A Software Developer’s Guide to the Top Test Automation Best Practices

There are numerous reasons why test automation cultivates company success. Understanding how to correctly conduct test automation best practices is crucial if you want to successfully facilitate different operations within your organization and boost your company’s ROI (return on investment). 

If your customers have been experiencing bugs or your software developers struggle with new features, you may want to consider hiring third-party software testing services like these

However, you may opt to conduct in-house automated software testing in hopes of assuming complete control, cutting costs, and clearing cultural roadblocks. If your plan of action depends on in-house test automation, you may be wondering how to get started. Here’s a guide to the top test automation best practices to shorten development processes and improve your software quality. 

Look at the test automation factors within your company

When establishing a test automation culture, you must first look at the three main factors: product, people, and process.

Choosing the right test automation product determines the success of automation practices. To find a reliable automation technology, narrow down which applications you plan to use and how easy the program is to operate.

Next, consider the people. Who will run your test automation? When developing a group or team for test automation, find experienced professionals who possess an adequate understanding of your business needs and effectively take heed to your instructions.

Finally, factor in the process. Setting up the format for test automation and adjusting schedules and management accordingly is of utmost importance to the test automation process.

Find a dedicated Automation Engineer or team

Instead of requesting manual testers to conduct the test automation, find dedicated resources.

It’s to build a test automation team that consists of at least one automation architect and several automation engineers. The size and quantity of your products determine the number of automation engineers needed. 

Automation testing is essential, but don’t solely rely on this practice 

It’s important to remember that automation tools don’t solve every problem. Automation testing makes the solving process simpler and more accessible, but you must obtain skilled resources to finalize the process.

If the team starts to rely on these tests too much, it can do more harm than good. Keep in mind that not all tests are automated or can be automated. That’s why it’s vital to incorporate exploratory testing.

Understand the application undergoing testing 

The technologies used in your product determines which tools you should select. Make sure you understand the applications you plan on using before initiating the test automation.

If you plan on automating a desktop application, identify which language it’s founded on. If you’re using a web application, determine what the supported browsers are. Additionally, know if any third-party controls are operating within the application. 

Understanding these aspects will help you accurately and effectively select the proper automation tool.

Final Thoughts

To get the most out of your automated testing, ask yourself the right questions beforehand. If you find yourself not knowing what questions to ask or not knowing the answers, operations quickly get out of hand, and adding automated testing to that chaos only makes matters worse.

For optimal success, prepare solutions for questions like: 

  • What tools should be used for test automation? 
  • When should I execute the automated tests? 
  • What should I automate? 
  • Who should automate the tests? 
  • When should I automate?

After covering your bases and proactively prepping for the curveballs, your development team will be on the fast track to success. 

Easily Translate Anything on Your PC With These Handy Tips

The internet is a wonderful thing. It can open doors for you or take you halfway across the world.  It can teach you almost everything you want to know about anything. and help you communicate with people through a screen as you would in person. The only problem, apart from connection issues or technical difficulties, is language barriers. Luckily, to translate an article or message, you don’t have to go to a licensed translator anymore. 

There are many quick and easy ways to translate everything you need, right from your PC. You can choose from websites to browser add-ons, to programs. You can choose to pay or can even translate for free! It’s all about knowing what works best for you. If you want to get some translating done, or you want to amp up your software game, here are some tips and tricks on how to translate more efficiently.

Old Reliable: Google Translate

It’s difficult to think of translating anything today without Google translate. When it comes to accessible and fast translation options, Google translate has gained a reputation for being one of the best. Especially when combined with additional helpful software, it is easy to use and is perfect for the average person looking to check up a word, website, or text. When it comes to words, Google translate acts as your own personal dictionary.  It gives you the most used translations of the word. 

With texts, it can translate and piece together the meaning of sentences and phrases with ease. The only downside is, you have a limit of 5000 words when you use the website and longer translations can get a little clunky. But other than that, it’s a perfectly serviceable and efficient way to get your message across or to understand a foreign language.

Using Software to Speed up the Process

Google translate is great, but if you need to translate large texts for work, for example, you’ll need something a bit stronger. Translating is one thing, but if you want to speed up the process, you might want to consider adding CAT tools to your arsenal. Buying or downloading a translation-aiding program can make the entire translation process simpler. 

CAT tools (or computer-aided translation) sound like they do manual translation, but they do something even better. CAT tools are programs designed to streamline translating. They form databases and provide easy access to previous translations. You can think of these tools as having all your dictionaries, documents, and notes all conveniently located digitally within your translations. The downsides would be taking up space on your device and losing all your data unless you backup.

