Moderation of Business Accounts on Instagram

Social media is one of the main platforms for brand presentation. Not only do they allow you to manifest your values and present your product, but they also serve as a great channel for communicating with your audience – by reacting to the content that brands publish on their social media pages, they are able to collect and respond to feedback and thereby also shape the desired image and community around the brand. 

Often the responses and comments on behalf of the brand do not match its tone-of-voice, and this becomes a problem for the audience, whose expectations are not met, the credibility of the brand falls and its image suffers. 

Moderation (responses to comments and questions from users) is developed internally – usually a team of specialists is formed and a FAQ is compiled for operational work. Moderation on social networks should be integrated as much as possible with the company’s call centres and tech support – a seamless connection should be built between these departments, and communication should be maintained regularly.

Why Do a Large Percentage of Users Reach Out to the Brand on Social Media?

Firstly, people are tired of calling and waiting on hotlines for 15-20 minutes with classical music. In today’s world, where speed is one of the main indicators of service quality, being able to get a response as quickly as possible is valued. Any business that grows, and sometimes even buy real Instagram followers, faces the problem of not having enough manpower to handle all the customers. And this ruins the speed.

Secondly, in the new ethics, text communication prevails over any other – with the development of messengers and social networks, people are using mobile phones less. The text mode of communication gives you more freedom – you can read or reply to a message at any time, not overnight, as is the case with a phone call. 

According to statistics, different types of businesses vary in the speed with which they respond to their customers on social media . 

Banking companies come out on top – they handle 43% of messages in an hour. Airlines, at around 60%, respond within 10 hours. Healthcare companies process 40% of responses in 7-8 hours. Insurance companies – 43% in 30+ hours. Retail – 13% processed in less than an hour.

What Is the Difference Between Quality Moderation and Poor Moderation? 

Dealing With Negativity 

A significant portion of all comments online are negative reviews, which means dealing with negativity is one of a brand’s main objectives. Moderation of negative feedback is a kind of litmus test of ‘brand adequacy’. Proper, intelligent work with negative feedback increases brand value in the eyes of the audience, and lack of attention to this aspect of moderation can destroy the reputation of the brand – then even the huge advertising budgets will not save.

Speed of Response 

The quicker you respond to posts and comments, the more credibility your audience will give you. In a world where any service can be delivered in the shortest possible time, speed is one of the main mechanisms to help retain and engage your audience. Today’s world is facing an overproduction crisis – if you don’t respond to your customer within the time they are willing to spend waiting, another brand providing a related service will.

Using Scripts: Pros and Cons 

Scripts are a moderation tool which should be handled very carefully. We always recommend supplementing scripts with situational responses, for example, as DoorDash does – take a script as a basis and dilute it with words expressing empathy, so that the client does not get the impression that he is talking to a robot. What matters here is sincerity and warmth of communication – just like in a personal relationship. You build trust and long-term relationships with clients. Another option is to write different variations of answers to popular requests and use them. More often than not, people are looking for support on social media, so scripts and soulless messages can be annoying.


It’s important that tone-of-voice is reflected in the brand’s overall communication strategy – in every text and comment. Evan when you buy instagram followers, you should be courteous with every newcomer. Be sure to outline the distance you’ll keep on behalf of the brand when communicating with your audience. If the positioning is based on friendly communication, you can afford to address your audience on a “first name” basis. You should also be very careful with the selection of vocabulary for moderation – when the profile is filled with grandiloquent metaphorical descriptions, and the comments allow for colloquial language or colloquialisms, the audience becomes dissonant. Yes, quality moderation is expensive, but a miser pays twice the price.

Moderation of Business Accounts on Instagram was last updated July 7th, 2022 by Jeffrey Oakes