League of Legends Ranking Tips From the Pros

If you are a gamer, you must have heard of League of Legends (or LoL), which is possibly the most popular and most played game globally. It is categorized as a multiplayer online battle arena and is definitely not one of the easier ones. There’s a lot that goes on in LoL and it requires you to be on a very steep learning curve as you navigate its complicated gameplay. While the game is certainly worth investing your time in, some players might find themselves stuck from time to time, especially when it comes to increasing their rank. The following tips might help you in improving your rank faster.

Favoriting A Champion Might Be A Good Strategy

One of the fastest ways to quickly take up your LP is to one-trick a champion with maybe a couple of backup champions. If you can master how to play a champion and that too in a particular role, you will be able to quickly climb the ladder in the ranked matches. By practicing and understanding the champion mechanics and how you can master those champion skills, you can aid your team in winning simply by leveraging those skills in the right place and at the right time. Of course, it is easier said than done. You can’t simply unlock a champion and expect to master it enough to be your main over the course of a single night. You will need practice over many games to know your champion and how to equip it with the best items and learn about which other champions work well with your main (and which don’t), and the right strategies for you.

Dodge to Avoid Bad Situations

Dodging might get a bad rep sometimes but it is a technique that professional players and even high Elo ranking players sometimes advise. You may not always step into a game with the biggest advantage and when you know the odds are stacked against you, it would do good to just dodge the game. You might lose some LP points but your MMR doesn’t get ruined, which you can verify with an MMR Calculator, and ultimately, your MMR is what really matters. Dodging still comes down to a personal preference but it might be worthwhile. One advice to follow while dodging: give the queue a break. By waiting a while, you avoid ending up with the same people and get fresh faces which means you have a lower risk of tilting your team right from the start.

Watching the VOD Would Help

You might want to take a leaf out of the book of conventional sports and watch your game film. It’s a strategy that professional LoL teams use all the time; they take out a block of their time to review their recent gameplay and that of other teams and go over it as a team, analyzing decisions, learning from mistakes, and strategizing future gameplay. Being able to discover mistakes you’ve made is the reason why reviewing VOD is important for any player, offering helpful feedback and allowing you to restrategize your decision-making. Don’t restrict yourself to just watching your own gameplay. Discover high-ranking pro gamers who play the champions of your choice and watch how they make decisions in the game. It will offer you valuable perspectives on some winning moves and strategies that they employ and can even learn from their commentary.

Reach Out to LoL Gaming Community for Advice

The gaming community can be very supportive, so it won’t be considered irregular behavior if you reach out to the LoL community for advice on your gameplay. You can very easily find guides on different gameplay strategies and tricks to improve your skills. Experts even stream their gameplay, which many tune into, to listen and watch them talk about tips in general but also advice on specific things like champions skills or managing waves. You could even hire a coach if you are looking for a detailed analysis of your gameplay. They may be able to assist you to increase the the rank of your lol accounts. Experts can offer you insightful advice targeted at improving your performance in different ways. They could point out mistakes and points of improvement either by watching your replays or watch you play via screen sharing on platforms like Discord. You could also just seek advice on general theory.

League of Legends is one of the most exciting and popular games, with monthly active players numbering in millions. That means while you will have a lot of competition as you play, it also means that you have a huge opportunity to learn from others to improve your own gameplay. Experts constantly dole out so many tips and strategies, especially with every new update and season. All you have to do is keep up.

Receipt Scanning is now Essential for Your Expense Management Software

All innovative companies, no matter the size or industry, depend on expense management software to carry out monotonous book-keeping tasks. However, despite developments in ML and Natural Language Processing, a substantial number fail to provide the necessary features such as invoice data extraction and accurate receipt scanning.

This is a huge disadvantage for these expense management software or accounting companies, as their customers are directly disadvantaged.

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase speed, accuracy and automation. As receipt scanners provide this, with added benefits such as minimizing the risk of losing receipts, it is among the top features a customer searches for when selecting an expense management software solution

It is clear that excluding an automatic receipt data extraction feature is damaging to the success of this software company.

Does this resonate with you? Does your software also lack the ability to scan receipts and invoices correctly and reliably? If the answer is “yes,” then you’re in the right place.

Fortunately, you can swiftly fix this issue by integrating a receipt OCR API within your software. In this guide, you’ll also uncover six reasons why your expense management software must have a receipt scanning feature.

But first the basics…How does a receipt OCR API actually work?

The receipt OCR API lets your users upload an image of their receipt or invoice in your software.

Next, it scans through the image to identify data fields, such as the vendor name, price, and place where the receipt or invoice was issued.

Subsequently, the data extracted is transformed into a format that your expense management software will understand.

Reasons to integrate a receipt OCR API in your expense management software.

1. More Accurate receipt and invoice data extraction.

Unlike standard OCRs used to capture data from contracts, reports, and other files, a receipt OCR API is designed to extract information from low-quality prints, with high accuracy.

Receipt OCR APIs can also recognise specific data fields on invoices and receipts, irrespective of its format.

This is vital, as suppliers and vendors have different layouts for their receipts and invoices. Even when two stores are in the same city, their receipts can have completely diverse formats.

Furthermore, you can increase the accuracy of your receipt and invoice data extraction through adding a parameter in your receipt OCR’s to identify where the invoice or receipt were created.

Something worth knowing is that most receipt scanning and invoice data extraction APIs are polyglots.  The consequence of this is that they can instantly comprehend and translate what’s written on the receipt or invoice, even if it’s in a distinctive language or dialect.

2. Streamline your customers’ Accounting Processes.

One of the most time-consuming and tiresome tasks that employees encounter is filling in expense forms and submitting them to your accounting department.

Integrating a receipt OCR API within your expense management software naturally accelerates this process for your customers.

Your customers can now take a picture of the receipt or invoice and then upload this to your expense management software immediately.

This removes the hassle of saving all of the physical receipts and invoices they need. 

