6 Processes That CRM Software Can Automate

Being an entrepreneur and running your own company seems like a rather fun experience. A lot of business owners would agree. However, it’s also a challenge. There are many different factors involved, and a business owner has to deal with many tasks on a daily basis. Some of those tasks require creativity or problem-solving abilities, while others are pretty mundane and boring. Those brainless tasks usually kill productivity in the office. No one likes to do them, but they still have to be done. This is exactly why you need automation.

One of the best ways to automate specific processes in your company is to utilize the power of the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Having a good workflow in the office is paramount if you want to be successful, and this software can help you achieve that. Here are the six processes you can automate with CRM.

Data Entry

It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in and what your company is about; data entry is definitely a significant aspect of your day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, entering data and keeping track of important daily numbers can be a bit tedious. More importantly, it takes a lot of time to do, and it usually leaves you exhausted. This can be a problem, especially if you don’t have enough human resources, and your primary job requires creativity. Fortunately, this is where CRM can come to the rescue. As experts from https://crm.webfletch.co.uk/ say, the automation of the data entry process can save you a lot of time and money. Leave the boring jobs to your computer. This way, you can work on creative tasks in your company, and the machines can crunch data.

Email Marketing

Even though email marketing should be personalized, especially if you don’t have a lot of customers, some aspects of it are generic. For example, promotions, limited offers, and follow-up emails can be automated This will save you and your employees a considerable amount of time on a daily basis. The time that can be spent on improving the company.

Customer Support

Conversations with customer support agents regarding complex problems can’t be automated, of course, but simpler issues can be fixed with things like chatbots, for example. If you are selling a product or offering a service to your customers, you will probably answer thousands of similar questions every day. This can be frustrating, but more importantly, it can be rather time-consuming. Therefore, if the customer doesn’t have a complex problem, it’s a good thing to leave a computer to provide a user with an answer. If you want this method to provide you with good results, you have to know what the most frequently asked questions are and make sure you have the answers to them. 


When you own a company, you have to deal with a lot of different reports on a regular basis. Every time your employee makes a sale, every time you get a new client, and every time you pay your workers. Filling those reports can be rather boring and exhausting, especially if you have other work to do. This is one of the mundane tasks CRM can help you with. If you have a lot of reports that don’t require detailed analysis and checking, make sure to automate them. Automated reports are one of the best ways to save time and resources.

Documentation Management

It doesn’t matter what you are selling or what kind of service you are offering to your customers; if you want to keep things in order, you must have proper documentation. Every sale and every payment has to be documented. This means there will be a lot of files like invoices and receipts you have to enter every single day. This is a lot of work, even if you have a good accountant in your office. However, a good organization and automation can make this process simpler and easier.

Appointment Scheduling

If you are meeting with clients and customers on a daily basis, the receptionist in your office probably has a lot on their plate. However, if you are a small company, you probably don’t have a receptionist or a personal assistant to take care of your appointments. Doing this yourself can be time-consuming. Therefore, your best option is to automate this process. It will save you a lot of time, and you definitely won’t forget a meeting.


Being an entrepreneur is not a simple thing to do, especially in today’s competitive market. If you want to find your place and succeed, you must find a way to organize your workflow better and save time. Using the right CRM Software can help. Automating your key tasks will definitely help you achieve better efficiency.

Most Effective Ways to Make Your Workspace Focused and Productive

Productivity has become a hot button topic. People are making crazy amounts of money by writing guides for productivity for people of all ages (some starting as young as middle school). While finishing the tasks you want to is an admirable goal, we have found that often it is the smaller, quieter things that most influence productivity.

A new area of research called environmental psychology has emerged and has been finding very interesting results. Consistently, studies are showing that people’s environment affects their mood, creativity, focus, and, you guessed it, productivity. You might not need to force yourself to sit and do things that you despise. You might just need to tweak up your space a little bit so that it is more encouraging for productive work. The following will explore some of the things you can do to your workspace to make sure that you can get your work done when you need to.

Clean Up Your Room Or Workspace

Not to nag you, but maybe you should clean up your workspace. Studies have found that people are far more productive in clean spaces than in messy ones. Beyond productivity, a messy room has been shown to correlate with depression. Clean rooms reduce allergies, boost your self-esteem, and build a sense of productivity within you that makes you feel excited to feel more productive. This seems like a very small point, but it can make a huge difference regarding how much work you get done and how easy it feels to get it done.

