Sync Galaxy Note 10+ with Microsoft Outlook

The Best Sync system for Galaxy Note 10+ and Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.

My Galaxy Note 10-plus arrived today. Very nice phone. Here’s some first impressions:


It is actually the same size as Galaxy Note 9 so don’t get scared by size. And yes, the screen is a whopping .4 inches bigger, in the same size phone. They did this by basically eliminating the top and bottom bezels. Say goodbye to Bezels forever.


Actually I use my bluetooth earpiece as a headphone now. It’s not for music, just for convenience. I listen to audio-books and phone calls. Been using the New Bee headset which works great.

DejaOffice for Android

This app really takes advantage of the screen real estate. I can view my contacts easier than ever and move around the screens very easily. DejaOffice CRM features are getting beefed up. There’s a new capability to condense SMS messages into Contact History. This lets me easily read back on past messages using DejaOffice PC CRM (DPC).

Outlook Calendar Sync

DejaOffice CRM works like Outlook for your phone. It keeps your Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes all together. It remains the only Phone App that fully supports Outlook colors. For people who haven’t color coded your day yet, this is a real treat. It really helps the glance view to see whether a day is green or red, or contains any special items. Outlook supported Calendar Colors 20 years ago. Why doesn’t the Outlook App do it?

Special features of DejaOffice:

  • Time zone management, so when you land your Calendar doesn’t go wonky
  • Calendar Colors that match Outlook
  • Templates that save time entering new Appointments and Tasks
  • Persistent alarms to be sure I don’t miss anything.
  • Recurring tasks compatible with Outlook
  • Optional:  Franklin Covey task priorities  A1, B2, C99
  • Works same on Android and iPhone, Phones and Tablets.

How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android: Use CompanionLink for easy and secure sync from Outlook to your Pixel 3a phone. This is a better system than Google, who sells your data, or Microsoft who hosts your data on their exchange server. Here are some setup guides for CompanionLink sync:

CompanionLink for Outlook
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