. Besides, modern devices use advanced artificial intelligence technology and provide more options for users nowadays. It includes such features as face detection, image recognition, predictive maintenance, speech recognition, etc.

Recent VR and AR Transformation

Virtual and Augmented reality is the equipment used for mobile app development these days. The technology brings numerous advanced features and VR/AR capabilities. Mobile app developers widely use AR in marketing, manufacturing, healthcare, and e-commerce apps development.

Importance of Mobile Wallets

A mobile wallet is an essential technology that allows paying for online services fast. The technology allows the development of the most convenient payment options for app users. The constant upgrades of mobile wallet technology allow ensuring fast and secure payment methods.

Advanced Mobile Security

With lots of information transferred between app users, the significance of proper security is reasonable. Once using a certain application for e-commerce, lots of corporate information is stored and shared. Therefore, the advanced tools and software implemented to improve security are required. The need for constantly solid security will be one of the mobile app industry trends all the time.

Use of Chatbots

The wide use of chatbots is one of the recent application development trends. Modern technology allows dealing with certain tasks faster. Customer support has benefited greatly from chatbot use.

Cloud-Based Technology

The cloud-based technology is widely used in mobile app development. It offers enough space for keeping important data on modern devices. It increases storage capacity in mobile apps greatly.


The prospect of the mobile app development industry is quite bright. Being one of the most fast-growing industries currently, the app development sphere offers constant innovations and advanced capabilities. There are numerous tendencies in mobile app development that are aimed at defining the future of the industry.

The industry benefits greatly from the use of advanced software and technologies, like VR and AR technology, Beacon technology, cloud-based technology, mobile wallets, etc. The huge popularity of on-demand applications and implementation of the latest security solutions define the future of the app development sphere as well. With all the innovations implemented, the app development industry is expected to get even more recognition in the near future.


Jenson O’Connell is an experienced content creator who writes on IT development and technology issues. He regularly publishes in many high-profile editions and helps his readers understand trends in the tech industry and programming infrastructure.

How Arizona Students Can Learn Blockchain Development

The widely-recognized use of blockchain is in cryptocurrency. Blockchain was designed to support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies traded on apps like OKX. Blockchain is far more than cryptocurrency; decentralized ledger technology is an excellent system for recording and keeping nearly any type of data or digital transaction. Uses include medical records, tracking shipped cargo, and real estate title searches.

Why Blockchain Technology?

Leading experts and reliable sources such as Gartner cite blockchain as a top strategy. The barriers to broader use and adoption relate to factors like scale and interoperability. The barriers are dropping as research and development continue. The below-listed items describe breakthroughs using blockchain technology.

• Banking and finance institutions limit progress by requiring their permissions to operate and opening during specified hours. The blockchain is a 24/7 enterprise without a central body giving permissions.

• Healthcare records can be securely stored and released only with patients’ permission.

• Cargo tracing using blockchain reduces paperwork and error; the process can reduce the costs of moving freight in every modality.

• Commercial process like retail can use blockchain to solve complex supply problems. A national retailer was able to reduce time needed to trace food products from farms to store shelves. The traditional method requires about seven days; the blockchain assisted process took about three seconds.

A Guide to Blockchain Developer Career

-Computer Science Education

Technical education can be formal, crash training, or specialized courses and certificates. A bachelor’s degree in computer science focused on Information Technology, or cybersecurity is an excellent start. Employers also look for candidates with training and experience that equals a four-year degree. Candidates can develop specific skills applicable to blockchain.

Programming skills are essential, and Python, R, and C++ are good choices. Students should learn to operate in the widely used protocols such as HTML, CSS, and MongoDB

– Four Steps to Become a Developer

Students should read about blockchain and learn its history and case uses. Reading will develop a concept of blockchain, its history, and potential for future applications and innovations.

(1) Learn coding by college coursework, online, or special coursework. It is essential to understanding blockchain and applications that operate on its platforms.

(2) Read and learn about developments, new techniques, software, and application. Blockchain is evolving and new case uses, and projects occur frequently and offer important insights and information.

(3) Decentralized Finance and Smart contracts are keys to growth of blockchain. Some will involve cryptocurrency while many others will demonstrate the potential of blockchain to disrupt tradition industries like banking, insurance, and real estate.

(4) Continuing education is essential to staying up to date and progressing in the field.

Solid Prospects and Rewarding Careers

The prospects for career growth are strong according to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates. Salaries in the overall category are much higher than average. The rate of adoption of blockchain is high and growing. Leading companies are considering ways to add blockchain to their business tools and systems.

The demand for blockchain developers will grow as more companies, government agencies, and other organizations discover the benefits of decentralized ledger technology for their business processes.