Take some time to pick up anything that isn’t where it should be. Change the garbage. Wipe down your surfaces. Vacuum or mop and, if you are able, let in some fresh air through the windows. While you’re cleaning, consider how much clutter needs to be out on display and which items you can put away for a sleeker feeling.

Make Sure All Your Tools Are Within Reach

If you keep all the things you need to finish your work nearby, let’s say at your desk, you minimize the number of times you need to get up and go looking for something that you need to finish your work. If it’s schoolwork we’re talking about, you’ll need your class notes, your textbooks, and some pens or pencils. If you’re working remotely you’ll need your computer or laptop, your mouse, and keyboard. Check out Emeril pressure air fryer reviews to make healthy snacks so you can focus on productive activities.

If just thinking about all these items makes you want to run in the other direction, consider adding a bit of fun to them. Maybe you find a book cover with your favorite anime character on it to ease the dread of opening that textbook. Maybe you could find a custom playmat for your keyboard and mouse. For some people, all it takes to lighten the work mood is their favorite type of pen with colorful ink. Figure out what little joys you can hide in your daily work.

Think About Colors

The color of the walls around you or the color of large items like rugs, curtains, bedding, and furniture, can have a big impact on your mental state. Take a few moments to read about color psychology and you’ll begin to understand how influential colors are on the human mind. Studies have even found that the color of a placebo pill (a sugar pill designed to do nothing to the body) alters how effective people feel the pill is. During sports matches, the team wearing a black uniform is more likely to be given penalties. People driving red cars are given tickets more often than people driving cars of other colors. It may seem a little strange to start looking at the impact of color, but it can be incredibly helpful not only when you’re designing a space ideal for productivity, but when you’re choosing outfits for dates or job interviews or icing for your friend’s birthday cake.

Add A Houseplant

House plants are pretty, and often require minimal work for maintenance. Beyond this, they have been shown to increase the levels of oxygen in the room (this can help with focus and concentration) and they reduce stress and anxiety (which are two of the big inhibitors to productive work). Studies have found that indoor plants boost productivity by up to 15%. That’s a big improvement for such a little alteration!

The above tips should help you set up a workspace that helps you finish the work you need done. Of course, it is important to make sure that you are not pushing yourself too hard. Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep and eating high-energy foods. All the employee productivity advice in the world isn’t going to help you battle exhaustion. Your life is about far more than what you can get done in a day.

How to Run Virtual Machines from External Drives

There are countless reasons you might be interested in hosting a virtual machine. Depending on the work you do and the tasks you need to accomplish with your computer, you might want a separate operating system just for certain activities. Suppose your work involves interacting with malware or computer viruses, for example. In that case, you don’t want to risk your own operating system while working, so a virtual machine makes perfect sense for you.

A virtual machine is, in a sense, just another file located on your computer. Because of this, you can store the virtual machine on an external drive, just as you would any other file. The following will explore how you can store and run a virtual machine from an external hard drive, as well as the pros and cons of choosing to keep your virtual machine external. 

What Is A Virtual Machine

In the broadest sense, a virtual machine is a file (often called an image) that acts as if it is a computer. It is a computer within another computer. Like most other programs, it will run in a window, giving you the same basic experience that you would have if you were using the host operating system in a non-virtual sense.

It is important to note that the virtual machine is kept separated from the rest of the computer system. This means that you don’t need to worry about the software within your virtual machine influencing the computer itself. Because of this, many view virtual machines as excellent grounds for testing beta releases of operating systems, working with data that has been affected by viruses, creating backups, and using software or applications on operating systems that they were not designed to work with.

When people speak about virtual machines, they sometimes use the term guest to refer to the virtual machine and host to refer to the machine that the file is being run on. More than one virtual machine can exist within a host at any given time.

How To Get Your Virtual Machine On An External Hard Drive

To begin, you are going to want to make sure that your virtual machine is shut down. Once this is done, locate the virtual machine on your device. By default, on Mac, virtual machines are often saved to Documents/Parallels within your User folder or in /Users/Shared/Parallels. This being said, you may have chosen a different location to store your virtual machine in. If you are unsure where your machine is located, you can search for files with a .pvm extension.

Once you’ve found your virtual machine file, you can copy or move the file to your desired location. The location you choose to store the file in will have an impact on how quickly the virtual machine can function. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little research on the best external hard drive for your purposes to make sure you’re not slowing yourself down unnecessarily. Once the file has been moved over, you’re done. Any time you wish to use the virtual machine, you can connect the hard drive to your physical machine and open the file. It is as simple as that.

