How to Buy an Office Chair That Fits You Perfectly

Your office chair has a significant impact on your productivity, your mood, and even your health – whether you realize it or not. If you’re like most people, this is where you’re going to sit for 40 hours or more each week. 

During those 40 hours, you might be constantly adjusting your weight and dealing with discomfort, or you might be perfectly comfortable. And when you’re done with work, you might end up suffering from the aftereffects of poor posture all day – or resting peacefully on some other piece of furniture.

So how can you be sure that your home office has a chair that’s a perfect fit for you? What does it take to buy the best office chair?

Research and Shop at the Right Stores

One of your first steps should be researching and considering different office furniture stores. Different stores will offer different manufacturers, brands, and options – not to mention different prices. Ideally, you’ll find a few worthy shopping options based on the following:

·         Convenience/accessibility. First, how convenient or accessible is this store? Most modern customers look for online stores that offer free or inexpensive home shipping. Otherwise, you can search for a store that’s physically close to your home.

·         Selection and options. What range of options are available at this store? Can you choose between many different brands and manufacturers? Can you customize your order to fit your needs better?

·         Prices and policies. How much are the office chairs here? If you’re not satisfied, can you return the chair and get your money back?

·         Customer reviews. One of the most important variables is finding an office furniture store with excellent customer reviews. Customer reviews will tell you all about this store, including its customer interactions, its product quality, and even its shipping speed; it’s a great way to confirm your choice or provide the red flags you need to move on.

Set Your Budget

Next, you’ll want to set a firm budget for yourself. You can get an inexpensive office chair for less than $100, but if you want something more robust or more supportive, you might need to spend a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars. If you’re working with a thin budget, you may consider shopping for used options; used office chairs can be as good as new ones while offering a much lower purchase price.

Choose Which Type of Chair You Want

With a budget in mind, you can start making decisions about what type of office chair you want.

·         Seating style. How do you want to be seated? Do you want a traditional chair with a full back, so you can lean as you see fit? Or do you prefer a stool seating style, or something more novel, like a kneeling chair?

·         Attachments and accessories. Do you want your chair to have a headrest? What about armrests? Should it lean back? Should it roll?

·         Material. Do you prefer a mesh material? Leather? Vinyl? There are countless options here, each with pros and cons – it typically boils down to personal preference.

·         Size, shape, and aesthetics. Don’t forget about aesthetics. How big should your chair be and how should it look in the context of the rest of your office?

Know Your Measurements

Before you take the next steps, take some measurements. How high is your desk currently? How tall are you? How much space will you have to place this chair? Do you need room to move around in this chair? These measurements can help you find a chair that’s a perfect fit for you and your office.

Keep in mind that most modern office chairs are adjustable, at least to an extent. If you purchase an adjustable chair, you don’t have to get the measurements exactly – as long as you’re in the ballpark, you can make adjustments until it’s a perfect fit.

Shop Around (and Try Things Out)

Now you’re ready to start shopping around. Don’t go with the first office chair you find and don’t buy from the first online store you come across. Instead, take your time, review your options carefully, and think critically about your decision. If you can, try out multiple chairs in person to see how they feel; you may only be able to do this at physical retail locations. Otherwise, it’s hard to know whether a chair will work for you based on photos and a written description alone.

There’s no such thing as a perfect office chair, but using these strategies and recommendations, you may end up with the “perfect” chair for you and your needs. Pay attention to your comfort and posture throughout the day, and if your chair isn’t working the way you thought it would, or if it begins to wear out, don’t hesitate to make another upgrade. 

How to Buy an Office Chair That Fits You Perfectly was last updated October 21st, 2021 by Alex Sanders