4 Tips for Optimizing Your Service Desk

Whether you offer a product or service, it’s essential to provide the clients with fast solutions to their problems. A well-working Service Desk is essential to clients’ satisfaction. How to make it work even better? We’ve prepared some ideas worth considering.

Attracting new customers is hard, but making them stay – even more challenging. There is no secret formula for successful customer retention – it depends on the industry, the specifics of the product and service, competition, and a target group. However, regardless of these factors, one aspect is crucial. It’s the customer service. If it works smoothly, there is much more chance that the client will stay with you for longer. 

Problems happen – what matters the most is how you solve them! Customers can forgive a lot once the technical support is meeting their requirements. Thus, a well-functioning Service Desk is a must. Service Desk is a broader term than Help Desk, which solves the most common issues that occur on a daily basis. Its purpose is to solve more complex problems and use the solutions to improve the service or product in the future. 

How you make your Service Desk work more smoothly to improve customer satisfaction and make the desk processes more efficient?

1. Automate Tasks

Service desk agents solve complex problems that require deep analysis and creative or abstract thinking. In such a case, technology – at least for now – cannot replace human skills. However, some issues are simple enough can be addressed within a few seconds. You can delegate those to the automation tools. We recommend choosing a service desk solution that enables sorting the inquiries automatically. It’s the best way to optimize the workflow and boost the asset management. 

2. Use Automated Ticketing

When it comes to automation, this particular technology really makes a difference. A help desk software powered by machine learning with a function of resolution automated ticketing management allows your agents to focus on more complex tasks without entirely taking over the control. It helps them find the most relevant and explanatory responses. 

3. Use Chatbots (but Wisely)

Chatbots are a great solution if only they are a supporting tool. Letting them take over the customer service may make you lose customers. Many are not the biggest fans of chatbots, even though it’s such a common solution. Avoid the strategy of delegating as many tasks as possible to chatbots and making it harder for the clients to access real-life customer agents. Also, create a complex knowledge base so that the customer can find the answers to the frequent questions without contacting the service desks.

4. Try Video Automation

Personalized videos are a relatively new thing, but it’s probable that soon they’ll become a standard. Even though they’re used mainly in marketing, you can use them for help desk purposes, too. Such a solution is particularly helpful with solving software-related issues. You can adjust its content to customers’ issues, delivering a solution in a visual way. For many clients, it will be an asset. Best help desk software products on the markets enable integration with personalized content platforms.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Service Desk was last updated January 18th, 2022 by Lincoln Houseman