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CompanionLink Promotes Outlook App Replacement for Android and iPhone

CompanionLink has released DejaOffice Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes for Android and iPhone.

Internet Retailer | Nov 2, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 1, 2016 — CompanionLink has released DejaOffice Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes for Android and iPhone. DejaOffice is a standalone Personal Information Manager, that handles Contact, Calendar, Tasks and Notes, and connects with Outlook using USB, Wi-Fi or DejaCloud sync. DejaOffice is optimized for Calendar and Task management, featuring calendar colors, recurring tasks, and call journal that allows you to easily make a note after every phone call.

“Microsoft has their priority backwards emphasizing email over scheduling in their mobile app,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO for CompanionLink. “To send business email from a phone is an act of desperation limited to airport time. Professional emails are best sent from your desktop computer so you can be calm, composed and direct with your customer. What’s best on phones is scheduling, organization, and the myriad things that come out of travel and quick communication. DejaOffice has a strong contact list, fast search, calendar day, week and month view, and integrated task management.”

For Android Phones, DejaOffice has Widgets. Widgets live on the Android desktop and give you a fresh view of your current daily schedule, month schedule, tasks and contact. You can see your day view and month view without opening the App. This is ideal when you need to know in an instant what is on your calendar. DejaOffice for iPhone and Android has time zones fixed, so your calendar doesn’t go haywire the minute you land in a new location.

DejaOffice CRM App for Outlook is free, higher rated than Outlook App, and available from the Apple App Store and Google Play store. DejaOffice handles Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Memos, including category colors, call journal, templates, voice commands, and contact and appointment mapping. For more information, visit:

CompanionLink provides PC sync for Outlook, Act!, IBM (Lotus) Notes, GoldMine and Google. CompanionLink for Outlook is $49.95. CompanionLink for Mac is also $49.95 and fully supports Outlook for Mac sync to DejaCloud and Google. For more information, visit and

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CompanionLink® Software, Inc. is a pioneering developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services. They also develop a DejaOffice® for Outlook® App which runs on Android™, iPhone®, iPad®, Windows Phone®, and BlackBerry® devices. For 29 years, CompanionLink has helped mobilize contacts and calendars across devices, computers, applications, and web-based services. For more information, please visit and