The Pros Of Virtual Machines

You might be wondering why someone would be interested in using a virtual machine. There are many factors to consider, but one of the main reasons an everyday consumer might be drawn to the prospect of hosting a virtual machine is because this will allow them to use multiple operating system environments on a single computer. Additionally, virtual machines are easy to access, manage, and maintain. They can easily be moved from one server to another (even while they’re running) and can be created quickly via cloning. Virtual machines also offer disaster recovery options that many find appealing.

The Potential Drawbacks

While internal or external locations for your virtual machine make nearly no difference, there is one factor you might want to keep in mind depending on why you are running a virtual machine from your external drive. Because external hard drives are typically connected to your machine via USB interfacing, the speed of your virtual machine will be affected. This being said, if you’re using the virtual machine for basic operations, this change in speed is not likely to be too noticeable.

With the above information, you are well on your way to running a virtual machine from an external hard drive. As with all technical advice, it is important to remember to complete regular backups of your devices. This includes your virtual machine. Some conditions can result in damage or data loss.

5 MS Teams Apps You can’t Live Without


Workforces around the globe have hailed Microsoft Teams as a force for collaborative good. In April 2020 MS Teams recorded a user base of 75 million users daily, meaning it must be doing something right. One of the things the communication platform has done incredibly well is its application integration. By allowing such a level of integration with third-party applications we have seen an astronomical rise in said applications. What follows is a brief list of the top applications for improving workflow and the work environment.


There are several third-party project management apps that integrate seamlessly with MS teams, however, one of the easiest to get the ball rolling is Planner. When scouring the Internet for the best teams apps, Planner has the advantage of already being integrated with MS Teams by default and is a lifesaver when working with multiple teams. Each team will have its panel and navigating between panels is just as easy as creating a new one. Onboarding teams is also a simple task making sure everyone is on the same page.


For development teams who apply agile scrum methods to development cycles sometimes post it’s on a whiteboard just doesn’t cut it anymore. These minefields of neon colors can be just as confusing as the jumbled meeting schedule. ScrumGenius is an app that looks to clear up the whiteboard mess and allow team leaders to automate meetings and recurring tasks. Further, this higher level of automation can be used to help take minutes during those daily meetings.


This app is as simple as it is brilliant. Polly allows for the creation of polls within Teams channels. The upside of this is that it allows teams to quickly decide on a wide range of things from the more mundane like lunch orders, or quickly deciding on what documentation to send stakeholders without the need for taking up valuable meeting time.

Health Hero

The global pandemic has thrust health, mental and physical into the spotlight. With many employees now working remotely, keeping tabs on the well-being of staff has been harder given that they barely physically see each other with their own eyes. An app that looks to improve the health of teams is Health Hero which allows the linking of health-tracking devices to the app as well as providing challenges and leader boards designed to help keep your team healthy.


Not all projects can be assigned to one team within one company, often projects can span multiple partners who invariably use different platforms to communicate. Mio looks to help connect teams using MS Teams with others using Slack or Cisco WebEx Teams, for example, helping ensure communication and collaboration by preventing teams from working in bubbles. This has a nasty habit of generating problems that are thoroughly preventable and deadlines being missed.


This is certainly not a comprehensive be all and end all list of apps to improve your MS Teams experience, it certainly shows a wide range of applications that can be tailored to a team’s needs without a massive outlay of capital.

Is It Possible to Hire A Remote CTO For A Startup? 7 Pitfalls to Avoid

Hiring tech-talent has become a new norm in IT and software development fields. Initially, hiring software developers was very popular; but nowadays, hiring C-level executives has become a new trend in the industry. Recently, a sizable number of dedicated websites and portals such as FindVirtualCTO.com for hiring CTO or Chief Technology Officer for startup businesses have emerged in the marketplace.

Why Are More Startups Turning to Hiring Remote CTOs?

According to the Flexjobs information, more than 159% of growth in the remote work market has been noticed during 2005 and 2017 in the US only. A massive uptrend in hiring remote tech-talent is highly prevalent worldwide. Meanwhile, the State of Remote Work 2019 report reveals that software development and IT services are the top 2 industries making over 56% of the entire remote workforce.

Hiring a C-level executive, especially a remote CTO is becoming a new uptrend in startups and SMEs due to numerous reasons. A few important ones are listed below.

