Bringing Your Office Into the 21st Century: 5 Digital Solutions Your Company Needs

With the rise of technological innovations in the 21st century, industries have begun adapting their traditional business models to incorporate digital routes to success. Between virtual communication apps like Zoom changing the way employees interact and automation software reducing error and overhead, technology has revolutionized the business sector. That said, corporations that opt out of tech-based solutions often miss out on significant business ventures and customer connections due to a lack of technological know-how. 

Luckily, there are plenty of digital solutions available to business executives looking to up their game and remain competitive in the future. Read on for five technological innovations sure to streamline your business process and boost your annual earnings. 

A digital mailbox

A significant and recent shift to the workplace has been the surge of remote employment. Although the transition to at-home work was jolting under pandemic-induced chaos, business owners leaned into the storm, with many companies opting to stay remote indefinitely.

As a result, many have turned to digital mailboxes like iPostal1 to help keep their business running smoothly despite a scattered workforce. Digital mailboxes allow business owners to run remote operations with the benefits of reduced costs, additional time savings, and unparalleled convenience. Overall, setting up a digital mailbox empowers business owners to reduce overhead costs, i.e., receptionist salaries, office furniture (formerly used to store mail), etc., and maximize limited office space occupied by unopened envelopes. Additionally, digital mailboxes ensure that airplane-terminal-bound executives can manage correspondence anywhere—whether from a 6×6’ cubicle or an airplane seat.

Cloud storage

One of the most significant technological advances in the past ten years has been cloud storage implementation. Remote databases enable business owners to store and access data, applications, and client documentation with the click of a button. For companies looking to scale upwards, streamline deployment ventures, and more effectively manage information, cloud storage is the perfect solution. 

Social media marketing

As the online world continues to grow, bringing with it millions of scrolling consumers, companies have begun capitalizing on social media marketing techniques to draw in clientele and push out new products. Having a simple website no longer cuts it in competitive spaces, which means you need to build an approachable online presence in addition to keeping a clean, easy-to-use webpage. Social media allows corporations to connect with patrons on a more personal, casual level, allowing people to ask questions, browse products, and post feedback all in one place. That said, posting regularly and engaging with clients on a routine basis is critical for up-and-coming businesses. 


Another way to bring your company into the 21st century is by utilizing automation software to cut down on data input and calculations. For accounting departments, in particular, software like Quickbooks can reduce the time it takes to enter information, organize files, and calculate totals by automatically performing specific tasks. Although the cost to install automation software may be an investment up-front, the time and money you’ll save on staff will be worth it in the end. 


Those running a business understand how critical cybersecurity is when it comes to sensitive information and company applications. Thankfully, digital solutions have streamlined safety efforts, with upgraded malware detectors, AI capabilities, and instant data breach alerts keeping business owners on top of online security. If you’re a growing company looking to keep hackers and breaches at bay, consider investing in upgraded prevention and detection technology.

The bottom line

For companies looking to stay ahead of the competition, implementing high-tech digital solutions that streamline business development processes is critical in saving time and money long-term. By building an online presence, upgrading your cybersecurity measures, and utilizing cloud-based services, you can climb the corporate ladder with ease. 

10 benefits of Using Tablets in the Classroom

Technology is spreading its branches in all the sectors of our lives, whether it is household or business, and even the education system is not left untouched by it. Now, the tablets are replacing the books and notebooks in the classroom.

Several phenomenal tablets in the market are ideal for classrooms, and you can find one for yourself in the 8-inch tablet reviews guide. Using tablets in a classroom is not only a move to modernize schools and colleges but also has many advantages to it, and this article covers what they are.

How are tablets beneficial for students?

To some people, tablets in the classroom may appear like an absurd idea. They think it can create distractions. Well, now that tablets, laptops, and mobile phones have been integrated into our lives so deeply that we cannot imagine doing tasks without using them, whether it is creating a presentation or learning a new skill, it is safe to say that it is rather a necessity than a distraction. To understand it better, take a look at the perks of using tablets in classrooms.

1. Enhances basic computer experience

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that computers are used almost everywhere. Many major jobs require people to have basic computer skills, and by inculcating tablets in education, students can acquire basic knowledge about computers at an early age.

2. Engaging and exciting

Children learn better when they engage. Tablets will provide improved methods through which students will be taught through interactive apps, which in turn improves the overall quality of education.

