Five Best Study Apps for Students

In the fast-paced world of today, it is tough for a student to stay up to date with the demands of competitive education. The schools provide them with study materials and guidelines that can help them score well in their examinations. Students these days are obsessed with their smartphones and it comes as no surprise that they prefer to practice questions on their phones rather than in the back of their textbooks and notebooks.

There is a long list of apps in the App Store which provides students with high-quality study material and practice questions to help them do well in their examinations. It helps to study past results to predict what future test may hold. Here are 5 such apps that will be incredibly helpful for your child during his/her exams:


Studyblue is one of the best apps for students to practice questions. It provides high-quality study material that can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet. You can also download audio files, video files, and PDF records which will help you understand the question better. The app has a huge collection of more than 1,50,000 questions which are divided into different subjects. You can create your study material or you can search for content on the Studyblue website and save it on your phone so that you do not need to spend hours searching for questions when you are studying.


Another great app that provides high-quality practice questions is RefMe. This app also has more than 1,50,000 study questions which you can use to practice for your examinations. It also provides several different reference materials such as Wikipedia and more. You can bookmark the pages of your reference material so that you can go back to it any time you want. The app is very easy to understand and use and all the content on this app is neatly categorized based on the subjects. In case you need an essay expounding on an idea gotten from this app hq essay writing service is there for you .We sell high quality essays to students which in return help them to pass their exams.


Evernote can be your best friend during your examinations as it has a huge collection of practice questions and high-quality study material which you can use to prepare for any examination. The application itself offers more than 10,000 free videos that you can watch and learn from based on your preferences. You can also create your collection of notes and you can take them with you wherever you go. The best feature of this app is the fact that it enables you to share notes with friends or classmates who are not using Evernote so that they can use the same material for studies.

Edurite App

This app comes from a reputed name in the field of Edutainment apps. It has more than 1,00,000 high-quality practice questions that you can use to focus on your subject and do well in any examination. The app also provides test series from different educational boards from across India such as Gujarat State Board, CBSE NCERT, IGCSE, etc. The app also has training videos that you can access for free.

Study Mate

This is another great application that provides high-quality study material to students who are appearing for competitive exams such as IAS, GATE, GRE, and GMAT. It also provides a test series package in the form of videos and practice sets for students who want to excel in their examinations. The study material is divided into several different categories and you can download videos or audio files with ease. You can also listen to them offline if you are on the go.

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