Top 5 On-Premise CRM Solutions

“On-premise” CRM is a self-hosted and in-house CRM option, the opposite of storing data on the cloud. On-premise allows you to have complete and total control over your data and is often much more affordable than a cloud subscription. With its own CRM, you have complete control and visibility over your own database, allowing it to be fully customizable and user-specific.

On-premise CRM is more desirable for users because of its high level of data protection. The in-house setup allows for more privacy and less opportunity for security hacks. When you are able to “own” your own on-premise software you have the advantage of having it on a psychical device rather than a corporate-owned cloud you are granted access to through subscription.  

Here Are the Top 5 On-Premise CRM Solutions:

1. Act!

Because of its contact management features, Act! contact management software is ideal for individuals and small businesses, and it has nearly always remained in the top ten CRMs on the market. The latest version adds additional features such as the ability to develop, send, and track tailored email marketing campaigns, as well as synchronization with a wide range of third-party apps.

Act! price range starts at $37.50 a month and goes up to $399 monthly depending on your database size.

2. DejaOffice

DejaOffice is a note-taking app that installs on your computer and syncs with your phone, making it simple to take notes, schedule follow-ups, and assign tasks. Use it to create a shared database that everyone in your office may access. DejaOffice PC CRM is a contact manager that runs on a PC. It is faster and more secure than web-based products. You can effortlessly keep track of all calls, meetings, tasks, emails, and texts with your customers, vendors, and associates using DejaOffice.

DejaOffice offers the most affordable price range, starting at only $49.95 for a one-time perpetual license.

3. GoldMine

Although it is more expensive, Goldmine also offers the option of a one-time license purchase. GoldMine provides quick and easy access to key data across all of your platforms. You can manage for success with fully customizable charts, colors, and datasets.

Pricing is $1992 for 3 shared users and $3195 to have up to 5 shared users.

4. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 has a number of features that might help firms with marketing and client management. Bitrix24 CRM software makes communication and organization for businesses simple. Because of these benefits, more than 10 million organizations have chosen Bitrix24 as their CRM provider.

Bitrix24 basic plan is $39 a month for 5 users and up to 24G of data.

5. InfoFlo

With InfoFLo you can instantly access your to-do list and contacts with a simple search of the name or organization. You may access your InfoFlo data from anywhere with our iPhone and Android mobile apps. InfoFlo has a variety of add-on options, including invoicing and email analytics.

Infoflo offers on-premise CRM for a one-time price of $99 with the option to add on additional features for $79 each.

Final Thoughts

When you keep data in-house, you and your team will have a better understanding and access to the data you need. On-premise CRM is more cost-effective and there will be no dealing with remote tech support.

There are many options available for varying database and user sizes when it comes to on-premise CRM. Depending on your price range and if you’re looking for a subscription or one-time license purchase, on-premise CRM is the best option for anyone wanting their data in-house rather than on a cloud server. PC CRM is a safe and reliable option for you and your database.

Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) will be Discontinued – Here’s an Alternative!

Microsoft has recently announced the end of Outlook Customer Manager, with access to your online data to be ended June 30, 2020.

Outlook Customer Manager was introduced by Microsoft in 2016 as a replacement to Business Contact manager. It sits on top of Outlook and provides key business features. Most notably, it offers Company Records, Shared Contacts, Activity History, Deal tracking, and Integrated Document Management.

Fortunately there is a good alternative with DejaOffice. DejaOffice PC CRM provides the following essential features:

  • Company Records
  • Shared Contacts
  • Activity History
  • Deal Tracking
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Integrated Mobile Apps
  • Telephone Technical Support

DejaOffice PC CRM provides a number of features that Outlook Customer Manager badly needed, but never had:

  • Category Management with Colors
  • Multiple User Scheduling
  • Integrated Tasks and Notes
  • Private Data, Database Encryption and Security

You can subscribe to DejaOffice for Outlook for $7 per month ($19.95 paid once every three months).

You can purchase a perpetual license for $99.95 (one time purchase).

Click here to download: A two-week trial.

CompanionLink provides US based Telephone Technical Support for DejaOffice. There are three levels of support available: Free support, for general information and how-to advice, RunStart service for $49 where CompanionLink will help you set up your database and get you launched with the product, and Premium Support which provides a year of “white-glove” service for you DejaOffice CRM for Outlook site.

DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook
Average User Rating:
Average rating: 4.84 out of 5 based on 64 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $129.95

Case Study: Migrate from Microsoft BCM to DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook

Recently we were approached by a customer who used to use BCM, and wanted a solution that worked with Office 365.

The customer had used Microsoft Business Contact Manager from 2013 to 2018. They had Contacts, Accounts and Communication History. This customer had tried a migration tool to move BCM contacts to Office 365 contacts. This tool was not successful. (CompanionLink Professional can move BCM Contacts to Outlook contacts using a folder-to-folder sync.)

At the time the customer contacted us, they had not used BCM for many months. So the BCM database was out of date.

Our new product DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook adds certain CRM functions to Office 365 Outlook (Outlook 2019). Among these functions are History Also, DejaOffice can import from older CRM systems like Microsoft BCM which was discontinued in 2016.

The customer also purchased Premium Support, which is a service where our technician could log into his computer and set everything up.

What we did was Sync the old BCM database to DejaCloud. We moved the Accounts, Contacts and Communication History. Then on the new computer, the customer installed DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook. In addition, the customer uses a Mobile Phone and DejaOffice has the complete database there also.

The entire operation of moving the old database to DejaCloud, and sync to the new PC took our technician about 30 minutes. Most of this time was checking the data each step of the way. The actual sync time was about five minutes for both sync phases.

Now, the customer can make a new contact from an Outlook email. When they look up a Contacts, they an see the communications history imported from the old PC. And they have Caller ID and History on their Phone.

Here is a link to order this same service – DejaOffice PC CRM for Outlook along with Premium installation and one year of support. Give us a call at (503)243-3400 to schedule an installation or talk about your needs.

DejaOffice PC CRM Standalone
Average User Rating:
Average rating: 4.86 out of 5 based on 596 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $69.95