3. Individualized approach

Everyone learns at their speed and that is one thing traditional teaching technique lacks to apply. But with tablets, teachers can use e-learning techniques to devise several ways to teach the same topics so that students can learn at their own pace.

4. Unlimited knowledge resource

Why carry heavy books with limited information when you can access all the information in the world on the tips of your finger? Tablets remove the burden of carrying books as the students and teacher can browse through an unending source of knowledge whenever required.

5. Cost-efficient

Since tablets eliminate the need of books, notebooks, pencils, and other stationery, it ends up being more cost-effective in the long run.

6. Digital homework

Using tablets, homework can be assigned digitally rather than on paper. The students can complete and submit the homework online that the teachers can access anytime and anywhere. This would also reduce paper wastage.

7. Trouble-free assessments

Teachers also get benefits from tablets. This allows them to monitor the learning process and eliminates the tiresome process of checking each notebook and then updating the marks. The tablet makes it easier for them to grade marks.

8. Simulations

Simulations are a great way to teach about things that are not easily accessible otherwise. Such methods tend to boost students’ creativity.

9. Simple to use

Tablets are not as sophisticated as computers. Even toddlers know how tablets work. So, they are ideal for all age groups of students.

10. Versatile

While books are limited to texts and sometimes pictures, tablets can even have videos, presentations, audio. Plus, students can write and draw on it too. Hence, making them more versatile.


Usage of tablets may not be very prominent now, but it will certainly be in the coming few years. Tablets inspire creativity in students and make learning fun. We hope that we were able to clearly outline its benefits. It surely has many more advantages than we discussed, which we leave for you to discover and learn.

How Enterprise Mobility Management helps you manage business communication

About 80% of today’s workforce uses a smartphone to do at least part of their job.

Any company with employees working on mobile devices should be thinking about how efficient and safe this is – especially today with more employees working from varied locations.

Real-time communication and remote working capabilities are important, but the more employees rely on mobile phones for work, the more problems and security risks pop up.

This is where Enterprise Mobility Management solutions come in.

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is an umbrella term for a group of technology and data protection processes.

Some of the services an EMM solution can include are:

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) for security enforcement
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) for managing software
  • Mobile Information Management (MIM) for authorising access permissions
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM) for controlling storage of corporate data
  • Mobile Expense Management (MEM) for overseeing data costs

Most EMM packages include MDM, MAM, and MIM as the minimum, but the individual services can be combined in different ways according to specific business needs.

Individual businesses set their own levels of security and data control for employees using mobile devices for work.

How does it work?

Portable work devices need just as much security as devices kept permanently in-office.

The range of mobile devices and extent of their potential usage can make managing them remotely a difficult problem.

EMM simplifies things by integrating mobile devices into a secure corporate network to prevent misuse and security breaches.

All devices that can access corporate systems remotely from outside the office should be protected with EMM, including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Wireless printers
  • Wireless scanners
  • Wearable devices (e.g. smart watches)

You might not think about the potential risks of employees accessing data on these devices from anywhere outside the security of the office, but without EMM protective measures in place they’ll be opening your business to dangerous malware.

Some of the services EMM uses to prevent this potential data theft include:

  • Remote configuration
  • Mobile data encryption
  • Password lock enforcement
  • Conditional access management
  • Monitoring and updating software
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Tracking security threats in real time
  • Remote data wiping

Without software processes like this, data breaches can cost your business extensively – both your finances and your long-term reputation.

What are the benefits?

In addition to protecting your business against costly data losses, there are many other benefits of EMM:

  • Centralized system keeps everything secure in one place
  • Services multiple device types and operating systems
  • Real-time access speeding up analysis and decision-making
  • Better cross-level communication means better collaboration 
  • Efficient distribution of resources lowers costs and improves satisfaction
  • Increases engagement and productivity of employees
  • Remote installation and upgrading of software
  • Troubleshooting and customer support outside of IT department

Overall, EMM saves time and operational costs and boosts user satisfaction, resulting in increased profits and empowered employees.

All these benefits go hand in hand with making your business data remotely accessible while keeping it secure.

How you can set up Enterprise Mobility Management

Your company will need to integrate EMM with existing applications and policies so they align with your business objectives.

Employees will also need training to understand how EMM is used before you deploy it company-wide.