Using Cloud-based Translating Software

If you don’t have the necessary space on your computer, or your hardware is not up for the task, you might want to consider using cloud-based software. With cloud-based programs, you don’t have to worry about freeing up space to accommodate bulky programs or your saved work. You can save your work in real-time, much like on Google Docs, and translate as you go along. 

You can choose from free or paid programs, depending on what kind of translating you need to do. The downsides to using cloud-translation services, as with most cloud-based programs are the possible security issues. Your work can be subject to hackers, who have a knack for breaking into cloud data. With cloud services, you also become reliant on the internet for your translating, which can prove to be a problem in some cases.

Using Offline Desktop Translation Tools

Whether you’re translating for work or pleasure, translation that requires you to use the internet at all times can become impractical. Offline desktop translation tools are the new dictionaries of the 21st century. The obvious bonus of offline desktop tools is that you can use them when you’re offline. You can continue to translate when the internet connection is bad, your data runs out, or you’re on holiday with no signal. 

You also don’t have to worry about servers crashing or your data being lost. The few downsides are that you do have to free up some space on your PC. Most (although not all) work only on desktop devices so your PC needs to be able to take the heat. Also, with programs that you have to install, you risk losing all your work if something happens to your PC.

As with many things, translating has become much easier with the advancement of modern technology. Today, you can translate almost anything you want, you only need to determine how you want to do it. Whether for work or fun, translating has never been easier and more compatible. Whether desktop programs, cloud-services the choice is yours. You get to decide what is the most important aspect for you when it comes to translating. 

Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Developer

Smartphones are very important in our daily lives. This is important not just because we can call and send messages. The value we get comes from the mobile apps we can download on our smartphones. There is a mobile app for every activity you want to engage in, whether it’s games, music, taking an online course, learning a new skill, looking for a place to live in, or even finding a restaurant.

Mobile apps have also become the easiest and efficient way for companies to communicate with their customers. This is why it is no surprise that there are about 250 million daily app downloads, according to DotNek. So if you own a business and need to increase your online reputation or you have an amazing mobile app idea, the most important thing you need to do is hire a mobile app developer.

When thinking about developing an app questions cross your mind such as what kind of app is needed? The purpose of the app, how many platforms the app will be on, and a host of other questions. Truly, these questions are very important in the creative phase of the app but without a mobile app developer, these ideas would never materialize.

Two options are available to you when you want to hire a developer. You can either hire an independent developer (freelancer) or a mobile app development company. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. However, this article focuses on what you stand to gain when you hire any of the two options.

Here are six benefits of hiring a mobile app developer

1. Security of your data

With the increasing occurrence of cyber attacks, the security of your data is very important. When you hire an android development company, they take the responsibility of securing and protecting your data and information. With a freelancer developer, you just need to add a security clause in the contract that way you can be sure your data is safe. Either way, app developers understand the consequences of a data breach and will do everything possible to avoid one.

2. You save cost

Building an app can be very expensive. It could go as high as $1million. A mobile app developer helps you save money because they can work within your budget and only charge you for the actual service rendered. The payment options are also flexible. You can choose to pay a fixed amount or pay by the hour or pay by milestones. This way you can effectively monitor the progress of the work and also your budget.

3. A dedicated team to work on your app

Hiring mobile app development companies gives you a team that is focused and fully dedicated to working on your app. As opposed to hiring your in-house development team that is probably working on multiple projects. This way, your app will get done on time and with minimal need for revisions.

4. Quality product

No developer would want a bad reputation as your app is going into their portfolio. They will therefore take the necessary step and work to ensure you receive a good job. They also have recent tech and programming languages which they will incorporate in your app, this would translate into a top-notch app

5. Availability

This is one aspect where hiring a mobile app development company pays. Regardless of whatever is going on, there will always be a developer working on your project which ensures continuity. You are therefore sure the project will not get stalled and deadlines will always be met.

6. Maintenance and support

After your project is done, more work still needs to be there in terms of maintenance of the app. You won’t want your customers complaining that a form is not loading or the app takes time to load. A mobile app developer would offer support and help with maintenance even after the contract is over. This would ensure the smooth running of the app and give you satisfied customers.

It is easy to think you can build your app yourself or with your in-house developers however the benefits above show why you need to hire a mobile app developer. Depending on what you want to achieve you may hire an individual developer or a development company.

You would be investing a good sum of money and time to develop your app, do not cut corners. Before hiring these developers check the kind of work they’ve done, who they have worked with, and also customer testimonials. Ensure you take the time to find the best developers or developing companies. By doing this you would be very satisfied with the result.