The receipt OCR API then obtains the crucial details needed to create an entry in an expense form. You can also customize your receipt OCR code to allow it to group the data collected into expense categories, further streamlining the process for your users.

3. Improve your clients’ Resource-use Efficiency and Business Decisions

Unfortunately, as human beings, human error is inevitable.

Even the smallest mistakes, such as uploading duplicate receipts and invoices, can cost businesses significant time and money to amend (conditional on the situation, of course).

With receipt OCR, you can easily solve this issue by customising the code to incorporate parameters to flag and notify your clients of duplicate entries and invoices with dodgy data.

Your client’s accountant can then quickly acquire the flagged entries and review them before they’re finalized. This saves your client precious resources in time and money, thus improving their user experience with your software.

As expense tracking is one of the most crucial operations in any business, expense reports generated by your expense management software is critical in their decision-making activities These activities are also what certifies companies file the correct taxes and avoid getting penalized.

All these are dependent on one key ingredient: The accuracy of the data they entered in your expense management software.

If your expense management software isn’t equipped with a receipt OCR API, that’ll mean your clients must carry out data entry manually.

The issue with inaccurate or incomplete data in this case is the chain reaction that’ll ultimately result in your clients making poor business decisions.

4. Provide Financial Data Privacy and Security. 

Receipt OCR APIs don’t only decrease complications for your clients to update their expense reports. Another benefit exists in the realm of financial data security.

Supplementary parameters can be included within the receipt OCR API code to reinforce security measures when retrieving financial data. For example, generating a password protocol.

Including these security structures will guarantee that only authorized personnel can access their financial data. This is imperative for your clients.

5. The Power in Multiple Programming Languages.

Receipt OCR API developers are aware that companies develop expense management software and apps in an assortment of programming languages.

Companies like Taggun, for example, provide software developers like you their receipt OCR API code written in Node.js, C#, .NET, PHP, and Python.

You can therefore integrate the code into your expense management software, enabling you to rapidly launch this feature to your clients.

6. The Competitive Edge

Even some of the most popular accounting and expense management software available today don’t provide a receipt scanning and invoice data extraction feature.

In this question posed in Quora, we can also see that that those do struggle with the accuracy of the data they extract.


Because of this, users must search for a third-party tool to integrate into their current expense management software.

The Solution

A Receipt OCR API in your expense management software equips you with the means to meet what your clients wants and needs.

This provides you with a compelling and unique selling point to share with your potential clients and customers.

Additionally, clients will be convinced to switch to your software when you’re able to provide something novel, something that their current platform doesn’t.

The receipt OCR API is the game-changer to your expense management software. 

It provides your clients with the necessary functions to stimulate and accelerate growth.

You can start providing that to your customers today by choosing a receipt OCR API provider, embed the code in your expense management software program, customize it, and launch!

Small Business Productivity Apps for Android Phones

Productivity is a big part of running a business. But, unfortunately, it cannot be easy to keep up with everything that needs to be done and maintained by your sanity. That’s where productivity apps come in handy for your devices.

In recent years, online and mobile businesses are on a full boom as you can run any campaign or your store through your mobile phone and stay updated with your business activities.

This blog post will cover some android apps for small businesses and how you can use them to stay on top of things from anywhere you go. Check on the list below.

VPNs for Android

VPNs are a crucial tool for small businesses with employees who work remotely. This type of app encrypts your internet connection and can help keep you safe from hackers, identity thieves, or other threats to your company’s data security.

These VPN apps for android phones are fantastic tools to securely transmit your data over the internet and get you connected to different regional markets trends by unblocking geo-restrictions on websites.

These VPN apps are often free and can be found in the Google Play Store. However, it is essential to note that free VPNs may not offer many features or protection. To get better security and results, you might want to research VPNs with more robust features provided by their developers at an additional cost.

The premium reliable and consistent VPN providers are optimal especially for startups and small businesses to help them run their online tasks securely and without any potential risks.

Microsoft Apps

Microsoft is one of the world’s leading providers for productivity applications, so it should come as no surprise that they have an android app. In addition, Microsoft offers a range of apps to help you stay connected with your business and customers from anywhere.

One such application is Skype, which Microsoft developed in 2004 when video chatting wasn’t famous yet. This android app will allow users to make free voice calls over Wi-Fi or data connections to others who also use this android application, making communication between staff members very easy! However, to call people on their phones, tablets, or computers outside of Skype’s network can incur additional fees. 


Small business owners know the importance of staying connected with their staff and clients, but sometimes it can be challenging.  Slack Android apps are designed to make this task easier by providing a platform for instant communication accessible from any device you have on hand, whether or not your business has an internet connection! 

This android productivity app lets users send text messages, share files, images, and videos and receive notifications when they are mentioned in chat rooms. And best of all? It’s free! So if you want great android apps for small business owners who need more than just emails to stay up-to-date while working remotely, then check out the slack Android app today!


Trello Android app makes it easy to stay on top of tasks that need to be completed. No more forgetting about what needs to get done! This android productivity app is a great way for small businesses owners or freelancers who work from home and find themselves juggling multiple projects at once to organize their time and activities. 

Trello Android applications are free, but some features such as person-to-person voice calling will require an upgrade. But all in all, this android application provides many useful tools, including creating lists of tasks, lists within lists, called boards, and attaching images, pdfs, or other files related to the task at hand. Users will also receive notifications on their android app when others comment on a board for discussion and collaboration with team members or clients.


DocuSign Android apps allow users to send and sign documents from anywhere in the world. This android application provides a platform for instant, secure communication that’s accessible on any device. In addition, it is easy to use, allowing you to create templates with your custom fields and information needed, so all you need to do is fill out the form before sending it off.

One of the favorite features about this productivity app is how simple their service makes remote signing, saving time, money, and an unnecessary hassle! So if you’re looking for a great android app for your business docs signing and record-keeping, Docusign is your good-to-go choice.

