ACT! versions that work on Windows 8

This account is our QA team’s experience and is not in any way a definitive guide.  We offer it as it may assist others to set expectations with the new Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise operating systems.  Windows 8 RT for Surface is a tablet OS and is not presumed to run the ACT! application.  We will confirm this when our Surface device arrives.

Testing Environment

ACT! 2013 was tested on a new PC: Athlon II X4 645 3.1GHz 64-bit , 4GB DDR3 RAM, Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.

All other tests: Intel Xeon E5520 2.27GHz 64-bit, 2GB RAM, Windows 8 Pro running in VMWare

ACT! versions that work on Windows 8 without issues

  • ACT! 6
  • ACT! 2009 and 2010 – works fine, but you are shown an error message during installation. “This program has compatibility issues (Microsoft SQL Server 2005)”. When running ACT! and upgrading a database we noted the message:  “Exceptions occurred while executing the database Schema Update Script”. Database seemed to successfully update.
  • ACT! 2011
  • ACT! 2012
  • ACT! 2013

ACT! versions that do not work with Windows 8
ACT! 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 – these do not install correctly on Windows 8. An error message is generated that reads “This app cannot run on your PC”.

CompanionLink works with all versions of ACT! 3.0 and higher.

ACT! versions that work on Windows 8 was last updated October 26th, 2012 by Rushang

16 thoughts on “ACT! versions that work on Windows 8

  1. Hi Rushang,
    Here, I would like to share some problems facing in ACT. Recently I switched on this tool, it is suitable for my small business. But many times crashing occur, my machine is windows 10. Is there any solution to solve this problem?

  2. Was trying to load ACT 2010, vewrsion 12.1.181 on my new Windows 8.1, It just stops. Is there a way to go about ?

  3. Good day I am using act to load my customer date base on I was doing the trail run and wanted to loge in and it did not work, I tried to download it but know it gives me a error of 1618 what must I do thx Brandin

  4. I have ACT 8, done I think in 2006. I want to export my database records onto a newer version of ACT that runs on Windows 8. What can I use and where can I get it from? Currently have years worth of data on 960 records, don’t want to loose anything, currently using Windows XP for my ACT version

  5. Lynnie,

    We haven’t tried it on Windows 8.1. One suggestion (perhaps obvious) is to keep a PC running XP or Vista in the office to run Act! 6. If you need access on mobile, CompanionLink can do that for Act! 6 so you are covered there.

  6. I finally gave up after days of searching on every error message and processes suggested on all the on-line support forums with little success. I bit the bullet and just bought a legal copy of ACT! Pro 2013 (on eBay for $85). Even then, I ended up spending most of 2 days on the phone with Sadiq (in India?). He piloted my system remotely, had to reinstall everything having to do with SQL at least twice, then had to download and run special reset programs and diagnostics that most of us don’t have at our fingertips. Actually transferring the database was not much of a problem. I’m scared of dealing with problems after my 30 days of included support are over. I will be looking at alternative CRM programs.

  7. LynnieB, so has your experience with version 6.0 been good, on Windows 8.1? Any issues yet?

  8. UPDATE: After reviewing other experiences posted online, I found that you have to go into the ACT6 folder on the install CD/DVD and run the setup program there.

  9. Mine wouldn’t even install. I’ve tried changing the Windows compatibility settings (under the setup file properties) to XP or Vista, but Windows still won’t let it try.

  10. We haven’t tested Sage ACT! 2011 with Windows 8.1. Our tests were for Windows 8.

    As you may know, ACT! is no longer owned by Sage. It was purchased by SwiftPage in early 2013.

    I recommend talking to an ACT! Certified Consultant in your local area. If you need help finding one, please email me your address ( and I can send you some references from our list.

  11. I tried to install ACT 2011 on Windows 8.1 and got the message “Windows XP 64 bit OS is not supported by Sage ACT”. What options do I have to continue the successful install?