11 Straightforward Ways to Improve Your Small Business with Technology

The world runs on technology these days. Nothing seems to move forward except it imbibes technology.

Do you want to make an impact in your industry? You will need technology to make this possible.  The strategic use of technology in your business can also give you an edge over competitors. 

You do not have to be a scientist to effectively apply technology to your business and bring about the desired growth. Just reduce the time you spend on frivolous things such as watching TV and spend your valuable time on things that can move the needle in your business.

The information in this write-up is put together to guide you on how to start making use of technology as a tool for business growth. Check below for 11 ways you can boost your small business with technology.

1. Communication can help

One of the many benefits of technology is that it boosts communication.  You can use this benefit to your advantage in that technology enables you to communicate via more easily with potential clients and partners.

For example, you can use some of the best email marketing software to engage your prospective clients.

No need to make the trip anymore since you can simply make the call.  Technology makes communication faster and more qualitative. You can opt for a video call since it enables you to see the other person face to face from your individual remote locations.

2. Boost marketing tactics

Technology, if used properly, can boost your marketing tactics. The traditional marketing strategies do work just fine, but they can never be as effective as the technology—based marketing strategies.

A very good example is social media marketing. A small business such as camper repair service can leverage the power of an effective social media strategy to reach potential customers faster via social media and direct clients to their website.

Technology can equally help you to prepare a business plan even if you do not have much knowledge or experience about it.

In fact, you can build great websites using special technology-based tools even if you have limited knowledge about website building.

3. Social media can be a viable tool

Social media opens up your business faster than ever. It gives you access to so many people from the comfort of your home. 

One of the best ways to harness the incomparable power of social media for business growth is via digital marketing. 

Working with a social media marketing agency enables you to get the words out about your products and services without physically advertising your business.

The internet reaches virtually every corner of the earth. So, things you post on social media can be seen globally.  What is more, you can choose your preferred target audience in social media marketing.

4. Save time via remote workplace

As a small business, you will need to save as much time, effort, and money as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by resorting to a remote workplace.

 A remote workplace enables your employees to work from home and also helps you to connect with them all without meeting at a physical office.  If the employee possessing a particular skill is unable to report at your physical office, such an employee can connect with you via remote workplace platforms.

5. Build a website

You will need a website to tell the world about what you have to offer. So, you should invest in a website if you want to grow your small business faster.

It is not enough to build a website; you must make it responsive and attractive so that the potential clients will be willing to do business with you.  

A functional, responsive website will give your business identity on the World Wide Web. It will also serve as a source of tenable information about your business to anyone searching for such information online.

6. Search engine optimization is essential

It is not enough to build a website, but you must make your website visible. Increased visibility will bring in more clients to patronize your business, leading to faster growth of your brand.

 This can only be possible if you carry out the search engine optimization of your web content.  You may have to hire SEO experts to do this for you if you do not have the required knowledge.

7. Secure your business

While technology can showcase your business to the world faster than the conventional way of doing things, it also has its risks and challenges.

For one, your website may get hacked and this can lead to data loss or theft, as well as, the possibility of financial loss.

 You can curtail this by securing your online business. This can be done by using an encrypted password and creating active firewalls for your website.

8. Cloud storage can help

You do not have to keep all your data stored on your computer; you can move some of the data to the cloud. Cloud storage frees space on your hard disk and can even help your system to run faster.

Additionally, it can make your data and files available if you have to access them outside your office or when you are in a remote location far away from your computer.  This way, you can obtain the necessary information at the tip of your finger.

9. Improve your customer service

Technology can help you to boost the quality of your customer service. One of the best ways to do this is to provide live chat services whereby your existing and potential customers can chat with you and get a response in an instant.

You can equally offer toll-free call service so that your callers will not have to pay for calls.

10. Automate your routine tasks

One other way to boost your small business is to automate tasks.  A good example of tasks you can automate is customer service. Automated messages can provide answers to a good percentage of the questions that customers ask. You can equally automate your social media posts. This way, you can focus on some other aspects of the business.       

11. Video marketing always gets the attention

One other way to get the words out is via video marketing. However, make sure that the videos you create are related to the products and services that you offer.

Search engines can rank your website higher if you have related videos uploaded on the website. You can also upload such videos on your social media platforms.

Bonus tips

Content marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand popularity via technology. You can submit search engine optimized content on your website and popular websites like Ezine.

You can also build backlinks to your website so that you can connect with authority websites. If this is too technical for you, you can simply hire SEO experts to do it for you.       