Before searching for an EMM provider, you’ll need to think about:

  • The services your business provides
  • Where you want the company to be in 5-10 years
  • Which EMM solutions you’d need for which people
  • Who needs access to what, and how they’d access it
  • Which operating systems and devices employees already use
  • Who would be responsible for developing EMM strategies
  • How you’d comply with local laws and industry regulations
  • Which pain points could potentially cause issues
  • How you’d implement EMM (on premises or cloud-based)

Having answers for these questions will help you to identify the best EMM solution for your business.

It’s an important decision, which is usually made on a case-by-case basis according to company device guidelines and usage activities.

The final deciding factor will be your budget, as tiered EMM subscription services offer various packages for increasing prices.

Larger EMM operators tend to offer more expensive suites with pre-selected features, but they come with more comprehensive customer support.

A single-console EMM solution like IBM MaaS360 for business phones is often the easiest answer.

An EMM system like this, tailored to your business, will get you the secure mobile capabilities you need without the complications.

How Mobile Apps Are Changing the Scenario in Education Business?

The development of digital technologies caused a transformation in different industries, including education. Studying has become easier and even more interesting due to numerous learning apps. Moreover, the situation with the pandemic has made eLearning an integral necessity and an important part of the studying process. According to statistics, the number of educational app downloads has essentially increased in 2020 in comparison with previous periods. Thus, there were 470 million eLearning app downloads via the Apple App Store, while Android users downloaded educational applications 466 million times. 

Undoubtedly, mobile apps have made learning more convenient, progressive, and accessible. Let’s take a look at the big picture and discover why mobile apps will continue to rule the educational sector in the future.

Quick Book Search

A few decades ago, students had to conduct a real investigation to find an appropriate book. Nowadays, it’s unnecessary to spend all days long in a library because numerous book search apps make the process of looking up for information comfortable and quick. A student can create their own virtual library, track their reading progress, listen to audiobooks, find reviews, and get access to books in different genres. These benefits are also helpful for essay writers who use mobile apps to research topics and find relevant information quickly. Here’s a list of the best book search apps you can start using right away for free:

  • GoodReads
  • Bookly
  • OverDrive
  • Libby
  • Wattpad
  • Inkitt

Unlimited Learning Opportunities

One of the best things about educational applications is the chance to study and learn new subjects permanently. A user can explore a new field even without the necessity to follow a study plan. Besides, you can go far beyond your textbooks and find more information on a subject using an eLearning app. By the way, you can benefit from self-education as you don’t need to attend classes or follow an educational program. You can learn new things wherever you are at any hour of the day.

Mobile learning is even making its way into university undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Although distance online learning has been growing for years, the focus on pure mobile learning through apps has exploded in popularity as well.  For example, prior master’s degree programs like a master’s in education would have previously required full-time learning in a campus classroom.  However, e-learning has completely changed the experience to both help future teachers find accessible programs but also ones that are far more engaging and interactive than their traditional class counterparts

More Engaging Experience

Developers use VR and AI to create interactive mobile learning apps. Thus, studying using educational applications becomes more effective and even funny due to audio and video content. As it is known, the human brain processes visual data faster than text. Besides, visualization can help a student understand the entire subject concept so that they don’t have to read heavy books to learn a discipline. 

VR and AI bring students an upgraded experience and keep them engaged during the whole learning session. For example, virtual reality expands eLearning opportunities, making studying more interactive. A student can watch experiments, surgeries, and other informative content virtually. In short, VR gives users an opportunity to get real-life experience.

Better Communication Between Students, Parents, and Teachers

Mobile apps help improve not only the education sector but also interaction between students, teachers, and parents. Everyone has a busy schedule, so it may be hard to find time to discuss different academic questions. However, mobile applications have changed the situation for the best. Teachers can send parents reminders concerning meetings or school events, while parents can track the behavior of their kids. Besides, parents can use different apps to interact with each other and discuss how to improve the learning process. The following apps have won all the hearts of teachers and parents:

  • Bloomz
  • Remind
  • ParentSquare

The eLearning Apps Cost Less Than Average Courses

Educational mobile applications allow users with different backgrounds to get access to high-quality learning. Numerous apps for Apple and Android devices are available for free so that a user could read books, journals, and research materials. Besides, there are many apps allowing students to dive into a particular discipline, like biology, climatology, or even chemistry. Even if you have to buy a subscription after passing a trial period, the cost of online school will be lower than classes at a local educational institution. 

