How to Identify Your Target Audience: A Complete Guide

It’s time to convince your customers to buy what you’re selling. Are you hanging out in the Mos Eisley cantina trying to sell to people that aren’t interested? That’s not easier than convincing Luke Skywalker to buy drinks for you and Chewbacca. 

To run a successful business, you must know who to approach first. By getting to know your audience, you can target your marketing efforts in the most effective way possible, while hopefully convincing them to buy more than a drink.

Use these tips to win a customer over by learning how to identify your target audience. 

What Are the Types of Target Audience?

Who is my target audience? It can be daunting to figure out which target audience best represents your business. However, it’s essential to do so if you want to create a successful marketing campaign, which is understood at The HOTH.

A good example of target audience differentiation is outlined below.


There are three main types of target audience: customers, leads, and partners. To attract customers, you must understand their interests and needs to provide the best possible service or products. 

  • Customers are people who buy from you
  • Leads are people who may become customers
  • Partners are people who work with you

Purchase Intention

Intent or impulse buyers? They are an example of target audience profiles. The question of who is my target audience falls in buying behavior.

You can craft better marketing campaigns specifically aimed at them. An impulse buyer is in a rush to buy what is being offered and doesn’t do the research. They are strongly motivated!

An intent buyer has done the research and intends on buying from you or your competitor. 


How to reach your target audience? Understand their subculture or niche for a compelling business ecosystem. Use the audience within the relevant subcultures and your marketing campaigns.

They help further identify and target your ideal types of target audiences. Are they core, mid-level, or periphery audiences? 

  • Core target audience: they are most important to your business
  • Mid-level target audience: they influence your target audience
  • Periphery target audience: they are not very interested but will use you for information

How to Measure Who Your Target Audience is

You have many different analytic tools available at your disposal. Once you have the right one, you can track visitor behavior and conversions. 

So, go out there and measure!

Start with your current customers and gather the data you have on them. Doing this lets you see which channels and content work best for them. Look for trends in online customer feedback and research your competitors too.

Prepared to Push the Boundaries of How to Identify Your Target Audience?

How you market your business directly affects how much money you make. It’s that simple – it’s almost as essential as a business can get. So take these tips for what they’re worth. 

They’re nothing revolutionary, but they might help your brand attract a higher ratio of search traffic to sales. Make sure to check out our blog for more information on not only how to identify your target audience but to use your insights more effectively.

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