Why Web Design is So Important These Days

As everyone commits to staying online more and more, your website becomes many people’s first impression of your business, so it becomes all the more vital to make sure their first impression is good. 

But when you want to improve this, SEO-friendly web design services are the go-to, but if you’re wondering if it’s worth it, let’s go over why it absolutely is. 

1. A Great First Impression

Like we said above, your website is a first impression for people just discovering your business, and they will judge it within the first few seconds they spend on the website before they click off. Your job is to keep them there for as long as you can and an outdated website just doesn’t do this as well as a well thought out, well designed and easy to use website will. 

2. It Helps Your SEO

Many web design elements actually affect how search engines crawl your website and this is what affects your search engine ranking, which makes web design an integral part of your overall SEO strategy. If your SEO basics aren’t done properly Google can’t access your website correctly and your rankings will drop significantly. After this it’s unlikely anyone will be visiting your webpage anyway. So don’t skip good SEO! 

3. Helps Customers Feel Comfortable

 When people come to your website they usually want to know more about your brand, and if you play your cards right you can make your website a place they feel comfortable exploring, and this means they become more comfortable with your brand, will stay longer on your website and are more likely to become repeat purchasers. 

4. It Builds You Up as Trustworthy

In general, people don’t gravitate towards badly designed or outdated websites, in fact they don’t trust them. It is trust in a brand that leads to people making a purchase, if your website looks outdated people might label you as being sketchy or untrustworthy and this can really harm your business overall. The better the website is, the more likely your users are to make a purchase and return in the future to make further purchases. This isn’t just design oriented, but also encompasses things like having all the relevant information and getting this information across in a user friendly way. 

5. Your Competitors are Already Doing It

A rule in business is: anything you’re thinking about doing, you’re competitors are probably already doing it. This is accurate for website design as well. It’s highly likely that your direct competitors are already working with someone for their website design, so you need to get on their level in order to start out doing them. A website is key to this process. In fact if you work with the experts, they’re likely to look into your competitors to make sure you can carve out your own niche. 

6. It Creates a Consistent Brand Look and Feel

When you walk into a physical store, you know that each branch of the store is likely to look the same. This uniformity is what gives a brand a consistent look and feel for visitors and can give them somewhere familiar to go. This is the same feeling you want to build with your website by having similar designs on every page and creating a consistent look for your users to interact with. 

If you’re looking for the perfect partner to fix up your website and get it running and looking better Perfect Link Building US should be your first choice! 

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