Increasing Security for your SmartPhone

Another application that is commonly used on a smartphone is a VPN, a service that encrypts your traffic and ultimately protects you against malicious hackers. For more information on VPN services, read this article.

Choosing the Right App

With so many eLearning apps vying for your time and attention, how do you choose? If you’re like most people, one of the first things that probably jumps out at you is the name of the app. The best educational apps start with a memorable name, offering students a fully optimized user experience. Learn more about the mobile app naming process in this article from the user testing platform PickFu.

Bottom Line

Educational mobile apps are taking the education sector to another level. Effective interaction and a better student experience are only the tip of the iceberg of what learning apps can offer to users. You can explore various things while sitting in a park or taking a break at work – the opportunities are limitless with the latest educational applications on your smartphone.

How To Get More Out Of The Most Popular Games Today

The gaming industry has been booming steadily over the past few decades, with more and more people jumping on the gaming bandwagon. Whether you use a PC, mobile, or a console, there’s no denying that it’s addicting and entertaining, and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. With this boom, many people now prefer to stay indoors than do outdoor activities. We know how fun these games are, so here’s a small guide to give you an idea of how you can get the most out of popular games today.

Popular Games

Many games have been known and played across the world. They are of all genres, whether you like games related to sports, shooting, action, or mystery, these games come in all types. A few of the most famous games are as below.

1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a shooting game that has many different parts. It is one of the highly played games across the globe with international tournaments and coverage. The game is a first-person shooter game with many modes to play. It’s one of the most renowned games in the industry.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is a relatively new game, but it has been one of the most played games in the world. It’s basically a shooting and adventurous game where you compete with other players in a last-man-standing match.

3. Far Cry

Far Cry is by far one of the highly played games around the world. Far Cry has many parts and one of the most famous parts is Far Cry 5. Since this game has become popular, game geeks created trainers such as the one found on, so you can greatly improve your gaming experience. Far Cry 5 is a mix of shooting and strategy games which is perfect if you want to hone your observation skills.

4. GTA

Grand Theft Auto is a well-known game. GTA has had great revenue since its first part, and it also has a lot of versions and parts. It’s a virtual life game with many players all around the world.

How to Make The Most of Popular Games

Gaming is all about fun and entertainment. It provides an amazing platform for communication and the gaming community also contributes a lot. There are certain factors to keep in mind which can make your gaming experience a whole lot better.

1. Playing the Multiplayer Mode

The single-player mode is all well and good until you play the game and end it. After that, if you play it a couple of times it becomes boring and makes you lose interest in the game. Playing with other players to regain that human touch is an amazing way to enjoy the game more and will never bore you because, unlike bots, they will never do the same thing twice, so the game can be more competitive.

2. Cheat Codes

Using cheats for gaming is a very slick move only if you’re playing single-player mode. There may be some level of the game where you’re stuck and can’t seem to find any solution to pass that level so cheat codes are here for you. These codes help you pass the level by doing various functions. Some cheat codes even give unlimited health while some give vision. They’re shortcuts to winning the game but aren’t appreciated much in multiplayer mode.

3. Joining a Community

Joining a gaming community and knowing the players and teams is a great way to enjoy it more. You can join a team or a clan to participate in tournaments and get to play alongside other players as well. This gives you more experience and practice and improves your game. It’s a great way to make the most out of the game and create new friends at the same time.

4. Source of Income

Entertainment is just one aspect of gaming. Popular games nowadays are also being used for earning easy bucks. People play the game live and become Streamers to gain sponsorships and earn huge amounts of cash. If you aspire to be a paid player on any of these, this is a great way to make the most out of popular games today. An example of a highly paid Streamer is Ninja of Fortnite who is earning millions by just playing Fortnite.

Gaming has taken the world by storm. The industry and its community have huge effects on our younger population, though there really is no age limit to grabbing your phone or console and enjoying a few hours of gaming fun. The tips we’ve just given you will ensure you get as much juice as you can from the gaming experience. They’re a great source of entertainment, and today’s top games really do have everyone playing wrapped around their fingers.

Why you should pick the proper construction scheduling software

Construction scheduling software is offered by vendors and refers to various programs that professionals utilize to organize, assign, and even forecast tasks on construction projects. These programs have been around for years and can come in many forms. Some of these forms can be free and simple tools to highly and sophisticated multi-user systems. 

