Top 9 Best Email Marketing and Software Tools in 2022

The email proves time and again to be a powerful marketing tool. It is an inexpensive way of connecting with clients and offers a significant return on investment. Email marketing and software tools can streamline the email marketing process, freeing up valuable time and resources for businesses. The vast amount of email marketing tools available can be overwhelming. Different programs will work better for different business sectors and company sizes, but there are some clear winners that span multiple sectors very well. 

This article will look at nine of the best email marketing and software tools on the market in 2022. It examines the key features that make each marketing tool stand out from the crowd. In addition, it breaks down the pricing options available for each. 

There is a wide range of price plans available for the companies featured on this list as some are geared more toward small businesses while others have the capacity to work better on a large scale. All of the marketing tool companies listed here have some form of no- or low-cost plan available so it is possible to try different tools and get a feel for which one will work the best for your business. 

With any of these emails services, you can make use of free responsive email templates that are available online.

1. Selzy

Selzy is an easy-to-use email marketing service that targets small and medium-sized businesses. The platform is so user-friendly even a newbie can set up their first email campaign in 15 minutes.

Top Features:

  • Email WYSIWYG editor and 100+ free email templates
  • Personalization and segmentation
  • List hygiene
  • Analytics and A/B testing
  • Email recommendations for a better delivery rate
  • 24/7 support via live chat, phone, and email

Price Plans:

  • Free forever plan with up to 1000 contacts and 15000 email sent per month
  • Paid plans start from $7/month depending on the tariff, the contact list size, and the final scope of work and extra services
  • Pay as you go plan with $0.005/email

2. v-user 

Our recommendation for the best software for sending bulk emails is the v-user Bulk Email Sender bot. This tool allows you to send bulk emails through the Gmail website (using Gmail accounts). This feature allows almost all your messages to land in users’ inboxes, and because of the natural nature of the emails, you can also get better feedback. 

Top Features: 

  • One-time payment and permanent license 
  • No need to pay for sending emails 
  • Sending bulk emails through Gmail site 
  • Sending with Gmail accounts 
  • Delivering more than 90% of messages in the Inbox 
  • Ability to Email with HTML Templates 
  • Automated Switch of Accounts 
  • 7-day money-back guarantee 

Price Plans: 

  • Free demo version; 
  • Package is $59 for unlimited emails.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most well-known email marketing tools available and for a good reason. It is tried and true by many small business owners, and it has withstood the test of time. It bundles basic but effective, easy-to-use features into affordable plans, which are accessible to small and large businesses alike. 

Top Features:

  • On-the-go mobile app;
  • Easy drag-and-drop editing;
  • Detailed reports;
  • Segmentation auto-generates engagement with targeted audiences;
  • Able to run Facebook and Instagram ads;
  • Easy to upload contact lists from other programs;
  • A/B testing to determine which email campaigns are most effective.

Price Plans:

  • The basic package starts at $9.99/month;
  • The Plus package starts at $45/month.

4. Omnisend

Omnisend makes the top nine list because it is one of the best tools for e-commerce email marketing. It also features a no-cost option for subscriber lists of up to 250 contacts.

Top Features:

  • Easy drag-and-drop editing;
  • Effective, eye-catching email templates;
  • Advanced reporting;
  • Dynamic content blocks;
  • Segmentation based on relevant factors for personalized emails;
  • A/B testing.

Price Plans:

  • $0, $16, or $59/month depending on the number of subscribers and additional feature options such as SMS marketing. To be sure of your choice you can compare Omnisend and tinyEmail

5. SendPulse

SendPulse rates among the top email marketing and software tools due to some unique features and pay-as-you-go packages that start at no cost for up to 100 subscribers. This makes it a great option for businesses just starting out with a small subscriber list.

Top Features:

  • Email verifier to improve delivery rates;
  • 24/7 support and video training on effective email marketing;
  • Chatbot add-on packages;
  • Ability to handle high-volume subscriber lists;
  • E-commerce integration capabilities;
  • Detailed reports.