Cam Scanner

This android application is a must for small business owners who want to turn their phones into an all-in-one tool. Cam scanner android apps let you scan documents, create and send PDFs, and save them in the cloud. This means that even if your device breaks or gets lost, then any document saved on it will be accessible from another.

This android application is free and very user-friendly, making it perfect for small business owners and those looking for android apps with more features such as voice recognition software.

I hope this blog on android productivity apps was helpful for all those looking to stay productive in small businesses.  It can be hard at times, but you will find that it becomes much more manageable with the right android app.  I’m sure many other android applications out there could also make your life as a small business owner and freelancer so much easier.

How to Choose the Right Route Planning Software to Help you Streamline your Operations

When you are running a business, your processes must be seamless and efficient, including your deliveries. The reason behind this is that seamless business operations translate not only to cost savings but additional revenue as well. In this case, the best thing that you can do is to leverage technology, such as the use of software to plan your delivery routes more effectively. This article lists down some of the ways for you to choose the right route planning software to help you streamline your operations.

Route Optimization

One of the primary things that you need to look for in route planning software is its optimization features. Keep in mind to use a route software that boasts of features that you need because in doing so, you will be able to optimize your business operations with efficient planning of your deliveries. Otherwise, you will only tend to add up to your overhead costs.

One of the features that you need to look for when it comes to route optimization is its processing speed. As much as possible, you need to go for software that will be able to process optimal routes in a couple of seconds. You should also consider software with an autosave function as well as one that offers multiple optimal routes for you to choose from.

Real-time Data Mapping Updates

Another thing that you need to consider to be able to choose the right route planning software for your business is real-time mapping updates. In this way, you will be instantly alerted in case there are road mishaps that entail the need for you to change direction or whether there are road closures that you need to avoid. This will save you time in updating the delivery information to your dispatch team, yielding an efficient process.


The best route planning software will also provide delivery analytics and reporting, which will allow you to have a good idea of whether the routes you have taken are indeed optimal or otherwise. This will prove to be beneficial as you grow your business to scale later on. With accurate data on the reports generated by the software, you will be able to have a good basis on the best practices that you can continue and improve on the ones that need to be enhanced.

Customer Support

Finally, you should go for route planning software that offers excellent customer support. In this way, you won’t have a hard time when you encounter issues in the software that need to be addressed instantly.

To be able to choose the right route planning software to help you streamline your operations, you need to consider the software’s route optimization features. Apart from this, you should also go for a route planning software that boasts of real-time data mapping updates, as well as accurate and comprehensive reporting. It should also provide efficient customer support that will help you with any concerns you may have regarding the software. All these are geared towards ensuring that you choose the perfect route planning software for your business.

What is Data Protection in Cloud Computing?

Many businesses now use cloud computing as a way to store and share data across the business. However, with cloud computing, there is a risk that data protection laws could be breached if personal data is not effectively protected.

The main risks regarding data protection when using cloud computing are:

  • Loss or damage of data caused by your service provider.
  • Unauthorized disclosure or access.
  • Malicious attacks on your service provider (e.g. hacking and viruses).
  • Poor security processes compromise your data.

Most cloud hosting providers have extremely strong security processes to ensure data protection but when you are looking for a cloud computing provider, you should be checking that they have a good reputation for being secure and for protecting data, to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Before you agree to use a cloud computing provider, you should carefully check the service level agreement for the details related to the security measures that they have in place to protect your data. The types of security details and solutions you should look for include:

Cloud Firewall

This is an added layer of protection to help prevent malicious attacks, they block cyber attacks by forming a virtual barrier around cloud platforms, applications and infrastructure.


Encryption is a security method that scrambles data so that hackers cannot read the data. Encryption can be used in lots of different ways including to protect data that is being stored and to protect data that is being sent.

Cloud VPS

A VPS (virtual private server) provides a private, dedicated hosting environment, as opposed to sharing a hosting environment, where there is greater risk of malicious attacks and other security weaknesses. A VPS is more expensive than a shared server due to all of the additional levels of security that this solution offers to businesses. If you have a business that uses customer data, it is definitely recommended to use cloud VPS to keep your customers’ data protected.

Identity and Access Management

IAM tracks the identity of a user to authorize or deny access if necessary. The user’s access privileges will determine whether they are permitted to access data. Access control services are an important data protection measure for businesses across all types of systems, not just cloud-based ones.

Backup Plans

Another important element of security when using cloud computing solutions, is to have an adequate backup plan. If your data is accidentally deleted or there is a technical fault that results in the loss of data, a backup plan takes a copy of the data, which is usually stored in another cloud. In the event of data loss, the latest backup copy can be re-installed.

Employee Training and Awareness

One of the top causes of data breaches is through an error made by a user, so it is vital that employees who have access to data are comprehensively trained in data protection. Regulated industries have mandatory training that employees must complete to be compliant with regulators, including data protection, which they must pass a test on to demonstrate their understanding. Records of employee training results must be provided to the regulators as evidence that the business is complying with the training requirements.

There are many benefits to using cloud computing and often it is a more secure way of storing and sharing data, as providers implement excellent security measures. Businesses can also reduce costs by using cloud computing and collaborate more easily while employees work remotely, or across different locations. As long as you check that the cloud computing provider has the key security measures in place, your business can greatly benefit from using this technology.

What is Cross-Platform Mobile App Development?

According to the latest statistics, 59.17% of mobile users in the USA choose iOS devices while 40.54% prefer Android. Business owners who want to launch mobile apps should decide how to meet the needs of both groups. Should they go for native development and build two separate apps but spend a lot of time and money on it? Or should they start with cheaper and less time-consuming cross-platform application development to build one app that will run on both platforms?

While both approaches are popular among business owners and developers, we want to shed light on cross-platform application development and its peculiarities in this post. But for a better understanding of available opportunities, let’s start with a comparison of native and cross-platform development approaches.

What is cross-platform development and how does it differ from the native one?