They can also vary significantly in the functionalities. For instance, large construction companies may need solutions that include a construction scheduling software element. Because construction scheduling software  provides precise planning and increases the pace of projects, there are usually cost savings and shorter completion times. This article explains how you can pick the proper construction scheduling software. 

Understanding a construction scheduling software

If you decide to work on anything that appears to be a complex construction project, then you can benefit from using a construction scheduling software. Regardless of whether you intend to do a simple construction project or a large one, you can suffer if the project doesn’t go as planned. 

The schedule and cost overruns usually happen in many construction projects. These miscalculations can increase and even lead to lawsuits, disputes, or arbitration. Unfortunately, the cost of settling these disputes can cost your company tons of money.

There are various causes that contribute to the inaccuracies like scope creep, change orders, and weather. The big culprit is perhaps the slow adoption of digital technology. As a result, project planning that happens between the office and the field can be uncoordinated and people use paper to do it. 

You need to know that behind-schedule projects can create problems for the owners of the construction companies. Worse still, ahead of schedule can also sometimes create some problems since the funds set aside for these projects may not be invested in other projects. This is the reason why you need to use construction scheduling software to manage the timing and sequencing of the work. 

Increasing scheduling demands for residential and commercial projects

Building projects are usually categorized as either commercial or residential. In most cases, commercial construction projects are usually larger than residential projects. These projects can also need many code requirements like wheelchair access and some fire safety measures. These commercial projects include government facilities, office buildings, factories, and retail complexes.

When it comes to residential projects, these can include development of multi-family residences, such as apartments, individual homes, and single-family homes. Therefore, builders can construct commercial projects utilizing steel and concrete while residential projects can usually have wood frames. 

Commercial projects have a more complex and sophisticated infrastructure. They may need escalators, elevators, parking, and many more. As such, there is also a high level of redundancy build into their internal systems.

Hence, commercial construction projects need more expensive equipment and specialized construction professionals. Commercial contractors can subcontract the work more than residential contractors do. 

There is also an inter-dependency in construction, so a delay in one task can affect all subsequent tasks. This is why you need to buy a construction scheduling software that can be useful to you as a project manager or scheduler.

7 Ways Speech Recognition Technology Supports Physicians and Their Patients

Speech recognition software is helpful in just about any industry, but it’s especially helpful in the medical field. Here are 7 reasons doctors and patients both benefit when medical personnel use this technology.

1. Speech recognition generates accurate documentation

Doctors are human and subject to error when documenting patient information and adding notes to their files. Sometimes errors occur when transferring written information into the computer.

When physicians can capture and record notes regarding a patient’s care just by speaking, the accuracy increases, which ultimately helps the patient receive better care.

2. Physicians can get HIPAA-compliant speech-to-text technology

While there are plenty of speech-to-text applications on the market, clinicians are bound by HIPAA regulations to keep patient data private and secure. Good speech-to-text applications send the content through their servers in order to generate high accuracy. This means medical staff can’t just use any application.

Most medical providers use Dragon dictation software. Dragon is a leader in the speech-to-text industry and now offers a cutting-edge, cloud-based speech recognition solution called Nuance Dragon Medical One. This dictation software fully supports HIPAA requirements and uses state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption to keep all patient data secure.

3. Speech recognition technology is more accurate than ever

When you think about speech recognition software, you might recall a time when you had to speak slowly if you wanted the computer to recognize just 20% of what you were saying. Thanks to Google’s efforts, speech recognition technology has made exponential improvements and is now more accurate than it’s ever been.

A brief history of speech recognition technology’s accuracy

Speech-to-text technology was first invented back in the 1950s. The first version of this technology recognized only numbers when spoken. It took ten years for speech-to-text to recognize words, but was limited to understanding just 16 English words.

DARPA’s Speech understanding Research (SUR) program stepped in around 1971 and created a system called Harpy that could recognize 1,011 English words. By 1985 there were two main text-to-speech software programs: Kurzweil, which understood 1,000 words and IBM’s software, which understood 5,000 words.

Although a 5,000-word vocabulary was considered exceptional at the time, people had to speak slowly, clearly, and enunciate each word carefully or the programs couldn’t understand the dictation.

Speech recognition technology became available to the masses in 1990 when Dragon launched Dragon Dictate. The price tag? $9,000. In 1997, Dragon brought their price point down to $695 with a program called NaturallySpeaking. Although the price had dropped and the program was improved, it still wasn’t reliable enough to use in a professional setting. That’s when Google stepped in and changed everything.