Top 5 Great Web Development Tools Devs Actually Use in 2022

The development platforms of today are now geared to assist with every aspect of development. No more is development simply the laborious coding of individual HTML pages with a text editor. 

With today’s platforms covering every angle of development, including the design of web pages, here are 5 great web development tools that developers actually use in 2022.

1. Sketch

Sketch is more than well established as the top toolkit for digital designers. This top design app has been picked by Google, X-Box, and Facebook – that alone informs you as to how highly regarded its capabilities are.

Easy to use and powerful enough for the rapid loading of large files, Sketch can create anything from basic animations and avatars to full icon sets and social media graphics, to fully functioning clickable prototypes. Sketch can also let designers create versatile images, as well as text that can then be utilized for dynamic design work. 

Sketch will also let you create and export your own custom fonts to be utilized wherever you need or want them, like on a custom t-shirt, for example. The software now comes with a ‘dark mode’ option – something that is hard to pass on for most developers.

Sketch Pros:

  • Precise pixelation;
  • Complex vector editing;
  • Code export;
  • Clickable prototyping;
  • Collaboration and sharing capabilities.

Sketch Cons:

  • Only available on the Mac OS;
  • Single user license.

2. Sublime Text

Not the most advanced of all solutions but one of the more popular still. It may not contain all the tricks, nuts, bolts, and bells and whistles of some more advanced toolkits, but it gets its job done impressively. For its comparative lack of muscle when racked up against some of its peers, it is capable of some stunningly attractive visuals.

Simple to use, as is likely to be expected, Sublime Text provides numerous features that make development a no-fuss breeze. Sections of code can be easily searched for and found, recurring elements can be fixed or amended quickly, and there is even a feature that allows code to be displayed across multiple desktop screens or a single widescreen monitor.

Its command interface is so intuitive and simple that you’ll feel its absence from any other development software you use after. Simple and a joy to use, Sublime Text is available as a free download followed by individual licensing.

Sublime Text Pros:

  • Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows;
  • As good a UI as any developer could hope for;
  • Time-saving auto-completion reduces repetitive code typing.

Sublime Text Cons:

  • No mobile support.

3. Atom

Atom, created by Github, is an open-text editor that can be as easily used by a coding novice as by a seasoned expert. Newcomers to web development can get to grips with it in no time, something, which has secured its longevity over the years, a longevity that shows no signs of slowing down.

Atom comes with numerous advantageous features, which are especially welcome for novices learning the ropes. Pre-installed themes a-plenty, auto-completion, full customization – there is plenty of experimentation and playing around to be had. The possibilities for unique results are infinite. 

Other features that can be added using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS will let you tweak and amend the look and feel of your web pages, which is even handier if you have website localization in your expansion plans.

Its popularity has dwindled since the arrival of Visual Studio Code. However, it is still widely used, and it is still more than adequate to conjure up some excellent results. In the web development world, it is one of the OGs and still gets respect.

Atom Pros:

  • Excellent customization potential;
  • Intuitive and so easy to use it almost explains itself;
  • New developer-friendly.

Atom Cons:

  • Developers with more advanced technical needs will find it too basic.

4. Foundation

Foundation works on the principle that the easiest and the best design work is built after excellent foundations are laid down first. Once designs have been applied, they can then be customized to fit in any manner that is desired. The principle and approach seem to have worked for them. Today, Foundation is used by commercial giants such as Disney, Adobe, and Hewlett Packard.

With efficient pre-planning, Foundation comes with a host of templates, all tweaked and tuned to be optimal for specific usage. So there are templates there, ready and waiting, to be used by bloggers, real estate companies, retailers, and more. Bespoke websites can then be built from the ground up from these blueprints.

Anything you can think of that a website may need is there in the toolbox: buttons, subscription forms, rating graphics…and more. The toolkit supplied by Foundation is a deep and heavy one, with every base covered and nut and bolt available for fully customized builds.

Foundation even offers special classes to enable users to get the most from all they have to offer. 

Foundation Pros:

  • Templates and frameworks for rapid building;
  • Fully customizable;
  • Optimized HTML.

Foundation Cons:

  • Lack of clarity with pricing;
  • The steep learning curve for rookie developers can be off-putting. 

5. Visual Studio Code

Built by Microsoft, VS Code is an open-source code editing program. The fact that it is Microsoft may put some off while attracting others. However, there is no denying that VS Code is an excellent and popular development platform.

It can run anywhere and perform various functions, including debugging, creating SaaS codes, and inputting Git command. Web layouts, color schemes, fonts, and icons can all be fully customized for tailor-made web pages.

Support is on hand for JavaScript and Python, which means that its use is not just potentially limited to the front-end: the coding of a website’s back-end functions is also possible.

