7 Actionable Ways to Improve Email Delivery and Open Rates

Email campaigns are the basic need of today’s brands, companies, and organizations. While everyone is striving to be on the top of the business, the competition in email marketing is becoming higher than before.

These email marketing campaigns contain offers, informational content, and great deals for your subscribers. But what if your emails remain unopened? What if your delivered emails remain in spam messages?

Email delivery and open rates decide the success of your email campaign. If you don’t have proper information about your email marketing campaigns, tools, strategies, and ideas it would not be possible for you to win the race!

Here are 7 actionable ways to improve Email delivery and open rates by CaptainVerify- A top-notch Email validation provider working across the globe and having 15000+ Happy clients. They not only tell you the validation of bundles of emails quickly but also give you recommendations, access to useful tools & consultancy to help you to make your email campaign successful.

Email Validation

The first thing you need to confirm is the validation of email addresses. It will help you to filter your email address list from invalid users. The best way to check the validation of email addresses is to check it through an email verifier.

It’s free of cost and takes a few seconds to check the validation of emails.

DoNotReply Emails

Another thing, you need to keep in mind is to allow your subscribers to reply to you. It will not only help you to gain positive responses but also help you to generate more sales through conversation.


Would you buy from any person who is trying to sell his products without showing his actual name? absolutely NOT!

Be authentic and legit in your business. Send emails through your valid email I’D containing your brand name in the domain.

It will help your customers to consider you as an authority!

Trust factor

No one would spend a penny on your products if you have nothing to show as a company. It could be your office address, social media pages links, and website link.

Help your audience to easily connect with you in any way! It will help you in a long run!

Blacklisted emails

With the advancement in technology, email marketing strategists are now smart. They carry the list of “blacklisted emails” that are known to report the emails they receive. CaptainVerify can help you in removing these types of users and make sure to resolve all the issues in the process.

Filtered database

Do you know which of the email listed in your emails list is invalid, incorrect, or misspelled? CaptainVerify can help you in eliminating invalid, incorrect, hard bounces, NPAI, honeypots, and spam traps quickly.


Improve your email deliverability by optimizing your market campaign. For this, simply ask your subscriber, if he is interested in receiving emails from you or not? This will help you to create a list of people who are actually interested in your products or services.

Plus, it will help you to remove users from the list who are no longer interested in your products or services. Definitely, this wise decision will help you in maintaining the email open rate.


To conclude, it’s very important to consider all the factors to make your email campaign successful.

Make sure your email address is valid, and you are sending emails to the right people. The best thing of all is to use an email validation solution like Captain Verify as they have all the required expertise, tools, technologies, and experience that are necessary to make any email marketing campaign successful.

7 Actionable Ways to Improve Email Delivery and Open Rates was last updated June 14th, 2023 by Abdullah Sheikh