8 Easy Productivity Hacks for Small Businesses

Ever asked yourself why are you so stressed with work? Work efficiency is one of the most crucial components in both small businesses as well as large corporations. As small business owners, you must learn to incorporate different strategies to improve work productivity at work. By managing your employees and their workflow well, you can focus on expanding your business that can boost your overall ROI. Business owners are constantly looking to save time and money, running your own business means being eager to make ends meet through efficiency and ensure healthy morale at work.

In this article, you will learn about 8 productivity hacks that you can implement in your small business which will make working smarter and better.


Before you begin your day, it is important to have a list of tasks that you want to achieve for the day. These tasks can be related to meetings, clients, payments, etc which should be prioritized according to their importance or urgency. So as you are about to begin, arrange or sort your lists into must-do’s, want to do, and will do when convenient. This will help you plan out your day well in advance and look forward to a productive day.

Virtual Receptionist

Answering calls and talking to clients adds a personal touch for small businesses but it can take up a huge portion of your time. With the limited resources at hand, employees may not be able to offer their valuable skills entirely and not waste time doubling as receptionists. Adding a virtual receptionist will improve workflow and employee productivity for small businesses. Another great reason is that it is affordable compared to hiring an in-house receptionist.

Ensure a Healthy Workplace Environment

You may already know this but it can be very effective to improve productivity. A stressful environment at your workplace will yield bad results, disengagement, miscommunication, and less productivity. Creating a healthy working environment will encourage and motivate employees to work harder and smarter. For instance, rewarding your high-performing staff with a raise or provide incentives to those who excel beyond their targets. By doing so, they are likely to work harder which will increase productivity for your day-to-day goals. Maintaining a healthy workplace is staying connected with your employees in celebration times and in grievous times. During this time, drafting an obituary letter may seem challenging. Use this free template for the obituary letter so that you can professionally communicate the right message.

Delegate Work

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner or part of a larger corporation, you must learn to delegate your work. Especially in small businesses, they are limited to a fewer number of employees. It is your job to recognize which tasks or jobs they are better at and let them handle those jobs for you. By doing so, you free up time for yourself to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that the tasks assigned will be completed efficiently.

Mute your Smart Devices

Your gadgets can be a great time waster if they continuously ringing, buzzing, or chiming throughout the day. These notifications can be a distraction that can break your concentration during your work. A simple text can lead you astray for 25-30 mins where you could have finished a task for the day. Social media is another distraction that can leave you aimlessly browsing through your smart device. If you are handling the social platforms of your business, ensure that you are logged out from your personal account during this time to improve productivity.

Don’t Multitask

While most of us have heard that multitasking and juggling through different tasks at once is necessary for your workplace. But if you think about it, multitasking can do you more harm than good as it can cause people to make more mistakes and be more stressed out. Improving productivity does not mean just getting work done anyhow within the time given. But focusing on each task solely will make them more effective and less stressed while completing their tasks for the day.

Communication is Key

The best way to ensure that there is no confusion is to have a clear line of communication. By doing so, every task is completed to its optimum, and encourage your employees to communicate better within the company. It also helps set a clear direction for your employees and what they should expect from you. Clear goals and focus will help you avoid simple mistakes and increase workplace productivity. With the pandemic in effect, it is important to pay close attention to scheduling tasks for your employees. Taking into consideration the mental and physical stress on them during this time and as the owner, you can provide time flexibility for those working from home.

Automate Tasks

There are different free and paid apps available online that are designed to enhance workplace productivity. Businesses are usually fast-paced and keeping up may seem daunting. With the right tools and apps, you can improve workflow and ensure that your daily tasks are accomplished by the end of the day. Time-management apps, organizer apps, social media schedules, self-care apps, and so on are just some of the ways you can increase productivity amongst your employees.

These are just some of the hacks you can use to increase productivity at your workplace.

What to Look for in a Kubernetes Management Solution

Finding a Kubernetes management solution shouldn’t leave you out of sorts or winded from warding off time-wasters on the attack. When you’re trying to deliver applications on time, you need tools to boost company efficiency, not hurt it. To ensure that your Kubernetes system is operating as planned, you should keep your eyes peeled for the following key features in a management tool. 

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a container-based system designed to help the development and scaling of applications. Initially, Google developed Kubernetes. Later on, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation swooped in and assumed responsibility for management. Today, both big and small companies use this infrastructure because of how readily the entire system scales. 

This system works by creating containers, which are vessels for applications and their libraries. Virtual machines riding inside these containers deploy across nodes, which is a network of associated computers. Once they arrive, the container renders the virtual machines needed to carry out the application.

Kubernetes suits the purpose of creating databases and accessing application data. By dispersing the containers across many nodes, the computing power for the whole system gets distributed out, keeping any singular node from overworking. 

Key facets for a Kubernetes management solution

While many Kubernetes management solutions have all sorts of features, there are some key things to consider when choosing a management solution:

Production usability

A management tool needs to suit your production needs if it’s going to be useful. Security, accessibility, and native managerial tools are essential factors in making a management solution worth your time. You should also ensure that your management solution can scale well and keep up with your Kubernetes infrastructure. 


With the trend of multiple cloud solutions at full velocity, many businesses have rejected all-eggs-in-one-basket mentalities and started relying on several cloud vendors to meet their data and storage needs. For those business owners still searching for a management tool that can keep up with day-to-day business operations, this security trend will be crucial as your data needs evolve. 

Ease of use

Managing a cluster of nodes is a challenge in itself. If your management solution introduces another layer of complexity, your team will have a more challenging time keeping the system running well. 

In many cases, data analysis throws administrators for a loop. Luckily, several management solutions offer ways to analyze data natively, letting your admins work more on maintaining the infrastructure. 