In addition, it’s very essential that you sleep well, exercise enough and optimize your health so that you can effectively muster the needed positive energy to move your business to the next level. These little things do move a needle. Try them!

How to Upgrade Your PC System Memory

A computer in today’s world needs to have plenty of RAM to handle intricate applications. A computer purchased even a few years ago might need an update to its system memory to perform up to expectations. If you have the opportunity to increase memory capacity, it is worth the investment for most users.

The good news is that computer companies know their customers are more inclined to add additional RAM to their personal computers than ever before. There are ways to complete this task without the assistance of an expert.

What exactly is RAM, and what makes it so important for a computer?

The best way to look at RAM is to compare it to the computer itself. If the CPU is the brain, RAM is the oxygen necessary to keep everything running as it should. A computer needs RAM to ensure that every program runs as smoothly as possible. Most computers are fairly future-proof when  released, but there comes a time when there is not enough RAM to handle as many programs as a user needs to run.

Everyone is guilty of letting too many programs run in the background, but it can wear down the RAM significantly. Instead of constantly having to worry about closing programs and making other sacrifices, upgrading the RAM might be a better way to go instead.

A computer’s RAM is refreshed with each restart, but it doesn’t take long for it to get clogged up once again. As more and more processes are thrown its way, a computer can slow down and not perform the way users would like. This is why it’s so crucial to have the right amount and make necessary adjustments.

The top reasons why it is time for a RAM upgrade

Are you thinking about upgrading the RAM on a computer? Most of the time, there are a few distinct reasons why users will spend the money to make the upgrade.

The operating system needs upgrading

When a brand new operating system is released, it’s the perfect time to upgrade the RAM as well. This is especially true for computers that might be a little bit older because they might not handle the latest release so well in their current form.

Take Windows 10 as an example. If the computer has been running other operating systems in the past, it might not be fully capable of handling all of the features that come with Windows 10 with its current RAM set up. Upgrading the RAM can reduce demand for resources, allowing users to get more use out of their current computer.

Maxing out a new computer

Some users like to make a pretty sound investment with a brand new computer from the very beginning, cutting down the need to upgrade later on. There is usually a maximum amount of RAM that a new computer can take, and buying an aftermarket upgrade is a smart way to go. It is usually cheaper to upgrade the RAM with an aftermarket option instead of adding it to the computer’s price once it is ordered.

Unless the computer does not allow users to add RAM to their setup, it is a smart investment. It is easier to do it from the very beginning if a user can afford it, as it prevents needing to find assistance later on. Not only that, but it can make a brand new computer that much faster.

Performance slowdowns

Computers start to slow down gradually as they handle more and more programs. As a user opens more programs, browsers with more tabs, and several other applications, the computer starts to slow down as well.

If the computer is constantly fighting to perform as it should, updating the RAM could be a great solution.

How easy is it to upgrade RAM?

A user can upgrade the memory on their own if they want to give it a try, as it is much easier to make changes to a computer now than ever before. It is really as simple as removing old RAM modules and replacing them with new RAM once purchased. Shopping for the right RAM that is compatible with a computer is perhaps the toughest part since there are so many options. The RAM slots must be compatible with the computer to work properly, which means the right amount and the right size to fit.

For those who prefer to hire a professional, it shouldn’t cost a lot of money to hire someone. If it seems like too much is being charged for labor, go to another technician and get another quote.

What if a computer with upgraded RAM is still slow?

A computer with upgraded RAM should be able to perform at a pretty high level. However, if a computer is still suffering from slowdown, it might be best to look at some other solutions out there.

One option is to look at certain PC mechanics and utilities out there. System Mechanic® offers tools necessary to upgrade performance . It’s a great way to maximize a computer’s performance overall and is pretty affordable for those on tight budgets.

Also, doing little things such as regularly cleaning your computer, shutting down and restarting every once a while, and more will make a difference. Upgrading RAM is a great fix that so many users have turned to in the past, but other smaller optimizations can make a big difference in performance as well.

Getting the most out of PC System Memory

As much as computers cost, upgrading PC system memory is a pretty affordable solution. It is without question one of those upgrades that can make a true difference in performance, which is why  All it takes is a few days operating with brand new RAM to notice how problems instantly fade away.

3 Tips for Scaling Your Independent Business

As an independent business owner, the very beginning of the road represents a daunting – though, admittedly, exciting – place to be. It is, of course, a tricky route to navigate, and plenty of people will grind to a halt long before they intended to. That said, however, plenty of people will go far beyond that initial horizon and break ground they never imagined themselves breaking.