Native app development implies building a new app for every platform. It means that if you want to build an application that will run on both iOS and Android, you’ll have to build two different apps. Consequently, you’ll need to look for two different development teams. One of them should have expertise in Objective-C for iOS development and another should have deep technical skills in Java to build an Android app.

Business owners might opt for building native apps when their goal is to provide users with superior performance. Aimed at a specific platform, native apps work flawlessly and boast a unique design. They could be a perfect option for any business that builds mobile apps but there are two drawbacks: long development time and high cost. That’s why more and more businesses, especially startups, opt for cross-platform development.

Cross-platform development allows for building one app that will run on both platforms, in one go. Let’s have a detailed look at the benefits and limitations of cross-platform app development in the following sections.

Benefits of cross-platform development

Cross-platform application development has a number of advantages that make it a preferable option for numerous businesses. Let’s cover them one by one.

Ability to reach more users

By building a cross-platform app, you can kill two birds with one stone, especially if your target audience equally uses Android and iOS. Even if your potential customers prefer one platform over another, creating an app that can perform on both platforms is a sensible decision that will yield great results in the future.

Cheaper development and easier maintenance

Although the word “cheap” isn’t really applicable to software development, building a cross-platform app doesn’t cost as much as building a native app. The cost is lower because an application is built with identical technology and developers reuse the source code. As a result, deployment, maintenance, and updates are also easier to perform on apps with a common code.

Faster development

We have already mentioned that cross-platform application development implies less work than native app development. A common source code helps to cut down up to 80% of development efforts. As a result, business owners can significantly reduce time to market.

Uniform design

App design that reflects identically on any platform adds to user experience. Whatever operating system app users want to use – iOS or Android – they won’t be confused by discrepancies in two versions.

The above mentioned points can become key factors when business owners need to choose between native and cross-platform app development. But to make an informed decision, you should also be aware of the drawbacks of cross-platform software. We’ll have a look at them in the next section.

Limitations of cross-platform applications

One of the most critical limitations that is often mentioned in relation to cross-platform apps is their performance. While native applications boast flawless performance, cross-platform ones can be somewhat slower and inconsistent. It happens because some cross-platform components don’t comply with native ones.

Imperfect performance can become a reason for poor user experience and result in lower customer satisfaction. But to notice inconsistencies in app performance, users should be either developers themselves or use apps with very complicated functionality. In case with simple or mid-complexity applications, user experience doesn’t suffer much.

One more issue that can arise during cross-platform development is a complicated design process. To make an app adequately reflect on both iOS and Android platforms, designers and developers need to think through every detail, from functionality to buttons, to make sure an app will work consistently no matter the platform. However, by taking more effort to create a high-quality design on the development stage, you’ll save time on its maintenance in the future. Thus, such investment in design is quite reasonable.   

Taking into account all the benefits and limitations of cross-platform app development, one can conclude that it’s a great option if:

  • you’re a startup owner and have a limited budget
  • you want to check the viability of your idea
  • you need to launch your app as soon as possible to outrun your competitors

Later on, when you launch your cross-platform app, gather feedback from customers, and manage to attract investors, you can develop native applications to improve quality. 

Top frameworks for cross-platform development

If you decide to build a cross-platform app, you’ll have a choice of frameworks for your application. While your development team will advise on the framework that will best meet your business needs and requirements, we offer you to quickly get acquainted with popular frameworks used to build cross-platform apps. 

React Native

React Native is the most popular framework for cross-platform application development for several years already. Launched in 2015, it’s still used all around the world to build hybrid apps.

Benefits of React Native

  • The framework allows for reducing development time dramatically thanks to the ability to reuse up to 80% of a source code.
  • It’s possible to preview the results of the development process immediately. With the Hot Reloading feature, developers can see the newest changes in a matter of seconds.
  • React Native provides almost native UI so that users don’t see the difference between native and hybrid applications.
  • React Native is based on JavaScript. It means that even a team of web developers can build a decent cross-platform app.

Limitations of React Native

  • It’s not a fully cross-platform framework. Developers still need to write genuine code for some of iOS or Android functionality such as accessing a camera.
  • Debugging and releasing updates can be somewhat slow and inconsistent.

Examples of apps built on React Native: Pinterest, Instagram, Skype, Bloomberg.


The next popular cross-platform framework is Flutter. It was developed and launched by Google in 2018, and since that time, it’s one of the serious React Native competitors. Besides the almost native look of apps and the hot reload functionality, Flutter boasts a number of other cool features.

Benefits of Flutter

  • Built on Dart, a programming language created by Google, Flutter allows to develop UI-oriented applications of high quality in a short time.
  • Flutter includes numerous ready-made widgets for iOS and Android devices. These widgets are enough to build a whole app. However, developers can build their own widgets if there’s a need.
  • Being an open-source solution, Flutter is constantly updated and improved.  

Limitations of Flutter

  • Apps built with Flutter usually have a bigger size than other apps. Because of a great number of widgets, Flutter apps weigh more than average apps and can take up much space on users’ devices.
  • Being a relatively new framework, Flutter doesn’t have many libraries. It means that if Flutter developers lack some functionality in the existing libraries, they will have to create new libraries on their own, which will extend the development time.

Examples of apps built on Flutter: Alibaba, Google Ads, Tencent.


Ionic is an HTML framework aimed to build cross-platform apps with a native feel and design. In addition to creating mobile apps, Ionic is a great tool for developing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Benefits of Ionic

  • To build an app using Ionic, it’s enough to hire one or two developers who have knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular.
  • The Ionic framework can be integrated with numerous tools and plugins to extend the app’s functionality.

Limitations of Ionic

  • To build applications that go beyond AngularJS functionality, it’s necessary to hire more developers with wider tech stack.
  • Debugging can be challenging.

Examples of apps built on Ionic: IBM, SAP, NASA.


Xamarin is an open-source framework that was launched in 2011. In 2016, it was acquired by Microsoft that made the framework more recognizable. Xamarin uses programming language C# that is considered to be more modern and flexible than Objective-C or Java.