Ongoing support and training

Make sure that your Kubernetes management solution comes from a vendor with solid support and training programs. Getting off on the right foot with training will help you launch your solution successfully, while support will ensure solutions as quickly as possible. 

In summary

A Kubernetes management solution should be ready for use at your business, allow you to grow with it, be easy to use, and have ongoing support from the vendor. Extra features sprinkled on top of those spotlighted above are simply frosting and won’t be the most crucial over the long term. 

So, the next time you shop for a management solution, keep these key things in mind to ensure you have the tool you need for the job. 

How AI Development is Taking the World by Storm: Facts and Hacks

In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, it is important to look at AI and to look at how it is affecting and impacting the world. AI can be positive for both individual users and business users alike. Artificial intelligence can be used in lots of settings and scenarios, and the positive effect it can have on businesses of any size is still only just starting to be seen. Adopting and integrating AI may sound like a little bit of an alien concept, but it has been something that has been slowly but surely introduced into several areas over the last few years. So, what can AI bring to your life, how can it positively impact businesses and what effect can it have on the future, and how society function?

Face Recognition for Ease

Fraudsters are operating all the time all over the world, and unfortunately, they are running more sophisticated services and operations all of the time. However, if you try to keep ahead of them and what they are up to, then you should never find yourself on the back foot. Looking at an AI development service could be beneficial to both your business and your customers. If you can create and produce software that for example works on facial recognition, then you might find customer retention just that little bit easier. Giving your customers the best and most up-to-date technology can help you stand out from the crowd and can help you establish a strong foothold in your market.

Within Healthcare

When visiting a hospital or even having a checkup, do you know that AI is potentially pioneering the treatments and procedures you have? As AI can mimic behaviors and functions, it is already involved in treating patients, and in performing complex surgeries. In addition to the physical use of AI software and programs, it can also be used on another level, and this level is to compile and present medical facts, data, and research in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

In Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing is an ever-changing and ever still competitive industry, and one way that manufacturers are looking to gain that competitive edge is to incorporate AI into their processes and operations. Whether software is used to enhance, speed up or streamline manufacturing processes, or it is used to physically create and produce products, the effects can be seen and felt from near and far. From a reduction in the number of jobs created within the manufacturing industry to job cuts, manufacturing is changing and embracing everything that AI has to offer. When manufacturers and producers integrate AI into their daily business operations, they can increase bottom-line figures in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible.

For Customer Service

Customers want the best, and they deserve the best, and when it comes to customer service AI is leading the way. Whether in the form of talking to customers via a telephone or the internet, or serving customers in various customer-facing roles. AI can work efficiently within customer service as it can read human emotions by reacting or displaying emotion.

Whether it is number crunching or aiding customers, AI is firmly integrated and is here to stay. For example, with Spell Model, workflows, frameworks, infrastructure, and datastores are all simply integrated. In the future, it can continue to push forwards and be integrated into even more face-to-face customer service roles, which could be potentially detrimental for the jobs market and job security.

The Future of Jobs

The jobs market and industry as a whole are changing, evolving, and introducing new practices. To stay up to date with AI facts relating to jobs, it is important to monitor the market whenever you get a chance. Seeing first-hand the impact AI will have on businesses and jobs alike means that there are exciting times that lie ahead. There is no doubt that workers and employees will have to upskill to stay relevant and salable in the job market.

AI is most definitely here to stay. While other fads and trends have come and gone, AI has held its place and over time has strengthened its place and foothold within the market. Introducing AI into your business or plans when you get the correct experts on board. Having a professional team behind you, guiding you, and steering you through changing water is positive and is something that you should be looking at if you have not done so already. As AI is versatile in regards to what it can do and in what sector, you must enhance your knowledge and awareness about what benefits it can bring you.

How to Install Mobdro APK on Firestick and Android Devices

Mobdro not working is the shocking tech news roaming on the internet. A disappointing fact for Mobdro users. Streaming apps might stop working due to technical hitches, restart issues or complete shutdown from authorities. It’s a common scenario for thousands of streaming apps on the internet where the piracy war never ends. However, some apps manage to come back in the same version or different, and others don’t make it. For Mobdro APK fans, fate will decide whether it will revive again. The tech world has various Mobdro alternatives, which will provide the same best quality as Mobdro APK and keep you entertained.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is the top best, high quality and popular free live TV streaming app. The app offers a variety of live channels keeping users glued to their screens. Mobdro contains online contents such as:

  • Sports
  • Live TV shows
  • News
  • Documentaries
  • Music
  • Movies

The app is compatible with most streaming devices such as Firestick, PC, Android and IOS devices. The Mobdro app is constantly updated and provide current online content for free. Mobdro users can stream content from UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and more at no cost.

Mobdro is an Android application which works well on Firestick device and Android gadgets. This doesn’t limit the IOS users, as one can maneuver through third-party apps. Firestick is a streaming device with different pre-installed channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Hot Star and more. Apps like Mobdro are commonly side-loaded by people who are seeking solutions for streaming content that is available free on the internet.

Is Mobdro Legal and Safe to Use?

Apps like Mobdro are legal to own and install. Be sure you get the App from the official Mobdro website to ensure that it is free from hacks and viruses. The Mobdro app may give you the ability to view copyright content. You are personally responsible to ensure that you have the rights in your own city, state and country to view the content that you download. In the US, you are generally allowed this right if you have purchased the content and you are viewing it for your personal use (not to publish or share with anyone else). Apps like Mobdro would not exist if there was not a need for the capabilities that the App provides.

Mobdro App VPN and ISP Guide

Free streaming is quite limited if the user takes no caution. It invites legal trouble, especially when copyright policies are tampered with. ISP, government and third-party authorities keep monitoring any online activity taking place. They have the power to enact hefty fines, shutdown or provide warning to users meddling with piracy policy or copyrighted content.

