DejaOffice PC CRM Sync Setup Guide

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DejaOffice PC CRM

Welcome to the configuration for DejaOffice PC CRM (DPC)

DejaOffice and CompanionLink


Please use the following guidelines if you are using CompanionLink:

  • Note: For compatibility you need to update CompanionLink. DPC will remind you to do this.

DejaOffice PC CRM can handle DejaCloud, Wi-Fi and USB Sync to multiple devices. However, you need to use a single sync system, that is, you cannot use USB sync to one device and Wi-Fi sync to another.

CompanionLink will be turned off when DPC is configured.

Summary: Either DPC Sync or CompanionLink will be running, but not both.

DPC Configuration and First Sync

When you run DPC it will start with the Setup Wizard. At the end of setup, DPC will synchronize for the first time. So before you set up please be sure you:

  1. Have backed up your core databases.
  2. Are ready to reconfigure your CompanionLink Sync.

The setup wizard will walk you through the configuration process. DejaOffice PC CRM Setup Wizard Guide
The following is an introduction to the DejaOffice PC CRM Outlook Add-in. DejaOffice PC CRM Outlook Add-in

Key Features of DPC

  1. Change font type in General Settings.
  2. Change theme colors in General settings or from the toolbar icon.
  3. Ctrl-scroll to zoom individual windows. Ctrl-0 to reset zoom on a window.
  4. The Pin icon allows you to create a pinned window.
  5. Pinned windows can also be created from Settings Pinned Windows

Check here for our guides on DejaOffice PC CRM Features.