5 Online Apps for Increasing Productivity

In this article, we selected five online tools for you, which will help you focus on tasks, correctly distribute your time, and plan your workload.  

1. Clockify

To be productive, you need the proper division of time. Clockify is a convenient time tracker, which works by the Pomodoro method – 25-springs drawn at intervals of 5 minutes. Every four sprints, you have to make a big break for half a minute. However, you can adjust the duration of the sprints and intervals to yourself.  

Clockify tells you when it’s time to rest and when to get to work, allowing you to maintain an efficient pace, fight procrastination and avoid overcommitment. Also, if you give the sprints task names, you know exactly how much time you spent on this or that task. It’s useful for every writing service, which provides an essay writer for you to get more work done.

Clockify works on different operating systems: macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. There is also an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox.  

2. Forest

With Forest, you can concentrate on your work, studies, reading, and rest without being “bogged down” on your smartphone or soft pleasure sites. It works this way: you grow “productivity forest,” where trees are short tasks (10-20 twins), and the trees – three-long (from 25 twins). So Forest also works according to the principle of Pomodoro technology. 

To grow a tree or a couch, you must not log out of the add-on on a mobile device or enter the forbidden sites (which you have banned, for example – social networks or YouTube) from the desktop. Soon you will lose focus and will be lost – the plant will die. You’ll get points for completing the task, and for 2500 points, you can plant a real tree – the Forest developers sponsor the planting of trees by the Trees for the Future organization. So, you can not just become productive but also help nature right from the workplace.

3. Notion

The need to immediately switch to a new work program reduces our concentration. To maintain focus, you can try to do everything in one place – write texts, set tasks, plan the day, and make a budget. Such a versatile workspace is Notion. The program combines the functions of writing text (like Google Docs or Evernote), planning projects and tasks (like in Trello or Asana), creating tables and databases.  

The service works in browsers, and there are also applications for iOS and Android. Many Notion users note that there is so much functionality that it is hard to decide how to use it first. A handy minimalistic design and tutorials help to orient yourself. 

4. Todoist

Todoist is a handy tool for creating task lists. With the device’s help, you can organize daily work – arrange plans, and divide the job into a team. In Todoist, you can set up a daily repetition of tasks, and you can use it not only for work but also for planning household chores or leisure activities. 

Todoist works in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers are available for MacOS, Windows, mobile versions for iOS, Android, and even smartphones. On the Todoist website, you can find many list templates for different types of tasks, and on the official YouTube channel – tips for starting to work with the service. 

5. Evernote

Evernote is an online notepad with extended functions. If you like to write everything down but have already become bogged down in folders and tablets, the service will help you record more efficiently. In Evernote, you can create your tags for sorting and searching for information, make notes, create checklists, add notes or media files. 

Evernote works in browsers and is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Evernote’s advantage is its minimalistic interface. 

Productivity is not limited to digital tools because only additional tools (though very handy and helpful). Look for productivity techniques that work for you, test and customize your services, plan your time correctly, and don’t forget to relax.

Top Ways to Secure Your Data on the Cloud

In the modern age, the ways in which people store their data are heavily based on cloud computing. In fact, finding a company that doesn’t use clouds in one way or another is incredibly hard. Of course, all this is for plenty of good reasons, as cloud computing offers possibilities that were unimaginable even a bit more than a decade ago. The amount of data that can be stored by using a cloud easily beats any hard disk out there, both by performance and by price. Additionally, having your data off-site allows you to protect it more efficiently from any on-site issues. Now, cloud computing, like everything else, doesn’t come without its disadvantages. 

The main thing that people are worried about when using clouds is security. Of course, cloud providers do everything in their capabilities to enforce safety. But, having your data exposed in a server that can technically be tracked down can be a reason for some to opt-out of using clouds. Now, there is good news if you are personally conflicted on whether you should or shouldn’t use clouds because of security skepticism. There are a lot of things that you can do to boost how secure your data is on the cloud, and if you know what to do, your worries can be reduced exponentially. If you want to learn more, in this article, you will find all that you need to know about the top ways in which you can ensure that your data on the cloud is secured.

Focus on the encryption that your cloud service uses

When it comes to data safety, no factor is more important than encryption. If you’re not familiar with the term, encryption is the process in which the information is encoded in a way that makes it hard to decrypt it. This basically means that the stronger the encryption that your cloud service uses, the better the protection of your data on the cloud. So, always make sure that you do your research on the type of encryption of your cloud service. Additionally, it would be best that you avoid those services that offer no encryption of your data.

Third-party encryption

If you want to ensure that your data is protected to the extent that your cloud service doesn’t offer – there is a way to do so. Basically, you can utilize a third-party cloud security platform that will make sure that your data is as protected as possible. There are platforms that can offer you encryption of your data, separately from the services that your cloud service offers. This way, you ensure that your data is encrypted to the extent that barely any cloud services offer. 