VPN software provides a shield preventing the ISP and government from accessing your internet activities. You can hide identity, location and IP address using a good VPN. There are free and premium VPN services to invest in and avoid legal problems.

Installing Mobdro app on Firestick and Android devices.

Mobdro installation is simple for Android devices compared to IOS gadgets. It requires three steps procedure as follows:

1. Enable unknown sources

  • Open your Firestick device and, using the remote, scroll to the settings section and click “MY Fire TV.”
  • Proceed to the “developer tab” click “apps from unknown sources.”
  • The Firestick device will request you to confirm the action.
  • Press the “turn on” button to continue.

2. Next, download the Mobdro app.

  • Download the Mobdro app on the Firestick or Android device. First, get a downloader app from your web browser or app store.
  • Now install the downloader app and launch it on your device.
  • Select “allow”>”OK” choose browser>search tab>enter Mobdro URL and click “GO” button.
  • Click download to complete the process.

3. Installing Mobdro on Firestick

  • Using the Firestick remote, go to the downloader app and click the home button.
  • Key in the Mobdro URL, download the app and click the install button.
  • Next select done, ensure to delete the file though you can launch Mobdro app.
  • Go to the downloader file and click Mobdro app >select menu tab> click delete.
  • This helps create space on the streaming device.
  • The process is complete, and you can enjoy the streaming services on the Mobdro app.

To ensure safety while streaming from any app, invest in good VPN services. This hides your data from hackers, ISP and the government, giving unlimited streaming fun.

TunesKit AceMovi – An Easy Video Editor to Unleash Your Imagination

Whether you are a fan of videos or if your work depends on it. Having a video editing application whose interface is simple and intuitive makes everything easier.

Videos have been replacing photographs and keep booming at a rapid pace, it is an excellent way to share ideas, projects, memories. So far most video editing programs are very complex and difficult to run, and especially it takes a long time to learn how to use them. Instead with AceMovi, the task becomes simple and fun to carry forward.

What is TunesKit AceMovi?

TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor is a software with which you can easily create high quality videos on Mac and Windows giving you all the freedom you need to unleash your imagination and creativity. It is an easy to use video editing software for YouTubers.

This all-in-one video editor will allow you to add dubbing audio to a video file, add text, images and more to improve the quality of your video. With the help of this robust tool, storytelling will be easy.

Here are some of the features:

  • All-in-one tool to improve your videos.
  • Tons of music, sound effects, texts, transitions and filters.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • You can copy videos with this tool by following a few simple steps.

TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor offers rich basic and advanced editing features to help users make amazing videos. Creators can easily perform some basic edits, such as cutting, cropping, trimming, splitting, adjusting clip speed, or applying some cool effects like filters, transitions, animations, behaviors, split screen, picture in picture, background music, titles and more.

In addition, it also offers a lot of free multimedia resources or templates for users. You can easily use them by simply dragging and dropping in the timeline. In addition, TunesKit AceMovi allows users to choose any output format, device or social platform when they finish editing. You can customize the output parameters accordingly, including quality, resolution, codec, bit rate, sample rate, etc.

How to Edit Videos with AceMovi?

Step 1: Download AceMovi from the official website and install it. Start TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor and start recording your video.

Step 2: Add the media from the timeline and drag some effects by dragging and dropping them to edit.

Step 3: Preview and export to your computer once you are finished.

Discover the incredible resources of the built-in media library

TunesKit AceMovi Video Editor has a massive file library for any project, including videos, images, music tracks and templates, etc. You can choose any asset to create fascinating videos. Currently, it already has thousands of assets and will continue to grow.

Unleash your imagination with keyframing

With this latest introduced feature—keyframing, you’ll have the maximum flexibility to control over your video. By adding keyframes to your video at different time points, you can do animations such as rotate, change scale and position. You can also change the opacity using keyframing to switch the background and mood of your video. To inspire more of your creative mind, you can add an unlimited amount of keyframes to a video clip.

Export and share your video to any platform

After everything is well-adapted, you can now save your video on the local computer or share your story online like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc. It supports various video formats and popular devices including MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, MPG, 3GP, 3GP-2, OGV, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Galaxy series, Huawei, Xbox, PSP, LG TV, etc.


TunesKit AceMovi is a powerful video editing software that can quickly create and enhance any stylish video like social media clips, product training videos and more with a lot of video effects, filters, patterns, etc. It also provides more advanced features such as keyframing and animations. Even if you’re a beginner, you can easily learn how to edit your video in TunesKit AceMovi without going through a long learning curve.


System Support: Mac and Windows

Format support: MP4, M4V, MOV, MKV, MPG, 3GP, 3GP-2, OGV, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Galaxy series, Huawei, Xbox, PSP, LG TV, etc.

Basic Operations: Basic editing functions such as trimming, splitting, rotating, adjusting speed, etc. Record your screen, import your media, drop text, music, transitions, and other effects.

Recording and Advanced Operations: Record video calls, PPT, software, websites, etc. on your computer. Advanced effects to create eye-catching videos like filters, animations, transitions, behaviors, text and audio.

File library: Built-in file library for each project, including videos, images, music tracks, templates, etc.

Real-time preview: Simply preview the video in real time while editing it.

Quick social sharing: Export and share your video on your local computer or online like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.

Custom resolutions: Save the screen with custom resolutions.

Easy to learn: Professional editing skills are not required.

How To Turn Mobile Devices Into A Business Asset

In the early stages of their inception, mobile phones were seen as expensive devices reserved for business executives. To have one, you need to be a company hotshot to have a ‘work phone’ issued to you. It means your inputs are needed anywhere and anytime.

