A Dance with Synchronization: Paving the Path to IMAP Connectivity

Let’s face it, we live in a world where our work lives revolve around an intricate dance of meetings, emails, tasks, and contacts. Often, this dance is orchestrated by Microsoft’s ever-reliable Outlook. The wrinkle? You’ve got an Android phone tucked away in your pocket, which might as well be in a different galaxy when it comes to syncing with your Outlook IMAP Contacts and Calendar.

But fear not, there’s an army of third-party apps ready to serve as your intergalactic translators, smoothly synchronizing your data. Here are the top two contenders, CompanionLink for Outlook and DejaOffice.

CompanionLink for Outlook: The Swiss Army Knife of Sync

First in line is CompanionLink for Outlook, a versatile application that promises to integrate your Outlook data with your Android device. It handles your contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes, doing the work of many with the ease of one. The magic of CompanionLink lies in its flexibility – it can sync directly using USB, Wi-Fi, or DejaCloud. With a direct USB sync, your data stays secure as it hops between your computer and phone. Wi-Fi sync operates in your local network, offering a convenient wireless solution. DejaCloud sync, on the other hand, gives you the freedom to synchronize from anywhere with an internet connection.

What sets CompanionLink apart is its “set it and forget it” approach. Once you’ve set up your preferred sync method, CompanionLink gets to work behind the scenes, ensuring your data is always up to date, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. But all this functionality doesn’t come free. CompanionLink for Outlook will set you back $49.95, a price tag that might give budget-conscious users pause. However, for those willing to pay for peace of mind, CompanionLink provides an unparalleled solution.

DejaOffice: Nostalgia Meets Functionality

If you’re seeking a more nostalgic solution, DejaOffice is here to cater to your needs. This app is like a time machine that transports the tried-and-true desktop software experience to your Android phone. It offers a suite of applications, including contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes, designed to echo the look and feel of classic business software like Palm, BlackBerry, and yes, even old-school Outlook.

Here’s the twist – DejaOffice is actually a partner app to CompanionLink. It’s the part of the equation that lives on your Android device, while CompanionLink resides on your computer. When used together, they create a synchronization powerhouse, but DejaOffice can also be used on its own. If you choose to fly solo with DejaOffice, it can sync with your Outlook data via DejaCloud or a direct USB connection.

But what makes DejaOffice stand out? It’s the app’s offline capability. With DejaOffice, you have your data at your fingertips, even when you’re miles away from the nearest cell tower. Plus, it has an optional encrypted database to keep your data secure. DejaOffice is a bit cheaper than CompanionLink, coming in at $19.95, making it an attractive option for those who want Outlook functionality without breaking the bank.

Sync in Step with Your Android

So, there you have it, two stellar third-party apps ready to bridge the gap between your Outlook IMAP Contacts and Calendar and your Android phone. Whether you opt for the versatility and automatic syncing of CompanionLink or the nostalgic, offline functionality of DejaOffice, you’ll be well equipped to sync in step with your busy life. Just remember, choose the right partner for your dance with synchronization, and you’ll never miss a beat.

A Dance with Synchronization: Paving the Path to IMAP Connectivity was last updated August 8th, 2023 by Kelly Maryland