  • Cost-saving – The cost of dedicated CTO at the office is huge as compared to hiring a remote CTO. Normally, startups are in cash-crunch. So, they turn to this option due to a competitive remote CTO salary.
  • Increased ROI – Hiring CTO is faster and he/she can increase the speed of technological transformation in the technical infrastructure and resources quicker to improve ROI much faster.
  • Skills and Experience – You can hire a highly skilled CTO with diverse experience in revamping and streamlining resources and infrastructure more effectively at a very affordable price.
  • Flexibility – Hiring a virtual CTO offers huge flexibility to choose from a large pool of experts from across the world. You can choose the right tech-talent for filling a C-level technical position without any constraints and problems. You can also replace your existing CTO with a new one easily if required.  

Responsibilities of a Remote CTO?

A Chief Technology Officer CTO is the head of the engineering or technological department in an organization. He is responsible for fulfilling the technological requirements for achieving the best possible performance of the company. 

The major responsibilities of an expert chief technology officer include the management and utilization of the company’s technological resources including human resources and technical infrastructure efficiently. The effective use of existing resources and adding new technologies that are needed for developing a competitive-edge with the market competitor also form the fundamentals of a CTO’s responsibilities.

The detailed list of responsibilities of a virtual CTO is given below.  

  • Professional assessment of the existing resources and infrastructure
  • Devising strategy for technology use and identifying suitable technologies for the same
  • Implementing cutting-edge technologies to increase business competitiveness
  • Identifying flaws in business process and patching them up with the modern technologies
  • Devising an effective strategy for efficient use of the power of the latest technologies
  • Effective investment in technology and technical resource to improve Return on Investment ROI
  • Reducing business dependency on manual processes and automating them through technology
  • Making business processes in line with industry best practices and standards
  • Devising policy for phase-in, phase-out, migration, and implementation of modern technologies

Top Skills to Look for While Hiring a Virtual CTO?

Hiring a CTO is a very critical process, which needs professional-level expertise to access the skills, experience, and qualifications of a CTO candidate. A remote CTO in startups is supposed to take responsibility for all technical aspects of the company. So, he/she should possess all major skills to achieve those objectives in startups. A few very important skills to look for while hiring a virtual CTO are mentioned below.

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of network and IT infrastructures such as OS, cloud, internet, and telecom
  • Artificial intelligence AI, automation, data analytics
  • Knowledge of business process management
  • Extensive knowledge of different software tools for process automation
  • Knowledge of communication and collaboration platforms
  • Infrastructure assessment, analytics, and auditing
  • Knowledge of all trending technologies in the IT domain
  • Developing technical requirements – short term and long term
  • Developing the state of the art business solutions powered by the latest technology tools

Soft Skills

  • Detailed-oriented and solution-oriented approach
  • Innovative and creative thinking
  • Great interpersonal communication skills
  • Effective technical understanding
  • Team leader and thinker
  • Problem-solving and pressure handling
  • Professional commitment
  • Motivator and supportive
  • Strategic thinking

Management Skills

  • Budgeting and planning different projects and business processes
  • Conflict management and change management
  • Project planning, implementation, and monitoring
  • Project management methodologies
  • Team management and collaboration
  • Effective reporting and presentation

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Remote CTO

A Chief Technical Officer (CTO) plays a pivotal role in the progressive future of modern businesses. So, hiring the wrong person would result in complete devastation. So, a remote CTO should be hired very carefully to avoid the following top mistakes while hiring a remote CTO.

  1. Considering cost as the top priority – Without any doubt, cost is a big factor in any competitive business, but considering cost as the top priority is a big mistake while hiring a remote CTO. You should make a better trade-off between cost, quality, experience, and skills to avoid this mistake. A CTO acts as the technical spine of the company so he/she should not be measured in salary at all.
  2. Focusing on narrow Picture – While hiring a virtual CTO always consider a broader picture of your business and the entire business ecosystem. Don’t confine your thinking to a certain domain such as enhancing existing infrastructure, cutting cost, or adding process automation. Consider the broader picture to improve the performance and business outcome thoroughly.
  3. Overrating skills over experience – Many times, hiring managers make a mistake by focusing unduly on the technical skills rather than counting the experience at large. A CTO is not supposed to work with technical things but he has to plan the effective use of those technologies. In such circumstances, always focus on a balance between skills and experience. 
  4. Missing experience in the relevant field – Experience should be in the field exactly in a similar environment that your company works in. Sometimes, this point is missed, which leads to undesirable results. Always focus on the relevancy of the experience.
  5. Skipping portfolio analysis and feedback – Analyzing portfolios and taking recommendations from past employers is very important in hiring a CTO for startups. This factor is missed in some cases, which may lead to disastrous outcomes.
  6. Forgetting about business acumen – The position of a virtual CTO is not all about the knowledge of technology but the effective use of technology through business acumen to increase the performance, competitiveness, and business process efficiency. Normally, hiring managers commit a mistake to miss this domain during the hiring process.
  7. Mixing rhetoric with creativity – Creativity is not all about talking beautiful quotes and experience. Solving common problems with the most efficient way and thinking out of the box is the most fundamental item for developing innovative solutions. Don’t miss to check-out the creative approach of the CTO.