These days, however, mobile devices have become extremely important to everyone, whether part of the workforce or not. With a few clicks of a button, one can get the information they need, communicate with the rest of the world, and purchase several items. 

There are over four billion mobile phone users in the world today, with some owning other portable devices, such as tablets and netbooks. It is no longer surprising why business organizations rely on mobile technology for several business processes. This has changed the way enterprises approach mobile phone use in workplace settings.

14 Ways to Optimize the Power Of Mobile Devices for Your Business

An affordably priced Android phone can do more than just send short messages or calls. With so many applications and software made for mobile use, there’s no shortage of things that you can do outside of your office desk. For this reason, a mobile device has become a viable workspaces extension, allowing employees and businesses to do the following activities that promote growth and productivity:

1. Launch an Online Store  

Thanks to mobile technology and cloud-based applications, a business idea can easily become a reality with the use of a mobile phone. Drop shipping, for instance, can become an additional income source for entrepreneurs who want to start a retail business but cannot afford to spend for a stock inventory and a physical store.      

Because there are so many things that businesses can do online—from launching an e-commerce store, to contacting suppliers and shippers, as well as accepting payments—there’s no need to have physical stocks and store, or purchase costly machines.  

Business analytics and investment database CB Insights discovered that as of 2011, it only took startups to spend GBP£3,200 (USD$4,500) to open a small business. This is only about 1% of the amount needed to launch an enterprise 11 years earlier, which was pegged at GBP£3.3 million (USD$4.6 million).  

Industry estimates further reveal that technology has drastically reduced the time it takes for businesses to go international. From more than three years up until 2008, the figure almost halved to only 22 months for ventures established in 2009 and later. 

2. Use Mobile Devices to Facilitate Flawless Communication and Collaboration

There’s no shortage of useful mobile phone apps that you can use to reach out to your staff, whether in times of emergency, regular and scheduled meetings, or if some of your employees are on the field.

Using mobile devices with a teleconferencing-enabled application, your team can stay in touch to discuss important updates, emergencies, urgent issues, and how to move past these problems (or successes). When it comes to regular meetings, perhaps, the only valid reason for absence is a non-existent Internet connection.   

Not all your staff may be in a good location to receive broadband from their provider. A signal booster may be needed to improve your mobile signal.

Timely communication isn’t the only added-value for these apps. Some types of business software allow the management to track a team member’s productivity and work progress, ensuring that the program goes as planned. If facing snags, a member can flag the issue(s) to the supervisor, who’s expected to provide useful insights or address the issue moving forward.       

3. Improve Sales and Marketing Strategies

With various integrated platforms that work across all mobile devices, it is now easier to improve marketing and sales strategies both online and offline.

  • Promote Search Rankings

Whether a newly-established business or an enterprise that wants to build a stronger brand, every business should tap the power of search engines to increase brand awareness and strengthen its reputation. 

Industry estimates suggest that more than 80% of the buyers turn to search engines to ask about a specific pain point and look for products that could address their issues. Simply put, the majority of the purchasing process starts with an online search—which, most often, is done via the use of mobile devices. Hence, in order to increase your brand’s online visibility, make sure your mobile site loads quickly and that you employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to attract web traffic and increase sales.       

  • Online Marketing

E-commerce and social media platforms all come in mobile-friendly versions. Thus, wherever you may be, you can check your website for performance and assess what makes other websites tick.

Study your competitors’ methods and compare them with your own to see whether your campaign is on the right track or if you need to tweak some methods. Study whether you need to employ paid online advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC). Assess whether your site is user-friendly by using your own mobile device to navigate through it.   

  • Cold Calling Isn’t Dead

If you’ve been a victim of unwanted calls, you know how irritating they can be. With apps such as Drop Cowboy, however, you won’t have to wait for your potential clients to pick up the phone before being able to reach out to them. All you have to do is to record a voicemail message or SMS marketing messages and send them to your client list for a streamlined service.

  • Reach Out To Your Market And Partners Better

Save on printing costs and the environment by reducing hard copies of your brochures, flyers, and product catalogs. When a customer has specific questions about your services and rates, you can reply through a chatbot or send an image of your sales and product information materials via email.

Mobile employees and remote workers who need to get in touch with clients, the different office units, suppliers, and other partners should go and have an app like Progressive Dialer installed on a mobile device. This app is compatible with all mobile devices and, thus, can be used while on the go.                  

  • Using Your Tablet for Client Presentations

Time is money when it comes to business. This means you need to seize every opportunity to drive sales. For instance, if you need to conduct an impromptu sales presentation, you can just plug in your tablet to a power supply and show them to your clients as you discuss the benefits of your products and services. A bigger audience may require you to link your tablet to the projector.    

4. Enhance Customer Service

Customer service is an important business component. While attracting new customers is essential to increase sales, so is retaining current ones. Client acquisition costs five times more than customer retention. Additionally, hiking the latter by 5% also increases business profits by as much as 95%, per research done by global management consulting firm Bain & Company.

Either way, customer service should be a priority for all types of business, and your mobile devices can help you achieve this goal through the following practices:      

  • Streamlining Repair Processes

Mobile phone cameras can be used to take photos of problematic issues and cut through all the bureaucracy involved in repairing specific home appliances and fixtures. Service contractors only need to snap a photo of the spare parts in need of replacement. This photo can then be sent to the team in charge of inventory or purchasing to either find out if it is available in the office or needs to be bought locally. This means the problem will be addressed as soon as possible, leading to happy customers. 

When selling products, a high-resolution camera phone can take nice photos of the items. This helps attract more potential buyers.    

  • Tracking Packages

Courier companies offer tracking services on their website. All you have to do is prepare the package number or code and input it when you’re asked to.     