Always opt for two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication might seem like an unnecessary hassle to some – but it truly boosts your online security exponentially. When it comes to passwords, they, of course, play an important role in how secure your files are. The thing is, passwords can be decrypted, given that the person trying to do so is persistent and skillful. Of course, this isn’t easy to do, to begin with – but it can be done. On the other hand, if you use two-factor authentication, you are lowering the chance of someone accessing your data. This is especially true if the two-factor authentication includes sending an SMS to your phone.

Don’t take password strength lightly

The fact that passwords can be decrypted has been mentioned previously, but let’s see how you can lower the chance of that happening. Many people aren’t aware of the importance of password strength. That is why they opt to use simple passwords that they can remember easily. The thing is the simpler your password, the higher the possibility of it being used against them. The same goes for those that use the same password on many different websites. So, next time you create a password – make sure to make it as undecipherable as you possibly can.

Only use trustworthy WiFi networks

When uploading your data onto the cloud, as well as accessing it – make sure that you never do so through a public WiFi network. Public WiFi networks are oftentimes way easier to hack into due to low encryption and high accessibility. This is exactly why a large number of hackers find their victims on those exact networks. All this is why it is incredibly important that you never use a public network when working with data that is on the cloud. 

Always read the user agreement fully

Reading user agreements is something that many of us skip as we deem this process unimportant. While this might be true for the majority of instances, it is not always the case. In fact, whenever you’re handling something that has security at stake – reading the user agreement is imperative. 

When signing up for cloud services, you want to make sure that you understand the vital parameters of how it protects your data. In some instances, by reading the agreement, you can run into the part that says that you’re giving them permission to sell and/or use your data. Of course, if you want to boost security, you want to avoid this. All in all – never sign up to cloud services if you don’t fully understand every clause in the user agreement. The same goes for reading and understanding any updates in your cloud services’ privacy policies.

Think twice before uploading sensitive information

Lastly, let’s finish this article by tackling how you should approach sensitive information and clouds. In general, you want to avoid uploading anything that can be used against you on the cloud. So, your personal data, and anything that can, if exploited, compromise your safety. Surely, you decide what you want to upload, but just be aware that some data should be kept safe the old traditional way.

Finally, it is important to understand that while our options for pretty much anything are lined up for us – we still must do our part. Optimizing security in the era where everything is online should be everyones’ top priority. As you’ve been able to see, there are a lot of ways in which you can do your part, most of them not even being that complicated. So, instead of opting out of different new and modern ways in which we can optimize whatever it is that we’re doing, informing ourselves should be the first step. Embrace the positives and tackle the negatives head-on – and you will get the best of both worlds!

Signs You Need To Buy More Computer Memory

Memory is vital for the computer because it is the component used to store data temporarily in order to allow really fast access. RAM is the most common memory type used in computers these days. It means random access memory and is formed out of chips that are mounted on long strips. The strips are dual inline memory modules, which is what we refer to when saying the acronym DIMM.

RAM is attached to the computer’s motherboard. It is very easy to remove and swap so upgrades can be done quite fast whenever needed. The problem though is that most people do not even know that they can install more RAM. And in some situations, this is one of the best tech tips you could receive since more RAM could drastically improve performance.

In order to help you make a very good choice, let’s think about situations in which you want to seriously consider adding more RAM.

Programs Load Very Slowly

Modern computers respond almost instantly as you click the icon that launches software. As a result, when you notice delays of over 2 seconds, there is a pretty good possibility that upgrading RAM can help. This is especially the case when you have an SSD installed, which is designed to help open programs fast. When software does not load fast and you have SSD, the culprit is most likely having too little RAM.

The Computer Uses Most Of The RAM

When you receive memory error messages or you see that the computer consistently uses over 80% of your RAM memory, it is time to add more.

You can easily check how much RAM is used on your computer at any point in time. In Windows, you use Task Manager. On a MAC, you use Activity Monitor. When your computer uses Linux, you have to go to the terminal and type “vmstat”.

When you run more programs at the exact same time, more memory is utilized. That is why you need to perform this test as you load the operating system. This gives you base usage levels. When base usage levels are naturally high, you also might want to install more RAM.

You Cannot Run Many Programs At Once

The situation in which this does not matter is when you use software that is very resource-heavy. Examples of this can be given in graphical suits and animation programs. If this is not the case and you cannot run several software programs at once, without performance losses, it is time to add more RAM.

As an example, let’s say you run Microsoft Word, your web browser, and an MP3 player program at the same time. If you cannot do this without lag or performance issues, the computer runs out of the memory it needs.

Final Thoughts

Remember that adding more RAM is very easy. However, you can only go as high as a specific limit. This is why you have to know as much as possible about the hardware part of your computer. Whenever there is something you do not know, like if it is normal for your PC to react in a specific way with your configuration, look for the information online. You will find it.