Virtual Studio Code Pros:

  • A huge number of integrational possibilities;
  • Customizable;
  • Source control tools;
  • Real-time error checks.

Virtual Studio Code Cons: 

  • Python deployment can be difficult;
  • Settings configurations can be complicated.


There are now more toolkits available for new first-time developers and old hands at development alike than ever before. Whatever your experience, there is a platform out there – also old or new – to hone your skills and create innovative and beautiful looking webpages in 2022. 

What is Custom Software Development?

Worldwide, industries are rapidly adapting to the practices influenced by IT. Nowadays, in nearly every business, whether it is a multinational company or a small retail business, the use of the software is seen everywhere. However, a trend that is seen across these businesses is that most of them use software that is tailored according to their own needs. For example, the software being used by a departmental store for its operations will certainly differ from the one being used by a fitness club. Here, a question may arise “how are businesses able to get software systems tailored according to their specific needs? And the answer to this question lies in custom software development.

By definition, custom software development is a process of designing, creating, deploying, and maintenance of software that is developed according to the specific needs of particular users or organizations. 

The Difference Between Commercial Software and Custom Software

Commercial software, also otherwise known as Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software, has a design to fulfill a broader range of requirements. A developer of COTS will develop it so that it can be packaged and marketed on a commercial scale.

Examples of COTS

Microsoft and Adobe are the two prominent examples of commercial software providing a vast range of services. The applications of these software programs can help every business and organization, regardless of its scope of operations.

Custom Software

A custom software program contains those features within itself that help an organization offer a specific set of services. For example:

A manufacturer deploying a field service equipment maintenance program, or Online banking applications designed to fulfill the requirements of the banks and their customers

How is Custom Software Development Done?

The process of custom software development is usually carried out by development teams or by a third party. These teams and third parties develop these custom programs via several steps, such as gathering and constructing code, testing, deploying, and applying various development methodologies. Some of these methodologies include:

  • Agile
  • DevOps, and
  • Rapid Application Development, etc.
  • Application Customization, Modernization, and Management

The effort of custom software development usually involves application customization, modernization, and management.

Application Customization

Application customization refers to the up-gradation or modification of the existing commercial software for supporting individual requirements.

Application Modernization

Application modernization allows a business to sustain the quality of its customized software so that it can comply with the changing demands of users and the market.

Application Management

The application management process makes software more effective because it augments different tasks, such as

  • Installation
  • Updating
  • Performance
  • Availability optimization, and
  • Service disk functions, etc.

If you are looking for a one-stop solution that can provide your company with all of the services mentioned above, then you should definitely look forward to the services of

Why Custom Software Development is Important?

Designing and developing custom software is important as it allows organizations and businesses to meet the unique requirements of their users and deliver them according to their needs.

How Much does Custom Software Development Cost?

The exact amount required to design and develop custom software cannot be predicted. This is because several factors are involved in its designing, development, and deployment. Some of these factors are:

  • Complexity of the Project
  • Size of the software
  • Team size
  • Team Expertise
  • Complexity of the project

Creative designs in custom software can be considered as decoration of the house. The more options one selects, the more expensive the decoration will be and vice versa. A custom software product having different features makes it easier for the users to navigate through it. Thus, software having many options will make it more expensive than one with very few options.

Size of the Software

Software size means the number of pages created and/or the number of screens added in the software. If an organization wants a custom software product having a lot of pages, then the workers will have to invest more of their time and energy, and as a result, the cost of the software product will increase.

Following are the examples of different software sizes:

  • A small-sized software product has 10-15 screens
  • A medium-sized software product contains 25-40 screens
  • A large-sized software product contains either 40 screens or more

Team Size

Team size is a critical factor in determining the price of the software product. A business planning to acquire custom software should remember that more developers it hires, the more quickly it will be able to get the product. However, having more developers on the board does not resonate with the high quality product. Therefore, organizations need to establish equilibrium between the number of developers and the quality of work they can deliver.

Team Expertise

Team expertise is yet another vital factor in deciding the price range of the software product. Mostly, one can find the developers of North America and Western Europe with a very high expertise in development. Hence, they charge their clients accordingly. For example, software developers from these regions may charge their clients within the range of $60 to $200 for every hour. In contrast, software developers from South Asia may charge within the range of $10 to $160 per every hour. Because of this price range, the developers’ services may not be of the top quality.

Keeping these factors in mind, one can expect the price range of a custom software product to be within $50,000 to $250,000. With a team of developers having mediocre expertise, the price tag can go up to $100,000.

Why do I Need Custom Software Development Product?

For a company or a business owner, the following factors might be the reason to acquire a custom software product:

It is Efficient

A custom-software product is designed such that there is no need for making adjustment with the existing COTS applications and programs.

