CompanionLink to Launch Outlook Sync for monday sales CRM

Supported sync destinations include Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Google, iCloud and DejaOffice

CompanionLink Software, the long-time leading maker of PC-based Sync Products, is launching a Sync driver for monday sales CRM in September 2022. This driver will be supported throughout our product line, allowing integration from monday sales CRM to PC Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft 365, Google, iCloud, iPhone, Android and DejaOffice.

A month ago, announced the availability of the monday sales CRM. The CRM is a fully customizable multi-user CRM you can set up in minutes, giving small business owners and large business sales teams the ability to manage their sales cycle and customer data. Introduced by (MNDY), monday sales CRM seamlessly integrates with hundreds of apps and services, but not Microsoft Outlook on the PC. Instead, CompanionLink will supply an Outlook Sync product.

Market Position

CompanionLink plans to release software that fully supports Sync with Contacts and Activities in monday sales CRM. Based on a Windows software engine, CompanionLink products commonly connect a legacy platform with a novel platform.

CompanionLink solves a common business problem. Although dynamic teams seek to implement new and powerful web-based technology, established processes and staff rely on traditional PC-based tools to be productive in their everyday assignments. CompanionLink solves this problem by creating software that connects the legacy tool, like Microsoft Outlook, with new platforms like monday sales CRM. As a result, the CompanionLink customer gains the best of both worlds as they maintain their legacy systems while engaging in dynamic involvement with monday’s modern productivity tools.

Outlook Contact Integration with Monday CRM

CompanionLink’s new driver connects Outlook Contacts to monday sales CRM contacts. Your entire contact list is available on Monday in just a few seconds. CompanionLink’s product works without regard to whether you use the email portion of monday sales CRM. You can add the Outlook fields to your monday sales CRM template, and the CompanionLink driver will sync them. CompanionLink supports all forms of Outlook folders, including POP3, IMAP and Exchange folder types.

Outlook Calendar Integration with monday CRM Activities

The new driver connects Outlook Calendar with monday sales CRM activities. This connection ensures your daily activities are shared between Outlook on your PC and monday sales CRM for your team.’s product lacks a formal week and month view, and many people find these views fundamental to how they schedule their activities in Outlook.

CompanionLink products that integrate with monday sales CRM

When CompanionLink introduces a new driver, it is supported throughout the diverse CompanionLink product line. Customers who use monday sales CRM can take advantage of the following products:

CompanionLink Professional

CompanionLink Professional is sold as a perpetual license for $149.95 per user one-time charge or as a subscription for $28.95 per user, billed once every three months. CompanionLink Express is installed on your local Windows PC and will integrate the following data destinations:

  • PC-based Outlook versions 2007 and higher
  • iCloud Contacts and Calendar
  • Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar

DoubleLook Enterprise

CompanionLink’s DoubleLook Enterprise provides server-based integration used by larger-scale websites to automate the sync process. DoubleLook is commonly used in corporations with a Corporate Exchange server instead of Office 365 hosted by Microsoft. DoubleLook integrates the same destinations as CompanionLink Express, including Exchange, iCloud, Google, and DejaCloud.

DejaOffice on PC, iPhone and Android

DejaOffice CRM is the highest-rated CRM product in the Android App store. It provides a convenient database for handling Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes. The iPhone and Android-based DejaOffice App is free. While DejaOffice will not connect directly to monday sales CRM, customers set up a DejaCloud connector to handle this task. DejaCloud is a sync service offered by CompanionLink.

DejaFlow Automatic Sync

CompanionLink hosts a service called DejaFlow. When monday sale CRM is added to this service, small businesses can quickly add and maintain a connector for a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Automated Services, Appy Pie or Zapier.

Simple Setup

CompanionLink products are focused on the consumer market and are very easy to set up. Supply your login credentials. For example, with monday sales CRM, you create an API key, enter this value in the software, and then select simple items like which user records you want to integrate. You do not need to script separate actions like add, change, delete, or worry about complex data flow.

Speed and Performance Metrics

CompanionLink makes full use of App Hooks, which allows sync to be done in a few seconds. For example, once you have connected your Outlook to monday sales CRM, a new contact added in Outlook can be viewed on Monday at about the same speed as you switch to your browser (about 3 seconds). In addition, when you add an activity in monday sales CRM, it will display on your Outlook Calendar the next time you look at your calendar.

A Step Up for monday CRM customers

While provides Google and Outlook integration, CompanionLink’s PC-based tool can provide an alternative level of service. As an established 3rd party vendor, CompanionLink provides a simple setup, fast sync, and technical support service in the style typical of legacy PC products. CompanionLink runs as a traditional Windows App. You install the product, set up the integration, and run automatically for weeks and years without any need for adjustment or maintenance. If you purchase a perpetual license, it is a one-time charge, so you do not need to spend money in future years until the PC or web-based platform requires an updated version.


CompanionLink’s products with the new monday sales CRM driver is now available in late September 2022. If you are interested please click here.

Tech Support

CompanionLink provides free telephone tech support in our local time zone from 7am-3:30pm US Pacific Time. In addition, you can email 24×7, and CompanionLink will respond to all messages on the next business day. CompanionLink is located in the US in Portland, Oregon.

CompanionLink also provides a one-time setup service called RunStart, for $69 and Premium Tech Support, for $149 per year. An experienced technician will log into your computer with both services and provide hands-on assistance for setup and maintenance tasks.

About CompanionLink Software

CompanionLink® Software, Inc. is a pioneer developer of data synchronization solutions for mobile phones and CRM software and services. They also develop a DejaOffice® for Outlook® App, which runs on Android™, iPhone® and iPad® devices. For 30 years, CompanionLink has connected Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes from legacy platforms to innovative new web platforms as well as mobile phones and tablets. For more information, please visit and

CompanionLink, DejaOffice, and DejaCloud are registered trademarks of CompanionLink Software, Inc. Other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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