What is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

According to the latest statistics, 59.17% of mobile users in the USA choose iOS devices while 40.54% prefer Android. Business owners who want to launch mobile apps should decide how to meet the needs of both groups. Should they go for native development and build two separate apps but spend a lot of time and money on it? Or should they start with cheaper and less time-consuming cross-platform application development to build one app that will run on both platforms?

While both approaches are popular among business owners and developers, we want to shed light on cross-platform application development and its peculiarities in this post. But for a better understanding of available opportunities, let’s start with a comparison of native and cross-platform development approaches.

What is cross-platform development and how does it differ from the native one?

Native app development implies building a new app for every platform. It means that if you want to build an application that will run on both iOS and Android, you’ll have to build two different apps. Consequently, you’ll need to look for two different development teams. One of them should have expertise in Objective-C for iOS development and another should have deep technical skills in Java to build an Android app.

Business owners might opt for building native apps when their goal is to provide users with superior performance. Aimed at a specific platform, native apps work flawlessly and boast a unique design. They could be a perfect option for any business that builds mobile apps but there are two drawbacks: long development time and high cost. That’s why more and more businesses, especially startups, opt for cross-platform development.

Cross-platform development allows for building one app that will run on both platforms, in one go. Let’s have a detailed look at the benefits and limitations of cross-platform app development in the following sections.

Benefits of cross-platform development

App developers, for years, have been trying to employ ways to cut don development costs. Integrating APIs in mobile app development is the best way to cut down costs and substantially reduce the development time. Cross-platform application development has a number of advantages that make it a preferable option for numerous businesses. Let’s cover them one by one.

Ability to reach more users

By building a cross-platform app, you can kill two birds with one stone, especially if your target audience equally uses Android and iOS. Even if your potential customers prefer one platform over another, creating an app that can perform on both platforms is a sensible decision that will yield great results in the future.

Cheaper development and easier maintenance

Although the word “cheap” isn’t really applicable to software development, building a cross-platform app doesn’t cost as much as building a native app. The cost is lower because an application is built with identical technology and developers reuse the source code. As a result, deployment, maintenance, and updates are also easier to perform on apps with a common code.

Faster development

We have already mentioned that cross-platform application development implies less work than native app development. A common source code helps to cut down up to 80% of development efforts. As a result, business owners can significantly reduce time to market.

Uniform design

App design that reflects identically on any platform adds to user experience. Whatever operating system app users want to use – iOS or Android – they won’t be confused by discrepancies in two versions.

The above mentioned points can become key factors when business owners need to choose between native and cross-platform app development. But to make an informed decision, you should also be aware of the drawbacks of cross-platform software. We’ll have a look at them in the next section.

Limitations of cross-platform applications

One of the most critical limitations that is often mentioned in relation to cross-platform apps is their performance. While native applications boast flawless performance, cross-platform ones can be somewhat slower and inconsistent. It happens because some cross-platform components don’t comply with native ones.

Imperfect performance can become a reason for poor user experience and result in lower customer satisfaction. But to notice inconsistencies in app performance, users should be either developers themselves or use apps with very complicated functionality. In case with simple or mid-complexity applications, user experience doesn’t suffer much.

One more issue that can arise during cross-platform development is a complicated design process. To make an app adequately reflect on both iOS and Android platforms, designers and developers need to think through every detail, from functionality to buttons, to make sure an app will work consistently no matter the platform. However, by taking more effort to create a high-quality design on the development stage, you’ll save time on its maintenance in the future. Thus, such investment in design is quite reasonable.   

Taking into account all the benefits and limitations of cross-platform app development, one can conclude that it’s a great option if:

  • you’re a startup owner and have a limited budget
  • you want to check the viability of your idea
  • you need to launch your app as soon as possible to outrun your competitors

Later on, when you launch your cross-platform app, gather feedback from customers, and manage to attract investors, you can develop native applications to improve quality. 

Top frameworks for cross-platform development

If you decide to build a cross-platform app, you’ll have a choice of frameworks for your application. While your development team will advise on the framework that will best meet your business needs and requirements, we offer you to quickly get acquainted with popular frameworks used to build cross-platform apps. 

React Native

React Native is the most popular framework for cross-platform application development for several years already. Launched in 2015, it’s still used all around the world to build hybrid apps.

Benefits of React Native

  • The framework allows for reducing development time dramatically thanks to the ability to reuse up to 80% of a source code.
  • It’s possible to preview the results of the development process immediately. With the Hot Reloading feature, developers can see the newest changes in a matter of seconds.
  • React Native provides almost native UI so that users don’t see the difference between native and hybrid applications.
  • React Native is based on JavaScript. It means that even a team of web developers can build a decent cross-platform app.

Limitations of React Native

  • It’s not a fully cross-platform framework. Developers still need to write genuine code for some of iOS or Android functionality such as accessing a camera.
  • Debugging and releasing updates can be somewhat slow and inconsistent.