Benefits of Xamarin

  • Except for creating applications that run on iOS and Android, Xamarin is used to build apps for wearables such as Apple and Android Watch.
  • Although Xamarin is a cross-platform framework, apps built with it can boast exceptional performance, almost like native applications.

Limitations of Xamarin

  • Using Xamarin is free for individuals and startups but for enterprises, it offers to buy a license to be able to use its services.
  • Apps built with Xamarin lack quality when it comes to graphics. For apps rich in UX and UI, it’s better to use a native development approach.

Examples of apps built on Xamarin: Alaska Airlines, American Cancer Society, BBC Good Food.

Final thoughts

Although some people might doubt the quality of cross-platform development, real-life examples show that in particular situations it is no worse than native one. Such popular apps as Instagram, Skype, and many others show that cross-platform apps are decent market players loved and used by millions of people.

Thanks to the advantages of cross-platform development such as shorter time to market and reduced development costs, businesses, especially startups, opt for this approach more often than for classic native app development. Of course, cross-platform development does have its limitations but it can be a great choice to build the first version of a mobile app.

Digital Accessibility 101: 5 Tips for Making a PC Accessible for Elderly Operators

For aging adults, learning the technological ropes can be challenging as innovative digital advances continue to change the game. The fundamentals of basic technology are constantly shifting, with smartphones and computers reaching beyond caller ID and multiple internet browsers. While new and improved features and gadgets have benefited modern life by propelling industries forward and re-inventing human connection, many seniors feel left behind by difficult-to-use tech.  

However, thanks to improved accessibility functions and senior-friendly tech like The Wow Computer, aging adults can capitalize on the digital age by diving into simplified gadgets. Ultimately, elderly folks benefit from modern technology by connecting with loved ones, engaging in mental stimulation, and soliciting services online. That said, helping seniors in your life set up a quality PC is the first step in successfully integrating them into the digital world.

If your senior loved one has expressed interest in purchasing a PC, read on for five ways to improve accessibility and ensure they can easily navigate their computer. 

Magnify text

Some seniors shy away from computer usage because of small, unreadable text limiting their ability to read and comprehend the system set up. However, many older folks don’t realize that most up-to-date computers come equipped with font and text size customizations that allow seniors to tailor content to their preference. 

Simply locate the computer’s ease of access center (usually found within the control panel) and begin experimenting with sizing, changing everything from text to title bars. Additionally, you can purchase a model with magnifying features, allowing users to zoom in and out on individual sections of the screen.

High-resolution screens

Although it may be tempting to purchase an inexpensive, run-of-the-mill computer monitor for your senior loved one, consider investing in a high-resolution screen to limit eye strain and clarify items on the display. While they don’t need a complex, expensive computer system, they may benefit from a newer monitor model. Paired with text magnification, increasing the resolution of your monitor can significantly improve user experience, especially for those struggling with visual barriers. 

Utilize shortcuts

One of the most common complaints from seniors attempting to navigate computer setups is the inability to control and direct the mouse quickly and precisely due to limited hand coordination. As people age, extremity dexterity decreases, leaving many with aching, shaky hands that struggle to move according to plan. 

Thankfully, many computers allow for keyboard shortcuts that can cut down on mouse maneuvering by bringing screens forward, pulling up applications, and sending the mouse to specific places. Additionally, simple shortcuts are easy to remember or write by the side of your loved one’s computer as a helpful reminder. 

Color contrast

Another useful tip to improve screen visibility is adjusting the color contrast depending on your senior loved one’s preferences. Simply locate the accessibility center— found in the same place as magnified text options —and drag sliders until the monitor pictures are visible and easier on the eyes. In addition to system contrast changes, most browsers allow you to shift colors and shading to reduce eye strain and improve clarity.  

Customize keyboards

An optional but often helpful way to increase PC accessibility for your senior loved one is swapping out their traditional keyboard for a high-contrast version with big, bold lettering. Most keyboards feature small text that can be difficult for visually impaired people to locate. Consider purchasing a board with large, white font on top of a black background or purchasing a lettering adhesive to customize the version they already have. 

Parting shot

Keeping track of ever-changing technology can be challenging for seniors stuck in the past. However, by implementing helpful accessibility hacks and changing easily customizable settings on their PC, your elderly loved one can dive into the digital world without fear of confusion and frustration. Aid them by setting up their system, hacker-proofing their laptop, selecting their preferred settings, and teaching them how to customize their computer with accessible features for future use. 

How to Install Mobdro APK on Firestick and Android Devices

Mobdro not working is the shocking tech news roaming on the internet. A disappointing fact for Mobdro users. Streaming apps might stop working due to technical hitches, restart issues or complete shutdown from authorities. It’s a common scenario for thousands of streaming apps on the internet where the piracy war never ends. However, some apps manage to come back in the same version or different, and others don’t make it. For Mobdro APK fans, fate will decide whether it will revive again. The tech world has various Mobdro alternatives, which will provide the same best quality as Mobdro APK and keep you entertained.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is the top best, high quality and popular free live TV streaming app. The app offers a variety of live channels keeping users glued to their screens. Mobdro contains online contents such as:

  • Sports
  • Live TV shows
  • News
  • Documentaries
  • Music
  • Movies

The app is compatible with most streaming devices such as Firestick, PC, Android and IOS devices. The Mobdro app is constantly updated and provide current online content for free. Mobdro users can stream content from UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy, France and more at no cost.

Mobdro is an Android application which works well on Firestick device and Android gadgets. This doesn’t limit the IOS users, as one can maneuver through third-party apps. Firestick is a streaming device with different pre-installed channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Hot Star and more. Apps like Mobdro are commonly side-loaded by people who are seeking solutions for streaming content that is available free on the internet.

Is Mobdro Legal and Safe to Use?