This comes in handy when your customer asks for assistance in finding out the package’s expected delivery date. Because you can do this with your mobile device, you don’t need to keep the customer waiting before providing a shipping update.      

  • Using QR Codes To Provide Product Information

As part of the barcode family, a QR code is a machine-readable label that contains useful information about a specific product. Apart from a QR scanner, mobile devices can be used to get the information you or your customers need.

Businesses can also use QR codes to print marketing documents and other informative materials or redirect your audience to your website.          

5. Access Business Documents Anytime, Anywhere

These days, document management apps can be downloaded on mobile devices with ease. Once you have any of these apps, you’ll have access to business documents wherever you may be.

Apart from viewing files, some apps have additional features, such as search, edit, print, share, and send functionalities. In some cases, you can even use your mobile device to directly print the document. Still, others have embedded data protection features. This feature allows your mobile employees and in-office staff to share and collaborate to make necessary amendments to documents, such as proposals, quotations, and contracts, as soon as possible. Your staff can also access the inventory files to check whether stocks are available before asking a colleague to file a purchase request.

With this feature available on all mobile devices, some documents no longer need to be printed, signed, and sent back, causing unnecessary delays in business processes. 

6. Make Remote Work Easier

The new normal has required businesses to make remote work arrangements more prevalent. However, this shift to a virtual office is nothing new. In fact, this non-traditional work situation has been around for several years. Prior to the pandemic, offsite workplaces were thought to have increased by as much as 91% over the last decade, according to a survey by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs.

A remote workforce brings a host of benefits for a business. Rental costs, electricity bills, among other business expenses, are expected to drop while increasing overall business productivity.

For seamless virtual operations, mobile devices and a strong Internet connection are must-haves, so are work-related apps, such as a few that were mentioned earlier: document management, time-keeping, and project management. 

7. Provide Work Flexibility To Employees

Employees these days prefer the flexibility of working from home or working anytime and anywhere. Various researches show that there are various contributors to employee satisfaction. Opportunities for career growth and promotion, job security, adequate pay, and close relations with colleagues and bosses, as well as work flexibility, are elements often mentioned.     

If you’re a business looking to retain your top talents, consider providing the benefits earlier mentioned. Work-life balance has become more essential these days as workplace stress levels among employees reached 83% in 2019.

8. Access Data and Business Analytics

Business analytics software can be installed on your phone to check the overall health of your enterprise. Business analytics can either be descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive in nature. 

Depending on the features of the app you downloaded or subscribed to, as a business executive, you’d be able to see which department is the most and least productive and which business units can be streamlined.

In addition, businesses can have an overall view of mobile device use among their employees to determine if the current mobile software or apps are adequate or need to be replaced with a better mobile app. Auditing mobile device and platform use can also help enterprises determine potential security threats and opportunities for cost-saving practices.

How About Mobile Data Security?

Cyber hacking is a prevalent issue globally, and there’s not a day that passes by without at least a few thousand attempts happening. In fact, Web Arx Security has revealed that at least 300,000 websites are hacked daily.

Big companies have often been targeted as they can spend thousands, if not millions of dollars, in costly settlements. For instance, a ride-sharing mobile app fell victim to a data breach in 2016, forcing the company to spend USD$148 million in investigation and settlements.     

For these reasons and more, business data protection and security should equally be given priority as soon as the use of mobile devices for work is allowed.   

The following measures should strictly be implemented to protect and secure business information on your mobile device: 

  • Using a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Avoiding public Wi-Fi use
  • Mobile app or software updates
  • Two or multi-factor authorization for each device
  • Use of strong passwords
  • Device encryption
  • Antivirus application

Businesses should also have a well-thought-out file access system for an added layer of security.  

Closing Thoughts

Mobile devices have become essential business tools, especially with the evolving and more flexible work arrangements. Businesses and individual employees should all be aware of how to optimize mobile device functionalities to keep them going, as well as drive sales and promote business growth, all while keeping data safe and reducing costs.  

Simplifying Digital Transformation at your Small Business

Digital transformation is critical to any business, as it helps them remain competitive in the marketplace and keep up with growing customer demand. Digital transformation allows small businesses to apply the right technology within a limited budget, resulting in a better customer experience and a more efficient enterprise.

If you don’t know how to simplify the digital transformation process for your business, having this article on hand as a guide will help you figure it out. 

Digital Transformation: What Does it Mean? 

The events of 2020-2021 have clearly revealed how important digital transformation is to business success in our rapidly changing society. The outbreak of the pandemic made it clear what features businesses should have to stay on their feet. According to Johnson & Johnson CIO Jim Swanson, “Digital is a loaded word that means many things to many people”. That’s why it’s hard to define digital transformation in today’s world. And yet digital transformation can be described as the integration of digital technologies that can cause changes in the customers’ mindset and provide them with more value.

As consumer expectations increased, the market competition increased as well. For small businesses, staying competitive means embracing digital transformation. Deloitte’s study states that 45% of companies reported a positive impact of digital transformation on business, and they also reported higher net revenue growth. As you can see, financial performance depends on the level of digital transformation tools used by SMBs in their operations. Hence, to thrive in a rapidly changing environment, SMBs should apply digital tools and concepts. 

Why Digital Transformation Matters for SMBs in the Post-Covid-19 Times 

One of the reasons why SMBs need to go digital is that they need to survive. Today, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, a lot of small businesses are experiencing supply chain disruptions that lead to unforeseen outcomes. 

PwC states that 52% of companies plan to cut investments because of COVID-19, while only 9% of companies will make such cuts in the area of digital transformation. That’s why SMBs need to adapt to the ever-changing environment and incorporate the concepts of digital transformation across their businesses. Improving the customer experience is one of the main reasons to digitize your business. The pandemic contributed to the shift in consumer behavior towards online consumption. Under the pandemic, adopting evolving technologies can positively influence customer interactions and help keep SMBs productive. 