Examples of apps built on React Native: Pinterest, Instagram, Skype, Bloomberg.


The next popular cross-platform framework is Flutter. It was developed and launched by Google in 2018, and since that time, it’s one of the serious React Native competitors. Besides the almost native look of apps and the hot reload functionality, Flutter boasts a number of other cool features.

Benefits of Flutter

  • Built on Dart, a programming language created by Google, Flutter allows to develop UI-oriented applications of high quality in a short time.
  • Flutter includes numerous ready-made widgets for iOS and Android devices. These widgets are enough to build a whole app. However, developers can build their own widgets if there’s a need.
  • Being an open-source solution, Flutter is constantly updated and improved.  

Limitations of Flutter

  • Apps built with Flutter usually have a bigger size than other apps. Because of a great number of widgets, Flutter apps weigh more than average apps and can take up much space on users’ devices.
  • Being a relatively new framework, Flutter doesn’t have many libraries. It means that if Flutter developers lack some functionality in the existing libraries, they will have to create new libraries on their own, which will extend the development time.

Examples of apps built on Flutter: Alibaba, Google Ads, Tencent.


Ionic is an HTML framework aimed to build cross-platform apps with a native feel and design. In addition to creating mobile apps, Ionic is a great tool for developing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Benefits of Ionic

  • To build an app using Ionic, it’s enough to hire one or two developers who have knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular.
  • The Ionic framework can be integrated with numerous tools and plugins to extend the app’s functionality.

Limitations of Ionic

  • To build applications that go beyond AngularJS functionality, it’s necessary to hire more developers with wider tech stack.
  • Debugging can be challenging.

Examples of apps built on Ionic: IBM, SAP, NASA.


Xamarin is an open-source framework that was launched in 2011. In 2016, it was acquired by Microsoft that made the framework more recognizable. Xamarin uses programming language C# that is considered to be more modern and flexible than Objective-C or Java.

Benefits of Xamarin

  • Except for creating applications that run on iOS and Android, Xamarin is used to build apps for wearables such as Apple and Android Watch.
  • Although Xamarin is a cross-platform framework, apps built with it can boast exceptional performance, almost like native applications.

Limitations of Xamarin

  • Using Xamarin is free for individuals and startups but for enterprises, it offers to buy a license to be able to use its services.
  • Apps built with Xamarin lack quality when it comes to graphics. For apps rich in UX and UI, it’s better to use a native development approach.

Examples of apps built on Xamarin: Alaska Airlines, American Cancer Society, BBC Good Food.

Final thoughts

Although some people might doubt the quality of cross-platform development, real-life examples show that in particular situations it is no worse than native one. Such popular apps as Instagram, Skype, and many others show that cross-platform apps are decent market players loved and used by millions of people.

Thanks to the advantages of cross-platform development such as shorter time to market and reduced development costs, businesses, especially startups, opt for this approach more often than for classic native app development. Of course, cross-platform development does have its limitations but it can be a great choice to build the first version of a mobile app.

Tips for Creating and Video Editing Slow Motion Content for iPhone

Bloggers and content makers need creative options to attract the audience with stunning solutions. If you are searching for an interesting way to enrich your content, try slow motion videos. They help to highlight a specific video fragment and match slow music flawlessly. This editing feature can evoke different emotions depending on what you want to achieve: surprise, amazement, calm, sadness, etc. With slow motion, you have unlimited possibilities, but how to bring them to life? There is no need for professional equipment, and your smartphone can help you with the task of creating a slow motion video. In this article, you will learn how to make a video slow motion on an iPhone. Let’s discover more useful information for stunning results! 

Slow Motion Work Principles

Let’s consider this notion from a technical viewpoint. We know that a video consists of a sequence of photos, and their fast representation provides an image of movement. It may seem weird, but to create a slow motion video, you need to have a high-speed camera. The reason behind this contradiction is that most video cameras record about 30 frames per second. However, this speed is considered to be slow for a slow motion video, and many details will be omitted. The slow motion video provides unusual images, and viewers do not expect to see a detailed presentation of a usual video. Sometimes it may seem that the video is freezing, smoothly changing one frame to another. 

With a high-speed camera, you can benefit from over 2,000 frames per second. These numbers are impressive, and you should try them on your own. It will be possible to take a closer look at details that are usually invisible at a normal video speed. The slow motion effect will surprise the audience and give them an unforgettable viewing experience! 

How Does Slow Motion Work on Your iPhone? 

iPhone users benefit from a plethora of great features, but there are cases when its storage capacity is full, or you don’t know how to get rid of annoying advertising. The slo-mo feature on your iPhone allows you to shoot different scenes and make them more fascinating. When you shoot a slow motion video on your iPhone, you are playing back the video at a slower frame rate.  It creates the illusion of a slow video. This feature is standard and is accessible in the Camera app. It is located in the menu above the shutter button. There is also a possibility to change a slo-mo video to a normal speed. Open the Edit icon and choose a slider at the bottom of your screen that will make the video speed regular. You can change the speed of a part of your video, making it more versatile and astonishing. 