Accurate technology creates better patient care

As previously discussed, accurate dictation results produce better patient care. As the technology is improved with machine learning systems, it will only become more accurate with time.

4. Speech recognition helps patients with complex medical histories

For most patients, physicians can use standard EHR templates to document notes about their condition. However, when patients have a more complex medical history, it’s not that simple. Most physicians aren’t going to be excellent typists and they’re likely going to miss a lot of the nuance involved in a patient’s story.

With dictation software, physicians can simply use their voice to create more complete problem lists that are created instantly.

5. Speech-to-text avoids dictation services

Traditionally, physicians have used tape recorders or mobile phone apps to record information that needs to be typed up by a transcriptionist. With software like Dragon Medical dictation, the transcript is created instantly, bypassing the fees and delays that come with traditional transcription.

6. Speech can be analyzed

Some clinicians are using speech recognition software for more than just dictation. Some medical professionals use speech recognition with predictive technology for diagnostic purposes, for example, to identify Parkinson’s Disease.

7. Data retrieval

Just as speech recognition can digitally document verbal input, it can also pull up those same records. Some software allows clinicians to speak a patient’s name or other keywords to pull up relevant records and other information. This makes a clinician’s job much easier.

Speech recognition technology is only getting better

Despite its slow start, speech recognition software continues to improve and is on an upward trajectory.

Not everyone is convinced of the benefits yet. However, we can expect to see even more improvements in the coming years that will make speech-to-text an industry standard in the medical field.

3 Reasons Not to Use Facial and Fingerprint Recognition Lock on Your Phone

Our phones keep a lot of our personal information. It includes our contacts, accounts, photos, locations, financial information, to name but a few. Therefore, you cannot be too careful when it comes to data protection.

Smartphone security awareness becomes crucial today as most organizations and educational institutions have switched to technological solutions. This exposes people to cyberattacks and different kinds of online fraud. DoMyEssay has been providing online writing help for years, observing the highest security standards. Their experts have shared a few tips on smartphone security that can benefit not only students and their parents but anyone who uses mobile devices. Here are the top 5 recommendations: 

  1. Create unique passwords for all your mobile devices.
  2. Use security settings to protect your identity and location data. 
  3. Use only trusted services and stores.
  4. Update the OS on your device regularly. 
  5. Use a secure method to lock your phone. 

The last point requires particular attention. There are several ways to lock your phone, but biometric identification is probably the most popular. Many people believe that facial and fingerprint recognition gives us security that is impossible to crack. Unfortunately, it is far from being true. Yes, biometric identification is a fast and convenient way to lock your phone, but it is not completely secure. Here is why. 

1. A Lot Depends On Your Device

Some phones appear to be more secure than others. An experiment conducted by Consumentenbond, a non-profit organization from the Netherlands, tested facial recognition on 110 mobile devices. 38% of the smartphones failed the test. Holding a photo of the owner in front of the device was enough for the 42 of the examined phones to unlock. It means that to hack one’s phone, attackers need nothing more but to get a photo from the owner’s social media. They do not even need 3D printed masks or sophisticated software solutions. 

This test made a lot of people worried about the security of their phones. The study results showed that Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, and a few other devices had stronger facial recognition features. Yet, a lot of phones from Sony, BlackBerry, Nokia, Xiaomi, and older models of Huawei, Lenovo, and LG failed the test. Thus, be careful if you use older phone models, and do not forget to install security updates. 

As you can see, there is no silver bullet when it comes to security. If you want to protect your personal data, find out more about the vulnerabilities of a particular phone model. Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore this step.

To make matters worse, this issue is not properly addressed at school. Students grow up knowing how to write an essay and improve it with the EssayEditor service. Yet, educators do not teach them about mobile security issues even though they raise major concerns globally. 

2. Biometrics Can Be Hacked as Well

It seems that our fingerprints and facial features cannot be artificially recreated. Yet, hackers can lift fingertips and trick cameras. This makes facial and fingerprint recognition vulnerable to attacks. 

A few days after the release of the iPhone X, Vietnamese researchers at Bkav managed to trick Face ID with a 3D-printed mask placed at a very specific angle. Obviously, the procedure of cracking Apple’s technology required much effort, special equipment, and knowledge in the field. Yet, this incident has shown that facial recognition cannot be called completely secure. 

