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Getting Things Done Black Belt Recommends CompanionLink for GTD on Mobile

Getting Things Done evangelist and media guru Jason Spencer powers his productivity workflow with IBM Lotus Notes and DejaOffice for Android and iPhone.

June 17, 2014 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--Jason Spencer – media professor, broadcaster, and entrepreneur – wanted a way to use David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD) methodology, eProductivity, and IBM® Lotus Notes on his mobile devices. Prior experience had left a foul after-taste that he vividly describes as a “splicing together (of) a hodgepodge of different web services and third-party applications that never play well together.” Spencer notes that Android and iOS® offer amateur built-in apps for Contact, Calendar, and Task management.

“ splicing together (of) a hodgepodge of different web services and third-party applications that never play well together.”

While other third-party apps work great in silos for task management or appointment setting, Spencer was after the Holy Grail of mobile productivity – one business app that ties together personal and business contacts, appointment schedules, and GTD task management. The app should align with David Allen’s GTD philosophies, include a contact and calendar suite that interfaces with IBM Notes, and allow freedom to manage all this from any smartphone or tablet.

And, it has to work.

Spencer selected eProductivity – recommended and used by David Allen – as his GTD implementation tool. He then found CompanionLink and its DejaOffice app, which integrates with both eProductivity and IBM Notes. CompanionLink allows people to use GTD workflows on mobile devices.

“I believe CompanionLink offers a great product and a traditional PIM that is second to none,” says Spencer. “I have no hesitation in recommending it for enterprise. CompanionLink is device agnostic, allowing me to work on all major mobile operating systems. Its DejaCloud sync component also offers a free web interface called DejaOffice Live CRM. Imagine that, a completely functional web-based PIM — maybe Microsoft could learn from them — instead of emasculating its web tools!”

You can read about Jason’s GTD recommendations on his personal blog.

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