When you begin to reach that point, and feel as though you have begun to outgrow the original scope of your business, the only option is to invest more of your time and energy into scaling it up to meet with the increasing demands of a rapidly expanding customer base. This is, of course, easier said than done. Even for hardened businesspersons, this period of transition can be tricky to manage – for the relatively new entrepreneur, however, it can seem like a veritable mountain to climb.

There’s no use skirting the issue: any trepidation you may be feeling is not entirely unfounded, and this point of growth will have its trying moments. There are, however, plenty of tools and techniques you can utilize in order to make the process as manageable, fruitful, and rewarding as it ought to be.

Read more below.

1. Utilize Scalable Customer Relationship Management Software

The case remains the same whether your business is at Day 1 or Day 1,000: your customers represent the very lifeblood of your venture, and ensuring that you are doing the very most to attract and retain prospects is integral to your day-to-day operations.

While, in the very beginning, communicating with and attracting new customers via your social media may have been sufficient, a scalable CRM software will prove to be an invaluable tool as you cultivate a more professional and industrious digital presence. Rather than manually collating leads and customers, for instance, you can automate this process and create a manageable workflow that ensures the best results for your business.

From following up on leads and customers to creating invoices, every aspect of maintaining the digital ‘front’ of your business can be streamlined with Customer Relationship Management.

2. Develop a Lasting Relationship with Your Accountant

Unless you’re a devout ‘numbers person’, keeping up with the mounting pressures of bookkeeping and scaling your administrative duties is, to put it mildly, incredibly challenging. And, even if you do dream in digits, the daily To Do list of a business owner is enough to consistently push your business accounting to the bottom of the pile – a fact which can have significant, long-term disadvantages for you and your business.

Accountancy software is incredibly useful, particularly in the early stages, but the mounting complexities inherent to growing businesses often mean that, at times, a ‘human touch’ is highly beneficial.

Keeping your accountant close to hand will take a larger investment, but it will also afford you much more peace of mind and confidence for the future.

3. Don’t Pursue Growth for Growth’s Sake

As your business begins to garner more attention, and you see your monthly sales count rise far beyond its original highpoint, it can be tempting to embrace this change with open arms and commit yourself to a long list of new products or services.

If you are a wedding photographer, for instance, it might be that you sign away more time than you ever have before, and find that every waking hour is suddenly committed to events, editing, creating invoices, and managing new requests and referrals. If you are an artist, you may commit to a much broader portfolio of products, or take on so many commissions that you never get a moment’s break from your craft.

In any instance, it is unsustainable to think that you can commit so many hours to keeping on top of demand. Even if it is something you love doing, a proper work-life balance remains essential.

So, while it is important that the goods or services you offer do get updated over time, this is a process that should be done incrementally – particularly in the early stages before you being to grow a full-time team to help you out.

Final Thoughts

Growing your business is the dream. In all likelihood, this point has been on the horizon since you first set out on the entrepreneurial road – but it is of course normal to feel overwhelmed once the opportunity does arrive. Ensuring that you understand how to manage (and stay on top of) your own development is essential, and taking the time to implement new processes and procedures at every stage cannot be skipped or postponed.

Yes, keeping on top of your customer’s demands should remain at the top of your list of priorities, but the only way to ensure that you will be able to continue doing that indefinitely is to ensure that your business rests on a reliable framework that can grow with you.

The Latest Science Lab Technologies That Will Definitely Impress You

Advanced scientific discoveries have moved far from being fictional. Scientists all over the world are working on impressive technologies to make life easier for everyone. You don’t hear about the latest technologies from science laboratories as easily you hear about the latest celebrity gossip. But here you have it, from the palm-sized tricorders to the million-dollar saving Oxgene Tessa.

1. Tricorders

Lab scientists must have figured out that people would love to diagnose themselves when they created this device. At some point in the past, a tricorder must have been referred to as fiction. Today, scientists in Pasco have made it a possibility. The tricorder is not a massive device. It is compact and easy to hold. Some of the functions of a tricorder are:

  • It diagnoses diseases
  • Shows heart rate
  • Monitors ongoing health
  • Summarises a person’s state of health
  • Detects overall state of health

The tricorders are just the size of the palm and are easy to handle. You can detect several health issues easily via the device. Basil leaf technologies released DxtER, a tricorder that can detect up to 34 health conditions like:

  • stroke
  • tuberculosis
  • pneumonia
  • diabetes

2. Advanced drug development

The pandemic era has seen the development of drugs become much better and faster. The quick discovery of drugs to counter the effect of the novel coronavirus is an impressive feat. There was a development of vaccines for covid19 in less than a year. The urgent need for a counter to the deadly virus has improved drug development. This is an impressive technology that would impact and speed up manufacturing drugs against other diseases. There are newer innovations to the way medical trials are conducted. For instance, virtual clinical trials became rampant during the most challenging stages of the coronavirus.