Is fingerprint lock more secure? No. We leave our fingerprints everywhere. So there are a lot of places where attackers can find your biometric data and use it to unlock your phone. It is possible to recreate fingerprints using latex and even school supplies like playdough and Elmer’s glue. Besides, hackers can even steal fingerprints virtually, cracking the scanner itself. 

3. Biometric Identification Is Still a Work in Progress

Biometric recognition, in particular facial identification, is still a new technology. Although developers continue to improve it, today, it is neither completely secure nor accurate. Facial recognition might not work if a person wears sunglasses or a mask. Additionally, camera angle and lighting matter as well. Fingerprint identification does not function properly with glows or when the user’s fingers are wet or dirty. It is also not an option for people with damaged skin. 

Furthermore, scanning one’s face or fingertips makes an individual’s sensitive data exposed. This can pose a significant risk to privacy. Our two previous points show that any scanners can be hacked. Users cannot be completely sure that their data is safe. What is even worse, people cannot change their fingerprints or facial features in case of a security breach like they can change a password. 

In Sum

Do the advantages of biometric locks outweigh their disadvantages? It is up to you to decide. The one thing is clear: the technology is still far from being perfect. It is important to know the vulnerabilities of our mobile devices to become more aware and take some extra measures to protect our personal data. Thus, the only fact that you are reading about the risks of biometric identification is a step towards the stronger security of your phone.

Popular Social Media Apps You Can Use to Market Your Small Business

Over 53 percent of people on the planet are active on social media. This translates to more than four billion active users at the beginning of 2021 – a pool of customers waiting to be tapped into. Provided you have a good smartphone or computer and a reliable internet connection, social networking platforms can help propel your small business forward. However, it is crucial to do so using the right social media apps where most of your target audience can be found. In this respect, here are some popular social media apps you can use to market your small business.

1. Facebook

This is the largest and most widely used social media platform in the world. With over 2 .3 billion monthly user average, this should be your top site. It allows you to connect with friends, customers, and many other people. The app allows businesses to create private pages where they can interact with their customers. Members can join for free or at a fee. On your business page, you can update on products, discounts and even answer customer questions. Facebook also runs ads that help businesses get discovered or just be connected to their clients. It is an app where connections are easily converted to customers.

2. Telegram 

While Telegram is similar to the more popular social media platforms, the increasingly famous social networking app has been adding newer features that set them aside from the rest. For instance, it is now possible to pin multiple messages, share songs, and view post stats as a channel admin. As seen in a post on Alrigh, Telegram recently launched a new feature called Voice Chat 2.0. The new voice chat functionality will allow unlimited participation in groups and channels. It will have several features, including raise hand, recorded chats, speaker links, and listener links, among others. The most interesting thing about it is that it allows voice interaction with an unlimited number of participants in groups and channels. This is something small businesses can utilize to interact with their customers and market their brand effectively.

3. Instagram

Sometimes words do not do enough justice to a brand or product, and that’s where Instagram comes in. It is a photo-oriented platform that allows you to share your actual product or market your services to an audience through images and videos as well as text.

To benefit the most from Instagram, there are a few things you need to do. For starters, you may want to invest in a good camera that allows you to take quality photos. After creating a business account, all you need is an effective IG marketing strategy and you can start posting. By liking, commenting, sharing, tagging, and using hashtags correctly, you can grow your customer base and maximize sales. With its wide selection between posts, stories, and photo & video ads, Instagram can help grow your brand to the next level. Ensure to use posts that are relevant to your brand.

3. Twitter

This is the platform where your voice is heard. It is the easiest platform to engage influencers by use of “@” and “#”. As of 2021, the site attracts over 192 million users per day. Unlike the other two, the Twitter crowd is more censored. These are people who are sure of what they want and are not shy when expressing it. It is all about representation. You have to represent your brand with a good first impression. By use of Twitter cards and ads, it allows you to grow your business. Using the right keyword in your hashtag will attract visibility and re-tweets.

4. You Tube

It is a great marketing tool that allows you to connect with users via videos. Despite your age or location, a good video will always be appreciated and loved. With over 2 billion monthly users on average, it is the second largest search engine and social networking channel. When promoting your small business via YouTube, it is all about representing your brand using videos that will best attract your target audience’s attention. Marketing with the YouTube app requires you to create one or several great videos. This can be brand, educational, product, or even testimonial videos.