Digital Transformation in Action: 5 Key Steps to Make it Simple

Develop a money-saving strategy when going digital

When switching to digital technologies, it is important to simplify the process and make it cheaper and easier. As SMBs cannot invest in digital transformation the way large companies do, a simple analytics tool can help integrate existing technology and therefore save money.

Also, customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the stages of digital transformation resulting in a high-performance business. With CRM, small businesses have a better chance to grow their forces. CRM providers usually offer cloud-based solutions for SMBs, resulting in affordable prices. 

Identify weaknesses in your business and areas needed to be digitized

To go digital, SMBs must first identify business weaknesses. Identifying the areas that need to be digitized will help facilitate seamless collaboration between different business units. Each internal business unit is a small machine that has potential for improvement, while knowing the areas that need improvement will make your digitization more precise. 

As a result, the system will bring all vital business programs into a single engine, allowing small businesses to get one step closer to delivering more value to their customers. Minimizing errors, automation and gradual digitalization will improve company efficiency and be the key to a successful transformation.

Allocate roles and responsibilities among employees

Many employees are not ready to accept the changes related to the digital future of business and oppose the idea of digital transformation. For this reason, the leader of a small or mid-sized business must deal with employees’ fears and doubts. But it’s often the case that business leaders lack the energy to talk to their employees, drive change, and inspire people to innovate. In this case, they can hire a third-party digital transformation specialist or assign digital transformation responsibilities to existing employees. 

And while large enterprises can go this way and find consulting firms to manage digital transformation, small businesses don’t have the budget for such innovation. Instead, they can use simple analytics solutions that allow them to make the transition to digital transformation incrementally.

Empower employees with data and advanced technology

Focusing on cutting-edge technology and tools is one of the most important challenges facing SMB executives:

  • Providing your employees with accurate information and data can help grow your business;
  • Careful research and proper processing of information can positively impact your interactions with customers, employees and partners because it can lead to the satisfaction of all stakeholders;
  • Accurate data combined with advanced technology can help create in-demand products. 

At the same time, data is becoming increasingly complex, making it difficult for small businesses to use it effectively. Simple digital tools are the way to go. They can help you gather useful analytics that you can share with your stakeholders, making decision-making easier. Meanwhile, investing in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies will allow you to leverage a wide range of data in the future, helping to increase the digitalization of your business.

Cooperate with tech partner to be one step ahead of competitors

Small businesses often lack the budget to hire a large digital transformation team. That’s why outsourcing some technical tasks will be an effective option. Executives should look for qualified consultants who have experience with SMB digitalization, as small businesses have their specific challenges and issues that need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Highly specialized experts can help identify areas that will show the best return on investment (ROI), they will present technologies that are right for your business and show how effective they can be for you. In addition, digital consultants can help employees by training them to use innovative technology solutions to digitize your business.

Final Thoughts

Today, in a pandemic environment, many world-class consultants recommend digital transformation as the most important step for every business to stay afloat and succeed in the future. In addition, advanced analytics and simple IT solutions can fit into every small business’ budget. Outsourcing some IT tasks will also help the digital transformation of your business be effective and profitable.

All of this, along with simplifying the digitization process for SMBs, will provide ample opportunity to meet new goals and overcome technological challenges. 

Alexey Kutsenko is the Head of Digital Marketing of DDI Development company. He is experienced in the development of the marketing strategy for companies in different industries. He knows how to do the right marketing and watches all current marketing and industry trends.

Top 3 Methods to Migrate Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

Outlook and Thunderbird are popular email clients used by individuals, professionals, and businesses for email communication. Thunderbird is an open-source email client that stores the mailbox data in MBOX files at a default location. In comparison, Outlook uses the OST and PST file formats to store the mailbox items.

Outlook does not support the MBOX format. Thus, to migrate emails from Thunderbird email client to Outlook, you must convert the Thunderbird MBOX files to PST format using an MBOX to PST converter software.

On the other hand, there are a few manual ways to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. However, they aren’t recommended when you need to migrate the entire mailbox from Thunderbird to Outlook due to their limitations.

Methods to Migrate Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

We’ve discussed below the top three methods to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook.

1. Use MBOX to PST Converter Software

An MBOX to PST converter software, such as Stellar Converter for MBOX, is the most reliable way to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook with 100% consistency and without any risk of data loss.

It not only helps you migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook but also other mail items, such as contacts, attachments, calendar, journals, notes, contacts, etc.

The steps are as follows:

• Download and install Stellar Converter for MBOX on your system where Thunderbird is installed. You may also install the software on ‘other’ system, but you will need to transfer the MBOX files from the default location to the system.

• After installation, launch the software and select Thunderbird from the options.

Choose MBOX Client

• Click on ‘Select Identity’ to choose the folder containing Thunderbird MBOX files. The default path is C:/Users/YourProfileName/%AppData%\Thunderbird\

Or you can select individual MBOX files using the ‘Select File’ button.

Select and browse IDentity Fodler that conatisn MBOX fiels


• After selecting the MBOX file or Identity folder, click ‘Convert.

• After scan and conversion, the software displays a three-pane preview window. You can click on any email to see its preview and verify it before migrating it to Outlook. This also helps you filter out emails that aren’t required.

Preview MBOX mail items

• Select the required emails you want to migrate from Thunderbird to Outlook and click the ‘Save Converted File’ button under the ‘Home’ menu.

• From the Save As options, choose New PST and click ‘Next.

Choose Format as PST

• Click ‘Browse’ to select a location where you want to save the converted Thunderbird MBOX emails in PST format and then click ‘Save.