Let’s consider the iPhone X’s camera for diving into this issue. This model is one of the most popular on the market, therefore, it will be useful to explore its camera characteristics. In the article, you can read a detailed description of technical characteristics. But we want to mention that the iPhone 8 has a single 12-megapixel camera and an f/1.8 lens; the iPhone 8 Plus has two 12 megapixel cameras and an f/1.8 lens; the iPhone X has two 12 megapixel cameras and f/1.8 and f/2.4 lenses. 

Thus, you can create stunning slow motion videos with your iPhone and shoot nature, sports, actions, and more. iPhone users can benefit from a great option of taking live photos, so read the article for more details.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Slo-Mo?

You have already found out that it’s not difficult to master the basics of slow motion video shooting, and a bit of practice will help you stand out. It is essential to be creative and do your best to capture people’s attention and even surprise them. Here’s some advice to facilitate the creative process and help the results look fantastic: 

Camera Angle

You need to change the angle of your camera to get better results. You must highlight the action, so it should be placed in the frame middle. Whatever you shoot, it should look natural and impress the viewer. A dog must run towards the viewer, and a biker should be captured from the ground so that the audience experiences unseen emotions. 

The Video Sound

Adjust the sound speed to the video speed, so that a slow motion video will not look weird when accompanied by fast music. There are cases when slowed sound is so unusual that it seems robotic, thus, pay attention to these factors. 

Bright Light

It is crucial to ensure sufficient light because a higher video frame rate requires these preparations. If you neglect it, dim lighting in a slow motion video will look even darker.

Slow Motion Video Editing 

You can find an abundance of video editing software on the Internet, but how can you choose the right one and not waste time on checking dozens of them? We prepared a short guide to help you edit video flawlessly. There are many options such as changing the video speed, cropping, trimming. You can also add effects, filters, and transitions to make it more impressive. 

The video editing software will provide you with numerous features and tools. Let’s consider the most essential and learn how to use them. You can edit a video by speeding it up or slowing down, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Take into account the following must-haves, such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and color. They are all available on your smartphone, and there is no need to use any video editing software. Tap the Edit icon and see a variety of icons that will help you to change the video. Do not forget to tap Done to save edits. 

If there is a need to change the video length, you can benefit from a full range of tools to trim, straighten, and crop your video. The Edit page will enable you to move arrows to achieve the needed timeline. Trim the beginning and the end of your video, crop and cut the unnecessary parts to get a fabulous result. You can add effects to any video, and it will gain a completely different look. 


Now you know a lot of useful things on iPhone slow motion videos. You can easily create an eye-catching output and edit video properly so that it looks professional. Do not hesitate to experiment and be imaginative to achieve success.

Digital Accessibility 101: 5 Tips for Making a PC Accessible for Elderly Operators

For aging adults, learning the technological ropes can be challenging as innovative digital advances continue to change the game. The fundamentals of basic technology are constantly shifting, with smartphones and computers reaching beyond caller ID and multiple internet browsers. While new and improved features and gadgets have benefited modern life by propelling industries forward and re-inventing human connection, many seniors feel left behind by difficult-to-use tech.  

However, thanks to improved accessibility functions and senior-friendly tech like The Wow Computer, aging adults can capitalize on the digital age by diving into simplified gadgets. Ultimately, elderly folks benefit from modern technology by connecting with loved ones, engaging in mental stimulation, and soliciting services online. That said, helping seniors in your life set up a quality PC is the first step in successfully integrating them into the digital world.

If your senior loved one has expressed interest in purchasing a PC, read on for five ways to improve accessibility and ensure they can easily navigate their computer. 

Magnify text

Some seniors shy away from computer usage because of small, unreadable text limiting their ability to read and comprehend the system set up. However, many older folks don’t realize that most up-to-date computers come equipped with font and text size customizations that allow seniors to tailor content to their preference. 

Simply locate the computer’s ease of access center (usually found within the control panel) and begin experimenting with sizing, changing everything from text to title bars. Additionally, you can purchase a model with magnifying features, allowing users to zoom in and out on individual sections of the screen.

High-resolution screens

Although it may be tempting to purchase an inexpensive, run-of-the-mill computer monitor for your senior loved one, consider investing in a high-resolution screen to limit eye strain and clarify items on the display. While they don’t need a complex, expensive computer system, they may benefit from a newer monitor model. Paired with text magnification, increasing the resolution of your monitor can significantly improve user experience, especially for those struggling with visual barriers. 

Utilize shortcuts

One of the most common complaints from seniors attempting to navigate computer setups is the inability to control and direct the mouse quickly and precisely due to limited hand coordination. As people age, extremity dexterity decreases, leaving many with aching, shaky hands that struggle to move according to plan. 