Price Plans:

  • Free up to 100 subscribers;
  • The Pay-as-you-go plan is as inexpensive as $0.0018/email for subscriber lists of 500,000.

6. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a top performer due to its highly customizable content based on powerful segmentation features. Like Omnisend, its features are particularly useful for e-commerce businesses.

Top Features:

  • Behavior-triggered automation such as back-in-stock notifications and order and shipping updates;
  • Personalized content based on behaviors such as abandoned carts and recently viewed products;
  • Boasts hundreds of predesigned templates and a subject line generator;
  • The company claims an average 90% return on investment.
  • Fully integrations with the LeadsBridge platform.

Price Plans:

  • Free to get started and get comfortable with the platform;
  • $45 or $60/month based on the size of the subscriber list.

7. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an intuitive, easy-to-customize email marketing tool that works well across a variety of industries.

Top Features:

  • Well-organized automated contact management;
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop content editing;
  • Practical mail engagement metrics.

Price Plans:

  • The most basic plan starts at $29/month; the professional package $129/month;
  • Customizable plans at customized prices.

8. HubSpot

HubSpot makes the list because of its high performance for B2B companies. While it is one of the most expensive tools on the list, it has the features to justify the cost, and it offers a free version of its most basic product.

Top Features:

  • Free HubSpot CRM keeps client contact information safe and secure;
  • WordPress plugin;
  • Free version for beginning small businesses.

Price Plans:

  • Free version for most basic services;
  • Monthly paid plans start at $45/month all the way up to $1200/month.

9. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the top email marketing tools of the year based on some very useful features and affordable pricing options. 

Top Features:

  • Built-in CRM;
  • Landing page creation;
  • Options for SMS and chat add-ons;
  • Shared inbox to keep teams organized;
  • Landing page creator.

Price Plans:

  • Free for unlimited contacts up to 300 emails/month;
  • Packages at $25 and $65/month;
  • Customizable plans for high-volume businesses.

10. MailerLite

MailerLite offers a no-cost option to start, has very affordable pricing plans, and offers incredible customization tools.

Top Features:

  • Supports e-commerce integration;
  • Custom labeling to create interest groups for more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns;
  • 24/7 user support.

Price Plans:

  • Free up to 1,000 subscribers;
  • Packages at $9 or $19/month for unlimited emails.

11. Mailchimp

Mailchimp rounds out the list of top email marketing and software tools. It has a good selection of plans available depending on the business needs. It is one of the most simple-to-use tools making it great for businesses new to email marketing.

Top Features:

  • Great learning resources for beginners;
  • 100+ templates to select from;
  • E-commerce integration;
  • Top-rated email deliverability;
  • Many setup options: SMTP relay, email API, webhook, or plugin;
  • A/B testing is available.

Price Plans:

  • Affordable plans starting at $11 and $17 per month;
  • Premium package with unlimited contacts and most advanced features starts at $299/month;
  • Transactional credit purchasing is available in bundles starting at 20,000 sends; credits never expire.

12. SendX

SendX is an easy to use and affordable email marketing software. It allows you to send unlimited email campaigns, build your email lists, and automate advanced email sequences. There is 24×7 Live Support, and a bundle of responsive email templates for your email campaigns.

Top Features:

  • Dedicated IP for Email Deliverability;
  • Drag and Drop Editor;
  • Optimization for mobile users;
  • Over 1500+ Email Templats Collection;
  • 1000+ 3rd party app integrations;
  • Seamless drip email campaigns.

Price Plans:

  • Affordable plans starting at $7.49 per month (billed annually), for up to 1000 subscribers with a 14 day free trial.
  • Premium package with unlimited contacts and most advanced features starts at $89.88 per month. Emails per month: Unlimited

Final Thoughts

Narrowing down the top nine email marketing and software tools on the market right now is not easy with the huge selection of high-performance tools that are available. The nine discussed here have proven themselves with great practical features, satisfied clients, and proven results. This list has options for businesses of all types and sizes so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your business!

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