How to Use Flipbooks as a Small Business

Digital flipbooks are interactive e-books, intended to help businesses attractively present information about their products or services. A flipbook looks exactly like a printed publication, with the ability to flip the pages.


Some of the benefits of using a flipbook for your small business are: 

  • No longer paying to print the magazine
  • Offering an engaging and interactive experience to readers
  • Attracting new customers
  • Offering more information about products and services
  • No boring PDF and product catalogs
  • Responsiveness across all devices
  • Security of your information

How to Use flipbooks

Flipbooks are great tools to promote your business, so you have to make them look professional, engaging, and easy to understand. Try to make the most of the benefits and features that the tools for creating flipbooks offer.

Make Them Easy to Read

Even if any flipbook is interactive and eye-catching, make sure that you increase the interactivity and offer an outstanding customer experience to people flipping through your flipbooks.

Try not to add too much text. Focus on images and videos and get the best out of these features. Add buttons where it’s needed. 

Design Good-Looking Flipbooks

Whether you have an e-commerce company and want to create a digital magazine with your products, or you want to make a portfolio with your achievements to sell your services, a flipbook is a good solution to stand out in front of your potential customers.

You can choose the style you want for the flipbook. You can even use templates. Some templates already have interactive elements. All you have to do is to customize them to align with your brand.

You can see below an example of a flipbook template that you can use for your business.

Customize Flipbooks Based on Your Business Needs

Add your brand colors and logo to all your product pages. In this way, if customers come across your content by chance on the internet and find out about some products, they will become familiar with the brand and will be interested in checking your site to see what else you have to offer.

Use Interactivity

Transform static content into interactive flipbooks. You will gain many customers in this way. Try this to differentiate from your competitors.

Add videos, buttons, and links to your products.

You can use video widgets and add a caption. You can even embed different elements directly on your flipbooks. You can link to products and even add product tags. 

You can use social media buttons and video buttons where you add the URL, choose the size and modify the tooltip. 

Share Flipbooks with Ease

You can share the flipbooks on social media or your website.

You can share a flipbook directly from your current page, via e-mail, share the direct link or the full view link, embed the flipbook player on your website, or download it and share it wherever you want.

Use Flipbooks for Any Product

Present all kinds of information that you want to reach your audience with a flipbook.

Flipbooks can be used in many different niches like newspaper publication, furniture, human resources (for announcements), marketing agencies, telecommunications, computer hardware, software, etc.

Choose an Appealing Layout

You can use a double-page layout, to make your digital magazine look good and the information easier to understand. This design is usually used when presenting a product in an environment. Also, it is used for more similar products. For example, if you have a furniture business, you can present products in a room. Use real pictures and add tags to the products you are selling. Add more details that open with a click on the products.

Embed Flipbook Animations on Your Website

Flipbooks attract attention so you can use flipbooks with your products on your landing pages. Check what are your highly converting landing pages and update them by adding flipbooks and analyzing the impact on the users.

Create a Brand Style Guide

Even if you have a small business, you should start to aim high. For example, you can create a brand style guide, in case some collaborators would agree to use your logo to help you with your promotion. A brand guide flipbook would look professional and would impress them.

Get Customers Insights

There is a flipbook making software that offers a flipbook analytics feature. It is called Flipsnack.

By using this software, you can see what were the pages where your customer spent more time and understand what are your strengths. Working on your strategy increases your customer satisfaction and retention.

SEO-Optimize Your Flipbook

First of all, you have to make the flipbook public. Then do some keyword research and set a meta title and meta description. Try to gain links from other websites to your flipbook. Use a tool like Flipsnack that allows you to use your domain for all your flipbook catalogs.

Use All These Benefits in Your Favor

Get the best out of the opportunity of using flipbooks by using all these benefits: use videos and buttons, use templates for great designs, share flipbooks, embed flipbooks on your website, and get insightful marketing statistics from them.

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