Thankfully, many computers allow for keyboard shortcuts that can cut down on mouse maneuvering by bringing screens forward, pulling up applications, and sending the mouse to specific places. Additionally, simple shortcuts are easy to remember or write by the side of your loved one’s computer as a helpful reminder. 

Color contrast

Another useful tip to improve screen visibility is adjusting the color contrast depending on your senior loved one’s preferences. Simply locate the accessibility center— found in the same place as magnified text options —and drag sliders until the monitor pictures are visible and easier on the eyes. In addition to system contrast changes, most browsers allow you to shift colors and shading to reduce eye strain and improve clarity.  

Customize keyboards

An optional but often helpful way to increase PC accessibility for your senior loved one is swapping out their traditional keyboard for a high-contrast version with big, bold lettering. Most keyboards feature small text that can be difficult for visually impaired people to locate. Consider purchasing a board with large, white font on top of a black background or purchasing a lettering adhesive to customize the version they already have. 

Parting shot

Keeping track of ever-changing technology can be challenging for seniors stuck in the past. However, by implementing helpful accessibility hacks and changing easily customizable settings on their PC, your elderly loved one can dive into the digital world without fear of confusion and frustration. Aid them by setting up their system, hacker-proofing their laptop, selecting their preferred settings, and teaching them how to customize their computer with accessible features for future use. 

8 Easy Productivity Hacks for Small Businesses

Ever asked yourself why are you so stressed with work? Work efficiency is one of the most crucial components in both small businesses as well as large corporations. As small business owners, you must learn to incorporate different strategies to improve work productivity at work. By managing your employees and their workflow well, you can focus on expanding your business that can boost your overall ROI. Business owners are constantly looking to save time and money, running your own business means being eager to make ends meet through efficiency and ensure healthy morale at work.

In this article, you will learn about 8 productivity hacks that you can implement in your small business which will make working smarter and better.


Before you begin your day, it is important to have a list of tasks that you want to achieve for the day. These tasks can be related to meetings, clients, payments, etc which should be prioritized according to their importance or urgency. So as you are about to begin, arrange or sort your lists into must-do’s, want to do, and will do when convenient. This will help you plan out your day well in advance and look forward to a productive day.

Virtual Receptionist

Answering calls and talking to clients adds a personal touch for small businesses but it can take up a huge portion of your time. With the limited resources at hand, employees may not be able to offer their valuable skills entirely and not waste time doubling as receptionists. Adding a virtual receptionist will improve workflow and employee productivity for small businesses. Another great reason is that it is affordable compared to hiring an in-house receptionist.

Ensure a Healthy Workplace Environment

You may already know this but it can be very effective to improve productivity. A stressful environment at your workplace will yield bad results, disengagement, miscommunication, and less productivity. Creating a healthy working environment will encourage and motivate employees to work harder and smarter. For instance, rewarding your high-performing staff with a raise or provide incentives to those who excel beyond their targets. By doing so, they are likely to work harder which will increase productivity for your day-to-day goals. Maintaining a healthy workplace is staying connected with your employees in celebration times and in grievous times. During this time, drafting an obituary letter may seem challenging. Use this free template for the obituary letter so that you can professionally communicate the right message.

Delegate Work

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner or part of a larger corporation, you must learn to delegate your work. Especially in small businesses, they are limited to a fewer number of employees. It is your job to recognize which tasks or jobs they are better at and let them handle those jobs for you. By doing so, you free up time for yourself to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that the tasks assigned will be completed efficiently.

Mute your Smart Devices

Your gadgets can be a great time waster if they continuously ringing, buzzing, or chiming throughout the day. These notifications can be a distraction that can break your concentration during your work. A simple text can lead you astray for 25-30 mins where you could have finished a task for the day. Social media is another distraction that can leave you aimlessly browsing through your smart device. If you are handling the social platforms of your business, ensure that you are logged out from your personal account during this time to improve productivity.

Don’t Multitask

While most of us have heard that multitasking and juggling through different tasks at once is necessary for your workplace. But if you think about it, multitasking can do you more harm than good as it can cause people to make more mistakes and be more stressed out. Improving productivity does not mean just getting work done anyhow within the time given. But focusing on each task solely will make them more effective and less stressed while completing their tasks for the day.

Communication is Key

The best way to ensure that there is no confusion is to have a clear line of communication. By doing so, every task is completed to its optimum, and encourage your employees to communicate better within the company. It also helps set a clear direction for your employees and what they should expect from you. Clear goals and focus will help you avoid simple mistakes and increase workplace productivity. With the pandemic in effect, it is important to pay close attention to scheduling tasks for your employees. Taking into consideration the mental and physical stress on them during this time and as the owner, you can provide time flexibility for those working from home.