It is Scalable

Custom software products can be modified according to the changing needs of organizations customers and users. This way, there is no need of buying new licenses and subscriptions again and again.

They have very Low Integration Costs

A company buying commercial software may require investing in it and in its environment so that the commercial software can be integrated smoothly. However, a custom software product easily gets integrated within the existing structure and environment of the company. 

Custom Software Products are Profitable

Depending upon the terms and conditions, software developers can make a profit out of their custom software product. By licensing their product or selling to other organizations, the software developer can earn money easily.

How to Choose Custom Software Development?

Choosing the right custom software product might be a bit tricky. However, the following tips can help in this regard:

Getting Referrals: By consulting other organizations and people in the network, a business can determine the optimum custom software product for itself.

Discussing Coding with the Developers: While negotiating with their desired custom software developers, organizations should not forget to discuss the coding process. In this regard, their preference should be to have a code that is not buggy or resource-hungry.

Looking at the Developer’s Portfolio: Looking at some of the past projects delivered by the company can be helpful. Those custom software companies that have worked on a lot of projects almost have the required expertise. Contrary to it, software developers that have just started working may not be able to deliver up to the expectations as they lack the required expertise.

Focusing on Delivery Time: The primary preference of a business while looking for a software development product should be those that deliver on time. This is essential as the business’s employees can become familiar with the software product if they receive it on time. 

We Provide You with the Right Custom Software Solutions

We, at BEKEY, provide our clients with the custom software solutions specific to their needs and requirements. Our dedicated teams possess the right expertise in developing and deploying the custom software solutions to various businesses and startups worldwide. Before we deliver our products to our clients, we ensure their quality by making them go through a rigorous cycle of scrutiny. This is why all of our clients who have worked with us are quite satisfied with the services we offer.

How to Choose a Web Design Company

A website is the face of a company. It influences its competitiveness, sales, customer engagement, and brand awareness. That’s why it’s vital to pay careful attention to your website. According to Google, users form an impression of a website within 50 milliseconds. Thus, a neat and catchy user interface is worth investing in.

To choose the right web design company with high-quality web design services, start by making a list of your current business goals, defining your target audience, and listing the issues you want to fix. If you already have a website you want to improve, conduct a UX design review to identify user interaction gaps. Once you have all of this information in one place, you can come to a potential vendor with a precise request and avoid confusion.

Conduct research on recognized websites

Start your research on websites like Awwwards, Clutch, Dribbble, and Behance. These are trusted resources within the IT industry with directories of verified freelancers and agencies.

Clutch and Awwwards are aimed at constructive critiques, reviews, and evaluations. Dribbble and Behance are social networks for designers and design companies to post examples of their works.

Visit a web design company’s website

The website of a candidate web design company is a business card. Therefore, it should look credible and appealing, deliver a great user experience, and provide smooth navigation.

Study the portfolio

A portfolio presents a company’s variety of skills and professionalism. To properly examine a portfolio, you should take three crucial elements into account:

Variety of expertise

The variety of projects a company has completed in different industries will show the company’s flexibility. If the designs vary from product to product, it means that the company takes an individual approach to each client’s needs. It’s great to find case studies with descriptions of clients’ pain points and how the company solved them, especially if these relate to issues you have on your website.

User experience

Check out the websites from a company’s portfolio and try their features to test the quality of the company’s UX design expertise. A website should be intuitive and straightforward. Points to consider:

  • Landing page experience
  • Navigation simplicity between services
  • Ease of determining the website’s purpose

Successful case studies

The best indicators of a web design company’s professionalism and quality are reviews of satisfied customers. If you find them on unbiased sites, they’re even more valuable. Consider searching for testimonials and ratings on third-party platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms.

Investigate social media

Check out a web design company’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Facebook is more informal and employee-oriented, while LinkedIn is more professional and business-oriented.

As the biggest social network, Facebook is useful for raising brand awareness, promoting products and services, and building trust. Things to check out:

  • Contact information and address
  • Corporate culture
  • Community investment
  • Client interactions
  • Everyday company life in photos
  • Page customization

Companies use LinkedIn to attract both clients and employees. Also, it is a perfect website to show a company’s authority and provide evidence of expertise. Points to pay attention to:

  • Contact information and address
  • About us section and business story
  • Team members (including skills and previous experience)
  • Brand hashtags and posts mentioning them
  • Customer reviews
  • Consistency with posting and updating
  • Expertise
  • Solutions to clients’ pain points

By analyzing a company’s presence on these social networks, you’ll see clients’ levels of engagement and trust.