Final Takeaway

Hiring a professional CTO remotely is possible for startups to earn numerous business advantages such as cost-efficiency, better ROI, and flexibility. The hiring process should be accomplished professionally by finding the right skills and avoiding the most common mistakes while hiring a virtual CTO as mentioned in this article.

Developing a Phone App for Your Small Business

What are the pillars of any business? Some may refer to adequate security, strategy, and communication. Each of them matters, while the last two can significantly improve your income. If the security issues may be managed by choosing the best computer security software for small business, questions related to communication and strategy may need more exciting solutions.

What may be a progressive one? The phone app! Trends show that it is a powerful instrument contributing to marketing strategy and communication capabilities. Before all, they help create an image of the business, improve communication with stakeholders, and bring new customers. In this post, we will consider how it may be useful for small businesses.

Mobile Application Types

Phone applications are entering and taking root in many business spheres, even those once far from the web. One may personalize their TikTok to promote the product, others can develop their own app to help their customers. Such apps are efficient in such business areas as tourism, fitness centers, e-commerce, services, etc, and corporate culture. That’s why you should know how they can be used and if it applied to your operations.

Mobile business applications can be divided into two basic types:

  • To facilitate the company’s internal needs (increase teamwork productivity, for example, file share, adding social messengers and accounts into the local network, and project and job management systems).
  • For commerce, trademark, and sales increase (as an addition to the company’s leading online services, such as advertising, publications, tickets buying apps, e-banking, delivery goods tracker, loyal customers program, and so on).

If the first type is about using third-party apps, facilitating the management of your tasks within an organization, the second type might be very efficient for business marketing and interaction with the customers. You can use both, but we’ll focus on the second one.

Consider an App for Your Sales

According to online marketing statistics, nowadays, almost 70% of users make purchases via smartphones. It’s no surprise that this is a reasonably effective sales channel that shouldn’t be neglected. So, here are some vital functions adding value to your product and satisfying the customer:

Receiving notifications

Mobile apps let you interact with your clients via notifications. Information about various events, such as promotions, discounts, and new product launches, can be sent to customers as push notifications.

This is how you remind about your brand and provide relevant and useful information that encourages customers to buy what you propose.

Ease of Purchasing

Having a choice between a website and a mobile application, customers often choose the latter. It is more accessible, more straightforward, intuitive, and doesn’t have anything unnecessary. By installing the application, the client gets access to the entire catalog of goods or services. Interestingly, you may get data about your clients and their preferences regarding your goods.

Besides, within the app, the necessary information is displayed clearly and fits the screen (not all sites can ensure qualitative web versions and ease of viewing on mobile devices). The order payment process can also be optimized and integrated into the application.

How To Know If App Is Good Idea For Business

Nevertheless, getting an app may be a hasty decision. It will work only if you get the message right and provide the value for the customer. This means that you should do your homework thoroughly. The customer needs to be satisfied, an application secure and convenient, while you should understand its contribution to your goals.

To realize if your company needs phone apps, you’d better consider the following questions:

  • Do you need it? You should understand the applicability and opportunity, as well as the tasks you want to solve with the application. How do you or your customers benefit from it? It should be mutual.
  • What is your target market? Do your customers use mobile devices? Maybe your target audience can be satisfied with a mobile version of the site. This information can be obtained using Google and other web analytics tools that should be implemented on your webpage. Thus, research the background and ask your customers.
  • Think about mobile app promotion? Will you handle it? This will demand extra marketing efforts, website upgrading, loyalty program realization, and extra expenses for context-based advertising, with the Google Play, App Store, and promotion. Therefore, add it to your budget, alongside the app development.
  • How will you rate the validity of a phone application? What are the indicators of success for you?

In the end, the price of developing, servicing, and updating may be high. Will it be worth it? Yes, if everything is done right. However, it is also necessary to understand that this is a long-term investment, as you need time to develop it, launch, and see the results.

Phone Application Development

If you are still interested, there are four main stages of phone application development. They are crucial and reflect the questions above.

Typically, it starts with the meticulous business analysis that will allow you to understand your business needs and target audience’s characteristics. It is a starting point for you to have the function of the app. Depending on the type of business, it may have a delivery, catalog, informative or entertaining option. Why not use imagination?