Automate Tasks

There are different free and paid apps available online that are designed to enhance workplace productivity. Businesses are usually fast-paced and keeping up may seem daunting. With the right tools and apps, you can improve workflow and ensure that your daily tasks are accomplished by the end of the day. Time-management apps, organizer apps, social media schedules, self-care apps, and so on are just some of the ways you can increase productivity amongst your employees.

These are just some of the hacks you can use to increase productivity at your workplace.

What to Look for in a Kubernetes Management Solution

Finding a Kubernetes management solution shouldn’t leave you out of sorts or winded from warding off time-wasters on the attack. When you’re trying to deliver applications on time, you need tools to boost company efficiency, not hurt it. To ensure that your Kubernetes system is operating as planned, you should keep your eyes peeled for the following key features in a management tool. 

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a container-based system designed to help the development and scaling of applications. Initially, Google developed Kubernetes. Later on, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation swooped in and assumed responsibility for management. Today, both big and small companies use this infrastructure because of how readily the entire system scales. 

This system works by creating containers, which are vessels for applications and their libraries. Virtual machines riding inside these containers deploy across nodes, which is a network of associated computers. Once they arrive, the container renders the virtual machines needed to carry out the application.

Kubernetes suits the purpose of creating databases and accessing application data. By dispersing the containers across many nodes, the computing power for the whole system gets distributed out, keeping any singular node from overworking. 

Key facets for a Kubernetes management solution

While many Kubernetes management solutions have all sorts of features, there are some key things to consider when choosing a management solution:

Production usability

A management tool needs to suit your production needs if it’s going to be useful. Security, accessibility, and native managerial tools are essential factors in making a management solution worth your time. You should also ensure that your management solution can scale well and keep up with your Kubernetes infrastructure. 


With the trend of multiple cloud solutions at full velocity, many businesses have rejected all-eggs-in-one-basket mentalities and started relying on several cloud vendors to meet their data and storage needs. For those business owners still searching for a management tool that can keep up with day-to-day business operations, this security trend will be crucial as your data needs evolve. 

Ease of use

Managing a cluster of nodes is a challenge in itself. If your management solution introduces another layer of complexity, your team will have a more challenging time keeping the system running well. 

In many cases, data analysis throws administrators for a loop. Luckily, several management solutions offer ways to analyze data natively, letting your admins work more on maintaining the infrastructure. 

Ongoing support and training

Make sure that your Kubernetes management solution comes from a vendor with solid support and training programs. Getting off on the right foot with training will help you launch your solution successfully, while support will ensure solutions as quickly as possible. 

In summary

A Kubernetes management solution should be ready for use at your business, allow you to grow with it, be easy to use, and have ongoing support from the vendor. Extra features sprinkled on top of those spotlighted above are simply frosting and won’t be the most crucial over the long term. 

So, the next time you shop for a management solution, keep these key things in mind to ensure you have the tool you need for the job. 

How AI Development is Taking the World by Storm: Facts and Hacks

In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, it is important to look at AI and to look at how it is affecting and impacting the world. AI can be positive for both individual users and business users alike. Artificial intelligence can be used in lots of settings and scenarios, and the positive effect it can have on businesses of any size is still only just starting to be seen. Adopting and integrating AI may sound like a little bit of an alien concept, but it has been something that has been slowly but surely introduced into several areas over the last few years. So, what can AI bring to your life, how can it positively impact businesses and what effect can it have on the future, and how society function?

Face Recognition for Ease

Fraudsters are operating all the time all over the world, and unfortunately, they are running more sophisticated services and operations all of the time. However, if you try to keep ahead of them and what they are up to, then you should never find yourself on the back foot. Looking at an AI development service could be beneficial to both your business and your customers. If you can create and produce software that for example works on facial recognition, then you might find customer retention just that little bit easier. Giving your customers the best and most up-to-date technology can help you stand out from the crowd and can help you establish a strong foothold in your market.

Within Healthcare

When visiting a hospital or even having a checkup, do you know that AI is potentially pioneering the treatments and procedures you have? As AI can mimic behaviors and functions, it is already involved in treating patients, and in performing complex surgeries. In addition to the physical use of AI software and programs, it can also be used on another level, and this level is to compile and present medical facts, data, and research in a concise and easy-to-understand manner.

In Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing is an ever-changing and ever still competitive industry, and one way that manufacturers are looking to gain that competitive edge is to incorporate AI into their processes and operations. Whether software is used to enhance, speed up or streamline manufacturing processes, or it is used to physically create and produce products, the effects can be seen and felt from near and far. From a reduction in the number of jobs created within the manufacturing industry to job cuts, manufacturing is changing and embracing everything that AI has to offer. When manufacturers and producers integrate AI into their daily business operations, they can increase bottom-line figures in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible.