Check a company’s deliverables and workflow

A company’s workflow gives you an understanding of how they will approach your ideas. It sets clear expectations and highlights the benefits you’ll get as a result of each stage of web design process. At RubyGarage, we have a refined workflow accepted by leading agencies. Each stage has its milestones with clear deliverables and deadlines. Take a look:


1. Project discovery

In the beginning, we define your goals and pain points, outline a solution strategy, and study the needs of your target audience. To ensure the creation of a competitive and viable product, we provide a competitor analysis report, customer personas, and a customer journey map. We also research design best practices.

2. Ideation, information architecture & prototyping

After conducting research, we gather suggestions for solving your pains and create a user flow, sitemap, and other components of the product structure. Then our designers develop website wireframes and mockups.

3. UI design

We create a solid UI solution to bring your idea to life. The UI is not only about aesthetics but also about user acquisition and retention. We establish a visual language to deliver mockups and graphics according to your business needs.

4. Testing

Finally, we test and analyze your concept. As a result, you get a usability and analytics report.

Examine pricing policies

The pricing policy differs from company to company — some charge per project, others per hour. There are advantages to both models.

A fixed price includes fewer risks. For example, if the final variant of the design doesn’t meet your expectations, you won’t have to pay for the changes. It’s a convenient pricing model for a company with a strictly limited budget. Fixed price is usually chosen for clearly defined scopes of work and MVPs, as these projects are small, short-term, and have predictable deadlines.

Per-hour pricing is preferred by vendors, especially if the scope of work is unclear or likely to increase. You may be worried that designers can prolong work, thus getting paid more. To avoid any trust issues, use time tracking tools. The advantage of hourly pricing is that any alterations can be added on-demand at any stage of the project.

Put the company to the test

After you find a couple of suitable web design companies, assign a test task for each. After it’s completed, you’ll see their approaches and the quality of their work. This will help you decide if you’re ready to cooperate with a particular web design company.

To sum up

A trusted web design company is hard to find, so choosing a design company can be challenging. Follow this guide for a quick and productive search.

Top Places to Find and Hire Best Freelance Developers for Your Software Development Projects in 2022

Finding freelance developers is easy but looking for a skilled developer is daunting. Not all freelancers who claim as developers have the right skill set to be considered for the job. To ensure you find freelancers who are the right fit for your job, you need to scour developers on the right platforms. If you’re unsure where to find the best developers, we’ve listed the top five platforms to look at.

5 Best Places to Find and Hire Best Freelance Developers for Projects

The platforms mentioned below have stringent screening processes so that you find only the best of the best. You need not worry about spending too much time combing candidates as these platforms connect developers specific to your requirements.

1. Stack Overflow

While StackOverflow is a community to help developers with their coding queries, it’s also the go-to place to hire freelance developers. You need to use their job board to look for skilled candidates, and the best part about Stackoverflow is you get to check candidates’ projects and technologies they are proficient in.

By looking at their projects, you’ll be able to differentiate between a skilled developer and an average one. So, if you need programmers who are great at their job, StackOverflow should be the first platform to look at.

2. Fiverr and Upwork

Fiverr and Upwork are both great platforms to find the best freelance developers. While Upwork uses a sorting algorithm to find developers of your niche, the company doesn’t do much in terms of screening the candidates during the initial stages.

You need to do the essentials, which can be difficult if you have a time constraint. Fiverr is another platform like Upwork to find talented developers. They have excellent customer support and also a refund policy if you’re not satisfied with the candidate. You can find international talent from both platforms easily without much hassle. 

3. Toptal

Toptal is one of the best sites to find and hire freelance developers, and they claim to have the top 3% of developers on their platform. Since the developers are incredibly talented, they will be charging a lot more than developers found on other platforms. You can find freelancers with many skills proficient in different languages. You get only the cream of the crop, and if it suits your budget, this is the right platform for you.

4. People Per Hour

As the name hints, People Per Hour allows you to hire people by the hour. It is one of the oldest freelance platforms that is safe. You can find skilled freelancers in every niche here. You can find the best developers by looking at their CERT score based on engagement and trust. You can fill in your needs, choose the category, and hire people on an hourly basis or on a project basis.

5. Freelancer

If you’re looking for an affordable option, Freelancer is the best platform. The hiring process is made simple here, and companies like PwC and Microsoft hire developers from Freelancer. It is one of the largest platforms where you can find freelancers worldwide. It operates on a bidding system where freelancers bid on every job posted. Hundreds of freelancers place a bid for the job so you can find a developer in minutes. Though there is no vetting process, you will find good developers if not great.

How to Choose the Right Platform to Hire?

Now that you’re aware of some of the best platforms, here’s how to find the right one for you. Most freelance platforms are broadly divided into three types: vetted talent websites, bidding websites, and order-based websites. If you’re looking for the best developers globally, vetted talent platforms are most suitable such as Toptal.