Browse save location to save PST file


The software will save the Thunderbird emails in PST format. Now you can import the PST file into your Outlook profile via Outlook Import/Export Wizard in Windows or Mac and complete the email migration from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Import PST on Outlook for Windows




2. Drag and Drop Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook

Although this is one of the easiest methods to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook, it requires more time and is only recommended when you need to transfer a few emails. The steps are as follows:

1.Open Thunderbird and create a ‘New Folder’ on the Desktop or any other location.
2.Select the emails you want to migrate from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. Use the Shift or CTRL key to select multiple emails at a time.
3.Then drag and drop the emails to the ‘New Folder.’

Save Thudnerbird mails as EML files and export them to Outlook

4.This saves the emails in EML format, which you can open in Outlook or drag and drop them to Outlook email folder.

Drag and drop Thunderbird email files to Outlook folder


 The migrated emails open in a new window in Outlook when you double-click.
 If you try to transfer multiple emails at once with this drag and drop method, it can cause Outlook to crash, leading to Outlook data file corruption.
 You need to manually create new folders in the Outlook profile to ensure folder hierarchy.
 Emails or attachments transferred or migrated may fail to open.
 Requires significant efforts and time when you need to transfer hundreds or thousands of emails from Thunderbird to Outlook.

3. Migrate Thunderbird Emails to Outlook via Gmail (IMAP) Account

This method is recommended when you need to migrate multiple emails from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. However, you need to enable the IMAP settings in your Gmail account. The steps are as follows:

• Add a new Gmail account in Thunderbird and add the same Gmail account in MS Outlook.

Sign in using Gmail account to thunderbird

Add an email account to Outlook - Office Support

• In Thunderbird, select the emails or email folders you want to migrate to Outlook and then drop them to the Gmail Inbox folder or create a new one and then drop the emails.

Drag and drop thunderbird email boxes to Gmail IMAP account

• Copy all the emails you want to migrate to Outlook using the above step and then wait for Gmail to sync the emails. This can take a while, based on your internet speed.

• Now on your Outlook, refresh the Outlook window. You will see the Gmail folder containing the Thunderbird emails.

• You can now drag and drop those emails or the complete email folder from Gmail to your Outlook profile.

This will migrate emails from Thunderbird profile to Outlook profile.


 Not all attachments are migrated as Gmail limits attachments.
 It is time-consuming as the emails synchronize from Thunderbird to the Gmail server and then again to your Outlook profile.
 Migrated emails may not open and you may not find all emails.
 Folder hierarchy is lost.
 Gmail offers limited storage and, thus, not suitable when your mailbox is large.

To Wrap Up

Although manual methods can help you migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook, you should use them only when migrating a few emails. However, you can overcome the limitations of manual methods by using Stellar Converter for MBOX software. It keeps the original folder hierarchy and tree structure intact and helps migrate unlimited Thunderbird emails to Outlook, along with all attachments, with complete precision. So, if you are looking to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Outlook, use MBOX to PST converter tool as explained in the first method. The software’s Technician version also allows you to directly migrate emails from Thunderbird to Office 365 (Outlook 365).


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Step by Step Guide to use Stellar Converter for OST

OST is an Outlook data file created by Outlook when you set up or configure Exchange server account and enable the Offline mode (Cached Exchange Mode). The OST file stores mailbox items, such as emails, contacts, attachments, notes, journals, etc. It allows user to access their Outlook emails and do certain changes, even when the system is offline.

The changes are later synchronized with the mailbox on the server as soon as the system connects to the internet. This provides a seamless and lag-free user experience. Also, the OST file is encrypted with MAPIEntry GUID key and hence, requires authorization from the MAPI profile to access the emails and other data.

Thus, an OST file and its content cannot be opened, accessed, or imported into any other Outlook profile. Furthermore, if your MAPI profile is deleted or disabled from the Exchange server, you cannot access your emails stored in the OST file as authorization fails. Such OST files are referred to as orphaned OSTs.

Other issues, such as synchronization failure or errors caused by Exchange database dismount or server failure, could lead to a permanently inaccessible OST file as Outlook fails to reconnect to the Exchange server.

In such cases, a third-party OST to PST converter software, such as Stellar Converter for OST, comes in handy. The software converts encrypted, inaccessible, and orphaned OST files of any size to PST with 100% integrity and precision.

It can also export the mailbox items, such as emails, attachments, contacts, notes, tasks, journals, etc., from an OST file directly to a live Exchange Server mailbox or Office 365. So let us have a quick look at the software, its features, and how you can use it to recover your emails from OST files.

Stellar Converter for OST- An Overview

Stellar Converter for OST is a powerful OST to PST converter software to convert, backup, and migrate mailbox items from large, inaccessible, encrypted, or orphaned Outlook OST files to another Outlook profile on Windows or Mac.

The software extracts and converts all mailbox items, such as emails, attachments, contacts, messages, journals, notes, etc., from OST file to Outlook importable PST format. The folder hierarchy and structure remain intact after conversion. It also recovers lost or accidentally deleted emails from the OST file during conversion.

In addition to PST, you can also convert and export the mail items from OST files to EML, MSG, PDF, RTF, and HTML formats. It supports MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and Office 365. It can convert OST files created by any Outlook version.

The software is available in two editions:

1.Stellar Converter for OST – Corporate Edition

The Corporate version allows you to convert and save or export up to 5 mailboxes to PST. It previews unlimited mailbox items and provides other saving options, such as PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, and PDF.