Apps like Mobdro are legal to own and install. Be sure you get the App from the official Mobdro website to ensure that it is free from hacks and viruses. The Mobdro app may give you the ability to view copyright content. You are personally responsible to ensure that you have the rights in your own city, state and country to view the content that you download. In the US, you are generally allowed this right if you have purchased the content and you are viewing it for your personal use (not to publish or share with anyone else). Apps like Mobdro would not exist if there was not a need for the capabilities that the App provides.

Mobdro App VPN and ISP Guide

Free streaming is quite limited if the user takes no caution. It invites legal trouble, especially when copyright policies are tampered with. ISP, government and third-party authorities keep monitoring any online activity taking place. They have the power to enact hefty fines, shutdown or provide warning to users meddling with piracy policy or copyrighted content.

VPN software provides a shield preventing the ISP and government from accessing your internet activities. You can hide identity, location and IP address using a good VPN. There are free and premium VPN services to invest in and avoid legal problems.

Installing Mobdro app on Firestick and Android devices.

Mobdro installation is simple for Android devices compared to IOS gadgets. It requires three steps procedure as follows:

1. Enable unknown sources

  • Open your Firestick device and, using the remote, scroll to the settings section and click “MY Fire TV.”
  • Proceed to the “developer tab” click “apps from unknown sources.”
  • The Firestick device will request you to confirm the action.
  • Press the “turn on” button to continue.

2. Next, download the Mobdro app.

  • Download the Mobdro app on the Firestick or Android device. First, get a downloader app from your web browser or app store.
  • Now install the downloader app and launch it on your device.
  • Select “allow”>”OK” choose browser>search tab>enter Mobdro URL and click “GO” button.
  • Click download to complete the process.

3. Installing Mobdro on Firestick

  • Using the Firestick remote, go to the downloader app and click the home button.
  • Key in the Mobdro URL, download the app and click the install button.
  • Next select done, ensure to delete the file though you can launch Mobdro app.
  • Go to the downloader file and click Mobdro app >select menu tab> click delete.
  • This helps create space on the streaming device.
  • The process is complete, and you can enjoy the streaming services on the Mobdro app.

To ensure safety while streaming from any app, invest in good VPN services. This hides your data from hackers, ISP and the government, giving unlimited streaming fun.

How To Turn Mobile Devices Into A Business Asset

In the early stages of their inception, mobile phones were seen as expensive devices reserved for business executives. To have one, you need to be a company hotshot to have a ‘work phone’ issued to you. It means your inputs are needed anywhere and anytime.

These days, however, mobile devices have become extremely important to everyone, whether part of the workforce or not. With a few clicks of a button, one can get the information they need, communicate with the rest of the world, and purchase several items. 

There are over four billion mobile phone users in the world today, with some owning other portable devices, such as tablets and netbooks. It is no longer surprising why business organizations rely on mobile technology for several business processes. This has changed the way enterprises approach mobile phone use in workplace settings.

14 Ways to Optimize the Power Of Mobile Devices for Your Business

An affordably priced Android phone can do more than just send short messages or calls. With so many applications and software made for mobile use, there’s no shortage of things that you can do outside of your office desk. For this reason, a mobile device has become a viable workspaces extension, allowing employees and businesses to do the following activities that promote growth and productivity:

1. Launch an Online Store  

Thanks to mobile technology and cloud-based applications, a business idea can easily become a reality with the use of a mobile phone. Drop shipping, for instance, can become an additional income source for entrepreneurs who want to start a retail business but cannot afford to spend for a stock inventory and a physical store.      

Because there are so many things that businesses can do online—from launching an e-commerce store, to contacting suppliers and shippers, as well as accepting payments—there’s no need to have physical stocks and store, or purchase costly machines.  

Business analytics and investment database CB Insights discovered that as of 2011, it only took startups to spend GBP£3,200 (USD$4,500) to open a small business. This is only about 1% of the amount needed to launch an enterprise 11 years earlier, which was pegged at GBP£3.3 million (USD$4.6 million).  

Industry estimates further reveal that technology has drastically reduced the time it takes for businesses to go international. From more than three years up until 2008, the figure almost halved to only 22 months for ventures established in 2009 and later. 

2. Use Mobile Devices to Facilitate Flawless Communication and Collaboration

There’s no shortage of useful mobile phone apps that you can use to reach out to your staff, whether in times of emergency, regular and scheduled meetings, or if some of your employees are on the field.

Using mobile devices with a teleconferencing-enabled application, your team can stay in touch to discuss important updates, emergencies, urgent issues, and how to move past these problems (or successes). When it comes to regular meetings, perhaps, the only valid reason for absence is a non-existent Internet connection.   

Not all your staff may be in a good location to receive broadband from their provider. A signal booster may be needed to improve your mobile signal.

Timely communication isn’t the only added-value for these apps. Some types of business software allow the management to track a team member’s productivity and work progress, ensuring that the program goes as planned. If facing snags, a member can flag the issue(s) to the supervisor, who’s expected to provide useful insights or address the issue moving forward.       

3. Improve Sales and Marketing Strategies

With various integrated platforms that work across all mobile devices, it is now easier to improve marketing and sales strategies both online and offline.

  • Promote Search Rankings

Whether a newly-established business or an enterprise that wants to build a stronger brand, every business should tap the power of search engines to increase brand awareness and strengthen its reputation. 

Industry estimates suggest that more than 80% of the buyers turn to search engines to ask about a specific pain point and look for products that could address their issues. Simply put, the majority of the purchasing process starts with an online search—which, most often, is done via the use of mobile devices. Hence, in order to increase your brand’s online visibility, make sure your mobile site loads quickly and that you employ search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to attract web traffic and increase sales.       

  • Online Marketing

E-commerce and social media platforms all come in mobile-friendly versions. Thus, wherever you may be, you can check your website for performance and assess what makes other websites tick.

Study your competitors’ methods and compare them with your own to see whether your campaign is on the right track or if you need to tweak some methods. Study whether you need to employ paid online advertising, such as pay-per-click (PPC). Assess whether your site is user-friendly by using your own mobile device to navigate through it.   

