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CompanionLink Announces Compatibility with Highrise Web-Based CRM

February 14, 2011 08:07 AM Eastern Standard Time

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--CompanionLink® Software announces support for Highrise®, a popular web-based CRM manager from 37signals®. Highrise allows users to review conversations, task proposals, leads, sales, customer relationships and more via contacts, tasks, and a note-taking system called cases. CompanionLink offers a direct and secure method to sync Highrise contacts, tasks, and cases with Android, iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® Touch, BlackBerry®, Palm® webOS, Windows® Phone, Windows Mobile, Nokia® Symbian® devices, and any Google®, Gmail®, or Google Apps account.

“We’re thrilled to be supporting Highrise, which makes CRM simple and easy to use with its very approachable design”

CompanionLink can sync Highrise data to the built-in address book and calendar on mobile devices or to a business-caliber suite of apps called DejaOffice. Users can choose from four sync methods: USB sync, local Wi-Fi sync, wireless sync via CompanionLink’s secure hosted sync service, or sync via Google. Two-way sync is supported in all methods so changes made on the device will update in Highrise.

“We’re thrilled to be supporting Highrise, which makes CRM simple and easy to use with its very approachable design,” said Rushang Shah, Director of Marketing at CompanionLink Software. “CompanionLink extends this simplicity and ease of use by allowing users to sync Highrise data seamlessly with their mobile devices, as well as other popular PC software.”

Real-time sync between Highrise and other PC software such as Microsoft® Outlook® and IBM® Lotus Notes is also supported.

Highrise requires CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Professional. Licensing starts at $69.95. Technical support is included at no cost. A one-time remote setup and configuration service, called RunStart, is available for $39.

More information and a 14-day trial are available at

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