3. Nanomedicine

If you’ve ever heard that microscopic particles can take medicine to another level, the discussion must have been about nanoparticles. Nanomedicine is one of the medical breakthroughs that used to sound fictional at some point. But nanomedicine is real, and it’s working. Nanomedicine applies the knowledge of nanotechnology where atomic, molecular, or supramolecular particles are the active elements. Some of the aspects of science that have seen a breakthrough with nanomedicine are imaging, sensing, and diagnosis. Nanoparticles can also deliver medical services to ill patients. How?

There’s more research ongoing concerning Nanomedicine. Apparently, there’s still a long way to go. Recently, researchers are working on new ways of utilizing nanomedicine so that nanoparticles can target specific cells in the body. Some pharmaceutical companies have developed nanotech to fight viruses and bacteria.

4. Wearables

For some people, wearables can be considered a pure tech feat. Still, these wearables can also perform amazing scientific functions like measuring a heartbeat and deriving certain health information about its wearer. Wearables are becoming more specific in the medical environment. Rather than being mere fitness trackers, wearables can now monitor a patient’s conditions. For instance, diabetic patients can get wearables to continuously monitor their glucose levels. 

Wearables have become the smart devices of medicine. Without lab scientists, the wearable might not be anywhere to be found.

5. AbCellera Celium

This device has been indispensable in the discovery of weak points and the fight against the deadly coronavirus. Since trying to probe the virus to find possible weak points by hand would be tedious, scientists decided to feed AbCellera Celium with the necessary data. Celium is a data visualization tool that reveals which antibodies will work best in a patient. Without Celium, scientists had to sort through spreadsheets that were extremely difficult to navigate.

6. Seven Bridges GRAF

Who would ever think that any device could discover an accurate and comprehensive genetic variation in humans? This device is a genome analysis machine. That iterates all possible genetic sequences at a given locus. The seven bridges GRAF was first released in 2013. But there’s more work to be done, and scientists seem to be making progress. Considering the magnitude of the science behind this device, it’s an impressive scientific lab research and invention product.

7. Oxygene Tessa

Oxygene Tessa has solved a major problem facing scientists. This challenge involves delivering genetic therapies to patients’ cells. Producing the AAV (Adeno Associated Virus) required comes at a high cost. One dose of the AAV costs millions of dollars and reproducing for the amount a patient needs would be financially impossible. So the solution is to replicate the AAV. However, this meant that the replicates were contaminated by the adenoviruses replicating themselves. To tackle this issue, Oxygene was devised to help replicate the AAVs without contamination. This makes the treatment of patients with the AAV possible and less expensive. 

When challenges come up in the world of science, it’s up to the laboratories to come up with something mind-blowing. Even when the challenges seem impossible, lab scientists almost always come through something to impress the world.

Best Productivity App for Task Management

You definitely need to try nTask. Primarily an online task management software, designed and developed primarily for teams, this tool gives you all the options to live life as productive as it can be.

Loaded with a comprehensive and sophisticated feature set, this free productivity app presents itself with a simplified interface, easily learned and used by homemakers to freelancers and teams to enterprises to get more productive.

nTask is a simple all-in-one task and project management app that provides its users with comprehensive seven natively built modules including tasks, projects, risks, issues, and meeting management.

This means you don’t have to juggle between multiple apps for getting things done hence making you more productive. These modules facilitate the teams to avoid paying for third-party integrations or constant switching between multiple tools for numerous projects and multiple workspaces.

You can keep notes and use it as a simple to-do list app or create an idea or chore as a task. It helps you to create projects and assign multiple tasks to them. This helps you to easily track ideas, monitor task status, and project progress through Gantt charts.

Plus, with resource planning and budget allocation, you can keep your teams productive and project implementation effective throughout the project development cycle.

According to Lucid Agency – an award-winning agency specializing in digital marketing, advertising, and user-focused web & app design, “This is a great option for small development teams that have a need for free bug-tracking or task assignment.”

This top Productivity app also helps you stay in sync with updates and keeps you and your team on track through reminders and alerts.