  • Cold Calling Isn’t Dead

If you’ve been a victim of unwanted calls, you know how irritating they can be. With apps such as Drop Cowboy, however, you won’t have to wait for your potential clients to pick up the phone before being able to reach out to them. All you have to do is to record a voicemail message or SMS marketing messages and send them to your client list for a streamlined service.

  • Reach Out To Your Market And Partners Better

Save on printing costs and the environment by reducing hard copies of your brochures, flyers, and product catalogs. When a customer has specific questions about your services and rates, you can reply through a chatbot or send an image of your sales and product information materials via email.

Mobile employees and remote workers who need to get in touch with clients, the different office units, suppliers, and other partners should go and have an app like Progressive Dialer installed on a mobile device. This app is compatible with all mobile devices and, thus, can be used while on the go.                  

  • Using Your Tablet for Client Presentations

Time is money when it comes to business. This means you need to seize every opportunity to drive sales. For instance, if you need to conduct an impromptu sales presentation, you can just plug in your tablet to a power supply and show them to your clients as you discuss the benefits of your products and services. A bigger audience may require you to link your tablet to the projector.    

4. Enhance Customer Service

Customer service is an important business component. While attracting new customers is essential to increase sales, so is retaining current ones. Client acquisition costs five times more than customer retention. Additionally, hiking the latter by 5% also increases business profits by as much as 95%, per research done by global management consulting firm Bain & Company.

Either way, customer service should be a priority for all types of business, and your mobile devices can help you achieve this goal through the following practices:      

  • Streamlining Repair Processes

Mobile phone cameras can be used to take photos of problematic issues and cut through all the bureaucracy involved in repairing specific home appliances and fixtures. Service contractors only need to snap a photo of the spare parts in need of replacement. This photo can then be sent to the team in charge of inventory or purchasing to either find out if it is available in the office or needs to be bought locally. This means the problem will be addressed as soon as possible, leading to happy customers. 

When selling products, a high-resolution camera phone can take nice photos of the items. This helps attract more potential buyers.    

  • Tracking Packages

Courier companies offer tracking services on their website. All you have to do is prepare the package number or code and input it when you’re asked to.     

This comes in handy when your customer asks for assistance in finding out the package’s expected delivery date. Because you can do this with your mobile device, you don’t need to keep the customer waiting before providing a shipping update.      

  • Using QR Codes To Provide Product Information

As part of the barcode family, a QR code is a machine-readable label that contains useful information about a specific product. Apart from a QR scanner, mobile devices can be used to get the information you or your customers need.

Businesses can also use QR codes to print marketing documents and other informative materials or redirect your audience to your website.          

5. Access Business Documents Anytime, Anywhere

These days, document management apps can be downloaded on mobile devices with ease. Once you have any of these apps, you’ll have access to business documents wherever you may be.

Apart from viewing files, some apps have additional features, such as search, edit, print, share, and send functionalities. In some cases, you can even use your mobile device to directly print the document. Still, others have embedded data protection features. This feature allows your mobile employees and in-office staff to share and collaborate to make necessary amendments to documents, such as proposals, quotations, and contracts, as soon as possible. Your staff can also access the inventory files to check whether stocks are available before asking a colleague to file a purchase request.

With this feature available on all mobile devices, some documents no longer need to be printed, signed, and sent back, causing unnecessary delays in business processes. 

6. Make Remote Work Easier

The new normal has required businesses to make remote work arrangements more prevalent. However, this shift to a virtual office is nothing new. In fact, this non-traditional work situation has been around for several years. Prior to the pandemic, offsite workplaces were thought to have increased by as much as 91% over the last decade, according to a survey by Global Workplace Analytics and FlexJobs.

A remote workforce brings a host of benefits for a business. Rental costs, electricity bills, among other business expenses, are expected to drop while increasing overall business productivity.

For seamless virtual operations, mobile devices and a strong Internet connection are must-haves, so are work-related apps, such as a few that were mentioned earlier: document management, time-keeping, and project management. 

7. Provide Work Flexibility To Employees

Employees these days prefer the flexibility of working from home or working anytime and anywhere. Various researches show that there are various contributors to employee satisfaction. Opportunities for career growth and promotion, job security, adequate pay, and close relations with colleagues and bosses, as well as work flexibility, are elements often mentioned.     

If you’re a business looking to retain your top talents, consider providing the benefits earlier mentioned. Work-life balance has become more essential these days as workplace stress levels among employees reached 83% in 2019.

8. Access Data and Business Analytics

Business analytics software can be installed on your phone to check the overall health of your enterprise. Business analytics can either be descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, or prescriptive in nature. 

Depending on the features of the app you downloaded or subscribed to, as a business executive, you’d be able to see which department is the most and least productive and which business units can be streamlined.

In addition, businesses can have an overall view of mobile device use among their employees to determine if the current mobile software or apps are adequate or need to be replaced with a better mobile app. Auditing mobile device and platform use can also help enterprises determine potential security threats and opportunities for cost-saving practices.

How About Mobile Data Security?

Cyber hacking is a prevalent issue globally, and there’s not a day that passes by without at least a few thousand attempts happening. In fact, Web Arx Security has revealed that at least 300,000 websites are hacked daily.

Big companies have often been targeted as they can spend thousands, if not millions of dollars, in costly settlements. For instance, a ride-sharing mobile app fell victim to a data breach in 2016, forcing the company to spend USD$148 million in investigation and settlements.     

For these reasons and more, business data protection and security should equally be given priority as soon as the use of mobile devices for work is allowed.   

The following measures should strictly be implemented to protect and secure business information on your mobile device: 

  • Using a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Avoiding public Wi-Fi use
  • Mobile app or software updates
  • Two or multi-factor authorization for each device
  • Use of strong passwords
  • Device encryption
  • Antivirus application

Businesses should also have a well-thought-out file access system for an added layer of security.  