If the project is for a short duration, you can go with order-based websites such as Fiverr. Bidding websites such as Upwork are good too, but it will be challenging to find highly skilled developers quickly due to high competiton.

Most Effective Way to Hire a Freelance Developer

Hiring a freelance developer is not different than hiring full-time developers. You need to get on a call with them, talk about their projects, and maybe even assess their skills by giving a paid project. Though you need to do the groundwork, it’s essential to run a quick background check and review their past work.

Final Thoughts

Hiring freelance developers is quite challenging, but these platforms help you find the right fit quickly. Some platforms follow a stringent recruiting process making it easy for you. Therefore, always go with the platform that fits your requirements and budget. If you’re running out of time to find the perfect match for your company, these platforms help you find developers easily.

How an API Can Help Your Business Grow

API technology has been evolving for over a decade now. And while the technology has been advancing, its implementation has been getting simpler. API technology has left the technical domain and is now being used by businesses to expand the capabilities of the products and services they offer. And at the back end, they are being used to make operational improvements. 

What Is an API? 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. You have all used user interfaces, which enable communication between a human and software.  Similarly, an Application Programming Interface allows applications to communicate with one another. 

They do this by exchanging data and messages. APIs offer a set of functions to another application in the form of an abstraction layer.  Applications can use this to access and exchange data without either application affecting each other’s core functions directly. 

Let’s say you got into your new car and decided to drive to the beach where your friend is waiting for you. You see your friend’s exact location on your instant messaging app and decide to map a route.  You know it takes you about 2 hours to get there, but the navigation guidance tells you that it is going to take 3. 

How and why is it telling you that? You see, your instant messaging app sent a request to a mapping service, which in turn sent a request to a weather app to see how fast you could drive there. 

In the scenario above, we used’s API integration to MapBox to give you an example. These were both backend services. Snapchat sends data to MapBox, which sends instructions and a data request to looks at all the route points, computes the weather forecast during the drive time, and gives its predictions. 

Finally, it sends all the data and its instructions back to MapBox, which devises the route and calculates the delays. Most of the information exchange and data processing happened between MapBox and Snapchat is the display interface with the end-user.

How Do They Benefit Business? 

Connecting Various Parts of the Business Services

Customers today like to have seamless experiences. It is now easier than ever for customers to jump services. Every department in an organization is now driven by enterprise apps like CRMs, ERPs, marketing, and finance platforms. It is only with APIs that these different parts of the business can now talk to each other. 

It is a mission-critical capability in a post-pandemic world where many employees are working remotely. If this collaboration is missing, the organization will seem outdated and will lose out to the competition. 

Gives Customers the Best Experience Possible 

Customer experience is one of the key factors in customer attrition. Having a good product isn’t good enough anymore. According to Salesforce, 57% of customers gave their business away to a rival company because of a bad customer experience. 

A typical organization deals with thousands of customers at any given time. Since every customer’s need is always unique to a certain extent, it is impossible to give them the perfect service always. APIs allow the customer to pick and choose their own experience by letting them customize their usage. At the same time, it lets your organization monitor a customer’s API behavior to identify gaps in the product offering. 

A Key to Digital Transformation 

Every single industry is now going through a digital transformation process. It is a system where all interactions and record-keeping are digitized. The key motivator behind this is data and application economics. Using APIs allow companies to envision new business models and create products that can be made at a fraction of the cost. 

The pandemic has acted as an accelerator for this transformation. Instead of building capabilities ground up, plug-and-play has now become the norm. It allows all tech-enabled companies to quickly reach customers who now need to interact with businesses remotely. 

A Source of Revenue

While the use of API will allow harvesting useful data from your users, the data and information that you have are of use to others. Implementing an API strategy can generate revenue for your organization as well. A Mulesoft survey revealed that more than $5 million a year in revenue is generated by large companies from APIs alone. 

Offering isolated standalone products and using standalone services are now a thing of the past.  APIs need to be embraced as a strategy that will drive customer as well as revenue growth.

Small Loans Through Apps – Is This Something New?

Is getting a small loan through a smartphone app a new phenomenon? The answer is yes. Most small loan and cash advance apps have only been around for less than 10 years. 

For example, the popular cash advance app Dave was started in 2017, and shortly after, Shark Tank star Mark Cuban invested $3 million into the banking service startup. 

Now there are several small loan apps that can easily be accessed through your smartphone or online. While these companies and applications are relatively new, the services they provide are not. 