#1 free productivity apps - nTask

Key Features:

With so many features nTask has to offer, here is a glimpse of its key features:

  • Two-Factor Authentication for extensive security
  • A simple user interface with access to a wide range of modules.
  • Team specific workspaces that can be managed and monitored simultaneously.
  • Create, assign, organize, prioritize and share tasks
  • Create and assign projects
  • Comment on and assign tasks to projects or structure them independently
  • Convert comments to tasks using Slack
  • Select from multiple statuses for a task
  • Extensive project management resources including project reports, Gantt charts, and project timelines to manage and monitor project progress
  • A dedicated timesheets management and time tracking module with the option of creating and managing team-specific sections for employee task efforts and payroll.
  • A detailed meeting management feature to help teams stay in sync. You can arrange and schedule meetings, be it one time or recurring meetings. Plus, it lets you send invites to attendees, add meeting details, and specify follow-up procedures.
  • Issue management module to facilitate the identification and listing down of issues related to multiple tasks. You can list the issue along with the Issue owner and relevant details to track issue maintenance.
  • Risk management helps you identify and keep track of potential risks. You can list down the risk and assign a risk owner in order to track risk management.
  • Powerful search and filter tools that help you search for tasks, projects, meetings, issues, and risks. You can even save more frequently used filters.
  • Alerts, notifications, and reminders to keep teams on track.
  • Third-party access
  • nTask is one of the best iPad Productivity Apps and Best Android Productivity Apps

Pricing Plans:

  • Free and Pro (starting at $1 per month per user with annual billing) plans.


Average User Rating:

Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

Price $2.99

Notable mentions:

  • Skyrocket team productivity with nTask, it’s free! Manage all your tasks, projects, meetings, timesheets and more in one place. Sign up today!

Project Management and Collaboration Tools that You will Definitely Keep Using After Trying

It has already been more than a year since many people across the world left their offices and started working remotely. While employees have struggled since then to establish a ‘working from home’ routine and manage their time well, the executives have pondered a question on how to maintain the same level of productivity and efficiency when there is no direct contact with and between the employers.

In that regard, one of the solutions applied by many small and big companies is the use of project management and collaboration software. In fact, this is a worthy solution not only for remote work but also when you have the whole team in one place. Such software makes the working process easier, enhances productivity, and assists in solving other issues that can be encountered in project planning and implementation. Considering that, we have composed a list of project management and collaboration software, that you will definitely give a go once you try them. 

1. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is a project management and collaboration tool to create a Gantt chart online that helps handle personal as well as team tasks. Thanks to a Gantt diagram view, all the tasks, and their dates are plainly seen on a timeline. With GanttPRO, users have the ability to track responsibilities along with the whole progress. Staff members are always clued-up about the project’s state and also avoid risks and misconceptions in organizing.

Why can GanttPRO be your choice?

Collaboration opportunities in the cloud-based GanttPRO are noteworthy. Project participants can work together in real-time: comment tasks, affix documents, leave summaries to assignments, export their charts in PDF or PNG as well as share them through a public link. With the real-time notifications, project participants will certainly know all changes. In terms of project management functions, this Gantt chart app offers loads of possibilities to manage tasks, resources, costs, and also schedules what makes it outstanding project management and collaboration software.

2. ClickHelp

ClickHelp is a contemporary online documentation software. It’s used by businesses all over the world to create and publish different sorts of documents like manuals, customer guides, help documents, frequently asked questions, and so on.

ClickHelp is easy to use for doc teams. It is browser-based and supports multiple systems: Mac OS, Windows, and also Linux, so you don’t need to set up anything. This makes it easy to create and provide your documentation from any location in the world.

In this online project collaboration and documentation software, you can also work on your documents together with your staff members in one online portal. Absolutely nothing will be missed since notifications will certainly keep everybody from your team updated.

Why can ClickHelp be your choice?

  • Password-protected online assistance.
  • Easy importing and exporting.
  • Effective full-text search.
  • Branding features.
  • And many more.

3. Google Docs

This widely-known web-based project collaboration software needs no introduction. You could not know the applications from the project or time management category. However, if you have ever dealt with records online, it is 100% certain that at least you have heard of Google Docs.

This powerful software allows developing and editing documents any place you are as well as talking and commenting. These incredible collaboration functions make all word-related work a breeze. Google Docs provides lots of templates and add-ons. You just need to log in and that’s it. Everything else you need to do is to enjoy smooth online work with the documents.

Why can Google Docs be your choice?

  • No lost data — everything is immediately saved online.
  • Awesome web link sharing with various accessibility levels.

Rich functionality.

4. Wiredrive

Wiredrive makes media management and collaboration processes smooth and easy to handle. This project collaboration software can become a centralized place where creative teams can keep project-relevant files.

