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CompanionLink Perfects iPhone 6 Outlook Sync with Categories, Tasks, and Photos

DejaOffice App on Apple App Store synchronizes important Microsoft Outlook data better than iCloud and iTunes for iPhone and iPhablet 6.

September 16, 2014 10:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--CompanionLink has published a new How-To series to help iPhone 6 owners synchronize Microsoft® Outlook® data that iCloud® and iTunes® does not support. In addition to Outlook Contacts, Calendar and Tasks, CompanionLink’s PC utility supports two-way sync for Categories, Notes, Contact Photos, and Journal entries. Users choose between Direct Sync options USB Sync, Wi-Fi Sync, and DejaCloud Sync or the option to sync through Google’s cloud. CompanionLink’s unique handling of Outlook Categories ensures that category names and colors are transferred from Outlook to the iPhone®.

“ Mobile iPhone professionals have a right to demand more from their PC integration”

“ Mobile iPhone professionals have a right to demand more from their PC integration,” says Wayland Bruns, CTO of CompanionLink Software. “No professional wants to share their corporate and client data with Apple® and Google. CompanionLink offers secure cloud, secure Wi-Fi and secure iHotsync USB sync methods. Our DejaOffice App handles pictures, locations and colored categories that exactly match what shows in your PC Outlook. An effective phone mirrors your business life, and CompanionLink is a part of that equation.”

CompanionLink offers a proprietary sync option that bypasses iCloud, iTunes, and Google so your data is private and secure. CompanionLink now offers iHotsync USB, a direct connection from PC to iPhone. An unlimited two-week trial is available with paid options starting at $14.95. Business users can optionally add a configuration service called RunStart for expert setup of Outlook with their iPhone 6. How-To guides and more information is available at

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