DejaOffice PC CRM - Multi-User Day View

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If you are using DejaOffice PC CRM Pro in Multi-User mode, you can now quickly view each users day in the Multi-User Day View.

Enabling Multi-User Day View


For Multi-User Day View you must be using DejaOffice PC CRM Professional and have Multi-User Mode enabled (Database Settings). For help enabling and creating multiple users, Click Here for our guide on Setting up Multi-User Mode. If this is already setup, to enable Multi-User Day View:

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM Pro
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Calendar Settings
  4. Put a check in "Show" next to "Show Multi-User Day View".

You will now have an option for "Day - Multi User".

Changing the User Filter


Once you have enabled Multi-User Day View, you can set which users will display. To choose users:

  1. Select the "Day - Multi User" in DPC
  2. Select the three bars in the top right and choose "Users".
  3. From the Popup check the users you would like to display and click Ok.

The display will change to show only the selected users. You can change this selection at any time.

From the Multi-User Day view you can drag and drop events between the User's to quickly reassign events to a new DPC user.