Shared workplaces for tasks and groups enable quick web-based collaboration between project participants: you can review, comment, and track all tasks. On top of that, shared work is encrypted so you do not have to fret about protection concerns.

Why can Wiredrive be your choice?

  • Notifications that keep everyone from a team updated.
  • Powerful search and filtering functions.
  • Presentations in secs.

5. Creativity 365

Even though this software is not as all-purpose as the above-mentioned one, Creativity 365 is a great option for creative industries. It offers Individual, Business, and also Education content production solutions. With the help of this software, groups can quickly collaborate online and implement their concepts across desktop and also mobile devices.

This software consists of 5 applications: Animation desk for producing your own animation, GIFs or storyboards; Write-on for making and editing movies; NoteLedge for taking notes, sketching suggestions or videotaping moments; Markup for making notes of Websites, ePub or PDF files, and sharing them; Pocket Scanner for scanning documentation and digitalizing it.

Why can Creativity 365 be your choice?

  • Great for creative groups.
  • Enormous storage space capacities.
  • Presentation feature.

6. Hightail

Hightail will certainly be your selection if you require working opportunities for file sharing, creative collaboration, as well as task management within your projects.

File sharing possibilities allow for sending out big multimedia data easily. For this, simply select, drag & drop or import your files from other services – Hightail will cover you. Creative online collaboration gives a single space for groups that eliminates miscommunication concerns. With project monitoring features, individuals can gather employees, set up to-do lists for them, discuss tasks, and also appoint follow-ups.

Why can Hightail be your choice?

  • Accessibility codes as well as expiry dates.
  • Lots of file formats accessible for previewing.
  • Data track delivery.
  • Version control.

7. Quip

Quip arranges online collaboration on documents and task lists in a very fluid way as it helps teams work faster and be more productive.

This online document collaboration software serves well for making collective meeting notes as well as handling tasks. Quip will be the place where you as well as your group will keep all documentation to get work done.

Why can Quip be your choice?

  • Opportunities to add project trackers, calendars, as well as numerous other tools right into a Quip document.
  • Combines group conversations, lists, documents, as well as spreadsheets in one place.

Why you should pick the proper construction scheduling software

Construction scheduling software is offered by vendors and refers to various programs that professionals utilize to organize, assign, and even forecast tasks on construction projects. These programs have been around for years and can come in many forms. Some of these forms can be free and simple tools to highly and sophisticated multi-user systems. 

They can also vary significantly in the functionalities. For instance, large construction companies may need solutions that include a construction scheduling software element. Because construction scheduling software  provides precise planning and increases the pace of projects, there are usually cost savings and shorter completion times. This article explains how you can pick the proper construction scheduling software. 

Understanding a construction scheduling software

If you decide to work on anything that appears to be a complex construction project, then you can benefit from using a construction scheduling software. Regardless of whether you intend to do a simple construction project or a large one, you can suffer if the project doesn’t go as planned. 

The schedule and cost overruns usually happen in many construction projects. These miscalculations can increase and even lead to lawsuits, disputes, or arbitration. Unfortunately, the cost of settling these disputes can cost your company tons of money.

There are various causes that contribute to the inaccuracies like scope creep, change orders, and weather. The big culprit is perhaps the slow adoption of digital technology. As a result, project planning that happens between the office and the field can be uncoordinated and people use paper to do it. 

You need to know that behind-schedule projects can create problems for the owners of the construction companies. Worse still, ahead of schedule can also sometimes create some problems since the funds set aside for these projects may not be invested in other projects. This is the reason why you need to use construction scheduling software to manage the timing and sequencing of the work. 

Increasing scheduling demands for residential and commercial projects

Building projects are usually categorized as either commercial or residential. In most cases, commercial construction projects are usually larger than residential projects. These projects can also need many code requirements like wheelchair access and some fire safety measures. These commercial projects include government facilities, office buildings, factories, and retail complexes.

When it comes to residential projects, these can include development of multi-family residences, such as apartments, individual homes, and single-family homes. Therefore, builders can construct commercial projects utilizing steel and concrete while residential projects can usually have wood frames. 

Commercial projects have a more complex and sophisticated infrastructure. They may need escalators, elevators, parking, and many more. As such, there is also a high level of redundancy build into their internal systems.

Hence, commercial construction projects need more expensive equipment and specialized construction professionals. Commercial contractors can subcontract the work more than residential contractors do. 

There is also an inter-dependency in construction, so a delay in one task can affect all subsequent tasks. This is why you need to buy a construction scheduling software that can be useful to you as a project manager or scheduler.