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CompanionLink Unveils One Step Migration Solution for Google

gMigrate automatically migrates data from your desktop PC to Google Calendar and Google Apps for Your Domain.

December 12, 2006, Portland, Ore. – CompanionLink Software, Inc., a leader in mobile synchronization solutions, releases a migration solution that moves data from popular desktop calendars to Google Calendar and Google Apps for Your Domain. With gMigrate ™, users can automatically move all appointments, reminders and notes to their online Google Calendar account in one step. With this release, CompanionLink adds to its other successful Google-enabling technology called CompanionLink for Google Calendar. The company continues to position itself as a value-added solution provider for users of Google applications and products.

gMigrate moves data from calendars in Microsoft Outlook®, Lotus Notes®, Palm Desktop® and Novell GroupWise® to the user’s Google Calendar account. The solution offers a simple, one screen interface. The user provides their Google Calendar login information and selects which desktop calendar system they currently use. With the click of one button, all their appointments, reminders and notes are transferred from their desktop calendar to their Google Calendar.

“Google Calendar is a low cost way to access, organize and share your schedule with others,“ says Wayland Bruns, CEO of CompanionLink Software, Inc. “With gMigrate, our goal is to offer a free and quick solution for people who are switching to Google’s innovative platform."

The company is promoting gMigrate because some Google users will need ongoing synchronization to Palm, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and BlackBerry devices. CompanionLink has the only commercially available and supported solution for that synchronization. By enabling more people to adopt Google’s platform, CompanionLink hopes to benefit from the increased user base. In addition to the single user version, CompanionLink plans to release an enterprise version of gMigrate that will automate migration of data from Exchange Server, GroupWise Server and Lotus Notes Server to Google Apps for Your Domain. CompanionLink also expects to update gMigrate to add support for emails, contacts and tasks when Google releases access to those functions.

gMigrate is available for free and can be downloaded at Free software updates and live technical support are available to all customers.

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CompanionLink Software, Inc. is a leading developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones, PDAs and other handheld devices. CompanionLink specializes in contact management synchronization and is also a leading OEM sync provider for companies like Royal Consumer Electronic Products and ACT! by Sage. For over 10 years, CompanionLink’s solutions have helped synchronize and mobilize information across multiple devices, computers, and applications. For more information about the company and its solutions, please visit or contact Rushang Shah at (503) 243-3400.

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