2.Stellar Converter for OST – Technician Edition

In addition to all the features available in the Corporate edition, the Technician edition offers some advanced OST conversion options, such as:

 Batch conversion to convert multiple OST files to corresponding PSTs simultaneously
 Compacts and splits large PSTs based on date, size, or email address to safeguard resultant PST from corruption caused by oversize
 Exports OST directly to Office 365 and live Exchange
 Exports OST mailbox data to an existing Outlook profile
 Exports all contacts in CSV file format

Both editions are available as Demo versions that you can download to evaluate the software performance. The demo version allows you to scan and preview OST mailbox items for free. You can also convert and export up to 20 items per folder to PST format. To save all OST mailbox items, you must activate the software using a valid activation key.

How to Use Stellar Converter for OST?

Stellar Converter for OST is an easy-to-use software with intuitive GUI. Any user can convert the OST to PST file format in a few clicks. However, it does require MS Outlook installed on the system that meets the following minimum system requirements:

 Processor: Intel-compatible x86 or x64 Processor
 Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 OS
 Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB Recommended)
 Storage: 250 MB storage space on HDD or SSD

The steps to convert OST by using the software are as follows:

1.Install and launch Stellar Converter for OST and click ‘Browse’ to choose the OST file. You may also use the ‘Find’ button to locate the OST file if the location is unknown.
Outlook repair

2.Click ‘Convert’ to start the scan and extract the mail items from the OST file.
Outlook repair

3.The software displays an enhanced preview in a three-pane window, including deleted mail items in ‘Red.’
Outlook repair

4.Select the mail items and email folders from the left pane you want to convert and then click on ‘Save Converted File.
5.From the ‘Save as’ dialog box, choose the desired format, such as PST. Then click ‘Browse’ and select a save location.
Outlook repair

In Technician Edition, you have more saving options, such as MBOX, DBX, Export to Live Exchange Server, Office 365, or existing Outlook profiles. Further, you can choose to save PST normally or compact or split/filter and save the PST file.

Outlook repair

6.Click ‘OK’ to save the OST mailbox items to PST. Similarly, you can choose MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, PDF, DBX, or MBOX format and select a destination to save individual or multiple emails.

To export OST to Office 365 or live Exchange, you need to enter the user credentials, such as user ID and password.

To save OST mail items to an existing profile, select ‘Export to Existing Outlook Profile’ and choose an existing profile from the option.


Compared to various OST to PST converter software available in the market, Stellar Converter for OST stands out due to its intuitive user interface, ease-of-use, and performance.

To learn more about the performance of Stellar Converter for OST, check out this OST benchmark study report. The study was done in collaboration with Lisa Hendrickson – a solutions consultant and industry expert for Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange.

It provides a more insightful view of various OST to PST converter software performance on parameters, such as speed, consistency, precision, and completeness.

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Average User Rating:
Average rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 2040 reviews.
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Mobile apps that save you from missing your PC

A PC is arguably the most important gadget anyone can have in the 21st century as it makes computation easier and can serve as a combination of other devices. Its usefulness surpasses almost every other electronic gadget and its capacity to multitask makes it quite a compelling gadget to possess. While the computer system has gone through significant improvements and modifications such that it can be so small in size that it can easily fit into a sling bag; there may yet be situations where the individual may be forced to be away from his/her PC system.

The most important apps on a PC tend to be the ones that have to do with accessing the internet, preparing word documents, playing audiovisual documents and games. Interestingly some of the most popular PC apps have been modulated into mobile versions; either it is the most sophisticated task manager software or just merely a gaming app that can be accessed via Smartphones thereby ensuring you don’t miss out on the fun even while you are away from your PC. Here are some mobile Apps that Performs similar Functions to PC Apps

WPS Word

Is an office software that can handle most if not all the functions that are obtainable on the Microsoft word PC version. The app allows the user to create and edit documents. It can also be used to prepare PowerPoint slides so that you can get to meet up with preparing the slides for your official engagements even while on the move. The app can also be used to view PDF files so you do not need to separately download PDF viewer. There may be other apps that can offer similar functions to this app, you are not likely to find a more robust Office suite like this app. However, it may take a while to get used to this app, especially the android version as it offers little variation from the PC version. 

Google Chrome

Is one of the most easily recognizable web browsers on a PC. This app is also available on mobile phones. This app helps to bridge the gap between the experience of browsing on a mobile phone and a PC. For instance, websites tend to display differently on a mobile phone than on a PC, but with this app, the browser can be set to desktop mode which then allows the phone to display the page as if it were viewed via a PC. So when out on an important trip like a hiking trip where you don’t want to pack a lot of stuff, you can simply access the web via your mobile Google Chrome. 

VLC Media Player

This app is an open-source multimedia player which can play most multimedia file formats and it is available on android and iOS platforms and other platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Unix. In a generation with diverse multimedia technologies, the capacity to play different media formats is a major attribute of a PC and it is apps like VLC that make this possible.  Essentially VLC satisfies the need for accessibility for different media formats and its android version functions in a similar way. Therefore if you are away from your PC, you can get to capture precious moments on your phone and send them to loved ones and they can get to play the video with their VLC player.  

Mail Apps

Email is one of the most common ways of exchanging official correspondence in the 21st century. While away from your computer you can still send and receive emails from the convenience of your mobile phone. All you need is to download the android app of your email platform to your Smartphone and with internet access, you can continue to send and receive official correspondence on the go. 

 The gap between a PC and a mobile phone is so small. Apart from the development of mobile app versions of PC apps, there is another way of synthesizing mobile and PC apps. For instance, the use of an app like Bluestack which is an emulator software can allow the android apps to be operated on the system. It doesn’t matter whether you will be away from your PC for a few hours or even for a few days, weeks, or months, with the right apps on your mobile, you will be performing most of the tasks and functions you are hitherto used to doing on your PC. All you will need to do is ensure that your phone has enough RAM and ROM space to power these apps to prevent the phone from lagging.