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CompanionLink Connects ACT! by Sage with Google and Google Apps

CompanionLink for Google works as a two-way sync connector between ACT! by Sage and Google™. Users can then use Google Sync (Beta)™ to sync data over-the-air with their phones.

March 23, 2009, Portland, Ore. – CompanionLink Software, a leader in synchronization solutions, offers the leading two-way sync solution between ACT! by Sage and Google. When used together with the free Google Sync service for phones like iPhone and BlackBerry, CompanionLink for Google works seamlessly as a connector between ACT! by Sage, Google and the latest smartphones.

CompanionLink for Google allows ACT! users to sync their contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, calendar events, calendar details, contact notes, and alarms and reminders with their Google or Google Apps account. Complete two-way sync ensures that any change to data in either ACT! or in Google is automatically updated.

Once ACT! data is in Google, users can use the free Google Sync (Beta) service to push data to their iPhone, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device. CompanionLink for Google ensures that any changes made on the phones will show up in the ACT! database.

"We wanted to extend the power of Google’s free over-the-air sync service to the ACT! community," said Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing at CompanionLink Software. "With CompanionLink for Google, users can get a complete two-way sync solution between ACT!, Google and their phones for less than $30."

CompanionLink for Google sells for $29.95 and comes with free technical support. The software supports two-way sync with both personal Google accounts and Google Apps accounts. A 14-day evaluation version of the software is available at

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