Simple Ways to Increase the Views of Your Video on YouTube

In order for your YouTube channel to become popular, increase the number of your target audience and, accordingly, significantly increase your profits, you need to know the basic rules of promotion of your resource. Carrying out these actions will allow you to quickly increase the number of viewers and bring your business to a new, higher level.

The Influence of the Number of Video Views on the Popularity of the Channel

The specifics of YouTube is that the popularity of the channel on this video hosting directly depends on the viewability of the videos, each of which differs in duration. What matters for the promotion of the channel is how much time viewers spend on it.

When putting the video in a certain position in the YouTube ranking, 2 indicators are analyzed: the number of viewers who saw the video, and the duration of video viewing. A high level of these two factors allows the youtube channel to take a high position at the top.

What Actions Help to Increase Views on YouTube

Even the availability of quality content and its regular updates do not always help to bring your channel to a high level on YouTube if you do not use certain methods to increase views on this resource. Promoting videos on the first positions of the trends contributes to several effective techniques, each of which has features listed below.

Creating Quality Content

The first thing you need to emphasize when promoting your channel on YouTube is high-quality content. The content of the videos should be superior to similar video content. Despite the fact that there are many dishonest ways to promote your channel today, experts recommend abandoning them in favor of better content. Creating and posting quality videos promotes the fast engagement of YouTube users and increases the number of subscribers.

Along with Google, YouTube also belongs to the category of search engines. Therefore, increasing the target audience is directly dependent on providing relevant, high-quality content. YouTube and Google function on an identical principle. To satisfy viewers’ interest, you need to know what topics they are currently interested in and create content “tailored to the audience.”

Creating Playlists, Arranging Videos

Despite the simplicity of this method and its proven effectiveness, not everyone uses it. Initially, it is recommended to create thematic playlists, the content of which is connected by a single storyline. To increase the effectiveness, videos should be placed in ascending order – in the direction from standard to the best and most popular. In most cases, users view videos in this order. Therefore, viewers’ interest increases with each successive viewing of the video.

The Benefits of this Action:

  • The number of views increases not only for the interesting videos but also for the less impressive ones.
  • Users view all the videos in the playlist. This contributes to the retention of the target audience of your YouTube channel and serves as an effective method of increasing its position in the rating for a minimum period of time.

During the use of this technique, it is necessary to take into account that videos that continue previous videos by plot do not require a standard introduction and the presence of inserts. The new content should be worked through immediately. Users should have no difficulty moving from the previous video to the next.

Title and Preview

The attention of new users can be attracted by interesting headlines, attractive thumbnails – previews. When working through this factor, there are four rules to follow:

1.         Pay sufficient attention to the creation of the main image. It should be bright, engaging, reflect the essence of the video, be related to the content because if the title of the video does not match its content, viewers will lose interest in such a channel and will no longer go to him.

2.         Make sure that the meaning of the title and preview coincide. The relationship between the title of the YouTube video and the image that represents it creates a kind of intrigue for the audience. It is important to place in the preview a certain detail that will arouse the audience’s interest and make it clear that watching the full video will reveal the essence of the preview.

3.         Check how the preview and title text look when using different gadgets: computers, tablets, phones. Sometimes the title of a video clip and its splash screen on a smartphone screen looks low-quality. At the same time, when viewing the same title and preview on a computer, such problems may not arise.

Evaluate the results and adjust subsequent tactics accordingly. The effectiveness of your YouTube channel’s headlines and previews can be determined through the YouTube Analytics service.

Competent presentation of content and its high quality combined can quickly increase the number of subscribers in a short period of time.

Collaborating With Other Writers

Conflicts with other bloggers just because of the matching nature of the video is the wrong tactic. To increase the number of views of your YouTube videos, you need to implement the idea of collaboration that allows for mutual benefits. Expanding audience reach and increasing content value are the main goals of content marketing on YouTube.

The presence of competitors does not create risks for the owner of the YouTube channel. But as long as quality, interesting content is provided. Creating shared video content positively reflects on the reputation of the channel. As an alternative option of cooperation with other bloggers, you can appear in their videos as a guest, which will not only draw attention to yourself but also allow you to promote your channel on YouTube.

Interaction with other channel owners can be fruitful if you perceive them as colleagues rather than competitors.

The Importance of the Last Minutes of Videos and Final Splashes

The last-minute of a video should remind users who have viewed your material to check out previous videos. Referring the audience back to previous works increases interest in a particular channel’s content.

After saying goodbye to the audience, you need to extend the audio track for about 10-20 seconds. This will delay the users’ interest in the content and the channel respectively.

It is advisable to place links to other themed videos on the final splash page. Such tactics perform the function of a trigger – it motivates users to watch other material on the same blogger’s resource. Otherwise, after watching the video, the viewer simply closes it and leaves the channel.

You can also place links to your other YouTube channels on the final splash screen. Such action contributes to increasing the time of audience retention, increasing the popularity of the resource.

Generation of Headlines Taking into Account Key Queries

Similar to the Google search engine, it is advisable to generate titles for YouTube videos based on keywords. You should pay attention to thematic queries that have long tails. If there is one basis, they should have different branches. When creating titles of video clips, it is the basis of thematic queries that should be taken into account.

For example, if you want to make a video clip on a particular topic, you should enter the expected title into the search box and then analyze the list of queries. With that information in mind, a relevant, engaging title can be generated. An analysis of competitors’ YouTube channels also helps a lot when creating video titles.

Synchronous Work of All These Methods

Each of the above methods has undeniable advantages, as well as a proven ability to promote channels on YouTube. But the simultaneous use of all these methods of promotion on the service YouTube increases the likelihood of rapid withdrawal of their site on the high positions of the top.

The considered material is presented on the basis of the analysis of popular YouTube video hosting channels, as well as taking into account the recommendations of their owners. Following these tips leads to a guaranteed increase in the audience and a rapid increase in profits from running a channel on the popular service YouTube.

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