5. WhatsApp

Every single person with a smartphone probably has WhatsApp. The famous app has close to two billion users worldwide, with more than three quarters accessing Whatsapp monthly. It is the easiest social media platform to get a quick sneak peek while doing your task. In the past, it was just for friends and family. In recent times, its business platform allows businesses to interact with their customers. This app offers small businesses features like labels, quick replies, and chat filters that enable them to stay connected with customers. With its catalog feature, businesses can show their products more easily.

Finally, other apps such as messenger, LinkedIn, and TikTok are also gaining massive popularity.


Being on social media does not guarantee sales for your small business. A social media engagement tool will help you gauge and increase your success on social media platforms. Your presence must be felt through videos, photos, and captions that will have people talking. Also, remember to use keywords and titles that people will respond to.

PC Vs Tablet Comparison

What is best? Personal Computer or a Tablet? It is always an ongoing debate. But the question stands that why even draw a comparison? It all depends on the nature of the buyer as well as the work he does. Once the buyer answers this to himself there won’t be left any confusion with him. There are a number of IT services that assist you in making a decision for your purchase. Small business IT services not only understand your personal needs but also give you a bunch of recommendations and insights on why and how to speed up a computer, laptop or a table. Before drawing a comparison of personal computers and tablets, let us first understand thoroughly what these devices actually are.

A small and low-cost device or machine designed for personal use, however, it can be used by a group of few persons as well. It consists of several components like a CPU (Central Processing Unit), two kinds of memory; RAM and ROM, a magnetic hard disk and a compact disc, display screen, mouse and a keyboard.

While a tablet is a flat thin mobile or portable computer with all of its components built in, fitted with a touch screen display and rechargeable battery. However, they are highly customized hence why their operating systems and processors vary. Recently, they have gained much popularity because of their excellent and significant features, specialized apps and portability in particular.

Let’s now have a look at their features in detail.


Beginning with the storage feature, PCs have comprehensive hard drive storage normally more than 1 TB (terabyte). You don’t have to purchase a handy external hard drive unless you are using it professionally and it requires you to have that much storage capacity. On the other hand, a tablet lacks this much storage with 8 GB as its minimum and 128 GB as its maximum storage. However, it does have an extension slot for external hard.


Processing power of both devices differ. A computer consists of necessary power required to cool high end power processors but a tablet being more compact in nature is unable to provide this same amount of support to its processor.


As compared with tablets, PCs are costly. An average PC with moderate features can cost you up to $1000. Prices vary from $400 to $2000. In contrast, tablets are cheap normally within the price range of $150 to $500 but in some highly customized items, it may cost you up to $800.

Screen size and Portability

Monitor screen size is large enough usually from 13 to 43 inches but keep in mind that the larger the monitor size the higher the cost. Tablets are comparatively smaller in screen size not larger than 10 inches. They are made to stay fixed on the desk or table may be in your office or any other workplace or your study room. Tablets can be carried anywhere with you.

Running Battery

For a desktop, you might not have to worry about the running battery since there is no need to charge it and you can leave it on for as many days as you want. While in the case of a tablet, you are always concerned about if you charged it enough and if you left it uncharged it will shut it down once the battery has been consumed.


Repairing for the PC’s is much easier and cheaper as compared with the tablets. While tablets might require some expertise to spot and identify the issue that needs to be fixed but for a PC, a smaller issue can be resolved by yourself at home.


There are no limitations to the upgrades of the system and the software update in the case of the desktop. Since tablets are all built-in one unit, it is not easy and sometimes possible to upgrade certain systems and features.

Web Camera

Not all desktops, especially old ones, have built-in web cameras but a tablet comes with a built-in high-resolution web camera for recording videos and having a video chat.


The primary functions for a desktop include graphic designing, research, gaming and data entry. It won’t be wrong saying that their purpose is mainly professional use most of the time. Nonetheless, the tablet is more of a personal gadget.


While carrying a smart-looking tablet, it might be an invitation to the thieves and easier for them to dodge you in the bus or a cafe. But it is literally impossible to steal a desktop-based in an office or your house.


Summing up the above comparison, it is concluded that it is all up to the buyer and his or her needs and nature of work and sometimes yes budget as well to decide what to buy. If you are a blogger, a tablet seems like a better option for you which comes with an additional feature of video recording. Just the same, if you are looking for a reliable machine for your office-based work, you must go for a desktop.