Review: Cisdem PDFMaster, Fun Ways to Make PDF Editable    

PDF, short for Portable Document Format, is designed to display printed materials clearly in electronic form. Due to its stability and compatibility, PDF is independent of the device you’re running on and can always keep the original format and layout accurately. Therefore, it is the most universally accepted file format for presenting, viewing, printing and sharing something. But beyond viewing PDF files, how can you make edits and add hyperlinks to PDF? This article will show you several fun ways to make PDF editable with Cisdem PDFMaster.

Introduce: What Is Cisdem PDFMaster?

Cisdem PDFMaster is a full-fledged PDF editor that offers abundant editing tools to handle PDF files in one stop. It provides advanced features like editing current texts, converting scanned PDF to editable files, inserting annotations, making interactive forms, marking for redaction and decrypting PDF files.

All these powerful tools are built in a visually-pleasing and intuitive interface. Even you are a novice, you can master this software with a short curve of learning. Now, let’s explore what we can do with PDF files using this software.

How Does Cisdem PDFMaster Help you Make PDF Editable with Fun

• AI Refining Your PDF Content

The essence of a document lies in its content. No matter how gorgeous the appearance is, the dull content will discourage readers to further explore.

Cisdem PDFMaster comes with AI functionality that helps you refine and rewrite the PDF document, so you can rest assured that your PDF is error free, well-organized and readily comprehensible.

• Add Annotations for Easy Communication

When viewing verbose or professional articles, adding some necessary annotations will help you explain difficulties in detail and draw out the key points clearly. PDFMaster provides a variety of annotation tools to highlight, underline and strike through the text, enabling you to markup the text differently as per your preference. It has found its way in other aspects as well, like adding drawings, shapes, notes, etc.

• Make Your PDF Interactive

An interactive PDF is a PDF document that contains a variety of media elements, such as hyperlinks, clickable buttons, file attachments, fillable form fields, images, audios and videos. Through incorporating those rich content, the PDF document will make readers feel more engaged and encourage them to explore it further willingly. Additionally, it is an efficient way to navigate you to jump to another page in the PDF file or an external website.

• Customize PDF Background and Watermark

A nice-looking background added to a PDF can give the viewers visual appeals. It will look interesting and attract people’s attention when making a presentation. The background can be either a solid color or an image regarding the content of the PDF. Meanwhile, a customized watermark or stamp can effectively prevent PDF content from being forwarded and copied without permission.

• Create Outline and Bookmark

For PDF files with a large number of pages, an outline can help readers make sense the main idea quickly. Plus, it makes readers accessible to any desired chapter and part in a snap. Adding bookmarks while reading enables you to access to the needed pages directly for the next time.

• Turn PDF into HTML or Others

A PDF file containing lots of images will always be large in size. Through converting it to HTML format, the file can be shared via a link, avoiding file download and reducing the storage footprint. Also, you can turn PDF into other various file formats, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, so that you can import the exported file to MS Office for deeper edits. If you want to edit scanned files, this should be the most feasible way.

• Make PDF Signable for Somebody Else

Some documents such as contracts may require a signature from somebody else. Creating a signable PDF will greatly boost work efficiency. The recipient can easily add his/her electronic signature in the prepared signature field and send the signed PDF back to the sender. Furthermore, it ensures the identity of the signer and prohibits the file from being tampered with by adding a digital signature.

Final Words: Is It Difficult to Make a PDF Editable?

It seems tricky to perform advanced operations on PDF files without an assistant. Thankfully, a professional PDF editor named Cisdem PDFMaster came out. It is designed to handle PDF files effortlessly with a full set of tools offered. All aforementioned ideas to handle PDF files can be accomplished well utilizing it. Better still, it is waiting for you to explore more creative ways to work with PDF files.

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