How to Establish Digital Presence for Your Business

A solid digital or online presence can help a business succeed in today’s marketplace. Most consumers will patronise a business that is easy to find online. Easy to say, but establishing a robust online presence can be challenging, particularly for small to medium-sized companies. So, knowing some digital strategies and learning how to apply them correctly can help you.

A robust digital presence can help you reach new customers, establish relationships with your current customer base, and develop brand awareness. Unlike before, your potential customers are easier to find online. So, you must adapt to this change and meet them where they are.

Explore some of the most effective ways to develop a solid digital presence below. Applying these tips will allow you to reach new customers regardless of the size or niche of your business.

Build a Business Website

A website can make your business look more professional, especially if you make one with a clean and nice design. Pay attention to your website’s design and layout to attract your audience’s attention easily. Moreover, the branding, colours, content, etc., should look great together, making it look professional.

A business website doesn’t have to be fancy. It only needs to have the following vital elements:

  • Simple navigation menu
  • Business logo and name
  • Service area
  • List of offered services
  • Online booking form
  • Social media links
  • Customer testimonials or reviews
  • Price list
  • Business contact information

Apply Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Increase Traffic to Your Website

After building a website, hire an international SEO agency like Ocere to help optimise your site. SEO makes your website more discoverable by your potential customers when they search online. Since most online activity begins with a search engine, mastering your SEO is very important. However, this task can be too technical, so you might want to hire a reputable agency to do it for you.

In the UK, 99% of adults aged 16 to 44 use the internet. Imagine if your business website is the first thing they’ll see on their search results. You will attract a significant number of new customers to your business.

Create Social Media Profiles for Your Business

Social media platforms are there to set up the stage for your business. Most of these platforms are free, and you would want to start where many of your potential customers are. Facebook is the second leading social media platform in the UK, including Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. If you are in a home service business, Facebook is an ideal place to reach local clients, as users visit local business pages at least once a week.

Start an Online Store

In the previous year, retailers gave the most importance to their online presence and e-commerce. It is a response to how most customers today prefer buying online. Establishing e-commerce can help you reach new customers and retain them. You can add e-commerce tools to your website, build e-commerce packages in web hosts, create a store on Amazon, eBay, and more.


Having a solid online presence can make people trust you more. Take the first step and improve your digital presence today.

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