After this, there is a stage of developing specific solutions, which will clearly determine the application’s architecture and its look. It derives from a business goal and reflects the characteristics of your audience. The duration of the development process, as a rule, depends on the specifics of the business and the wishes of the customer, as well as on the type of mobile platform, iOS, or Android.

The next step is the direct implementation of the technological part, its control, and its launch. You’d probably ask some developers to design it, test it, and launch. At this point, you understand that the consultation or help from the experts is inevitable.

Lastly, there are marketing efforts after launching the app to persuade users to use it. It is as crucial as other stages, and the success of the whole plan depends on it as well.

As one can, a phone app today is an important business tool. It can improve communication and sales by facilitating trust and loyal relationships with customers. If you want to keep your business competitive, you need a mobile app.

How To Make Your Own Will Online Without Seeing The Lawyer

Whether you have worked your whole life or inherited an estate, one of the most important things about being a parent is passing on your wealth to your children. This is why most parents will make a will when they start feeling older and more vulnerable – to ensure that hard work doesn’t go to waste. The issue is that non-parents, or parents that are still young, often neglect the necessity of having a will. 

The reason for this is because it’s traditionally an expensive ordeal. Having to spend several hundreds, or even thousands, when you can’t comprehend a scenario in which you will need a will anytime soon is easy to procrastinate on. With the invention of online will makers, this is no longer an excuse.

Not only should we always be aware that anything can happen in order to appreciate our time on this uncertain earth, where pandemics and catastrophes happen, but the cost of planning your own wealth estate after death is now under a hundred bucks. This article will explore the benefits of online wills, and then detail the onlinewillmakers.com’s best rated list.

What are online wills and are the benefits?

When using an online will software you essentially pay either a fixed or monthly fee, far below the going rate for a lawyer, and complete the will yourself using the template provided. This means that the user is given a blueprint of a will, with some pieces of information missing. The user answers basic questions, jargon-free, and the answers automatically fill into the will document. 

Generally, it takes under an hour to complete an online will from start to finish. Some are reviewed to have taken 10 minutes to complete. This is far from the traditional route of making an appointment with a lawyer, visiting their office and so on.

The biggest benefit of an online will maker is that you can legitimately ensure that your possessions are distributed to whomever you choose. Not only this, but you can appoint a power of an Executor and Trustee. This will allow you to choose someone who can manage the distribution of your estate. This gives extra peace of mind, knowing your wishes will be fulfilled. 

In fact, some companies may even allow you to appoint a guardian for a minor, as well as specifying your nuanced funeral wishes, which can help take the stress off of loved ones. Whilst some companies specialise in wills alone, others are more general and cover far reaching legal services.

Arguably the most prominent benefit of online wills is the cost. Paying a lawyer to help you through will creation can be upwards of $1,000, though if the estate is small and simple it may only be a few hundred. Online will software, however, usually range from $20 to $100 for a basic document. There are often options for on-going payment if there’s a lot of other services to use, or perhaps the ability to alter the will details in the future.

Which are the best online will makers currently in the USA?

There are plenty of online will making companies to choose from in the USA, but here are the five leading ones:

Quicken Nolo

Quicken Nolo have been recognized as the very best will makers in the USA. Besides Nolo being overall the most popularly used will making software, it also has a lot of advantages making it the leading will provider. Quicken Nolo is extremely easy to use, has multiple add-ons options available, allows for multiple users and has great customer support with help resources. Not only that, but Quicken Nolo services are also at an attractive price point, that is not much higher than the average industry price point. 

U.S. Legal Wills

Another excellent choice for an online will maker, as U.S. Legal Wills offers great value for the money. The prices for the U.S. Legal Wills are very competitive and you only need to pay a one time fee, meaning that there won’t be any unexpected costs later on. The biggest benefit of the software is how easy and user-friendly it is, with great customer support available. A basic will takes only about 20 minutes to create and most of it is customizable. 

Trust & Will

With only a couple years of existence, Trust & Will may not seem like the most credible choice, however, there is nothing that would make you doubt their credibility. The company has been gaining increasing amounts of popularity due to its low price point, money back guarantee option and the ease-of-use with the software. This is a good choice if you just need a basic will, although it may not be suitable for more complicated situations, as Trust & Will do not have attorneys you could consult. 