Closing Thoughts

Mobile devices have become essential business tools, especially with the evolving and more flexible work arrangements. Businesses and individual employees should all be aware of how to optimize mobile device functionalities to keep them going, as well as drive sales and promote business growth, all while keeping data safe and reducing costs.  

The Top 10 Tools and Software for Small Businesses

Small businesses drive economies around the world. In essence, small businesses are what defines the line between the community and corporation, and if you’re running one of them, you’ll probably need some top-tier tools to help you out.

We’ll list our top ten tools for running a small business will make your life and your job easier in 2021:

1. Monday.com

Monday is a management platform that makes managing your small business a walk in the park. It comes with all the features and services you need to manage and coordinate your projects.

It offers a top-shelf CRM, project, sales, and task management, software design and development, and a range of other things any small business can benefit from.

It’s a one-stop shop for all your management needs. What makes it stand out among the sea of other management tools is that it’s very easy to use, feature-rich, and very affordable.

2. Filestage.io 

Proofing is a very complex practice that is all but mandatory in modern business. Waiting for feedback from the rest of your business, your higher-ups, or your clients isn’t laborious – it’s an unnecessary waste of time.

With Filestage, the proofing process is streamlined to such a degree where teams can get instant replies and feedback that they require to go on with their work. Think of Filestage as the connective tissue between two departments that need to cooperate.

It streamlines communication and connects the two so that both get time-stamped approval as fast as possible, process and progress tracking, and a laid-out organization and framework of the workflow.

3. Outgrow.co

Outgrow is an interactive marketing platform that lets marketers and digital agencies create quizzes, calculators, chatbots, and assessments, polls, and giveaways to boost their marketing efforts. These interactive content types help companies generate nearly 30% more new leads and increase their social footprint. Moreover, interactive content like quizzes engages customers twice as compared to static content.

Outgrow stands out because it is easy to use and requires no coding knowledge. It offers 1000+ templates to choose from and robust analytics and automation powers to make your marketing campaigns a success. 

Finally, Outgrow provides free COVID-19 offers and other affordable plans for freelancers, small businesses, and big corporates.  

4. Traqq.com

As the coronavirus descends into 2021, many businesses have moved out of the office into their home. It has led to a rise in time tracking tools such as Traqq.

Even when people are out of the office, you can still know what they’re up to, how much time that is taking, and how you can help them do it better and faster.

Time tracking tools such as Traqq are necessary for managing remote teams, which most teams are nowadays.

Traqq allows you to monitor without even monitoring, as the automatic system will take screenshots, screen recording, monitor app, and web use without requiring constant input.

5. Octoparse.com

Web scraping is one of the most common business practices of 2021, as it allows small businesses to build big databases. In this data-driven world, staying on top of your competition is a priority, and web scraping is one of the best ways to do so.

Octoparse brings the process of web scraping to small businesses, allowing you to collect data on your competition, monitor trends, and improve your business from the inside.

The benefit of Octoparse is that it provides web scraping to every small business, requires little to no setup, and absolutely no complex coding.

6. Appypie.com

Appypie is an interesting platform that allows you to develop custom solutions, apps, and tools without prior coding or development knowledge. While the power of this system is limited, it handles most of the needs small businesses have with relative ease.

Appypie stands out among the crowd of custom solution creation platforms because it’s very easy to use, fully customizable, and adaptable to any small business environment.

This no-code application development platform is affordable and scalable, so it perfectly fits the needs of small businesses without breaking the bank.

7. Litextension.com

eCommerce is one of the most buzzing industries of 2021, and it’s gaining the attention of small businesses at an increasing rate. 2021 has seen more small businesses enter the world of eCommerce than ever.

Litextension is a service for eCommerce businesses looking to migrate from one eCommerce platform to another. Litextension makes quick work of the migration process and works well for small businesses or the agencies managing the eCommerce stores in question.

8. Moosend.com

Marketing can make or break a business. If a business has good marketing, it will likely push out of the sea of failing small businesses and carve out a slice of the market share pie for themselves.

Now, small businesses usually have limited budgets and limited tools to market themselves, so what do they do?

Well, Moosend is a fantastic marketing platform for all small businesses. It comes with all of the tools that you or your marketing team need to make your business that much more appealing to the average consumer and spread the word about it.

Furthermore, Moosend is a very scalable solution, meaning you can adapt it to your business no matter how large or small it is.

9. Leadfuze.com

Finding leads can get tricky, especially if you’re working on a smaller scale. You don’t want dozens of useless leads – you want some that will provide favorable results.

Well, if you’re in this position, you might want to take a look at Leadfuze, the premier prospecting tool for small businesses.

Leadfuze is a search engine for leads, which allows smaller businesses that don’t have huge in-house HR teams to find the correct leads, verify information across a huge database, and seamlessly integrate within your existing framework.

10. Fleep.io

Fleep is a communication and file-sharing platform for small businesses. It allows you to connect teams within one simple, centralized application to communicate, trade files, and share progress. Fleep is a great way to streamline not just communication but coordination in the office space.

Another thing that makes Fleep a must-have tool in any small business arsenal is that it’s affordable, and integrating it within your existing framework is simple due to its easy-to-use GUI and adaptability.

11. Weareindy.com

Indy is a comprehensive project management software that includes everything you need to stay on top of your projects, from marketing to management to billing.

You can keep track of different tasks for multiple projects by assigning filters or moving tasks from one project to another. The tasks tool also allows you to assign tags, making it easy to see at a glance which project has the most tasks remaining.

The deadline and reminders feature ensures you also deliver your work on time. At the end of the week or month, you can link your hours to an invoice by adding your hourly rate before sending the document to a client. 

In Conclusion

If you’re running a small business in 2021, you’ll be happy to know the best software and tools for running a small business will make your life and your job much easier.

Stick to the ten tools and software solutions provided above, and you’ll be well on your way to improving your business.