Palm Desktop on Windows 10 – Works great, less filling, lighting fast

I have to admit it.  I’m a closet Palm Desktop user.  Long ago I was seduced by the fast load time, and the fact that it has everything I need for my daily contact, calendar and task needs.  I really like the memos.  I love to collect quotes that include mixed metaphors.  So my memos are full of silly things that people really said.  My favorite:  “I’ll jump off that bridge when I get to it.”

Palm Desktop is licensed to use in conjunction with a Palm Device, so I always keep my venerable Palm Razor close by when I use my computer.  Palm itself was sold years ago to ACCESS in Japan.  Later, HandSpring renamed themselves Palm (to confuse everyone) and released the Palm Pre, a Palm phone that didn’t run like a Palm phone.  After that miserable failure (I’m looking at you BlackBerry), the second Palm company sold themselves to HP which rightly shut them down.

Recently, HP has scrubbed the Palm taint from their web pages.  However, Palm Desktop v6.2 is still available from CNET.  Palm Desktop v4.1.4 is available from Softonic, albeit with some adware added to the installer. Unfortunately, HotSync drivers stopped working back with Windows Vista.  So you can’t actually use Palm HotSync for anything.

I have Palm Desktop set to a hotkey, Ctrl-Shift-P for me.  So i hit the hotkey, make an appointment, set the alarm, and close it.  I can get all that done all before Outlook even loads.  Speed and effectiveness is what I value with my PC. I care little for zoom effects, or colorful screens.  CompanionLink Sync with Palm Desktop is also lighting fast.  Sometimes I don’t even see the icon turn.  With DejaCloud sync, my new appointment is already on my phone.

Our setup guide is here:

More information here:

May all our adventures in Contact and Calendar management be as fast and robust as the venerable Palm Desktop.



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8 thoughts on “Palm Desktop on Windows 10 – Works great, less filling, lighting fast

  1. I have been unable to make my Sony Clie Hotsync with my home PC w/Windows 10 since I bought this PC. However, the Hotsync still works perfectly well on my work PC w/Windows 7 Professional.
    Is there any way that I can get the Hotsync to work on Windows 10? …or is there a a way to somehow transfer the data to the Palm desktop already installed on my home PC?

  2. have Palm TX and got new HP computer which comes with Windows 10. How do I install Palm TX ? Have old installation disk, but computer not recognizing it.

  3. No palm phone has been made in 5 years. What Palm device do you have?

    Buy an Android phone. A high end like Galaxy Note 5 is good, or a low end phone like Galaxy Grand or Galaxy Light. On the Android phone download DejaOffice, which is like having Palm Desktop on your Android Phone. DejaOffice also runs on iOS. Just download from the App Store.

    CompanionLink is needed to synchronize Palm Desktop on Windows 10 to Android, iPhone and WIndows Phone. It is available for $49.59.

  4. HI, I loaded Palm Desktop on my windows 10 which seems to be working fine, but if HotSync drivers stopped working after Vista, how do I sync the files from my palm on the desktop?

  5. Hi I love my Palm desktop 4.2 on my windows vista. I need to buy new PC now with Windows 10. I don’t need to Syn with my Palm Z22 Zire.
    Can I install Palm desktop 4.2 on Windows 10?
    Any help will very much appreciate as I don’t want to loose Palm desktop 4.2
    Tnx Ben

  6. I have Palm Desktop on Windows 7 Home Premium syncing with my Tungsten using Palm Hotsync and with my Blackberry Z30 using CompanionLink. I just made changes on my Tungsten just some moments ago, synced with PDT, then synced to my Z30. Changes showed up fine in the Z30. I use Aceeco’s 64-bit driver for PDT.