Dodge Charger Insurance Cost and Quotes

One of the crucial things which most car shoppers fail to account for is what their insurance will cost them. They are quite excited to get a brand new 2022 Dodge Charger SRT out and even spend thousands of dollars for the down payment along with planning the monthly payments. However, fail to get complete information regarding what Dodge Charger insurance will cost them.

Insuring a brand new Dodge Charger is not something cheap. It is most likely going to be double or triple the amount you would pay for a used car. If you really want to get this sports car, you must be aware of how much insurance is on a Dodge Charger. The cost will be dependent on several factors, as the rates are different for different models.

The Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes may be dependent on your location, age, education, driving history, and many more related things. Well, there is no doubt in saying that sports cars are expensive both in terms of price as well as insurance. So, is the case with the immensely popular Dodge Charger. In 2022, the average cost for insurance is around $373 per month. 

This post will discuss all the details related to the Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes. We will be providing you information regarding the Dodge Charger Auto insurance, the Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes, along with factors that affect it. So, without much delay, let us begin the post and find out all the relevant information.

Dodge Charger Auto Insurance

You must be aware that it is legally needed in all 50 states that car owners must have auto car insurance policies for their vehicles. Some states may only need a limited amount of auto insurance whereas some may require users to purchase policies covering a higher amount of damage coverage. 

The cheapest cities or states are the smaller towns where there are the least cases of car accidents. While the most expensive ones are where there is a higher percentage of vehicular accidents. 

Sports cars are quite expensive in terms of both the price along with the insurance rates. The Dodge Charger has an average insurance cost of around $373 per month. Let us read ahead and get more information related to the Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes.

If you are looking for a free SR-22 quote on your insurance, then you should have luck on a car insurance comparison site online. Many offer free quotes such as this site:

What is SR-22 Insurance? 

An SR-22 is a document that certifies a driver’s financial responsibility as required by their state or a court order. An SR-22 is not an actual “kind” of insurance, but a paperwork submitted with your state. This document serves as evidence that the minimum liability coverage mandated by state law is met by your motor insurance policy.

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost?

Companies like USAA, State Farm and Progressive offer the cheapest rates for SR-22 drivers. Whereas, regional companies like Farm Bureau, Erie and American Family also offer cheap SR-22 quotes if you live in an area these companies serve. 

An SR-22 costs approximately $25 to file, though the cost may vary by state and the insurance company. In some states, you’ll have to pay the filing fee up front. At Progressive, the fee for the SR-22 filing is your cost for each policy term. You will also need to pay the filing fee with each policy term that the SR-22 is required.

How Much Does Dodge Charger Insurance Costs?

The Dodge Charger Insurance cost & quotes will differ depending on different factors. However, if you wish to know the average cost in 2022, it will be somewhere around $373 per month or $4476 per year. Well, the Dodge Charger is surely not a cheap car to get insured. It is due to some factors that are mentioned below.

  1. Chargers are mostly driven by younger individuals.
  2. Dodge Charger is more expensive than economy cars. The higher the value of any vehicle, the more insurance premiums will be.
  3. These Chargers are the sports cars that are more likely to be involved in reckless accidents.
  4. Chargers’ drivers are more likely to get tickets for traffic violations.

So, this is why one needs to be quite careful before purchasing this car and getting insurance for that. However, the Dodge Charger Insurance cost & quotes are on an average basis. So, you might even have to pay less or more based on your driving experience, your credit score, or even whether you are in your mid-thirties. 

Not just it can also be based on your age. So, let us further have a look at these factors that affect the Dodge Charger Insurance cost & quotes.

Factors Affecting Dodge Charger Insurance Cost & Quotes

As we have discussed above different factors may affect your Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes. So, let us check out what these factors are.

1. Year of the Dodge Charger

One of the biggest factors that affect your Dodge Charger Insurance cost & quotes is the year of your vehicle. Suppose, a Dodge Charger of 2022 or 2021 will be quite expensive to insure than a 2015 or 2016 Dodge Charger. 

It is because many new cars lose up to 10% as soon as one drives them off the lot. If you have a classic or historic model, it might be expensive to insure as a higher value depends on the depth of restoration. 

2. Trim Model of Your Dodge Charger

Another major factor that can affect the Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes is the trim model of your Dodge Charger. Well, in general, the smaller the engine is, the less you will have to pay for insurance costs. Here are the most common Dodge Charger trim packages listed below in the order of most expensive to insure to least expensive ones.

  • Scatpack or SRT Hellcat Package (Highest insurance costs)
  • R/T or Dodge Charger Daytona (Average insurance costs)
  • SXT/ GT (Cheaper insurance costs)

3. Color of the Dodge Charger

The color of your Dodge Charger is another thing that contributes to Dodge Charger insurance costs & quotes. If you have a basic color Dodge Charger such as silver, black, or white paint color, then you usually pay a little less than someone who has bright green, blue, or red paint color. This is because bright-colored cars are statistically more in accidents and might commit more traffic violations. 

4. Driving Record

If you have a good driving record and it is clean, which means no recent tickets, accidents, or tax liens, then you might get a good insurance rate. However, if the case is reversed, you might end up paying higher for the insurance.

5. Miles You Drive the Charger

Several insurance companies charge car owners more in case they have planned on driving their car for more than 12,000 miles per year which is the national average. However, in case, the case is the opposite for you, you might save some money on your insurance quotes.

6. Credit Score

Another thing that affects the Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes and the premium costs is your credit score. In case you are having a low credit score, you will more likely to miss a payment or have an insurance lapse. This will cost the insurer more cost and time for getting your account up to date.

7. Age

If you are a driver who is under 25 years of age, it might be the most expensive to insure. Once you reach 35, you might view a considerable fall in the monthly premium costs. Well, senior drivers who are 65 or above have the best ability to get cheap insurance. 

These are the common factors that affect the Dodge Charger insurance cost & quotes. So, need to take care of these factors before you choose insurance for your Dodge Charger.

This is all about the Dodge Charger Insurance cost & quotes. You need to take care of the factors that are mentioned above which might affect your insurance costs and quotes for your Dodge Charger. Choose the right company to get your sports car insured and take care of the factors before choosing insurance!

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