DejaOffice PC CRM - How to Set Up a Multi-User Database

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DejaOffice PC CRM works Great as a Multi-User database.


You can make a multi-user database using DejaCloud Sync, with each PC having its own local database. With this model, each PC works independently, and DejaCloud will synchronize all changes to the other independent databases. This works well for small offices that share exactly the same data: (Same Calendar and Contact list).

More commonly, an office may have 2-20 people sharing a single data file. In this case, the file is stored on a shared network drive. Each user will install DPC Pro and connect their local computer to the shared data file. The user login dictates their own personal calendar and task list. Commonly, in this case, the contacts table is shared for all users. Each user can also have private data that no one else can see.

Currently, we do not know how many users can share a single file. We have sites with five users working fine. The database is SQLite, which uses whole table locking. So we anticipate there is a relationship between table size and user performance. We anticipate that for 10,000 contacts and 5, users the performance will be fine, but with 200,000 records and 20 users, there may be performance issues. Over time, we hope to support MySQL and record-level locking. This development is slated for mid-year 2020.

Create the Database and Import the initial data set

After installing DejaOffice PC CRM use the Setup Wizard and select a Data Source to import the initial data set. For help with data source settings, Click Here for our Source-specific settings guide.

Register the Multi-User version of DejaOffice PC CRM

To use Multi-User Mode, you will need the DejaOffice PC CRM Professional version. You can find the installer for this version on our Downloads Page.

  1. Once you have installed DejaOffice PC CRM Pro, open the program, select Settings, and Registration.
  2. Enter your Registration info (Name and Email) and click Verify.
  3. Once registered, it will give you a user count.

Moving your DejaOffice PC CRM database to a Network drive

Placing your DejaOffice PC CRM database file on a Network drive allows access to the database from connected machine.

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM, select Settings, and Database Settings.
  2. Select "Move" option.
  3. Using the browser, navigate to the Network Drive, and select a folder.
  4. Click Ok
  • Note: The folder you select on the Network Drive must be empty.

Setting up Users

  1. Open DPC, select Settings, and Database Settings.
  2. Click ☑ Enable Multi-User.
  3. Click ☑ to Enable default owner to current user.
  4. Click User Management.
  5. Add entries for each of your database users.

For our Guide on setting up User Permission levels, Here.

Reassigning Records

If you have imported from a database that does not contain "User" field. You can reassign records to a selected user.

  1. Open DPC, select Settings and Database Settings.
  2. Select User Management.
  3. Select the Unassigned user and click Reassign Records option.
  4. Select the User to reassign the records to and the data types to assign.

This option can also be used to quickly reassign the data from a user that will no longer be accessing the database.

Using a Local Install of DejaOffice PC CRM to access a Network Database

  1. For each user on your system, install DejaOffice PC CRM Pro on their Local PC's, and Register (See the Registration steps above).
  2. Once registered, open DejaOffice PC CRM, select Settings, and Database Settings.
  3. Select the "Open" option.
  4. Using the browser, navigate to the Network Drive and select a folder.
  5. Click Ok. After a few moments the Database from the Network Drive will be loaded.

Using DPC Pro with Multiple Users

After creating multiple users in DPC Pro, each Contact, Calendar or Tasks can be assigned to their user ID. To set a DejaOffice PC CRM record to a specific user, when Creating\Editing an event, select the Owner field. Each user will appear in the drop down.

Once records are assigned to an Owner\User, you will be able to set filters in each data set to display specific User(s) records. You can filter based on the following:

  1. All Records marked "All Users"
  2. All records where you are the owner.
  3. Records for other users if you have the Calendar option set for it.
  • Note: You will NOT be able to see records for another User marked Private.

To access the user Filter in any DPC Data set, select the 3 bars in the top right, select "Users" and select the users you want to display in your local DPC.

Set up DPC Pro with Multiple Users on a second PC via DejaCloud

Once you have created your main database on the Primary PC with Users, you can sync this data (and users) to another install of DejaOffice PC CRM Pro using DejaCloud.

  1. Setup DejaCloud sync from the PC CRM Pro on the primary machine with users. (Ensure in the DejaCloud Settings under the Users Tab that All Users are set to sync to transfer all data to a second machine).
  2. Install DejaOffice PC CRM Pro on the second machine and Open. Skip the Setup Wizard by clicking the X in the top right.
  3. Select Settings in PC CRM and choose Database Settings. Enable the Multi-User Mode here.
  4. Select Sync Settings, choose DejaCloud as the "Mobile" device.
  5. Click Settings under DejaCloud and enter the Email\Password for DejaCloud from Machine 1.
  6. Sync.
  7. When the sync completes, close DejaOffice PC CRM and reopen, you will be prompted to log in using one of the users from PC 1

You can repeat this process on as many PC's as you like.

Set up Android and iPhone Sync for Multi-User DejaCloud Account


The latest versions of DejaOffice for Android and DejaOffice for iPhone\iPad now fully support a Multi-User sync to a single DejaCloud account. Once you have the DPC Users created and assigned any passwords:

  1. Create a DejaCloud account that all users will connect to. Click Here to create an account.
  2. Setup the DPC Sync to DejaCloud under Settings > Sync Settings > Mobile Device. Enter the DejaCloud User\Password in the Sync Settings and under the "Users" tab, select All Users to sync.
  3. Sync from DPC to DejaCloud
  4. Install the DejaOffice App on your Android or iPhone\iPad,
  5. Follow the Setup Wizard, select DejaCloud as the sync method. Enter your DejaCloud email\password from Step 1 and select the Owner field and choose the DPC Owner\User that should sync with this device. Enter the User Password from DPC if one was assigned.
  6. Complete the Wizard and Sync from the Mobile Device

All "Unassigned" and records "Owned" by the connected User\Owner will appear in this mobile device. You can repeat the above steps for each mobile device, entering the User\Owner that should sync with that specific device.

Changing the synced Owner in DejaOffice for Android\iPhone:

If you have already connected an Owner to a device, you can change this at any time. Changing the Owner synced to a device will remove all previous owners records and resync the newly assigned owner's records. Unassigned records will remain unchanged.

  1. Open DejaOffice on the Mobile device, tap Settings, tap Sync settings and tap DejaCloud Settings.
  2. Select the Owner Field and choose the new Owner to sync with this device. Enter the new Owner's DPC User Password if needed.
  3. Tap "Yes\Ok" on the prompts about switching Owners.
  4. Return to the main DejaOffice menu and tap Sync.

When the sync completes the new Owner's Records now appear in the device.