For Customer Service

Customers want the best, and they deserve the best, and when it comes to customer service AI is leading the way. Whether in the form of talking to customers via a telephone or the internet, or serving customers in various customer-facing roles. AI can work efficiently within customer service as it can read human emotions by reacting or displaying emotion.

Whether it is number crunching or aiding customers, AI is firmly integrated and is here to stay. For example, with Spell Model, workflows, frameworks, infrastructure, and datastores are all simply integrated. In the future, it can continue to push forwards and be integrated into even more face-to-face customer service roles, which could be potentially detrimental for the jobs market and job security.

The Future of Jobs

The jobs market and industry as a whole are changing, evolving, and introducing new practices. To stay up to date with AI facts relating to jobs, it is important to monitor the market whenever you get a chance. Seeing first-hand the impact AI will have on businesses and jobs alike means that there are exciting times that lie ahead. There is no doubt that workers and employees will have to upskill to stay relevant and salable in the job market.

AI is most definitely here to stay. While other fads and trends have come and gone, AI has held its place and over time has strengthened its place and foothold within the market. Introducing AI into your business or plans when you get the correct experts on board. Having a professional team behind you, guiding you, and steering you through changing water is positive and is something that you should be looking at if you have not done so already. As AI is versatile in regards to what it can do and in what sector, you must enhance your knowledge and awareness about what benefits it can bring you.

How to Install Mobdro APK on Firestick and Android Devices

Mobdro not working is the shocking tech news roaming on the internet. A disappointing fact for Mobdro users. Streaming apps might stop working due to technical hitches, restart issues or complete shutdown from authorities. It’s a common scenario for thousands of streaming apps on the internet where the piracy war never ends. However, some apps manage to come back in the same version or different, and others don’t make it. For Mobdro APK fans, fate will decide whether it will revive again. The tech world has various Mobdro alternatives, which will provide the same best quality as Mobdro APK and keep you entertained.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is the top best, high quality and popular free live TV streaming app. The app offers a variety of live channels keeping users glued to their screens. Mobdro contains online contents such as:

  • Sports
  • Live TV shows
  • News
  • Documentaries
  • Music
  • Movies

The app is compatible with most streaming devices such as Firestick, PC, Android and IOS devices. The Mobdro app is constantly updated and provide current online content for free. Mobdro users can stream content from UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and more at no cost.

Mobdro is an Android application which works well on Firestick device and Android gadgets. This doesn’t limit the IOS users, as one can maneuver through third-party apps. Firestick is a streaming device with different pre-installed channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Hot Star and more. Apps like Mobdro are commonly side-loaded by people who are seeking solutions for streaming content that is available free on the internet.

Is Mobdro Legal and Safe to Use?

Apps like Mobdro are legal to own and install. Be sure you get the App from the official Mobdro website to ensure that it is free from hacks and viruses. The Mobdro app may give you the ability to view copyright content. You are personally responsible to ensure that you have the rights in your own city, state and country to view the content that you download. In the US, you are generally allowed this right if you have purchased the content and you are viewing it for your personal use (not to publish or share with anyone else). Apps like Mobdro would not exist if there was not a need for the capabilities that the App provides.

Mobdro App VPN and ISP Guide

Free streaming is quite limited if the user takes no caution. It invites legal trouble, especially when copyright policies are tampered with. ISP, government and third-party authorities keep monitoring any online activity taking place. They have the power to enact hefty fines, shutdown or provide warning to users meddling with piracy policy or copyrighted content.

VPN software provides a shield preventing the ISP and government from accessing your internet activities. You can hide identity, location and IP address using a good VPN. There are free and premium VPN services to invest in and avoid legal problems.

Installing Mobdro app on Firestick and Android devices.

Mobdro installation is simple for Android devices compared to IOS gadgets. It requires three steps procedure as follows:

1. Enable unknown sources

  • Open your Firestick device and, using the remote, scroll to the settings section and click “MY Fire TV.”
  • Proceed to the “developer tab” click “apps from unknown sources.”
  • The Firestick device will request you to confirm the action.
  • Press the “turn on” button to continue.

2. Next, download the Mobdro app.

  • Download the Mobdro app on the Firestick or Android device. First, get a downloader app from your web browser or app store.
  • Now install the downloader app and launch it on your device.
  • Select “allow”>”OK” choose browser>search tab>enter Mobdro URL and click “GO” button.
  • Click download to complete the process.

3. Installing Mobdro on Firestick

  • Using the Firestick remote, go to the downloader app and click the home button.
  • Key in the Mobdro URL, download the app and click the install button.
  • Next select done, ensure to delete the file though you can launch Mobdro app.
  • Go to the downloader file and click Mobdro app >select menu tab> click delete.
  • This helps create space on the streaming device.
  • The process is complete, and you can enjoy the streaming services on the Mobdro app.

To ensure safety while streaming from any app, invest in good VPN services. This hides your data from hackers, ISP and the government, giving unlimited streaming fun.