Total Legal

Founded in 2003, Total Legal has been around for nearly two decades and they’ve been one of the leading will makers due to their admirable transparency, brilliant help center and lots of choices for different documents. Besides, their services come at a good cost and you have the option of paying monthly, with no payments in advance. The reason Total Legal is lower on the list, however, is because they are a lot less UI friendly than others and also very limited for wills. 

Final Word

Deciding to opt for an online will as opposed to a traditional lawyer’s one isn’t an easy option, but it makes sense for those with simple estates and relationships. What’s more difficult perhaps is deciding on a company, as the industry is exploding right now with new services, pricing schemes and features.

3 Lessons You Can Learn From Your Digital Business Transformation Mistakes

All successful business owners know that making some mistakes along the way to growth is an inevitable part of success and that what’s truly important is to make sure that these mistakes become an education for the future. Lessons learned from failure often teach us the most about exactly what changes we need to make and help us grow stronger in our career by highlighting the areas in which we are weaker.  With the rapid transformation of corporate landscapes currently occurring as a result of constant technological innovation, digital business transformation is one major area of modern business ownership in which mistakes can occur.

For those wondering exactly what digital transformation is, it can be defined as the process of harnessing the power of new digital technologies and supporting capabilities to innovate new digital business models. With the breadth of digital technology available to the corporate world, this process can include almost anything. For those looking to understand different processes of digital transformation, many examples can be found in various college essay samples available online. Essay examples such as these can help to achieve a greater understanding of what digital business transformation actually entails, and as a result, make it easier to avoid the most common mistakes that occur.

Common methods of digital business transformation

  • Digitized communications (via apps, online conferences)
  • Digital workspaces
  • Digitizing databases
  • App and web creation
  • The implementation of digital analytics

As you get a better understanding of this process of modernization, it becomes clear that there’s quite a margin for error. Whether a company owner or a student writing about business in university, writing professionals like CustomEssayMeister say that important lessons that can be learned from digital business transformation mistakes.

Looking at the bigger picture

Many failed businesses suffer from an inability to see the bigger picture and understand the true scope that a new technology may present to industry. You will find success if you go through the process of mapping your customer journey and visualize a customer-centric strategy.

Conversely, diving head-first into all-out digitization or technological transformation before the value and scope of technology were identified can be an over zealousness that ends up harming a company more than it helps. Investing in expensive or nascent technology before it’s proven it’s worth has been the downfall of many businesses.

Writing off emerging technologies as simply a passing trend can be a type of conservatism that ends up letting competitors get a head start when it comes to valuable digital transformation.

The lesson to take away from both these failures is to focus on the importance of the bigger picture. Looking to the wider picture develops a balance between an openness to change, and the patience necessary to implement the right changes. Learning to listen to expert advice and consult a wide range of sources is a lesson that comes with narrow-minded mistakes.

Long term thinking

A common mistake made in digital business transformation is owners making moves towards digitization without considering how these changes can be incrementally built upon in the future. Having a vision of long-term technological goals is an important lesson for businesses looking to succeed and experience steady ongoing growth. Any attempt at digital business transformation should be done with a long-term vision of how the transformation may continue in the future.


The world of digital technology is evolving at an ever-more rapid pace, and it’s important for businesses to keep up to date. The rate of technological advancement, and the sudden appearance of game-changing technology, means that flexibility is a must when it comes to successfully performing a business transformation. One highly common mistake is becoming fixated on one direction of technological transformation, and as a result, missing out on new opportunities. This mistake can be avoided by keeping an open mind and developing a flexible approach to business innovation.

These are just a few of the most valuable lessons to be learned from common business transformation mistakes. Trial and error is all part of the path to developing a strong and dynamic corporate model. Luckily, the exciting pace of emerging technologies means that business owners never run out of the opportunity to tap into the next big thing and totally transform their business for the better.

Working from Home? Rent Your IT Instead of Buying It!

Do you and your employees need to work from home because of the corona restrictions? Then you need IT equipment such as laptops or computers for your employees so they can get their work done. Buying new IT equipment is a substantial investment, so it might be financially appealing to rent your IT. But did you know that renting can benefit your company in even more ways? In this article we tell you more about the advantages of renting IT.


Buying a new laptop is a big-ticket item, especially if you have to buy it for all your employees. Buying say 50 new laptops is a major initial investment. Spending a great deal of money at once can put you in financial difficulties when unexpected expenses occur. If you rent computers, you can spread the costs because you only have to pay a monthly fee. 

Up-to-date technology

As you might know, technology ages rapidly. A new laptop you buy today can already be old-fashioned in three years. If you rent a MacBook Pro (translate: MacBook Pro huren)  or other laptop at an IT rental company, you can expect it to be up-to-date. IT rental companies work with the latest hard- and software to keep up with current developments. You only get the best!  


