The Best Three Parks in Athens

Athens is a very old and beautiful city that deserves the attention of every tourist. Here, you will find a modern rhythm of life and a huge ancient cultural heritage. Lots of architectural beauty, lots of unique energy and just life at its best! In this article, we will tell you about the best parks in Athens, where you can (and should) go if you want to have a cool time and experience the full vibe.

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Let’s get down to the parks.

National Garden of Athens

This is a very luxurious and one of the main places in Athens, one of the main parks you should visit. There is a lot of beauty and variety here, and the garden itself was founded in 1839 for Queen Amalia (since then, it has become one of the most famous parks in the Greek capital). There are over 15,000 species of trees, shrubs and other plants (many tourists call this park a botanical paradise). As you stroll through the park, you can observe a mesh fence that houses geese, peacocks and goats. There are also facilities for children to have fun (many playgrounds).

Also, the park has its own cafe, or you can just have a picnic. We advise you to visit this park in April, when all the plants are in bloom. Tip: don’t forget to take mosquito spray or something like that, because there are quite a lot of mosquitoes in the park. There are especially many of them near the pond, where it is the most pleasant place to sit.  

Lykavittos Hill

This is a mountain park that has a great view of Athens. It has a peak called Lykavittos (the highest point in the park, 277 meters). If you climb to this point, you will experience incredible views and sensations. It will be the coolest emotion possible; you will definitely slow down time from experiencing such beauty. You will have two options to get to the top: go up by lift or climb on foot. We think the second option is more exciting (but it’s completely individual). Once you have climbed the route, you will see St George’s Church at the top, which will mean that you have successfully reached the point. There, under the beautiful scenery, you can enjoy delicious snacks and coffee. Try to get to this mountain park, it will be a nice physical fatigue at the end + aesthetic pleasure.

Areopagus Park

Rounding out our top is the beautiful Areopagus Park. This area is located very close to the Acropolis. The name of the park, as strange as it may sound, is in honor of the hill where the meetings of the ancient Roman Areopagus were held. Many historical finds can be found here, such as “Stones of the Cross are sacred crosses and other relief images that were carved directly from these stones”. Scientists think that such stones could have been used for different purposes in ancient times, for example, in court. Besides this find, there are many others that you can pay attention to if you decide to come. And we would like to pay special attention to nature in the park, it is really great there. It is such a harmony of nature and history; relaxing under the marvelous views of nature, fresh air – immerse yourself in the ancient historical atmosphere.

The Best Three Parks in Athens was last updated December 30th, 2023 by Dia Marcin