The service these apps offer is very similar to a payday loan or a cash advance loan. These are small loans that are meant to be repaid once the borrower receives their next paycheck. These types of loans usually don’t require a good credit score, and you’ll only need income and a checking account in order to qualify. These loans usually come with very high-interest rates and fees and are generally cautioned against for borrowers who may not be able to quickly pay back the loan.

Smartphone apps that offer small loans, however, are a much safer option than a payday loan. Many of the popular applications don’t charge any interest but may request that you pay a subscription fee, a tip, or another small fee in order to use their service. 


As mentioned, the Dave app is one of the more popular small loan apps on the market today. Much like a payday loan, the Dave app lets you borrow a small amount of money with the expectation that you’ll repay the loan once you receive your next paycheck. It also can monitor your checking account to protect you from an overdraft. 

Dave app users usually receive up to $100 but can receive up to $200 dollars if they elect to have a Dave spending account. Dave does not charge interest on their loans. Instead, they rely on a few fees that they market as optional. There is a $1 monthly subscription fee and you can tip up to 20% of the borrowed amount. The tip is optional, but Dave says it is the tips that allow them to continue providing their service to others. You can also pay a fee to receive your cash faster, upgrading the delivery time to eight hours instead of the usual three days.


Earnin fashions itself as a paycheck advance app. The Earnin app is also a popular choice among small loan apps. It is among the older applications on the market, having launched in 2014. It tracks the hours that you work, using a timesheet or geographic data to log how long you’ve been at work. This allows users to access wages they’ve earned but have yet to be paid for.  It also offers an overdraft protection service. 

Earnin users can access $100 to $500 dollars in funds and charge no interest on their loans. Much like the Dave app, Earnin asks you for a voluntary tip of up to $14 and offers overdraft protection for a recurring monthly tip of $1.50. 


MoneyLion asks for an optional tip, and they also charge an express fee in order to get your money sooner. MoneyLion offers “instacash” advance service ranging from $25 and up to $250 if you elect to open a MoneyLion checking account.


There is also the budgeting app Brigit. Brigit also offers up to $250 dollars in a cash advance loan but is among the more expensive options. They charge a $9.99 monthly subscription fee to utilize their service. One of the advantages of Brigit is a much faster delivery time. If you make your request before 10 a.m. ET, they can usually deliver your funds that day or the next day. 


Most of the apps do not require a credit check in order to qualify, usually only requiring proof of income and a checking account. As you’ve seen, many of these apps do charge interest or fees characteristic of predatory payday loans. Instead, they rely on subscription fees, express delivery fees, and tips to make money. Therefore, many of these apps are good options if you need quick cash in a pinch before you receive your next paycheck.

Chime launched in 2013 and offers various fee-free banking services, including checking and savings accounts. Chime is another option with similar advantages to Dave and Earnin. Their “SpotMe” product offers customers the opportunity to overdraw on their accounts up to a certain amount without incurring an overdraft fee. Customers can overdraw up to $200 based on their account activity. Once the overdraft limit is hit, the account will decline any additional purchases without incurring any fees. Chime charges no interest, also asking that you tip their service. The advantage of the SpotMe product is that is instantaneous. It is already built into your account once you set it up. 

However, most of the apps offer very small loan amounts, with the higher end usually being around $500. If you are in the market for a bigger amount, you should look into a personal loan from apps that can offer them – like Avant, Varo, or Oportun – or through banks and other traditional financial services, most of which offer online services and smartphone apps.

With all this in mind, it’s important to remember to only utilize these small loan services if you are really in need of them. Getting a cash advance on your upcoming paycheck now means less money coming in your next paycheck. It’s always best to build up an emergency fund and withdraw from it when you come upon a surprise or emergency expense. But if you find yourself in dire need of some money to stretch between paydays, these small loans are a viable and legitimate option to use. Make sure to compare these options to find the most suitable option for you and your situation.

5 Quick Ways to Grow Your Small Business in 2022

When you first launched your business, your major aim was to establish your product and presence to develop a formula for consistent sales. Since then, the world has changed dramatically. We have entered the era of Everlasting Covid. The importance of your online and physical company visibility has surpassed that of your shop hours and employees. If you want to see business growth in 2022, you will need to be creative, optimistic and resourceful.

Business people in a meeting

Growth is a continuous process that involves hard effort, patience, and commitment. There is no particular step or secret formula for outperforming competitors or achieving rapid success in the sector. Be sure to make the best use of experts for Marketing Small Business in 2022.

There are tried-and-true methods for achieving growth milestones that may propel a company to success. Here are some ideas to get you started in the new year.

1. Keep Your Website Fast and Effective

Last year, Google Page Rank prioritized website speed, mobile efficacy, and bounce rate. The focus of your website’s SEO should be on original content that people want to read. This entails hiring a content developer from another country or using click-bait headlines. In addition, quality information provided fast is required for a long-term Search Position (SERP).