If you own IT equipment, you’re responsible for fixing technical issues, reparations and maintenance. If you rent computer equipment, you can rely on the IT rental company for reparations and maintenance. You can often get a replacement computer if any computer needs to be fixed and they can often assist you directly if any technical issues occur. So no unnecessary waiting, your employees can often go straight back to work!


Many jobs are variable, especially if your work on a project basis. If you own IT, you can’t easily buy and return it. If you rent IT, you can adjust your equipment to your needs, whether it’s in project scope or scale. Upscaling or downscaling is easy! 

Special Needs

To smoothen the process of working from home, you may need some extra IT equipment. For example, your employees may need a special work phone to stay in contact with their clients. IT rental companies often rent out more than just laptops and computers. You can often rent whatever you need; from renting an iPad or iPhone (translate: Iphone huren) to renting beamers and VR glasses! Rental companies can also install the equipment and ensure that all the settings are as you wish them to be. 

Renting IT is absolutely worth considering!

Expert Tips to Get More TikTok Followers

Yet again, we have another online platform that allows users to post videos of themselves and share it with the world. You might have gotten used to this by now and might even find it to be a bit too familiar. Still, this particular app has a lot of features that aid content creators with their videos, which is why a lot of TikTokers have become quite popular in the past years. This makes these young creators quite the experts because they have experimented enough to know what works and what doesn’t. If you want to follow in their footsteps, here are some tips and tricks on how to get more TikTok followers.

Use Popular Soundtracks

TikTok is all about the songs or the sounds that you use when you’re filming yourself. Sometimes, users like to use voiceovers from cartoons, TV-shows, movies, etc. This means that your video is going to be as relevant as whatever you have playing in the background. So, if you’ve been noticing that the audience is responding to certain songs or soundtracks, then you need to ride that wave before it ends. Also, if you’re going to be lip-syncing, you need to make sure that you do so perfectly. This will attract a lot of viewers to your page, who may become followers later on.

Keep up with the Latest Trends

If you’ve been on this app for a while, then you know it’s all about the latest trends. If you want to get a lot of views or get more followers, then you better get yourself familiarized with what’s trending at the moment. There really isn’t an archetype for TikTok’s trends because it could be anything from a sound effect or a popular song to funky dance moves and challenges. Speaking of which, both the audience and users are big on challenges, so you might want to consider doing these every once and a while for increased views.

Personalize Your TikTok Profile

In order to attract a large audience to your platform, you need to introduce yourself to them. Not only will this get other people interested, but it will also help you establish a connection with them. The first step that you need to take is customizing your TikTok URL so that your new followers can find your details easily. The next thing would be to humanize yourself; try to appear real and authentic to them so that they can relate to you.

Use Trending Hashtags

As is the case with pretty much every popular app out there, hashtags are an important part of the deal; you can’t expect to be popular on a social media platform without taking advantage of the trending hashtags. Now, since this application has its own style and trends, naturally, it’ll have its own hashtags as well. This means that when you’re posting a video of a trending challenge, you need to put its name, who created it, the name of the song, and anything else related to this challenge in the form of hashtags. Most of the time, the audience would want to watch a specific challenge, so they look up hashtags to view these videos. If you want to be discovered by young users, then you need to use these hashtags.

Collaborate with Other TikTokers

Every content creator knows the importance of collaborating with other users. This is very important when it comes to TikTok videos, too. If you want to keep your audience engaged or get more followers, then you might want to collaborate with different users. After you film a bunch of videos together, your audiences will be introduced to both of you, and they might just follow you two. This is a win-win situation that most creators don’t say no to, so go ahead and look for a TikTok partner.

Try Different Filters

Filters are a big part of the application. TikTok offers plenty of filters for its users to get creative and use them to make funny and relatable content. Needless to say, these filters are very attractive to younger audiences. In fact, one of the easiest ways to increase your number of followers is by using funny filters that can make kids like you and, eventually, follow you. Also, there were times when filters were a part of certain trends, so ensure that you stay on top of these things.

All in all, TikTok is a fun online platform that is very easy to use. This platform allows its users to gain a lot of followers because of the many challenges and trends that are always happening there. This goes to show that it’s not particularly difficult to attract the user’s attention. However, suppose you want to transform your audience into your followers. In that case, you need to appear human to them, collaborate with other TikTokers, use trendy songs and hashtags, and select funny filters that will keep them entertained.