Hiring a full stack development company that can manage your website’s technical demands is one way to stay top of the game. A skilled web development company can correct faults on your present website and add turn-key features to increase traffic to your website. Most developers will provide you with a free consultation session, so take advantage of it to plan your budget.

Whether it brings in business or not, every dollar spent on advertising is lost once it is spent. Every dollar you spend on web page creation becomes a lasting component of your online visibility for your small business.

2. View Customer Experience as the Customer Sees It

Customers’ impressions of your company may make or ruin it. They’ll scream your praises on social media if you provide them good experiences and goods; if you don’t, they’ll tell the world even quicker. Therefore, making your present and future consumers satisfied with their experience is critical to rapid growth.

In comparison to giant corporations, small firms can be more agile and better able to recognize, predict, and respond to their customer’s needs. If you concentrate on how your customers see you compared to your competitors, you can outpace them.

You don’t have to be a clairvoyant to try to figure out what your consumers want, need, or have gone through. You just need to pay attention to them, and there are several steps you can take as a small company owner to better understand your clients.

Your firm may be great, but you will only be genuinely successful if you understand the drivers of that success as a business owner. You may improve your business and expand to become even more successful if you know this.

3. Grow your Reviews

Your clients are no different. We’re all human beings who enjoy being addressed and recognized. If your consumers take the time to submit a review, the very least you can do is respond, demonstrating that you appreciate their opinion and take it seriously. Regardless of whether they post a favorable or bad review, you should always respond positively.

Listening to your clients’ evaluations is one approach to show that you care about them. You need to read your reviews and act on them – analyzing, modifying, and using them as constructive feedback.

Remember to pay attention to both negative and positive client feedback. You must become aware of anything that is causing your clients to be dissatisfied so that you can address it.

Utilize review databases such as Trust Pilot and Gartner, and ensure that pleased consumers are directed to these sites. Invite consumers to post a review or comment on another platform after they leave one on one. Review websites frequently give incentives for reviews, and you may do the same with a discount from our product range.

Negative feedback should not be avoided. Your consumer would not leave a review if they believed you were hopeless. Instead, reach out to the reviewer, listen to what they have to say, and offer to help if you can. You can typically turn around a negative review while learning more about your consumer.

4. Target the Future

If your company continuously responds to what happened yesterday, you are starting the year off on the wrong foot. Instead, you must look forward and plan for the future to achieve quick growth.

Examine the current state of your markets’ industries. Next, take a look at how technology is developing and what that means. Finally, take a look at how people’s lifestyles are evolving.

Nothing in our life has altered as much as the Covid Era and the Era of Stay at Home Jobs, Restaurant Deliveries, and the Restaurant and Concert Collapse. Those that adjusted rapidly became the beneficiaries of the crisis. Focusing on future adaptations now will put you ahead of the competition.

So, rather than grumbling about the challenges you’ve encountered, use the time to look for fresh chances. Eateries with good ordering and delivery systems have done well, whereas sit-down restaurants have struggled. People are substituting home entertainment for holiday travel, which has gained popularity. As individuals attempt to improve their lives within their Covid restricted shells, education and learning create new opportunities to fulfill.

5. Take Time to Hire the Best People

The job economy in 2022 is a shambles. Because there are fewer candidates, it’s tempting to recruit a lower-level employee. However, meeting the requirements of customers necessitates greater thought and responsibility.

Adjust your hiring process such that it takes longer to identify people who have the initiative and commitment to succeed on the job. Re-calibrate your job outreach to take advantage of new platforms like Indeed and Upwork. Take time to fully consider how the people you hire will be helped in their career by working for you.

The best people will create opportunities for themselves, and it is your job to provide the fuel for them to do so. Likewise, your small business is their fuel to advance in their careers. To keep a remote employee happy while serving your demanding consumers, you will need a Win-Win situation. Make this equation a reality by motivating your employees to develop and learn and satisfying their demand for constructive feedback and motivation.

With hardworking employees dedicated to your company’s success, your business will be better equipped for continued growth. In addition, delegating tasks to focus on important work will free up your time and energy, allowing you to perform at your best and cultivate a collaborative work culture.


Small Business needs to adapt to the era of Forever-Covid.  Take a clear look at the successes and failures of the past year. Cut ties with the failures; it’s ok, you tried hard, it did not work. Build on your successes. Your growth lies in new success.

With each successful project from last year, brainstorm new things to try in the current year. If you make up five new things to try today, and 2 of them are successful by the end of the year, your business will be growing and profitable.

Life comes not what you planned but from what you succeeded at. More tries mean more opportunities for success. These five ideas will give you a great start and make 2022 a successful year for your small business.